Morning Mischief

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Author’s Note: The following story features the same characters as Midnight Mischief. However, you do not need to have read it, to read and enjoy this.

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His delicious wife was sleeping with a white g-string on, and yet the room smelled of her juices. Was she trying to fool him into believing she had not pleasured herself the previous night? Or perhaps it was a ploy, an invitation for him to explore and discover for himself…

As yet, Winta still appeared to be asleep. Shaun shed his clothing as quietly as possible in consideration of her. He was happy to be rid of the sweaty apparel, his naked form slowly beginning to cool in the faint breeze from the nearby fan. He was reluctant to wake Winta just yet, and although he was not yet ready for sleep, there was no place he would rather be than watching her.

Shaun leant back upon the bedroom wall, its cool surface sending shivers down his spine. His loving focus was on his wife’s form as she slept upon the bed. Her hair was a tumble of brown curls with carefully placed faint blonde highlights, each curl kissing at the soft skin of her delectable neck. Shaun’s gaze followed the curves of her form, a pale shoulder, the dip into her hip and ascension of her curves up into the fullness of her hips then down to her thighs.

His gaze was distracted from looking any lower as he admired her beautiful bottom. That butt… Shaun let out a groan, his gaze moving to his own body. He chuckled in quiet amusement as he noted his full erection, inspired by the sight of his wife, his hand already idly pleasuring himself. That stunning full butt had been one of the things Shaun had first noticed about Winta. Her entire body had a natural olive tone to it, so often mistaken for a tan. Her butt itself was of a gorgeous golden hue, almost seeming to glow, at least to Shaun’s loving and admiring eyes.

As he thought of it now, he could not help but become more focused upon his self-pleasuring. The warmth of his hand firmly moving up and down his shaft was a noted contrast to the continued waves of the cool breeze that drifted across the room to where he stood. Suddenly the image of those golden butt cheeks dripping in newly issued strands of his seed had become very appealing.

“Mmm, could I help you with that?”

The low horny tone of Winta’s voice brought Shaun swiftly back to reality. In his distracted pleasuring of himself he had not heard the soft rustling of sheets as Winta had rolled over, now observing him. She gazed up at him with a suggestive look, however unable to play the seductress for long as her expression changed to a brilliant and endearing grin.

“Come here you.”

Winta rolled back on to her left side, patting the mattress behind her, her gaze cast back at him. Shaun was quick to respond, slipping onto the bed and snuggling his hard body up against her warm curves.

“How was work?”

“Oh, you know, the usual. Couldn’t wait for it to be over.”

“I got tired of waiting for you…”

Shaun grinned to himself, meanwhile nuzzling his face into the side of Winta’s neck.

“Mmn, I thought I noticed a familiar scent. What did you get up to last night?”

Winta blushed and rolled her eyes, squirming back against his obvious erection.

“Now that would be telling.”

Shaun trailed a hand down over her hip, slowly moving it forward to caress over the curve of her stomach, then down over the thin material of her g-string that barely kept her skin from his direct touch.

“If wearing something in bed was a ploy to get my attention, it worked. You know I don’t like either of us wearing any clothing in here…”

Winta gave a slight moan of enjoyment, her body arching first forward against his hand, then pressing back against his erection once again, teasing him.

“Well sometimes a girl has to work for her Hubby’s attention. It worked, didn’t it?”

Reaching down in-between their firmly pressed bodies, Shaun took hold of his shaft and slowly started rubbing the head of his cock back and forth over her smooth butt cheeks.

“You feel so fantastic back here. Any chance you’ll let me in today?”

Winta lifted her hand to hide her face. The flushed sweet and embarrassed look upon her face, was so often her reaction to this question. Shaun let out a loud laugh.

“Come on darling, you know you like it.”

“No I don’t…”

Winta grinned to herself, shifting her gaze about while she kaçak iddaa continued to blush. This was a familiar game to the both of them. She didn’t know what it was about Shaun’s love of her butt. While not entirely opposed to the act, she still felt shy about it.

“How about we take off this g-string…”

Shaun moved until he was kneeling beside her, and then gently turned Winta until she lay on her back. He then moved to between her legs and slowly began to draw her g-string down from her hips; his gaze intent upon what lay hidden between her tightly pressed together thighs. Winta wiggled her form, raising her delectable butt up off the bed to help him remove the g-string, then lay back down, giggling a little as Shaun let out a low groan, first at the sight of her butt, and then at the unveiling of her pussy, previously hidden from his sight. He finally drew the g-string all the way down her legs and disentangled it from her feet, taking a moment to raise the scant piece of material to his face and inhale the scent of her juices produced from her self-pleasuring the previous night, before he carelessly threw it over his shoulder.

“You smell absolutely delicious today.”

Slipping her feet behind Shaun’s back, Winta slowly drew him in closer to her form. Her hand slid down her body, straight to her clit. It throbbed so hard with desire for him; she couldn’t contain herself from touching it, not even in front of him. Her gaze swept over his body, his short cropped black hair that made him look so sexy and dangerous, the broad manly shoulders, and the spread of body hair over his tanned chest that he struggled with keeping at a length they both liked. She finally admired his cock, each beautiful inch of soft skin containing such hardness and pleasure, and for her alone.

“Will you taste me?” she asked somewhat self-consciously.

“You couldn’t stop me if you tried.”

Winta tossed her head backwards in anticipation, arching her form up against his. She enjoyed the feel of his hardness brushing against her thigh, before it moved away. Shaun drew her hand away from her clit, gently grasping the other and holding them together above her head. He spoke to her sternly but with an air of playfulness.

“Keep your hands up there, no more touching yourself…”

He began to slowly work down her body, licking her already hardened nipples with the tip of his tongue then allowing his warmth breath to wash over them, exciting a groan from her. He nuzzled his mouth against her stomach, slowly kissing and caressing, his tongue gently swirling around the small circle of her belly button, dipping into its depths, then following the slight hint of a trail of hair that lead down to where she really wanted his mouth.

As Shaun reached the smooth mound of her treasure, he cupped it with both his hands, his fingers slowly moving over her skin in gentle exploration. A soft grin of loving amusement lit his face as he noticed parts of her mound that were soft, then other parts that were just slightly bristling with new hair growth.

The smell of her wetness, now so close to him, was so distracting he couldn’t linger on soft teasing touches for long, and Winta’s increasing cries of desire beseeched him to move on. Shaun worked his form back slightly upon the bed then lay down between her legs. He gently parted her moist lips, watching with some fascination as strands of wetness were pulled apart from either side of her lips, finally falling to one side or the other.

Shaking his head in amused wonderment he glanced up at Winta.

“What did you fantasize about last night?”

She giggled, her face out of sight, calling out.

“I’ll never tell!”

Shaun shook his head then surprised Winta by putting a sudden end to his teasing by burying his face in her wet aching pussy. His thumb slowly rubbed over her clit as he teased her dripping entrance with his tongue, tasting her and loving it. Winta could hear his muffled moans of enjoyment and this excited her even more. Shaun worked his tongue up and down in her pink depths, teasing about her entrance, slowly moving higher until he grasped her clit within his mouth. His tongue searched it out then gently teased back and forth over it, knowing how sensitive this part of her was to any sort of direct touch.

“Oh baby, you’re so good to me…”

Winta groaned, tossing her head from one side to the other as she moved her body up against the touch of his mouth, thrilled by the eroticism of having her husband’s face pressed so intimately to her body.

After an extended length kaçak bahis of time of squirming and moaning, Winta gasped out.

“What are you doing?!”

Before she’d barely had time to notice it, Shaun had dipped his finger into her abundantly wet pussy, slipped it out again and begun fingering her butt hole, his finger lubricated by her own wetness.

Shaun pulled away from her, lifting his free hand to wipe away the wetness that lingered upon his face, the other still focused on penetrating her plump behind. He took in a deep breath then grinned down at her.

“Just testing the waters… you’re never going to let me in there unless you relax a little.” He gestured up at her hands with his head, “You can bring them down now and touch yourself. I want to watch.”

Winta gave him a sexy look and then began to put on a show. She slowly trailed her hands downwards; one reached for, grasped and remained upon her left breast, gently squeezing it, toying with her nipple. Her right hand soon found its place upon her mound, her fingers seeking out her clitoris and exposing it to Shaun’s view before it was hidden by the circling and rubbing back and forth of her fingers. Winta squirmed up against her own touch then back into the gentle but consistent probing of Shaun’s finger into her butt.

“Mmn, you’re such a tease… Now I think you need a little help back here. Would you get the lube for me, hun?”

Shaun momentarily paused his gentle insertion and reinsertion of his finger, slowly teasing around the entrance as he waited for her aid.

Winta stretched to the side and opened the bedside table, feeling around in it until she found the tube of lubricant. She left the drawer open as she passed the tube down to Shaun, which led Shaun to wonder if she had done it intentionally as he saw what lay within its shadowy depths.

He was able to glimpse the sight of her vibrator within the drawer and mused of putting it to use later on. For now he focused on the task at hand.

Opening the bottle of lubricant, he squeezed out a small potion then began to rub it around, over and into her butt hole. Now properly lubricated, his finger moved with much more ease. Shaun could tell Winta was enjoying it despite her natural shy tendency to pretend otherwise, her fingers were moving more rapidly over her clit, and her breath was coming in slow pleasure filled gasps.

Observing her distracted pleasure, Shaun slowly withdrew his finger and replaced it with his cock. With just the tip of it penetrating her, he moved until his body rested over hers, gently cupping her face with a hand. Winta looked up into his intently staring eyes, then smiled and blushed as he spoke.

“You are so beautiful.” He could not help but smile at the sweetness of her blushing.

“I love you… oh, you feel so good!” She continued to smile back at him, her love for him evident within her gaze.

Winta moaned with enjoyment at the feel of Shaun’s body pressed against her own, his cock just barely penetrating her butt hole, and her fingers skillfully working her clit. Her gaze remained locked with his and her enjoyment at being so closely and lovingly observed lead to her feeling the pleasure all the more intensely.

“You can move more, you know… it’s not hurting.”

“Oh, I will, believe me.”

Lowering his mouth to hers, Shaun slowly slid the entire length of his cock into the depths of her inviting rump, groaning through the kiss at the extreme tightness he encountered therein. He loved making love to her in other more ‘normal’ ways, but nothing was quite like the sensation of anal sex.

Winta concentrated on breathing and relaxing, letting her body accommodate his full width in a place it was not accustomed to. Her breath came in short gasps, and she moved her free arm about Shaun’s back, holding him tight to her. She felt her pussy being pressed against the warm skin of his stomach and held even tighter to him, grinding upwards against his body and moaning into his ear.

“You’re so big, filling me up…”

Gazing down at her, Shaun groaned, his cock leaping with a throb of excitement inside her. She was so beautiful, so open and uninhibited with him, and so willing to give herself up to him, to trust him with every part of her body, in the knowledge that he would never intentionally harm her. He did his best to contain his passion for her, to keep from breaking that trust.

Slowly and painstakingly, he began to pull out from her, noting her reactions and responding in turn by slowly thrusting back in again. He trailed a finger illegal bahis down her neck then nuzzled his face into it, at first kissing gently then more firmly as he excited a reaction from her.

A familiar warmth began to press against his stomach, the wetness of Winta’s arousal spreading across his abdomen as she pressed so close to him. He could feel the faint movement of her fingers rubbing her clit, her hand caught between their bodies.

Pulling back from her neck, Shaun gazed down at Winta whose eyes were closed in intent concentration of her pleasure. He turned his gaze to the bedside table and stretched slightly, reaching into it and fetching the vibrator. Winta opened her eyes just in time to see the familiar sight of cock-resembling vibrator directly before her face. She blushed but smiled up at Shaun, asking brazenly.

“Can I stick that in your butt?”

“Not now darling.”

Rotating the base of the vibrator to turn it on to half-speed, Shaun began trailing the vibrating cock down Winta’s body. He slowly teased over her nipples, and then leant to one side as he moved it down to her clit, wrestling its way in between her fingers. Winta arched up in response to the vibrations then groaned, begging for more.

“Put it in me, please Shaun!”

He couldn’t resist. With their bodies even just slightly apart, he could feel just how wet she was, all those juices spilt all over his stomach, dripping down between her butt cheeks and around the base of his cock. The air was heavily scented by the fragrance of her arousal. Shaun dipped his fingers within her; slowly moving them around within the copious liquids then withdrew them, caressing her left breast within his hand as he smeared her wetness all over her nipple.

As he raised the fingers to her mouth, Winta eagerly lapped up what little moisture remained, drawing his fingers deep into her mouth and sucking on them, imitating how she would behave if it were his cock.

Shaun took the opportunity to move the vibrator away from her clit, and press it to the lips of her pussy. With very little effort at all it slid between them, moving deep into her, he turned the vibrator up to full power, grasped her hand and guided her back to fingering her clit.

The sensation of the vibrator was so unusual, Shaun could feel it through her pussy in her butt, vibrating and pleasuring his cock in turn as he moved within, double penetrating her.

She couldn’t take much more of this. Winta’s pussy was throbbing in increasingly powerful tremors, her clit so swollen and tormented by her continuous touching of it. The feeling of Shaun’s body pressed over hers, his wonderful cock moving in and out of her bottom while her vibrator pulsed within her pussy, put there by him, it was all so intensely overwhelming.

Winta could feel the gradual build of Shaun’s pleasure; they were so closely bound now that making love had become a complete connection on every level. Each pleasure filled cry that fell from his lips, spurred her on more, her heart was swelling up with love for him, just as her pussy was overflowing with love juices created by the arousal and pleasure he gave to her. Each was bringing her closer and closer to climax.

With abandonment of restraint, she cried out, “Oh Shaun, please, please, do it! I need you to cum with me, pound me!”

The pleasure was so extreme now, that any pain cause by his movements went unnoticed. Shaun buried his face in Winta’s neck again, sucking upon her tender skin then biting into it at the same time. She loved the thrill of pleasure that slight bit of pain sent through her body. He moved with her, each thrust into her narrow depths becoming longer, harder, and more purposeful. Although she was now stretched out from his cock moving within her smallest of canals, the tightness was still so pleasurable, and for a moment Shaun imagined he could feel exactly what Winta felt. The vibrations between her pussy and her butt, their mutual pleasure, seemed to make them merge in to one.

Somewhere outside of his entire being, becoming flooded with pleasure, he heard Winta’s increased moans as they became screams of pleasure as she reached the peak of intensity, and his own cries joined with hers at that high, the extremely erotic groans of husband, becoming one with his wife.

Shaun slumped over Winta, cradling her body close to his as she shuddered against him, her warm, tender kisses seeming to cover every part of his face. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled back to gaze lovingly into her face. There were no words for that moment, and none were needed. She was beaming, flushed with the beautiful afterglow of wonderful lovemaking, and he noticed with a skip of his heartbeat that her eyes were shining with tears, tears of joy.

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