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My ex mother-in-law, Jan, contacted me recently out of the blue to see how I was getting on. We talked for a while and she asked if I could go and help her out with some work on her house down in Florida one weekend. I agreed to go down for a few days. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years so was intrigued to see her. She was in her late fifties now and whilst not in great shape she had a certain sexiness which I would fantasize about whilst jacking off.

Jan met me at Miami airport and we drove to her house in the Gables. It was stylish bungalow which I stayed in many times with my ex-wife. Jan’s husband had died 6 years ago and I was never sure whether she had any men friends since. We spent the evening chatting over some wine and food. I said I wanted a shower before I went to bed and Jan went off to her room. In the shower I got a hard-on starting to think about Jan and whether she would be amenable to having sex. I had always wanted to fuck her and now was my chance. I dried myself and wrapped a large towel around my waist concealing my hard-on.

Jan’s door was slightly opened and a light was on. I knocked lightly on the door and entered.

‘Did you have a good shower?’ she asked. She put down the book she was reading as she spoke.

‘Yes thanks’ I replied. ‘There’s something I want you to give me a hand with’

She just managed to reply, ‘Sure wh…?’ as I took away the towel from around my waist to reveal my hard cock.

‘Oh my God’ she exclaimed as I moved towards her bed.

‘Yes I could give you a hand with that’ she responded: her eyes were glued to my erection. I moved towards her lying in bed. My pulse raced – I had now exposed myself to my mother-in-law, anticipating that I was about to live out so many masturbating fantasies over the years. It felt so erotic and the sensation running through my body was electric. She was sitting up and antalya escort as I reached her she moved her arm out to greet my hard on . She started to gently stroke my cock and asked ‘Do you want to have sex?’ The look in her eye was of a woman who was clearly horny and wanting to be fucked. She certainly liked what she saw and was eager to take advantage of the sexual encounter on offer.

I replied, ‘Not yet I just want you to rub my cock and watch me cum’

‘Sure’ she replied. ‘ Lie down here’. I laid down on the bed beside her, completely naked. She got out of bed and straddled me in her night dress and started to gently stroke my cock, massaging from beneath my balls, over the base of my shaft and gently round to the tip. I moaned slightly and said ‘ That’s nice, slowly’. She smiled and the palm of her hand continued to rub up the shaft and then her fingers grasped around my whole member and squeezed. I held on wanting to keep the mounting feeling under control to prolong the enjoyment.

‘How long since you’ve held a hard cock?’, I asked.

‘About 2 years I’m afraid. It’s been too long’.

Is that when you last had sex?


‘Can you show me your tits?’ She loosened the straps of her night dress and her large breasts flopped out. I held them both and sucked her nipples. ‘That feels good ‘, she said with a sigh.

Jan kept up the slow rhythm and I laid back making more moans – ‘Oh…that’s soo good, keep going,’ I urged. Her hand movements quickened as she could sense I was getting closer to climax.

Finally with her eyes firmly locked on mine I gave a out a big ‘yeeess!’ as my cock throbbed uncontrollably and spurts of cum shot out high up and over my chest, hitting me on the chin and over onto the pillow.

‘Wow’ Jan said looking surprised , ‘that was a lot – looks like you needed that’.

‘Yes,’ I replied, alanya escort ‘ the excitement of exposing myself to you really made my orgasm intense. All that cum was for you’. I sat up and kissed her and as I did so lifted up her nightdress over her head. I looked down at her pussy which was covered in light brown hair. I could see her lips were moist and eager for attention.

I smiled and pulled her towards me and rubbed her breast into my chest spreading my semen across them. I pulled her away and started to licked her cum covered nipples. My cum tasted salty and warm. I brushed my finger across her tit and put a speck of my juice onto her lips whilst I traced my finger between her legs and gently entered her warm, wet pussy. She licked my finger , ‘Mmmm’. That was good sign: she seemed to like the taste of semen and hopefully would enjoy giving blow jobs.

‘Your turn’, I said.

Jan lay down on the bed and I buried my head into her pussy, my tongue licked across her large labia and then darted inside her cunt. She arched her back and her large bum pushed up and forced my tongue further into her wet tube. I pulled out and flicked my tongue across her clitoris and she clamped her thighs across my head locking me close and encouraging me to lap up her juices more. She shuddered and had a strong orgasm.

‘Ohh yeess!! it’s been so long I had man suck my pussy like that’. Hearing Jan speak like that was a real turn on and my cock was harder than ever.

I asked her ‘Do you have a vibrator?’

‘Every lady of my age and situation probably has one. Second draw down on the bedside table.’

I reached over and opened the draw. Inside I could see a large vibrator with front and back stimulators. There was also a smaller, smooth shiny silver vibrator.

‘You have two?’

‘Yes, the smaller one works alanya rus escort wonders up my bottom’. I kept that information for later.

I took the large one and switched it on and started to work it around her pussy slowly before slotting it inside. Jan started to move to the rhythm of the pulsing substitute cock inside her. She obviously knew it very well and appreciated its benefits. I kept one hand on the vibrator and positioned myself so my cock was close to her face. She knew instinctively what I wanted and opened her mouth and took the tip of my shaft between and her lips and started licking the purple head as if it were the most delicious lolly. She then took me fully in her mouth, sucking slowly but deliberately. I felt the surge of cum from my balls and could hardly believe I was about to shoot a load into my ex mother-in-law’s mouth.

‘Ahhh.. that’s the best suck-fuck I’ve ever had.’ As I came she slurped every drop down her throat.

The vibrator was doing its job and she climaxed as the front stimulator tickled her clit at fast speed and the rear one entered a short way into her ass which she really was enjoying, wriggling her ass to the sensations it created inside her.

Now the big moment had arrived. I pulled out the vibrator and she looked relaxed and happy.

‘Fuck me, I want your cock. I’ve been wanting it for years’.

I knew she had always had a soft spot for me and I had always seen her as a sexy and randy woman.

I entered her and rammed my cock hard up her pussy and withdrew and rammed it in again. She moaned like never before.

‘Keep fucking me hard. I need you cock. Make me cum’.

I pumped harder and faster and soon was reaching my third orgasm as the rest of my semen shot into her. Jan came too, breathing hard. I kissed her and tasted my cock and cum on her tongue.

Her body may not have been as good as when she was younger but she really liked sex and that turned me on even more.

‘We can fuck throughout the next few days’, I said , ‘and you can share all your fantasies with me. I’m going to screw you everywhere in this house so keep your pussy wet and warm for me’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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