More than Just Mother and Son

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True Story! and he did mom’s lez lover too!

I have one child (Robert) and I have been given my ‘Freedom Papers’ recently from my ex-hubby. I work as a stripper and do erotic posing for a couple of photographers, including my best friend and lover, Karen. I know that sounds kinky, the three of us, but I’ve never been a conservative or conventional type of person.

That is not to say I don’t have a sense of morals or feelings of guilt sometimes. I do. But sometimes things have a way of pushing past the boundaries we thought we had. Then, you wind up on the other side of events realizing that the world has not ended, just that something new has started. In our case, it has become a wonderful new kind of stability, where the tripod provides a steady balance to our unusual ménage a’ trois.

This is the way that our new dynamic began.

I was walking by my son’s bedroom one bright Sunday morning, when I heard a funny sound coming from inside. It sounded like a drum being struck in a slow, steady, heart pounding rhythmic beat. Thump, thump – thump – thump, thump – thump. My curiosity was aroused. I gently pushed my son’s bedroom door open a crack and peeped inside. There was my son, totally nude, with his feet toward the door.

His eyes were tightly shut. Legs pressed together and his hand clenched around his erect cock. The thumping sound was coming from him jerking his piece of meat while lifting his hips in a rhythmic fashion. I had not seen him naked since he had entered puberty. His cock was at least eight inches long. Slim, with an upward curve and a fantastic head. His balls were two small, smooth, hairless sacks jerking up and down to the rhythm of his stroking fingers.

His crotch was lightly covered with a tangle of dark blond fuzz. I could see the head of his cock was covered with pre-cum, making it glisten in the dim light from his computer desk. I glanced over at his computer and saw a porno picture of a young man face fucking an older woman. There was cum all over her face. I wondered why he was jacking off to an older woman. Weren’t there any younger ones he was interested in? It then dawned on me. My son was sexually aroused by mature women. I heard him muttering something over and over. I could barely hear what he was saying.

It sounded like, “Oh Mama, suck it faster. Make me cum in your mouth.” As I said, I could barely hear him. I wasn’t sure if that was what I really heard. I watched him as now his whole body started to rise and fall on the bed. I knew he was close to shooting his man-seed all over his body. I was feeling a little guilty, spying on my son as he was pleasuring himself, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I felt my pussy start to itch and just knew that if my fingers searched out my cunt, there would be plenty of lubrication for finger fucking. He was moaning loudly now and I distinctly heard him say; “Oh yeah, Mama, take my jizm down your throat. Swallow my cum, you… you’re so sexy!” just as he shot a long stream up toward the ceiling. It arched up and fell back in a line from his ankle to his crotch. I had never seen a squirt like that before.

Of course, I had never seen an eighteen year old stud jacking off before. I slipped quietly away from his door and hurried to my own bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind me, I started to throw my clothes off and headed for the bed. I lay down; my legs in the air, sliding off my panties. With my knees spread wide I lay back and grabbed my cunt with both hands. I was so wet my fingers slipped into my pussy and I started to furiously rub my clitoris. I began pinching my left nipple as I finger fucked my snatch. I could smell my own hot pussy juices as they flowed all over my hand. I stopped rubbing myself and lifted my fingers to my mouth. I sucked off the slimy residue from my overflowing cunt and then once again jammed my fingers as far into my hot box as I could.

I was stroking my clit as fast as I could now. My son’s words echoing in my ears. “Oh yeah, Mama, take my jism down your throat. Swallow my cum, you, you’re so sexy!” I could feel the heat start to rise from inside my womb.

I knew that feeling even if I hadn’t felt it in a long time. I came with a shuddering, thunderous roar in my ears. My body was racked with wave after wave of spasmodic mini orgasms.

After I had calmed down, I tried to analyze what had just happened. I had watched my only baby child jack off to visions of an older woman, talking about his mother and it had made me so hot that I damn near ripped my own cunt apart jacking my clit to a vision of me sucking my son’s teenage cum down my throat. I knew what this meant. I was one sick pussycat! This was incest I was thinking of. Not something to take lightly.

But what the fuck. I was 36 years old and had been divorced for eight months. In all that time, I had had only five dates with men. Three of them had ended up in bed with me in some sleazy motel room. They shot their load off so fast, I was barely getting beylikdüzü anal yapan escort into it and they were done and out the door with hardly a “Thank you ma’am.” The other two turned out to be married.

So here I was, lying on my bed, naked, with pussy juice dripping down into the crack of my ass, thinking about having sex with my own son. No, no way was I going to go through with it. In the morning I was going to find some sex shop and get myself a large dildo, well, maybe I could find one that looked like his cock, the vision was still clear in my mind. That should take my mind off that gorgeous hunk of cock I was lusting after. I fell asleep with visions of my little baby’s sweet dick, then his cock sliding in and out of my wet cunt . . . feeling his hot sperm washing the insides of my pussy channel on their way to my womb.

Later I rationalized that just thinking about what we could do was OK. As long as we didn’t actually do anything. Sure incest was nothing new to me, I had a multi-year affair with my brother, we were children, but Robert was always my baby. Yet I just could not stop thinking about him, his cock, his moans, talking about me and the way his cum shot out and landed on his legs. It was becoming an obsession. I was walking around always horny. My pussy itched and I swear if he was in the room, I could feel my juices running down my legs!

I kept telling myself no. As long as it was something I thought about while finger fucking, or masturbating with a vibrator, I was doing nothing wrong! I thought hard about calling my brother, but damn it, I am old enough to sort ‘this’ out myself. ‘This’ went on for months! Every day I needed to ‘rub’ thinking about him. I wanted to hear and see him cum again. As you are all well aware, the mind is a powerful tool… You can talk yourself into just about anything. Well I did! I got an idea… I am an erotic dancer after all. I am gone Friday and Saturday every week (except monthly visits from “Aunt Flow”. So Sunday is the day Robert and I use as our time. We watch movies, play games and always have take out for dinner, and talk, as adults!

My idea was, – I was going to get movies with more adult/sexy subject matter. Watch them with him, – try to turn him on. – Maybe, just maybe, I could get him to jack off that night. We like action films, so I rented a woman in a prison movie, knowing it would be filled with nude women and racy rape/love scenes. We had our food and I went to change. I put on a pair of short lime green fem boxers and workout boob tube. I grabbed my robe and walked into the living room. So far all was normal. My robe was tied tight. The movie began. It was a movie about a girl that was raped and she killed the rapist; she goes to jail and all hell breaks loose.

Anyway, Robert and I were watching the film, as I hoped it was full of nude, well built women, some older. I could see him out of the corner of eye; Robert kept looking at me to see if this was okay. I made like I didn’t see. One shot was extremely hot, a shower scene. I could tell Robert was getting antsy as he kept shifting his seat and his breathing became heavy. I made like my legs were sore, rubbing my upper thigh, outside my robe so it inched up a little bit and I asked him if I could stretch out? He said yes. I put my legs over his lap and continued watching and rubbing. A few moments later I shifted my weight and had my calf against his crotch, I could feel his hardness. He tried to move, and I pretended that I was getting mad “stay still,” I said, “quit moving.” He did and his cock was hard, I could feel it!

My mind was racing… I wanted him but thought ‘no way! Just enjoy this… you can always rub off later,’ I thought… So we watched as the girl was joined with two others in her cell, one was holding something like a broken broom handle. I sat up a bit straighter putting more pressure on his cock and lifted my hand from my thigh leaving a bit more of my leg showing. His hand sort of fell on my leg as he adjusted himself… it was a bolt of lightning to my pussy, I gasped. “You okay?” Robert asked.

“Just made me jump… I’m ok.” Better than ok, he kept his hand there. I don’t know if I was wishing or what, but I could have sworn his finger was sliding across my skin… my head spun. He wanted me as much as I wanted him, I remembered his masturbating. My mind swam as we watched the movie… tick-tock time was moving so slow. My heart was pounding! I heard him swallow hard! We stayed like that for the remainder of the movie! I was so turned on… I swear they could have smelled my pussy down the street! As I moved to turn off the tape I pushed down on his cock with my leg.

He was rock hard… I asked him if he wanted to watch another movie. He said, “Sure!” I deliberately bent over in front of him to switch tapes… sure I had on my robe but I think even in that my ass has a nice shape. He was giving me so much pleasure I wanted to give some back! I put in beylikdüzü balıketli escort another movie. (Some Italian Conan type deal.) I stood. “Do you want a Coke?” I asked him? “Sure,” he said. One word answers, he didn’t trust his own voice.

I went to the kitchen. I undid my robe and felt my shorts… wet but not bad. I wanted to keep my robe open for this next movie. I went back to the living room, my robe untied. I leaned over Robert to hand him his drink and glanced at his crotch. I could see his hardness, but what I enjoyed the most was the little wet spot on his track pants. He tried to hide his pants tent but I saw and pretended that I did not! I did catch him look over my body. I sat down again and began to watch the movie.

As the movie was playing I could tell Robert was uncomfortable. He kept shifting his weight. I decided I wanted to feel his cock again. I asked if I could stretch out again. He said, “Sure!” I lifted my legs and laid them across his lap. He was soft. Too much story in this movie I guess. I could feel his soft cock under my leg. I liked it. This huge breasted woman was getting attacked in the movie, so I thought now was a good as time as any to try something new. I pretended to scratch my leg in the process slid my leg across his cock a few times… never looking. I kept watching the movie. I stretched out my right leg sort of like it was stiff and rested it on the floor.

There I was one leg on his lap and one on the floor, my legs parted so Robert, if he turned could see right up to my shorts covered pussy. I hoped it was not stained dark with my juice. I stayed like that for a few minutes – 10 maybe… and a few times I felt his cock harden and soften up… I put my hand to my lap and absent-mindedly scratched my pussy. I had shaved a few days before and was itchy. Well this made him rock solid! I could feel his dick rise beneath my leg and start pushing it. I did not let him know I felt it but I decided to push more.

Next my tit, because of the way I was sitting, one leg on his thigh and one on the floor, my tit was getting sore squashed in my boob tube so I just moved it around. Oh god my hand felt good. I was so wet. Robert spoke and I jumped a bit. He asked me some question about the movie. His voice sounded strange. I answered without looking at him. This was wild! I was so horny. We watched the film in silence his cock never stopped pushing against my leg. The movie ended. It was late for a school night – about 11:00pm. I stood and walked to the TV and shut it off. Robert was still sitting in the sofa, not moving.

“Up to bed,” I said.

He mumbled, “In a min… You go ahead.”

In a stern voice, “Now! It’s late mister.”

He stood and I could plainly see his beautiful erection. “Oh, you enjoyed that,” I said in my best joking manner. Robert blushed and tried to hide it! “Nothing to worry about and never be ashamed of that.” He sort of smiled and turned to go to his room. “Honey, don’t feel odd… I have seen one before you know? Some of those women were kindda hot!”

He said, “I guess…yeah.”

“Quick, brush your teeth and off to bed! School tomorrow,” He went upstairs as I finished. I turned out the light and followed him up; he was finished with his teeth and was in bed. I poked my head in and said goodnight. He said it back and I left. I went next door to my room, threw my robe on the floor and spread out.

I turned off my light and listened… 20 minutes went by then I heard the sound, thump, thump, thump. Oh god, yes, he was jerking off! I could hear it!

I lay on my bed listening to him jack off! It had worked. I started to finger myself to the sound of him slapping his cock! I closed my eyes and tried to picture it… no luck. I had to see. I stood up and quietly walked to the next room. It was dark. I could just make out the shape on the bed. There he was, jerking off! I could not see him, but man I could hear him. His breathing was picking up. I knew he was gonna cum! My head was swimming.

I lost it! “Robert?” I whispered. He stopped right away. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I am fine!” he said.

“Turn on your light,” I demanded.

“I am okay mom, I swear.” he said.

“Please just do it.” He clicked on his lamp on the night stand and I walked to his bed. I still dressed, sort of, only those shorts and boob tube. He was under the cover lying on his side, his knees bent. I pressed my palm to his forehead, “You don’t look so well, you’re all sweaty,” I remarked.

“Honest mom I am fine,” he begged.

“Your face is all red, let me see your chest,” playing the good mom I pulled the blanket down a bit. “Lay on your back,”

“But mom…”

“Do it now!” He did. “Your chest is all red and splotchy,” I commented, “let me get a cold cloth.” I got up and walked to the bathroom and rinsed a hand towel in the sink. I came back to his bed and started to rub him down with it. “Relax,” I said. beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş

“Mom I feel fine.”

I could see the bump in the blanket… I bet he was really close to cumming or that would have gone down. So there I was… rubbing him down with the wet towel. He kept telling me he was okay… I kept pushing just a little further. I got about his sternum when I built up the courage… “Oh baby,” I said, “you’re as hard as a rock, is that what’s wrong.” He rolled over and tried to hide his hard on… “Oh honey don’t be embarrassed!”

He said he did not want to talk about it! But I asked, “Is that still from the movie? Come on now, it’s only natural.”

“Not with you in room, I don’t feel right.” he said.

I was going for broke… “Were you just jacking off?” I asked. “It’s okay,” I told him. “The women in those movies were very sexy.”

“No! I was not doing that,” he said again.

“Robert! Tell me the truth!” I demanded

“I umm, well ah… “He stammered.

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” I said, “I do it! I do it all the time, there is nothing to hide! So baby, tell me”

“You do?” he asked. “Yes I do!” I told him.

“I never would have guessed,” he said “I was… “He started.”Yes!” He blurted out, “I was jacking-off!”

Oh shit, I almost came right then and there! He was telling me he was jacking off… Then the worst thing happened… he said it did not feel right talking like this and asked me to leave… I started to push him more and he asked me to leave again. He did not want to continue… I said to myself “shit” but we do have time! lots of time. “OK!” I stood, started to walk out of his room… I stopped at the door; turned around.

“Baby if you are going to do that now that I am gone… I want you to know, I will also being doing it in the next room. Not because the movies were sexy. I think telling me the truth about what you were doing in here was sexy.” I turned and without looking at him said, “Enjoy yourself! I know I will.” I left!

I went to room; my head was spinning. I lay down on my bed, opened my legs and let my fingers explore my body. My pussy was so wet, my finger slid up and down the crack of my cunt. I found my clit. When I touched it I saw lightning flash behind my eyelids… I can’t remember ever being this horny. I mean I would have fucked anyone at that point. I strained to listen for Robert jacking off… nothing, I could hear nothing. I masturbated for about 45 min, and then dozed off to sleep.

When I woke I felt a little ashamed about what happened last night. I stood, put on my robe and went down stairs to fix breakfast. Robert was dressed and sitting at the table eating.

“Oh you are almost done,” I said. “Yeah, I woke up early,” he replied.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and joined him. We sat in silence for a few moments, and then he started to talk. “Mom? Are you mad at me for last night?”

I was surprised. “No baby, why would you think that?”

“I just thought when you left… you were mad at me.” Robert was quiet again then, “No mom I am not mad, it was just… strange you know?”

“We will talk some more tonight honey,” I said. I made his lunch and he left for school. I remember thinking to myself, ‘what the hell are we gonna talk about? Do I really want this to happen? Or am I going to see that we never come close again?’ I spent all day wondering what I was going to say. I had almost convinced myself I did not want to go down that road with my son. Robert came home from school right on time.

“Hi Mom,” he said as he walked by me on his way to the fridge. (Boys are always hungry.) I remember thinking… “Has he has forgotten?” Nothing was said, it was like nothing had happened.

Later we sat at dinner acting like this huge thing, Damocles Sword, was not hanging over us… I felt like I was gonna laugh or cry or both. It was just so odd. As we were clearing the table Robert asked, “So do you want to talk now?”

“OK” and told him to go sit in the living room… My nerves were shot, my hands were shaking and he was smiling, acting so glib? I walked out to the living room, Robert was sitting in the armchair and I sat on the sofa.

“How do you want to start?”

Robert began, “I am sorry about last night, I mean… it must have been those movies. It will never happen again.”

I laughed… I had an out and I could take it either way, he looked surprised. “What?” he asked.

“It will happen again,” I said. “A boy your age has to masturbate or he will go crazy.” He looked even more surprised. “What I mean to say is, I know you jerk off. Hell, so do I. I don’t want you to think there is anything wrong with it.”

Robert just sat back, his face turning red. It was my turn to ask, “What?”

He smiled; then he said, “You jerk off? How do you do that?”

I relaxed; at least we were going to have a normal conversation. “Let’s just say the same as you.”

“Why do you get embarrassed when we discuss this? You’re red now” he asked.

“I don’t, it’s just… “”What?” he interrupted.”It’s just that your father should be the one to help you with education.” I confessed then he said something I will never forget, “I know mom, I miss him too, and he lives in Boston now you know.” Robert still talked to his father… I had no idea he left Canada. “I don’t miss him,” I lied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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