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I was starting my freshman year of college and it had so far been a good year. I was happy to be making new friends. Especially my new girl-friends, like Diane. I had just met her this year, and I was crushing – hard. She was absolutely beautiful – her eyes were soft and yet strong; her hair was shoulder length – blond with black underneath. So sexy. She had beautiful breasts, not too big, not too small – and a fabulous body – waist, hips, legs – I reveled in watching her every chance I got. I had just gotten out of my first serious relationship, with a guy, and I was looking to have some fun – of the female kind. I was curious about her interests in women. I knew she had a boyfriend but like I said, our friendship was new.

As the weeks passed, we got to know each other a little better. We never hung out outside of school, but we had a bunch of classes together and we talked about a variety of things. Once the time of Homecoming rolled around, I decided to see just how far I could get – or at least how much I could learn. I invited her to my family’s cottage on the ocean for a party after the homecoming football game. There were going to be a bunch of people there – but I was positive we could get some alone time. Luckily for me, she agreed to come and we set it up to meet at my car after the game. I would drive her up there leading a long train of kids on their way to my party.

I was pretty nervous about the whole thing – but looking forward to it all the same. I had never seriously hooked up with a woman, but I was hoping it would happen with Diane. On the ride up I segued the conversation into sexual habits and experiences. She told me all about losing her virginity to her first serious boyfriend, something we had in common, and we giddily talked about what we liked and how we liked to do things. I wasn’t sure about her but I was definitely getting turned on listening to her talk about her moaning and biting habits. I steered the conversation a little more toward bisexual experiences, and asked if she had been involved with a woman before. She said that yes, she was bisexual, but because she had a boyfriend, she didn’t think about that side of her. The statement was a little depressing, but it gave me hope – I could convince her to want me back. I was sure of it.

We got to the cottage, I opened it up and the kids poured in. We had a D.J. (one of my friends) and lots of alcohol. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. Some kids were disappearing upstairs and I was wondering when it would be my turn to get some. I noticed Diane staying away from the drinking hoards, so I decided poker oyna to take my chance. I walked up behind her and leaned in close to her neck so she could hear me over the music, resting my hand on her hip (God, how nicely shaped) and asked would she like to step onto the patio for some fresh air? She looked relieved and so we walked out the sliding door. We sat down on the edge with our feet hanging through the slats of the side. The ocean under the moonlight looked unbelievable, and the whole situation was so serene. It was a beautiful balmy night and the waves looked quite inviting.

After we laughed and talked for a little bit, I was feeling mischievous and daringly asked if she would care to join me for some skinny-dipping. We had a stretch of private beach, there was no risk of us getting caught. She laughed and said she would love to – she hadn’t done anything adventurous in a while. So we ran laughing down to the water, leaving our clothes in a trail as we went. I just about couldn’t keep up my façade of not caring once she was down to her white silk camisole and thong. She couldn’t get out of them by the time she reached the water, so she dove in with them still on. I had also managed to get down to my skivvies, my favorite red bra and thong set, and leapt in after her. When she came up for air, I saw her tight nipples straining against the silk of her camisole. I just about lost it – I could feel the heat stirring in my stomach and my own nipples rising to stretch my bra – she looked so happy. And God – I could see clear through her top. I plastered a ridiculous grin on my face and splashed her a little bit playfully. She laughed and splashed back. After some running and shrieking, I managed to get behind her and tackle her into the shallow surf. We rolled once and lay together in the foam, laughing and gasping for air. I raised myself up on my elbow and looked at her. Really looked at her.

I could feel her eyes watching me as I savored every inch of her – her chest, rising and falling – her nipples, still rigid- reacting to the air – her beautiful stomach with the glinting jewels in her belly button piercing. I savored her hips – I loved those hips so much – and tortured myself staring at the wet white triangle between her legs. Her thong, soaked through, clearly showed her lack of hair and details I never dreamt I’d see.

I traced her legs with my eyes and came up again – resting again on her eyes. But there was something new there. Her eyes had changed from sparkling and happy to something darker. Her eyes still sparkled but it was a new kind of sparkle. Dare I say – lustful? It might canlı poker oyna have been wishful thinking but it looked to me like she knew my intentions and was willing me to proceed. I rolled over closer to her and flicked the tip of my tongue across her nipple. The low rumble in her throat gave me courage and I quickly engulfed it, licking and biting until she let out a little whimper. I trailed over to her right breast and did the same. I felt her hand move through my hair and, emitting a groan of my own sank my face between her breasts, breathing her in, kissing up her cleavage and up her neck. I teased her ear and gently kissed along her jaw.

I stopped for a minute to look at her and she was just as slack-jawed, dead-head turned on as I was. She reached up and pulled my face down to hers, tangling her fingers in my hair and devouring me. I quickly recovered from her eyes and kissed her with all the passion I felt for her. Don’t ask me why – but I had never realized she had a tongue piercing. I just about died. I moved on top of her and began caressing those coveted curves, teasing her nipples, tracing her hips.

I stopped, asking her what she was thinking. She merely said that she had been hoping something would happen. She had been attracted to me since we had been talking – which made me feel better about my hardcore crushing. I think I was so relieved I laughed, and she smiled. I quickly returned to smothering her with my kisses, dipping into her sweet mouth – exploring and learning about who she was. I got my thigh between her legs and pressed against her. She groaned into my mouth and I took that opportunity to violate her neck again. I voraciously kissed and nibbled her sweet, salty skin and she reached up for my breasts. I wrapped my hand around her slender neck and raised her up so she was sitting. I peeled her wet top away from those perfect breasts, freeing her nipples. She fell back and moaned louder as I worked them up to their full height. I moved one hand down and slipped off the triangle of fabric keeping me from all I wanted. I could feel the heat emanating from her sex. I continued down, focusing on her naked mound for a bit, teasing the top of her. I continued deeper, tracing her swollen lips lightly, teasing her until she cried out. I plunged my fingers into her and felt her immediately explode, pouring juices out over my fingers. I trailed my lips down her wet stomach and flicked her piercing for a little, I could tell she liked that.

The smell of her was going to my head; I moved her up on the sand a little so as not to swallow the sea as I was swallowing her, and internet casino lifted her legs over my shoulders. I gently licked her juices off from around her delicious hole, feather-light with the rigid tip of my tongue. She wriggled and shook as the circular motions got closer and harder. I flicked back and forth across her swollen clit, alternating swirling around it and zig-zagging up her slit. She was bucking and crying out so loud I was afraid someone who walked out on the deck would hear her over the still-booming music. Luckily, however, no one had emerged yet. I plunged into her, finger-fucking her sopping cunt and sucking her rigid clit.

She cried out my name (oh happiness) and released more juices onto my fingers and face. She twitched and moaned while her very own waves of pleasure crashed on the sand. I crawled up beside her and barely had time to smile at her before she had flipped me over and straddled me – pinning my hands over my head. She devoured my lips – hungrily kissing herself off my face and chin. She nibbled my neck – my biggest hot spot – and literally tore my bra off my chest. My 34D breasts broke free and were immediately mauled by her hands. She worked my nipples until they were practically leaping off my chest. She was grinding herself against my sopping crotch and I was moaning deliriously. She engulfed a nipple in her hot, sweet mouth and worked the other over with her fingers. I cried out and prayed that this would never stop. She moved off me and wriggled me out of my underwear. I think she tossed it in the waves but I was beyond caring. She held my by my hips and forced my legs open with her face.

She spread my outer lips with her soft fingers, and teasingly wriggled the metal bar in her tongue over my most sensitive spots. It felt so good I gasped and she quickly plunged her fingers into and me – I felt her everywhere, inside me – all around me – my whole body was on fire. I didn’t care about anything except the heat of our coupling. She swirled and fucked and I moaned and bucked until I climaxed in a crashing explosion of lights and fire. I could see only bursts of colors until the shivers of pleasure had moved throughout my body. We hungrily kissed again – realizing that perhaps we should have been something more than friends from the beginning. Our underwear was lost, so we just laid up on the sand, waiting to dry enough to wipe off some of the grit and climb into our clothes again.

We cuddled, we stroked. We laughed, we joked. We walked back to the party with our secret very fresh in our minds. We crashed on the couch together that night, and when I dropped her off the next morning, she smiled and gave me a quick peck. I can’t wait to see her on Monday. I hope this will be the beginning of – if not a wonderful relationship – than an explosive illicit affair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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