More Fun at the Rally Ch. 04

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…we headed of to the showers, Mandy looked stunning wearing only a long purple tank-top style shirt that reached barely past her ass and almost covered her 46 dd’s. She got a lot of attention from nearly everyone we passed, added to her collection of mardi-gras beads and told me she enjoyed showing off her body more than she expected to, did I mention she wasn’t wearing panties?

“We may not have as long as last time to shower, looks like there’s a line for hot water.” I warned Mandy as we got closer.

“I thought you might be needing a cold shower, Wayne, judging from the tent in your shorts!”

“I might need a cold shower; but your hot body would take better care of me. We’ve got plenty of time to kill today.”

“So, have I missed anything yet that you think I’d like?”

I had to think that one over because there were a few other unofficial contests going on around the rally. Decided it was worth a chance; after all we’d done in less than a day I didn’t think Mandy would object.

“There’s a couple other contests we could try. Just have to see when they start and where they are.”

A quick stop at the bar supplied all the info we needed. Walking into the secluded area behind the stage we could see a group of people standing around near an open awning watching something. As we got closer we could her some laughs and began to make out the comments. “Damn, how does she do that?” “Hell no, I want to know why how he doesn’t blow his load sooner!” “Well there’s your answer! No one can last forever!” “And we have our winners in the pickle licker contest, the winner and still champs are Larry and Sharon. How about showing them how much you liked watching her drain him.” “And as soon as we have another set of contestants we’ll start another round.”

“Whatever it is I think we can win it! Get on over there and sign us up!” Mandy slapped me on the ass and propelled me to the awning.

Under it were a few chairs and coolers, as well as the Geneva, one of the entertainers from the night before who had just asked for more contestants. A sign announced the day’s schedule:

• Pickle lickers 9, 11, 1 (full finish only)

• Banana bending 10, 12, 2 (optional finish)

• Freestyle whenever we have 3 couples to play

• Muffin munchers (winner judged by audience)

It was just after 9:15 so it looked like I’d missed my chance for a public blowjob first thing in the morning! I stepped up to ask her what ‘freestyle’ meant (not that it mattered) and did she have two more couples ready to play?

“Sure we’ve had two couples waiting a while, unless they’ve given up and just got off without anyone to watch. Rules are pretty simple oral or manual, no penetration, switch places every 5 minutes and switch partners every other time. First girl to cum wins. Last guy to cum wins”

Geneva laid out the rules to us. I glance to my side to see that Mandy’s nipples were standing proudly making me sure she was ‘up’ for it! We stepped inside the shade and sat down, looking around the crowd was nearly 50/50 split between men and women (made for fairer judging I hoped) and they all seemed eager for the next round to start. Two other couples joined us and we all looked around wondering what next. Seemed to me we should at least know the names of who we were about to share dna with so I introduce Mandy and myself. The other four involved were Bud maybe 5’2 and I’d guess 170 well arranged pounds. Her partner was at least a foot taller and, like me, pretty average looking so far. Sara was another story, she was nearly as tall as me probably 220 lbs, lots of “ink” and I was glad we weren’t wrasslin’. Steve looked the part of a true 1%er but he quickly introduced himself as a former Marine who now worked as a parole officer.

Geneva stepped in front of us and asked the crowd if they were ready for the games to begin. The loud reply was “Hell yes!”. She asked that we all get stripped and then we could draw for beginning partners. Didn’t take me or Mandy long to shed our clothes since we’d been heading to the showers and it allowed us to see what the others hand to offer. I started off with Sara on her knees in front of me, and I was looking forward to the contest beginning. Mandy had been paired with Bud and she was eagerly looking at what seemed to be the largest of güvenilir bahis the three dicks in the contest. He was semi-hard and must have been 10″ long but a little on the thin side, Steve had Marie in front of him and she was facing his thick 6-7″ with a tattoo running down the shaft with marking like an oil dip-stick!

Geneva pulled a whistle out of a pocket and gave it a sharp blast to get the event going. Sara wrapped one hand around my shaft and began by massaging e into a semi-erect state she used the other hand to fondle my balls and I wondered last long enough to get back to her for a second go-round. I could see the others getting into it as well, Mandy had one hand holding the base of Bud’s cock and was slowly jacking it into her mouth which she had only holding his head. I had experienced that action and knew he was being well taken care of. Marie had removed her mouth from Steve and was squeezing her tits together around his shaft while she tweaked her own nipples. The crowd out front of us was getting into the show and offered suggestions to encourage one of us to blow a load on the first round. Time is hard to judge when your cock is being handled on a stage by a woman you’ve barely met (at least it is for me!) so I was surprised by the whistle sounding again. Sara and I swapped places, her pussy was glistening as she apparently enjoyed sucking cock almost as much as I had enjoyed her doing it. When we got the signal to start again I slipped a middle finger thru her slit from top to bottom, feeling her firm clit and spreading her lips to release her wetness. I’m pretty proud of my pussy licking skills and started with some slow passes from bottom to top ending with her clit sucked into my lips. She moaned deeply on the first couple strokes and rocked her hips forward to encourage me to place something inside her. I slid two fingers in and rolled them upwards looking for a G-spot. Her pussy was covering my hand and face with sweet tasting juice and I thought maybe I’d get her off before the next switch over. One problem with the position we were in was it did not allow me to see much of what the other doing, I could hear loud groans coming from Mandy’s direction.

The whistle sounded once more and I heard Sara say:

“Shit, another minute and I’d have been there!”

I was pleased with that but close didn’t count in this contest. It was my turn to be on the receiving end again and this time it was Marie that was leaning down to take my rigid shaft into her mouth. She worked it over using nothing but her mouth and a lot of very skillful tongue work. I was getting closer and had decided that winning was not that important anymore! Sara was franticly working Bud’s cock with one hand and had the other squeezing his balls, Steve’s “dipstick” was being carefully examined by Mandy’s lips and she had her free hand between his legs. I’d guess she was exploring his ass, and from the way his face looked he might be on the losing end of the race. Mandy dank her mouth all the way down on him and it was all over for him, she worked her mouth up and down and when she pulled off his dick was still throbbing and dripping the last of his load into her hand. Geneva blew the whistle for the rest to stop, saving me from coming in second.

“We have our first winner on the ladies side; Mandy gets a mouthful at the 9 minute mark! Nice work, girl! Now let’s switch again and see who’s next?”

That put me between Mandy’s thighs and it didn’t seem fair that we were all back with our “regular” partners. From the way Mandy looked and from how wet she was I thought we’d be over the top in no time! We got started again and I slid my tongue into her wet pussy before swirling my tongue around her engorged clit. With one hand squeezing her nipples and the other hand working in and out of her pussy she came with a scream that escaped her lips seconds after Sara’s. I guess seeing Steve shoot his load made her hotter than she could handle, and maybe I did have her close, too. That left four of us unfinished and gave me the second chance at Marie! She knelt down in front of me and winked making me wonder what she had in mind. I soon found out as she was jacking my cock while licking the head, her free hand found one of my nipples and that combined with seeing Mandy still working on Bud’s 10″ pole sent me over türkçe bahis the edge. She felt it starting and quickly covered head to catch every drop in her mouth, she held me there as we looked next to us to see Mandy unloading Bud onto her 46ddd’s with her hand while they watched us.

“Seems like I owe you one Marie, turn over her so I can repay you?”

She lay back and raised her legs allowing me access to he dripping cunt. A few slow licks and before I could begin sucking her clit I found someone else’s hand spreading her lips and massaging her button. Looking up it was Sara who managed to get the last of us off, her fingers dancing on Marie making her juicy pussy fill my mouth with a large squirt as she came!

“Well, we seem to have ‘cum’ to the end of this contest, how about a show of appreciation for the winners!”

We all looked out on the crowd of 40-50 people who had watched our little display of lust and saw more than a few who were busy trying to get off themselves. We gathered our token prizes and headed were headed back to the main camping area when Geneva came over to ask if her crew could put the tape up on the “adult only” section of her web-site. I didn’t know they’d been taping it but I agreed as did everyone else.

“I could really use that shower now, woman, how ’bout you?”

She giggled and we headed for the unheated showers instead of the ones with really hot water. Taking a “cold” outdoor shower in Oklahoma in late June isn’t much of an inconvenience, there’s only a few degrees difference between the water on both sides. We found an open spot and slipped in, quickly dropping our clothes (what little bit there was) on the bench along the side wall. The slightly cool water felt great, rinsing off the dust and sweat from a busy night. The cool water did have the effect of causing Mandy’s nipples to stand at attention which made me lean forward to suck the drops off. I didn’t expect us to have much energy for any playtime; but Mandy’s body made my cock start to swell anyway. We soaped up and used our bodies to spread the suds all over each other; I paid special attention to her soft round ass, sliding my recently used up dick between them. We were both moaning, drawing laughs and comments from the shower stall next to us.

“What’s going on over there, sounds like a party getting started?” Asked a woman’s voice.

“He’s just trying to get some more playing with my butt. He’s not getting anymore of THAT this morning!”

The laughter of two voices made me think of being watched or watching someone else getting some. I whispered into Mandy’s ear asking if we should invite our neighbors over. She responded by grinding her ass against me and clinching her checks around my cock.

“Hey, brother, you guys wanna come over and join us, there’s plenty of room in here?” Was the question a male voice asked us before I could say the same thing?

We disentangled ourselves, grabbed our towels and clothes and stepped out of our shower and into the one next door. We were treated to the sight of a tall, long haired dude with lots of ink standing under the showers stream and a short plump redhead knelling in front of him eagerly sucking his dick.

My hands went to Mandy’s boobs and I slipped my still erect slippery cock between her check again. The guy waved at us and the lady on her knees took her mouth off him long enough to get a good look at us before she resumed her assault on what looked like a cock a bit longer than mine. Mandy moaned again and asked me to rinse off mine because she was ready for some sausage for breakfast. We all laughed at that and I stepped under the shower to clean the soap off of my dick. The redhead watched as we duplicated the actions they were doing. Mandy slowly deep throated my cock while massaging my balls. The tall guy slipped his dick free and sat on the bench along the wall out of the showers spray and pulled the girl onto his lap facing us as he slipped into her pussy. A groan escaped her lips as he reached around and started playing with her and the soft red fuzz on her mound.

We were able to watch them screwing only a few feet away, but I wanted to get my hands on Mandy’s pussy before I exploded in her mouth. She backed off of me, we both sat on the bench opposite the new couple, my hand found her clit and güvenilir bahis siteleri I spread her lips to keep a finger or two on the slippery button. After a couple minutes my hand was soaking in her juice and I thought she might be close to cumming, I know I was. We were watching her ride him and the sounds were making me think they were both close. Suddenly she clinched her legs together, closed her eyes tightly and let out a moan that must have been a great orgasm. I tweaked Mandy’s clit as the other lady relaxed with her eyes still closed and she rewarded me with a fresh supply of jism from her cunt as she came, too. He stopped thrusting into her as she came down and held her against his chest to keep her from collapsing off the bench. After she got her composure back she slipped off his lap, kissed him and started to give him a very slow hand job using her juice as lube. Mandy mimicked her action and began jacking me in rhythm with the redhead.

“Baby, are you going to shoot all over for me?” The redhead asked as she gave a few fast hard strokes to his cock.

“Me too, Wayne, I want you load all over my tits!” And Mandy started stroking me faster, too.

That must have been the magic phrase as both I and the tall dude shot loads at nearly the same moment. I relaxed and nearly slid off the bench. Mandy’s tits were covered in my cum, she gathered a drop on a finger and licked it clean while watching our new friends to see what they’re reaction would be. The redhead smiled and leaned over to slip his cock into her mouth removing her lips to show the now clean head. We were both still sporting partial hard-ons; but I was till surprised when I heard the redhead ask:

“That one looks like it still ready for some more and I know Mike can go again, want to swap dicks for a while?”

“Sure I like the look of his dick, maybe a little longer than Wayne” she said giving me a tug “but this one’s nice and thick!”

The girls trade places and all Mike and I could do was sit back and enjoy the new mouths and hands on our cocks. The plump redhead had fantastic tits and I managed to get my hands on them while she sat next to me alternating between stroking my dick and leaning forward to lick and suck the head. It was a treat to watch Mandy going to work on the other cock, I’d only been with her for two days but I knew how good she was and how much she liked new experiences. Must have been by an unspoken agreement that there was not going to be any penetration during this swap, both girls were really going after the new cocks at their disposal. Seeming to be determined to get both Mike and me to cum again as soon as possible they both wanted to see what the other was doing and still work the cum from us. The redhead’s skills in handling a dick had me struggling to control my orgasm in only a few minutes she sensed I was getting close and varied the pace to keep me on the edge.

“Wayne, honey, how close are you? I want to see both you guys shooting at the same time again!” Mandy gave the dick in her hands a couple fast strokes and the squeezed the base.

“Me too, guys, I want you both cumming at the same time. I need to taste you both!”

She stroked me quickly and squeezed me; too, knowing it was almost time. Both girls started stroking again watching each other and judging how close we were.

“That’s it I’m there, squeeze it off and wait for Wayne!”

“Me too keep going I’m cumming, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Both of our cocks sent steams of cum arcing into the air. Mandy reacted first catching Mike’s second blast on her tits. The redhead slipped my cock into her mouth just as my second blast escaped; she swallowed it and let the rest fly and then ooze down her hand. Mandy repeated her action of gathering a scoop of cum on a finger and slowly licking it clean.

“Yum, fresh cum in the morning. And a new flavor, too.”

Mike and the redhead got under the shower for a quick rinse and waved as they stepped out of the stall. We followed a few minutes later, clean and refreshed. Walking back downhill to the camp we laughed because we’d just had a great time with two strangers and never got the redheads name. Back at camp it was time to head off to get Mandy back to the airport. We got her stuff packed up and strapped on, as we turned out I saw

Crazy Jerry and asked him to tell Tony that I’d be back for my gear later.

“So, what do you think about bike rallies?” I asked.

“Are they always this much fun?”

“Not always this much, depends on who’s here and who you’re with!”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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