Mother in Law is My Girlfriend

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Big Tits

During the trip to Pondicherry my MIL became my girlfriend.

I am Ravi from Bangalore and residing here for nearly 20 years.

My 47 year old MIL Mother in Law savitha was a conservative woman by looks, in her talks, dress sense. Her physique was a typical Indian aunty but she had never gained weight,looked much younger for her age and still guys would like to bang her if had a chance. She had less friends and she use to discuss everything with my wife and at times I use to hear what they speak. I once over heard my wife when she use to talk with her mom that one uncle use to try passing on her during her morning walks, and my wife use to giggle and she even told her mom to flirt back, that’s how close they both were.

My MIL was my secret crush from the very beginning I married my wife Saraswati, she was very open minded and same way very conservative when going out with family & friends to maintain the family dignity. One day when my mother in law came to our home to visit her daughter. She was already there before I had come home, I come home early from work and my wife opened the door and briefed about her mom that she will stay with us for few days as her dad had gone to some college reunion to Mangalore. Savitha thought I will usually come back home by evening from work.

Saraswathi : Ravi I’ve prepared some snacks as mom is home.

Me: Sure I’ll change my dress and come.

Saraswathi: shall we take mom also to Pondicherry this weekend?

Me: Why your mom should come?

Saraswathi : She will be lonely at home if we leave her here and also if we she comes we can let our daughter be with her in other room so that one night we can stay together and our daughter can stay with my mom in other room. We can also drink.

Me: let me think over I’ll come freshen up.

Saraswathi: ok

I knew my MIL will be in guest room so I casually opened my room door latch it wasn’t closed from behind. When I opened I had a shock of a lifetime my MIL was in bra and panty she had removed her clothes. she never knew I had come home soon so hence I caught her changing her saree and had a glimpse of her beautiful fluffy breasts her right breasts was almost out from her bra, while changing it had moved out. Her breasts were still tender and less saggy her panty was red colour she had a great ass for that age. I felt like touching it, She was shocked to see me.

Savitha: oh Ravi…. sorry I am sorry her saree was in the floor she was searching I was enjoying the view.

Me: I thought your in guest room I am sorry too

Savitha: no I thought you will come home late so I changed my clothes here.

Me: I’ll go back ok

Savitha: she covered herself with towel which was nearby.

Me: she was just looking like her daughter with covering her towel my dick was hard pointing up towards her in my trousers.

Savitha: I’ll leave the room now please wait and took her clothes. She wore the nighty.

Me: I had a feast for my eyes and my pre cum was getting ready to come out from my underwear.

Savitha: she came near the door and went to guest room.

I closed the door and moved near to my bathroom over there to my surprise my MIL had kept her blouse over there hanging her sweat arm patch was visible and seeing it aroused me more I removed my pant and took my dick out and started to masturbate thinking what I saw my sperms just oozed out like a flush thinking of savitha, her figure was perfect for that age and I was feasting her in my mind.

She was great for her age, sultry melons ready to be squeezed and her butt was round shape very soft. I thought for a second if she wasn’t my MIL I would definitely fuck her at least once. Then I stopped stroking my dick and I came out. I Changed my clothes and while opening the room door my MIL came to my room again.

savitha: I forgot something in the bathroom I want to take it.

Me: Yes your blouse is there!

Savitha: She felt shy… Okay she said

Me: You look beautiful I uttered those words. She was surprised and I moved out from there.

I was asyabahis yeni giriş nervous out were she will tell me wife because they are very close. Later evening we sat for dinnner.

Me : So day after tomorrow early morning we will leave for Pondicherry in car and I said your mom also can join us for the holiday and she exactly my eye staring at her and she didn’t give any reaction she behaved normal with a smile.

MIL: what will I come and do there I have come to stay here not to come for Pondicherry you people go I will look after the house.

Me: no way you can’t do that and also my daughter will have company too she can play with you in the beach it will be great I’ll book another room that shouldn’t be a problem.

Savitha: mama you never travel at all this time you should come and I’ll tell papa if he asks.

Saraswathi : ok I will come as you all forcing.

Savitha: so mama is your swim wear ready?

Saraswathi: she blushed and I made a eye contact with her and she said shut up.

The day began we left Bangalore at 5 am, during the journey while driving I was staring at my mother in law from the mirror but she never gave any glance I still persuaded to see if she responds but nothing fruitful. We had one stopover for coffee. My wife and my daughter went to washroom I had to wait with savitha so that we can catch the table, and then my wife came back and my MIL went to wash room then I went to men’s wash room while coming back I saw savitha walking out had we had glance at each other

I asked savitha are you alright you didn’t speak much through the journey?

Savitha: oh Ravi I’m fine nothing to worry,

Me:ok and we begin to walk to the restaurant

Savitha: while walking she said Ravi don’t keep staring at me while driving concentrate on the road and drive!!! And also my daughter is next to you.

Me: I was surprised I didn’t know what to answer kept numb and we had snacks and began the journey and reached Pondicherry at 3pm

Our rooms allotted was perfect beach facing both the room next to each other, we took a nap and later evening we went for a walk towards the beach and we had corn and snacks near beach side and my daughter wanted to play at the beach so I took her near the waves and played for sometime, then my mother in law savitha wanted to play with her grand daughter so she went near the waves seeing that my wife also went with her mother and I was keeping a look at the clothes and my wife’s handbags, after sometime my MIL came walking towards me she was slightly drenched with the water so she came off early as she didn’t want to drench more.

I saw savitha and asked what happened you could have played for some more time in the water with your grand daughter you came back early.

Savitha: my saree is already wet due to waves in the beach I don’t want to go back like this and sit in the car and spoil the seat.

Me: well that doesn’t matter we are here to enjoy as it’s a holiday vacation. And I said please don’t change your saree in front of me this time again your daughter will be there. I wanted to pull her leg and made a flirty comment to see her reaction.

Savitha: with a different smile she said you have good imagination Ravi, looks like you have expectations about me. Be careful what you wish for Ravi.

Me: I was happy she responded back I said with your beauty I can’t expect anything you have a gifted body. And she blushed like a young girl.

My wife and daughter came back and we went back to the hotel had dinner and decided that we will get up early for sunrise and go towards the beach.

Next day morning

We woke up at 5.30 am went near beach street my daughter was exited and so my wife but I was excited for my mother in law because she was wearing track pant. I was with them till 6.30 and I came back to room to check my emails. I told my wife we can meet at 10 am for breakfast.

Around 7.30 I decided to take shower and masturbate thinking of my mil, I did the keep the door open by not locking thinking my wife and daughter asyabahis giriş will come back to the room. After shaving and I started to shower then I got a phone call I thought it might be from my office as I had already answered a email. Then I saw there was no towel in the bathroom as my daughter had taken it while going to walk in the morning may be she planned to go near the beach, I wanted to answer the call so I just came out naked from bathroom. I answered the call I had kept phone for charge. While talking after 3 to 5 mins my room door opened as there was no loud noise noise of my wife so I casually turned back to my surprise it was my mother in law.

Me: over the phone I said my colleague I’ll call back, I was surprised and totally naked my dick was sleeping and my mil saw my bare wet butt she didn’t say anything.

Me: sorry extremely sorry this is unexpected I forgot my towel…I blabbered.

Mil: sorry Ravi I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t know I’ll see you like this, saraswathi phone had no battery I had to take camera so she sent me back.

Me: my mil saw my penis this gradually gave my penis semi erect and I was shaved, so she could see it clearly, I said. Savitha I saw you naked and now your seeing me. She blushed. I immediately took the towel and tied myself. She came to take camera in the wardrobe were I was standing, after taking the camera she closed wardrobe while turning back I holded her hand and said savitha don’t tell my wife that you saw me naked I’ll be embarrassed.

Mil: Ravi I will not tell her don’t worry, you have a good body Ravi I now know why my daughter is happy.

Me: Your no less savitha I was in different world after seeing you other day never imagined you had such a figure for your age. I still think even now. She was smiling and blushing. She said I am very confident of what my body is I am always proud. I said with those big figures (her boobs) you should definitely be happy.

Mil: hahaha all men are same always boobs boobs and boobs. She stared at my penis as it was already erect while talking to her and it was poking from my towel.

Me: she staring at my dick and talking while wearing towel was horny and my room was perfect to fuck her brains out for a quickie, but I was worried were my wife and daughter will come back as she sent her phone back with her mother

Mil: you also have a nice long thing I have seen it today clearly

Me: my dick was rock hard when she said this. And I bravely told her openly that at that that time it was not alert but now after seeing you it’s fully alert.

Mil: yes Ravi I can see that.

Me: I thought this might be the chance I just removed my towel and I flashed her my naked body to her and my dick was pointing to her erect strong.And I stared at her too see the reaction.

Mil: you shameless how dare you do this to me she said naughtily…

Me: savitha this is what you have done to me and I came close to her and took her one hand and I placed on my penis and I kissed her slowly she was helpless and she was holding my penis she didn’t even stroke but just holding how I gave. Slowly I kissed her upper lips and bite her slowly.. she moaned aaahhhh she was clueless and she never thought I will catch her like this. I kissed her deeply sucking her tongue and she was super hot I was going crazy and my precum was already oozing out which I couldn’t control. I hold every face and started to kiss her more vigorously… she was aahhh hmmmm hmmmm slightly moaning while kissing. Then she slowly started to stroke my cock slowly and I was in heaven I couldnt control I felt like depositing my sperm inside her I just loved her so much for a minute and every stroke she did my dick was under her control.. I just removed her track pant and felt her as and I squeezed her butt tightly she stopped the kiss and said ohhhh apppappapapa ahh ravaiiiii my god don’t do please… I can’t…….my gosh raviiiii.

I slid my finger in her panty and felt the wet cum she was already soaked wet and I said I can’t stop and I felt her cum she closed asyabahis güvenilirmi her eyes… I started to rub her pussy with my finger then she was rubbing my penis vigorously, I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and she totally started to scream ahhhhh aaaaaahh raviiiii oooooh ammma ooooh ooohh slowly my Ravi slowl. I was rubbing her like circles and she was dripping heavily I slid her panties fully and took a step back her pant and panty was kept away I kept rubbing my mother in law pussy she was going mad literally standing and I came back of her and I wanted my dick to feel her butt and I came close to her and I rubbed her pussy she was literally singing ahhh ahhh continue don’t stop her left leg was shivering i

My hands was filled with her wet cum she was in intense pleasure she suddenly turned towards me and hugged me tightly I missed this kind of fun from my Husband Ravi I saw she face me to face and I removed her t shirt and bra kissed her breasts sucked those beautiful nipples she was already soaked she just closed her eyes I sucked her Breasts like a baby she was shivering I took my penis and I felt her pussy by rubbing near her pussy I was holding both her breasts kissed both and kept near my face.

Mil: this is yours you can keep your face here anytime she took my penis and she went down she sucked I was surprised I was shy to ask her to give me a blowjob but she went down I sat on the bed she started to suck my lollipop.

Me: ahhh oooohhhh savitha I need you from now on please don’t say no to me I like you… She stroked my penis she swallowed my penis fully I was about to cum I controlled. She licked my balls slowly my penis is around 8 to 9 inches when erect, she said so long you have got my hubby is half of the size. She started to suck again.. I decided to stop as it was getting late I told get up savitha and I made sleep on the bed. I immediately told I want to be inside you.

Mil: Ravi come inside I need more than you I want to be inside fulfill me we might not get chance again be quick Ravi.

Me: I put my penis inside her sweet pussy she moaned ahhhhh aaaaaa slowly I didn’t have sex for a month almost. I slowly started to move my hip I gave her one proper thrust with a thapp thapp sound she was ohh ohh ohh ahh mama ahh ahh I began to increase I kissed her I put my penis deep into her my mother in law was like my wife biting her lips when I fucking her vigorously.

Phat phat phat phat phat phat phat each stroke was so deep she moved back I fucked the shit out of her she was dripping soaking my bed appa Ravi Ravi Ravi slow down your going so deep I then lifted her legs up and fucked her I keep my mother law anklet she smiled.

Mil: your so wild oh god ah ahah ah ah ah ooh aio ohh She then told me holdboth her legs and fuck me ravi fast

Me: I properly for next 10 strokes I fucked her her thighs was making noises thap thap thap said savitha I will come now.

Mil: put it inside me I want to feel it Ravi I want your cum

Me: the moment she said this I began to cum…I came almost 5 to 6 six times oozed my sperm inside her and I then slept on like that.

Mil: this was madness Ravi I just can’t imagine what happened I have your sperm now. Don’t tell my daughter please it’s My personal request.

Me: no way I’ll tell her your my second love after your daughter I want you.

Mil: now get up fast she took my towel which was on the floor and she wiped my sperm which was dripping down she put her clothes back I was still naked.

I kissed her again and said my dream come true I want you again lets fuck again later she laughed.

During the trip we didn’t get chance but on 3rd day we did find time to quickly get few kisses and I felt her breasts she got a chance to stroke my dick. On that day later that night my wife and daughter slept soon in the room and my mil said my wife that to give her the laptop she will transfer the pics and Ravi will help us. That night around 11.30 we both went out for a walk towards the beach and wife was in deep sleep and so my daughter they will ever wake up.

In next part if I get a better response I will narrate the moonlight sex I had with my mother in law in the beach.

Sex has no boundaries have fun stay safe, but always remember to respect women they are the best creation on earth.

Send me feedback.

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