Mother and Son in Massage Parlour Ch. 04

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This is just one month on from when David took Jim to the massage parlour. David’s wife Janet is now eight months pregnant. His twin sisters, Edith and Charlotte, have recently celebrated their twenty-first birthday.

I was in work early, waiting for David. Sitting on the massage table I thought about what had been said over the last few days. A week ago my daughter Edith dropped a bombshell.

With no preamble or hesitation she declared “I am going to work in the parlour with you.”

My head was spinning, I didn’t know how to respond. Why did she want to work there and how did she know about my job?

Before I could say anything she added “And don’t deny it. I know where you work.” Then in a louder voice she finished with “And I know what you do there.”

There was silence for a few seconds, Edith was glaring at me, getting ready for a fight.

I eventually managed “Why?”

“It’s good money, and I like sex.”

Unlike her sister she had been sexually active from an early age, I believed her when she said she enjoyed it.

I sighed, then in a low voice said “Why can’t you be like Charlotte?”

Edith gave a haughty laugh then responded with “She has always been your favourite.”

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. When I opened them I attempted a smile and said “OK. Let’s not argue about it. We can discuss it in a calm rational manner.”

Edith hesitated then said in a much softer voice “Thanks mum.”

“No need to thank me, I haven’t said yes.”

She shouted “I don’t need your permission. I am twenty-one.”

In as nice a tone as I could manage I said “That’s true. It’s just I don’t like the idea of you doing it.” She was about to reply when I added “I know, that makes me a hypocrite, but it’s the way I feel.”

“I really want to do. It would be nice for you to support me on this. If you do manage to stop me working at your place I will just get a job in another parlour.” She thought for a few seconds then added “Do you enjoy the work?”

I did, and I told her that.

I had a sudden thought. “You said you are going to work in the parlour. Does that mean you have already arranged it?”


“And you start the following Monday?”

“Yes.” Then with a straight face she added “A lady called Grace is going to show me the ropes.”

I groaned. “So you are the new girl I have been asked to mentor.”

Edith could probably see the worried look on my face so she said “Don’t worry mum, I didn’t tell them I am your daughter. I gave my name as Rose.”

I was glad about that, and Rose was my mother’s name. I suppose if she was going to do it then it was better with me, I could keep an eye on her.

There was a knock on the door. Jill the receptionist entered with David. She looked at her watch and said “Rose should be here in about five minutes. When she is ready I will bring her down.”

I smiled and nodded my thanks. Jill smiled back and left, leaving me alone with David.

“What is all this about?”

Two days after my chat with Edith I called him. I told him not to ask too many questions, just do something for me. I said he was to come to the parlour and see me. I gave him the date and time. They would be expecting him. There was nothing to pay, just say that he was here to see Grace. He was surprised, but mostly intrigued. I refused to say any more or answer his questions, but he did say that he would do what I wanted.


“Sorry David, I was just deep in thought. I suppose you want an explanation?”

“Yes. Did you know I have had to take the day off work because of this?”

“Thanks. I am grateful.” I took a deep breath then continued “There is no easy way to say this, Edith wants to work in the parlour.”


“Keep your voice down. She is going to be here in a few minutes. I am her mentor.”

David looked confused. “Why am I here?”

“I am hoping that you can talk her out of it. The shock of seeing you here might make her think again.”

David looked puzzled, he was still trying to take it all in.

“When we have a new starter we always make their first time a four-hand massage. The new girl with one of our more experienced girls. We like the client to be a regular, he gets it as a freebee. You are posing as her first client.”

I could see David’s face change, he now understood.

He then laughed “It all makes sense now.” He then said “You would not believe what I have been imagining over the last few days.”

I didn’t dare ask, but he couldn’t resist adding “I thought I might even get to fuck you again.”

I didn’t want to think about what had happened before, I needed to be ready to face Edith.

There was a loud knock on the door. I checked that David was in the corner out of the way before opening it.

“This is Rose.”

“Thanks Jill.”

As she left she shouted “Be gentle with her.” We could hear her laughing as she walked back to reception.

She gave me a quick hug, then she noticed the client, he had his back to us. As he turned beylikdüzü escort round she gasped.

“Hi little sister.”

She was shocked but quickly regained her senses. She was angry. “What are you doing here? You need to leave before the customer arrives.”

I muttered “Client not customer.” I then said in as firm a voice as I could manage “There is no client. David is here to help me to stop you doing this.”

“Please sis, don’t do it.”

She crossed her arms and looked defiantly at each of us in turn then said “Nothing you can say will make me change my mind.”

I looked at David and I could see that he was thinking the same as me, we had lost. I gave a long loud sigh and said “You can’t blame us for trying.”

She gave a big smile and then calmly said “When do we start?”

“David will go. I will have to think up some excuse for why he is leaving. We will then have to wait for a suitable client, should not be too long.”

She was still smiling. “No, when do we start?”

I didn’t understand. I was just about to repeat what I had said when it hit me.

Shocked I said “You mean with David, your brother?”

“Why not?”

“Because he is your brother.”

“The same brother that had a bedroom next to mine?” She paused before continuing with “I lost count the number of times I heard him call my name when he was playing with himself.” In what sounded like a disappointed voice she then added “But I heard him say Charlotte lots more times than Edith.”

I looked at David, he was looking at the floor.

“Also did you ever wonder why my knickers were such a mess? Some of the stains were from me but more were from him.”

David started to speak but I shut him up. I then said “I don’t care about all that. You will have to wait until I find a suitable customer.”

In a mocking tone Edith said “Client not customer.” That annoyed me.

“Let me tell you something else. When I was getting changed I met a charming lady. She introduced herself as Lucy and we chatted for a while. She told me some interesting things. Jill said my first client was David so I asked Lucy what he was like. She said he was now a regular. His wife was pregnant and he was not getting it at home. Also he had called himself John before but was now known as David. Lucy says that the regulars that start with a false name always end up using their real one. What did she say? Yes, it was ‘They are so stupid’.”

I glared at David. He gave me a weak smile and shrugged his shoulders as if to say ‘What was I supposed to do when Janet didn’t want sex?’.

She continued with “Apparently you have a nice cock. Very thick, or as Lucy told me veeeeery thick. So unless you do what I want I am going to tell your wife that you have been visiting a massage parlour.”

David groaned, there was a hint of fear in his eyes but he still managed to confidently say “Janet will not be happy but she will understand.”

That didn’t seem to worry Edith. She said in a calm voice “Lucy did say more.” She let that hang in the air before adding “I cannot remember the exact words but the meaning of it was this ‘David has fucked Grace’.” She looked at us to see our reaction, then laughed.

“You both look guilty as hell.” We didn’t say anything so she continued with “I am in charge now. If you don’t do what I want then I will tell Janet that David is actually a real motherfucker.” Before we could reply she mimicked what David had said earlier “Janet will not be happy but she will understand.”

David stupidly responded with “We only did it three times.” I winced and waited for Edith to rip him to bits but she just shook her head, he was too easy a target for her.

There was no way Janet would understand. I looked at David, I could tell he thought the same. I put on my best smile and said “When do we start?”

David started to undress. I sat on the table and Edith stood near me, looking around the room where she would now be working. I closed my eyes and thought of my twins. They are similar in looks but the complete opposites in personality. Both are taller than me at five feet two but they have my slim build, and my 34C tits. They are a younger version of me except that Edith has her father’s blue eyes. My husband Peter says that in appearance there is nothing of him in them.

Charlotte has always been well behaved and a model student. She achieved good grades and is studying mathematics at a top university. Her ambition is to be a teacher. Her boyfriends have been nice and we have liked all of them, especially Charles. She has been with him for over a year now and we are hopeful that they will marry.

I grimaced as I thought of Edith. I love her dearly but she has always been a rebel. Poor grades, unsuitable boyfriends. No ambition. We always encourage her but she thinks we prefer Charlotte. Her father has more control over her than me but generally she just does whatever she wants regardless of the consequences.

“Are you going to sit there all day?”

I opened my eyes and beylikdüzü eve gelen escort answered Edith with a curt “No.” I took a deep breath and put my game face on. “David onto the massage table please, face down.” He was naked except for a towel around his waist. “Rose you take care of the bottom and I will do the top.”

Edith giggled and said “I think I prefer Rose to Edith.”

“I had better get used to calling you that. I don’t want to slip up in front of Jill or any of the girls.”

She didn’t reply but I could tell she was thinking that she would have to be careful as well, no calling me mum at work.

“I almost forgot, I need to show you where we keep the condoms.”

As I moved towards the cabinet in the corner of the room she said “Show me later.”

When I turned back to face her there was a look of defiance on her face. “Just to be clear. When I said later I meant after we have finished. I want David to fuck me without.”

“No way.”

Unfortunately David blurted out “We never.” Then he stopped, but it was too late.

I didn’t bother arguing, I just said in a firm voice “OK, but for all the other clients you must use one.” Thankfully David didn’t mention that I hadn’t done that when I fucked his friend Jim. There was a slight delay then she nodded. I was relieved she wasn’t going to fight me over it.

We started on David. I explained that she should take pride in giving a good massage, most of the clients expected that. If they just wanted sex they would go to other places. She listened attentively to what I was saying and she was careful to copy the massaging I was demonstrating. I could tell she was keen to learn, perhaps this was going to be the one thing she would be good at.

“The key is to anticipate what the client wants. If you start on the naughty part too soon that can annoy them. Some like a long slow build up. On the other hand if you massage too long they get frustrated.”

She scrunched her face up and said “Why don’t I just ask them what they want?”

“You can. However it’s better if you don’t. It can take away a bit of the magic. When I started I did just that. I would say things like ‘Tell me when you want me to fuck you’ or ‘Tell me when you want me to suck your cock’.”

Edith interrupted with “Mother you dirty slut.”

I smiled and then continued with “After a few days one of my clients talked to me about it. He said he didn’t want to be asked, he just wanted it to happen. It felt more natural that way. I thought about what he had said and I changed the way I worked.”

She nodded then said “There is more to this than I thought. It’s not just about being fucked.”

David joined in with “Rose you dirty slut.”

We all laughed at that, then we continued with the massage. After a few minutes there was a long moan of pleasure from David. Edith looked at me and I nodded. I was about to speak but she beat me to it “Please turn over.” I smiled, she was a quick learner.

As David turned over the towel fell to the floor. She gave him a good long look. His cock was fully erect, he was ready. “It’s a nice cock, but I have had bigger, much bigger.” I was shocked but she continued before I could say anything. “Just teasing mum. I would never say that to a client, but it is true I have had bigger.” She then composed herself and started again “That’s a nice cock. Very big and very thick.” There was a slight hesitation, and a worried look on her face, before she added “I am not sure it will fit into my tiny little cunt. Would you like to try?”

I looked at David, he was almost drooling. Yes he would. She turned to me for approval. “That was good but I would have added something like “But first you need to play with my tits.”

“Yes that is better. Thanks mum.”

Finally we had found a common interest, sex.

I waited to see what she would do next. She looked at me but I said nothing. There was a brief hesitation then she started to slowly unbutton her uniform. She then moved to the top of the table and I stepped away so she could face David. He was licking his lips as he stared at her top. When the last button was popped, and the uniform fell to the floor, David groaned.

“You have got mum’s nipples. I always wondered how big they were.”

“And I always wondered how big your cock was.”

I muttered under my breath “Now you both know.”

As soon as Edith moved closer David’s hands were on her tits. I could see her nipples swell as he started to play with them. I was getting excited just watching, then I suddenly realised he would want to come inside her and not me. Would I get a climax?

“Move your tits to my mouth. I need to suck your nipples.”

She did and David then sucked on them greedily. Edith started to moan, obviously enjoying it. I needed some attention as well so I quickly removed my uniform.

I moved towards the middle of the table. Holding David’s hand I said “Play with my tits.” Edith looked at me and smiled, then she stroked David’s hair as he continued working beylikdüzü masöz escort on her nipples.

There was no response from David, apparently he wanted Edith and not me. Should I back off and leave them alone?

In a slow seductive voice Edith said “David. Be a good boy and play with Grace’s tits.”

I let go of his hand and he placed it on my stomach. He then moved it onto my tits and I moaned. When he found my nipple and starting squeezing it I moaned even louder. I turned my head to Edith and muttered in a low voice “Thanks.” She didn’t say anything, she just put her hand around my waist and gave me a small hug.

David was now rubbing my nipple between his finger and thumb. I wanted the other one playing with as well but that would have been difficult because of where we were standing. In a lot of ways it was easier with one client and one girl. We continued like that for several minutes until Edith spoke.

“David you need to stop.” He did, but there was disappointment in his eyes. He also stopped playing with me. “That was very nice but my nipples are getting sore.”

In a concerned voice he said “Sorry, I did get carried away. I guess I sucked them too hard.”

She smiled and said “Don’t worry. That is what they are there for.”

David smiled back, relieved he wasn’t in trouble. Sore nipples were a problem, especially for the first few weeks until you get used to it. If you have long nipples everybody wants them in their mouth. I made a mental note to speak to her about it later on, how to stop the clients spending too long on her tits. It’s not rocket science, you just offer them your cunt instead.

I looked over at Edith, she was removing her knickers. I winced. I hadn’t noticed before what she was wearing. They were just everyday ones, nothing special. I would have to take her shopping. I then remembered I have a client who books in advance. He always asks me to wear ‘normal’ knickers. I have a pair that he likes and they are very much like Edith’s. He always tells me it is what his mother used to wear. Edith should get some new ones but also keep these for special occasions.

David now had his hand on her thigh. As he moved it up she spread her legs. I could see him searching for her opening. She gave a long low groan as he started to finger her.

“That’s good, but what about mother?” She quickly corrected herself “What about Grace? You need to do the same to her.” I closed my eyes and waited for his touch. I got a nice warm sensation between my legs as I thought of what he was going to do to me.

Nothing happened, he was teasing me. I opened my eyes and was about to have harsh words with him when he looked at me and said in a frustrated voice “I can’t reach you with my free hand. I will have to sit up.”

There was a groan from Edith and then she said “No don’t move.” She groaned again before adding “He has got three fingers deep up me and his thumb is doing something wonderful on my clit. Please don’t spoil it.”

She was almost begging. I gave a long sigh of disappointment. Before I could say anything there was more from Edith “Why don’t you lean over and suck David’s cock?” She hesitated, I could tell she was thinking. She then continued with “If you stick your bottom out and open your legs I can play with your cunt from behind.”

I looked at them in turn. David was obviously keen on the idea but I was surprised that Edith was as well. In fact I think she seemed more eager for me to say yes than David. I had thought she was just being kind, giving me what I needed, but I now realised she had only offered because it was what she wanted.

“You look shocked. You didn’t know I like a bit of girl on girl?” She gave me a big smile before continuing with “Remember Jane? The one you said was a bad influence on me.” She paused before adding “She was. Didn’t you ever wonder why we spent all that time in my bedroom?”

I muttered “You said talking and watching TV.”

Edith laughed at that. “We did but we also played with each other, and we both liked it.” She then looked at David. “I think you fancied her.” He just nodded. “You should have asked her out. For the record she has a big cunt, I could easily get four fingers in her. Also she has a massive clit, and the best bit, she is a noisy bitch when she comes. I am surprised mother never heard her when we were in the bedroom.”

I looked at David. He was shaking his head in surprise, now disappointed that he had never dated her.

There was nothing more to be said. I removed my thong and then did as she asked. I licked the top of David’s cock then I took the first two inches into my mouth. As I tasted it I waited for Edith to start on me.

“David stop for a bit. I need to work on Grace’s cunt.” She quickly added “Don’t take your fingers out just keep away from my clit. It’s on fire and I don’t want to come yet.” He must have done as she asked because she said “Good boy.”

Her hands were now on my hips pushing me down a bit lower. I spread my legs wider. I then felt a hand go between them. As she played with my lips she said “Very nice, much bigger than mine. I bet they are a mouthful.” I shuddered when she said that and I felt my wet cunt get even wetter. She toyed with my lips, I ached for her to finger me. As I felt her finally move to my opening I moved my head lower taking most of David’s cock into my mouth and throat. I gagged and David groaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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