Moving Day Ch. 1

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This story is a work fiction. None of the characters or events herein are based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further. By reading further you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, official of the United States Postal Service, acting in the capacity of a representative of a telecommunications firm, and that this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law.

“Where the hell are the movers?” Andrea muttered to herself as she made what felt like the millionth circuit around her condo, checking to make sure she hadn’t forgotten to pack anything. She’d been in DC for 6 years now, first as an undergraduate, then as a graduate student, and she was ready to go! For the most part, the entire experience had been miserable. Born to a family with ties to Kentucky that went back to its original settlement, Andrea went north because her father believed that being schooled in a city like Washington or New York would round her out and make her a more capable manager once he brought her aboard as a director with his company. There was no way she was going to college in New York; just the thought of that city scared her silly. She thought that going to college in Washington would be a lot like going to school in Kentucky. After all, it was right next to Virginia wasn’t it?

She soon found out how wrong she’d been. Most of the students were as wealthy as she was, but few were as bright. There was also a large population of kids from other countries who had be sent there to be exposed to American culture. The overweight, bookish little southerner never quite fit in with either group. Her suggestions to go sight seeing were ridiculed by her classmates, and whenever she ventured out on her own she was bothered and bullied by street people. At the end of her first semester, she begged her father to let her transfer to a school back home, or at least to one in Georgia or North Carolina. He refused, but bought her a condo and a car to help ease her pain.

Senior year, with the end to her misery in sight, her father threw her a new curve; he wanted her to attend business school in Washington also. His company was growing overseas, and several schools with excellent international business programs were located there. Again she cried and begged, but in the end, he got his way, and she got a bigger condo and a larger car for her troubles.

Resigned, Andrea threw herself into her studies and exercise. When she wasn’t in the library, she was in the gym or outside jogging. She quickly worked her way to the top of her class, and by the middle of her second year, she’d managed to reduce herself from a size 14 to a size 4.

The drastic weight loss came with an unexpected bonus; Andrea’s although technically smaller, became much more prominent. Originally a 36C, her bra size now measured an amazing 32E. At 5’3″, her tits attracted a lot more attention now then they had when she’d been fat. All her life, her blue eyes had been her best feature; now they were a distant second.

As an undergraduate, she’d developed into a real bitch. With her new looks, her attitude grew even worse. Scarred by the last five years, she wanted nothing to do with anyone on campus, and went out of her way to crucify anyone stupid enough to ask her out on a date.

Unfortunately (for her), the constant exercise made her constantly horny. Still a virgin, sex was a huge mystery to her. She hadn’t grown up in a household where you could talk openly with your parents once you felt your first tingle. In fact, the only boy that’d ever kissed her was her senior prom date, and that had been obligatory because she paid for everything.

By the end of her second year of business school, it seemed that all she could think of was sex, or at least what she imagined it would be like. Often, she would wake up in the morning with her pussy damp and sticky, and would dash into the bathroom to take the first of 2 or 3 cold showers that day. Last week Andrea reached a boiling part, and decided give in. Driving 2 hours into Maryland, almost to the Pennsylvania state line, she located a library and quickly flipped through the telephone book until she located the section for adult bookstores. She wrote down the telephone number of the first one she found and called for directions güvenilir bahis from her car.

Nervous that she might be recognized, Andrea parked three blocks away and, donning sunglasses and a baseball cap, walked quickly to the store. Inside, she removed the sunglasses so she could see in the dim light better. “Can I help you?” a voice asked from above her, causing her to jump. She looked up and saw a grizzled old man staring down at her from behind a counter, his gaze lingering just a little too long over her tits before returning to her face.

“No thank you,” she said in a small voice. “I’m just looking.” The man shrugged and went back to reading his book, but only after taking one last leer.

She wandered up and down the aisles, amazed at all of the kinks and perversions displayed on the shelves. There were books and movies about every subject imaginable, and more implements than she actually knew what to do with. She stopped in an aisle filled with rubber penises, displayed in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. She picked up a green one that was as long as her arm with a tip as big as her fist and studied it, examining every ridge and wrinkle. “That’s a little big for you, don’t you think?”

Andrea let out a shout, whipping her head around in the direction of the voice. It belonged to a smirking redheaded woman dressed in business attire. “It’s not for…I mean, I don’t need…I wasn’t,” she stammered as the woman’s smirk turned into a genuine smile.

“Relax, honey. I was only kidding,” the woman said in soothing voice.

Andrea turned bright red and returned the dildo to the shelf, backing slowly out of the aisle.

“Hey,” the woman said, reaching out and pulling her back toward the racks, “I wasn’t trying to spoil your fun!”

Andrea tried halfheartedly to pull free. “Ma’am, please leave me be. Don’t make a scene; I’m embarrassed enough.”

Her protests only made the woman pull more firmly. “I’ll bet you’ve never even seen one before, have you?”

Andrea stared down at her shoes and shook her head. “That’s what I thought!”

As Andrea blushed a deep red, the woman laughed out loud. Even the man behind the counter chuckled.

“Let’s see,” she said, studying the assortment for several minutes before pulling one off a hook. “This ought to do. I keep one like this in my desk for emergencies. It’s good for a start, but after a while, I need more,” she said, handing a compact white dildo to Andrea that was 6″ long and 2″ around.

Andrea took it without meeting the woman’s eyes. However, the woman’s next question made her snap her head up and stare at her in disbelief.

“Have you ever seen anybody use one?” she asked casually.

Andrea couldn’t even speak. She just stared at the woman, her mouth agape. The woman sighed and took her by the wrist.

“Come on then,” she said. “These things don’t really come with an instruction manual.”

Still stunned, Andrea mutely let herself be led to the back of the store and a corridor lined with closed doors. The woman studied each of them for a second before finally opening one and going inside, pulling Andrea in after her. She gestured toward stained bench facing a large TV screen.

“OK, now just sit back and watch.”

The woman took a seat next to her, leaned forward, and swiped a card in a slot next to the screen. Instantly it sprung to life and quickly filled with naked bodies engaged in a variety of sexual acts. Andrea squirmed in her seat, her crotch getting wet, not sure what this woman expected of her. She looked over and saw that the woman was leaning back,

staring intently at the screen. Her mouth was open, and her breathing mirrored the panting on the screen.

While Andrea continued to watch, the woman began to play with her tits. As the action onscreen heated up, the woman unbuttoned her blouse, opened her bra, and vigorously massaged her tits, squeezing and kneading them, stopping every once in a while to rub her nipples.

Between the action onscreen and the show next to her, Andrea’s panties were soaked through. She was so much wetter then she’d ever been as a result of one of her dreams or thoughts. It felt like her center seam was trying to crawl up her pussy, pressing tighter as her pussy lips swelled around it from arousal. She reached down to try to pull it out and shivered as she made contact with her stiffening clit, sending a jolt from her pussy to the pit of her stomach and the tips of her nipples. When the woman next to her hiked up her skirt, Andrea saw that she wasn’t wearing stockings or underwear. Her pussy was a shaved bare, a glistening, swollen split between her legs, and her tits were covered with marks from her own hands.

A woman took an enormous cock in her mouth, while the woman next to Andrea humped the air and fumbled around in her purse. By the time she’d located a pink dildo 10″ long and three fingers thick, the woman onscreen was on all fours sucking on the cock while getting rammed from behind.

Propping her feet up, türkçe bahis the woman next to Andrea used one hand to spread her pussy lips wide while she used the other to work in the head of the plastic shaft. Once it was firmly in place, she used both hands to pump the dildo in and out of her pussy, increasing her pace to match the fucking they were watching. When the woman onscreen collapsed, seized by her orgasm, still impaled on the cock behind her, the woman next to Andrea jammed her dildo all the way in, then started to shake and mumble. By the time she had quieted down, the screen was black. The crotch of Andrea’s jeans was actually dripping wet, forming a small puddle under her on the bench. Her nipples felt like they were trying to rip through her shirt, and the slightest movement made her pussy twitch. The woman looked over and smiled.

“Now that’s how you use a dildo!” she said as she removed it and placed it back in her purse.

Standing, she buttoned her blouse and pulled her skirt down and left. It took Andrea a few minutes to collect her wits and exit the booth. When she got up toward the front, the woman handed her a paper bag and motioned for her to follow her outside.

Climbing into a car parked out front, she said, “I grabbed a few things that I thought you might need. My treat.”

Andrea opened the bag and rummaged around as the woman pulled off. Inside, there were two videos, the dildo the woman had picked out for her, a large vibrator, and a few magazines. At the very bottom was a folded piece of white paper. “That was a rush!” it read. “If you live around here, give me a call. I come up here a lot, and I’d like to show you ‘other’ things, too.” It was signed Sharon, with a DC telephone number.

Laughing, Andrea walked back to her car, a mid sized SUV, kicked off her shoes, and climbed in. She loved driving barefoot because it felt erotic; today that feeling was multiplied a hundred times. She couldn’t stop thinking about the store. Unconsciously, she began to rub her crotch. After 45 minutes, she was so horny she couldn’t see straight, and pulled into the first Travelers’ Aid station she could find. Thankfully, it was one of the unmanned ones that consisted of a few parking spaces and a restroom. Grabbing the dildo out of the bag, she hopped out and ran to the Ladies’ Room.

The stall doors had been removed as a safety precaution, so she could see that she was alone. She hurried to the last stall and stripped down, dropping her clothes in a pile in front of her. Her nipples got even harder as the cool air hit them, and she moaned softly. Ripping the dildo from the packaging, and sat down hard on the toilet and teased her nipples with the tip. She trembled as strong sensations overpowered her, traveling from her tits to all the way down to her pussy. Involuntarily, she opened and closed her legs rapidly. Slowly she moved the dildo down her stomach, pressing it firmly against her clit; she screamed, unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure it caused. Carefully, she teased it again, softer this time but gradually increasing the pressure, until she was moaning in short gasps.

She closed her eyes and spread her pussy lips the way she saw the woman do earlier that afternoon. Sliding the tip of the dildo into her pussy, she was surprised when it met resistance just past the entrance. She pushed a little harder, but still couldn’t move it any further. Agitated, she scooted forward, bracing her feet against the front of the stall, and slid it in and out frantically. One thrust finally pushed deeper, accompanied immediately with a sharp pain unlike she’d ever felt before. She squeezed her eyes tight as the room began to spin, the pain a dull ache deep in her groin, afraid to continue her movements.

When it subsided, she gingerly eased the dildo out and examined it, dropping her legs to the ground. Alarmed, she noticed that it was coated with a thin reddish sheen. Her eyes widened in panic.

“Don’t worry. That just means you popped your cherry.”

For the third time that day, an unexpected voice startled her. She jumped up off the toilet, letting the dildo fall to the floor, very aware that she was standing there naked in a deserted bathroom by the side of the road. A man approached her from across the room where he’d been perched on a sink, quietly watching her work herself into a frenzy. She tried to bend down and pick up her clothes, but he grabbed her by the shoulders and raised her back up.

“What are you doing?” he asked calmly.

“P-p-p-icking up m-m-m-my clothes,” she stuttered.

The man shook his head. “Uh, uh. Wrong answer,” he said, pressing down on her shoulders until she sat back on the toilet.

She started to tremble again, only this time it wasn’t caused by arousal.

“I think I’m hurt. I’m bleeding inside,” she said, looking up fearfully.

The man nodded. “That’s normal your first time. It will get better, believe me. Now pick up your toy and continue what you were doing. You’ll forget all about the pain.”

She güvenilir bahis siteleri just sat there, trying to control the shaking.

“Look, it’s you’re choice. Either you pick it up, or I will,” he said calmly, but the menace in his voice was obvious. “Only there’s no telling what I might do with it,” he added.

“But what if someone comes in?” she asked, wishing it true.

He smiled. “I doubt it. The door is locked from the inside, and I hung an ‘Out of Order’ sign on it. I’m afraid for the rest of the afternoon, it’s just you and me.”

Scared out of her mind, she bit down on her lower lip and began to rub the dildo over her clit. She closed her eyes and thought about the movie she’d seen, trying to forget the man standing there watching her. Soon, her clit hardened, and it wasn’t long before it was throbbing again. Raising her legs back up against the front of the stall, she tentatively pushed the tip of the dildo back in her pussy, bracing herself for the pain she’d felt before. It slid deep the first time, and she noticed that the pain wasn’t as bad as she remembered. She paused, letting it pass, then pumped slowly as it receded until she was able to slide the whole 6″ in without any discomfort.

She didn’t know the man was standing between her legs until she felt his hands on her legs. Opening her eyes, she came face to crotch with her first real cock. It was thicker than the fake one in her hand, but about the same length. “Put your legs on the ground,” the man said, pressing down on her knees. She planted her feet on either side of the toilet, which forced her to lean forward into his crotch.

“Don’t just sit there, stupid. Suck it!” he hissed. Instinctively, she stuck her tongue out and teased the head, drawing long, slow lines along the shaft. He rocked back and forth, rubbing his cock in her face. When she sensed he was getting frustrated, she reached up and took the head in her mouth. Again going on instinct, she sucked hard on the head, making it swell larger in her mouth.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” he grunted.

She worked it into her mouth, sucking a little more in, until it hit the back of her throat. Then she started pistoning her head, sucking hard the whole way and creating the tightest pussy he’d ever felt. Reaching down, he grabbed her head to hold it still, which allowed him to stuff more of his cock in her mouth. She started to cough.

“Relax your throat and breathe through your nose.”

It took her a few minutes to get the rhythm right, but eventually she could take him down her throat without choking. With him holding her by her head, her hands were free to resume playing with the dildo. Sitting in this position, the shaft rubbed roughly against her clit when she pulled it out, which made her pussy wet and slippery, helping the dildo slide in deeper and faster. She was moaning in short bursts now, which caused the cock in her mouth to vibrate, and the man to started to moan also. Excited, she pumped the dildo faster and sucked harder on his cock.

About this time she felt a weird feeling building in the pit of her stomach, radiating out and making her more sensitive by the minute. Every time the dildo brushed her clit, the feeling spread a little farther and grew a little stronger. Her nipples felt like they would explode, and her moans were now a low steady hum.

Without any warning her breath hitched deep in her chest and she sucked the man’s cock all the way in up to the base. Simultaneously, she felt a rush of heat spread through her pussy, her tits, her ass, all over. She must have sucked real hard, because the cock in her mouth suddenly erupted, spraying stream after stream of cum into her mouth, filling it, spilling down her throat, dribbling over her chin. With a final thrust she buried the dildo all the way in her pussy, and tried to hold still as she rode the crest of her first orgasm. Her clit was so sensitive at this point that when it brushed the dildo this last time her legs buckled and she fell forward, forcing the softening cock deeper in her mouth. When he’d stopped pumping cum, the man leaned her back against the toilet as removed his cock from her mouth. Still in a daze, she never even heard him him leave the bathroom.

When her strength returned, she scooped her clothes and ran to the car. She was short enough that most people couldn’t see that she was naked as she drove home, but the thought that they might was enough to fuel her fantasies for the rest of the ride. Occasionally a truck would pull alongside her and stare down, and she would play with her nipples or tease her pussy for them. By the time she got home, she was raging horny again, and spent the night fucking herself with the dildo all over the house, even venturing out onto her balcony around 8pm to give anyone working late in the office building across the street an unexpected treat. She came 5 times that night, each one was as intense as the first. Since then, she’d replaced her 2 to 3 cold showers a day with 2 to 3 sessions with the dildo. Part of the reason she was so pissed that the movers were late was because it had been more than 8 hours since she’d last masturbated, the longest she’d gone since her visit to the store last week, and she was starting to go out of her mind.

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