Mother’s Comfort

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When Mel dropped Lisa off in front of her house she kissed him on the side of the mouth, said goodnight with a smile and got out of the car. And like how good boyfriend should, he waited until she got into the house before he drove off frustrated. Its been three long months and she still wasn’t putting out. Lisa had a fine ass, huge titties, and looked like britney speares. He didn’t like Britney Speare’s music, but he thought she was very hot just like Lisa.

He drove 10 more miles to the Ace’s Wild club, the strip club that his mother worked at. When he walked in, he showed the bouncer his ID that esenyurt otele gelen escort said he was 21. He sat down at the bar, the bartender knew him, and gave him his usual drink. His mother saw him and was gonna walk over to him before a guy stopped her to put some one’s in her tits. She walked over to her son Mel, kissed his forehead and sat next to him. She was wearing a blue bra which pushed together her 38D tits and a blue thong that showed off her beautiful ass. She was 40, but could still pass herself off as 28. They were very close, esenyurt rus escort they could talk to each other about everything, so he told her about lisa.
“I’m so fucking horny right now, I can’t take it. She wouldn’t put out or anything.”
“Oh, honey,” she said stroking his hair. “Not all girls want it right away. If you like her then you would wait.” He agreed with her. “So until then why don’t you come with me.”

She took him by the hand and led him downstairs to the private dance rooms. In one room she shut locked the door behind them and turned on a esenyurt türbanlı escort red light. Mel took off his clothes then took off his mothers underware. He through her to the floor and got right on top of her. The clubs music was loud enough to block off their moans and screams. Mel shoved his nine inch cock right into her as hard as he can, pumping her like a piston in a car engine. He squeazed her tits so hard the silicon almost busted. They’ve been doing this since his 18th birthday. She knew he always wanted her and so she offered herself to him whenever he wanted. At first he would want it 4 or 5 times a day, but then slowed down. She taught him all kinds of moves to use on other girls and on her to make her come more. And it works. After an hour he made her come five times before he came in her. Afterwards he sucked on her tits for about 10 minutes then rested his head between them. After another ten minutes they got dressed and went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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