More Than Just a House-Warming

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I had just moved into my new apartment. I was having a little housewarming party, invited a few friends, and a couple of the people I work with. I had never been much of a party-goer, so this was my chance to prove how much fun I could be.

The party was going well. Everyone had had a few drinks, the music was blasting and most people were tipsy enough to be dancing a little. I had gotten a little hot, so went to the bathroom for some space. I stood in front of the mirror for a few seconds, and then splashed some cold water on my face. I stood back up again, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing my mid-thigh length dress, maybe it’s a little shorter… My hair needed tidying up, but otherwise, I looked pretty good. I started to fix my hair, taking some clips out, letting my hair drop on my shoulders. As I looked into the mirror, I saw my friend, Andy, leaning against the door, watching me.

“Oh, hey Andy, you waiting to get in here? I’ll just be a minute…” I excused myself, and started picking up my clip.

“No rush,” he laughed, “I was enjoying the view..” he said looking down on me. I realised at this point, that the back of my dress had lifted slightly, showing the bottom of my ass… Normally, I’d be mortified at this realisation, but I was feeling a little cheeky (pardon the pun) so I carried on fixing my hair, but I turned my back on him, shaking my ass slightly as I did.

He chuckled slightly, and walked into the room, and stood behind me, looking over kartal escort my shoulder into the mirror. He placed his hands on my hips and ran them up to gently cup my breasts. He leant in, and gently started to kiss my neck as he began to squeeze. I couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh, as he pushed his crotch against my partially exposed ass.

He carried on kissing at my neck, nibbling slightly, and worked his way up to my ear, and he whispered, “watch me”.

He released my breasts, and slid his hands down my body. Over my stomach, round my hips, and down to my pussy. He held one hand around my waist, and used his other hand to gently rub my pussy, over my dress, as my head rolled backwards, and I began to bite my lip.

I backed my ass further in towards his cock, feeling him getting harder, his cock growing in his pants.

He brought his hand back up to my neck, tilting my head again, kissing, licking and nibbling my neck.

I leant forward, leaning on the bathroom sink, to keep my balance, my knees starting to feel weak.

He reached down, and heard him sliding down his zipper. I bent down further over the sink, as he slid my skirt higher, up over my ass, sliding my panties to the side.

As one of his hands rubbed on my clit, I felt his large cock rubbing up and down my dripping wet pussy.

I watched him in the mirror as I saw him slide his thick cock in, gasping for breath as I felt my pussy stretching out, gripping onto the sink as he maltepe escort bayan slid back out.

His hands moved to my hips, as he started to work my ass against him, sliding me back and forth, as his cock thrust in and out, going deeper and deeper every time.

He whispered in my ear, “how does my cock feel?” But I could only moan in response, closing my eyes, bending over further, pushing my ass hard against him.

His grips tightened on my hips as his cock slid in and out. My ass meeting each of his thrusts into me, as I felt his cock throbbing inside my tight pussy.

I started to moan heavily, breathing hard, so he rammed his cock into me harder and faster than before.

It felt so good. I swear it felt like nothing had ever been so deep! “Cum on my cock, baby” he whispered in my ear, as I could still feel it growing inside me. My pussy squeezing harder on his cock with each and every thrust.

“I’m cumming!” I screamed, and he pumped even faster! Even harder! My pussy was dripping, his cock throbbed, my breasts nearly bouncing out of my dress as his balls slapped against my clit!

His pace started to slow, and then he slid his thick cock out of my pussy. He turns me around, and kissed me as I’m still gasping for breath, kissed my chest, glancing over my breasts, before he lifted me up, and sat me on the edge of the sink.

He crouched down, lifting my knee as he started to lick and kiss his way towards my dripping pussy. Teasing escort pendik my inner thighs with his tongue. He licked the lips of my pussy, then started at my asshole and licked all the way to my clit.

He licked around my clit, nibbled slightly, sucking it into his mouth, as his finger probed deep inside my pussy. It didn’t take long before I started to cum again, as he took out his finger replacing it with his tongue, starting to tongue-fuck me, while his fingers ran over my clit.

I shuddered with pleasure, moaning loudly, as my orgasm rolled through me, while he licked furiously.

After I had regained control of my breathing, I slid off the sink, and down onto my knees, sliding my hands down his chest as I did. Running my hands up and down his shaft, still slick with my juice. I licked around the tip of his dick, and down the length of his shaft, kissing and sucking gently on his balls. Then I liked back to the top, before sucking the head into my mouth.

He worked one of his hands behind my head and into my hair, pushing my head forward onto his cock. Feeding his cock deeper into my mouth, my nose nestled deep against his stomach, before he pulled it out, slamming it back in.

I moaned slightly as his dick was forced in and out of my mouth, my lips hummed slightly against his cock, my hands grabbing on to his ass. I heard him grunt as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, as he held my face close to him. He started to fire his cum down my throat, as I sucked on him hungrily.

After he finished, he let go of my head. I stood up, fixed my panties and my skirt, turned, and we brushed our teeth together. Then we walked out of the bathroom, one after the other, as if nothing had happened!

“Freshen your drinks, anyone?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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