Mpreg Support Group Ch. 02

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I had been living at The Nest for a week. The move was a smart decision – besides saving my parents money on a dorm room for the summer, I wasn’t looking for things to occupy my time and the eye candy wasn’t bad either. Because the market wasn’t quite there yet for “paternity” clothing, the residents and visitors regularly kept their shirts off at the mansion.

I had slowly been getting into the groove of things. There was a lot to grasp, but Dr. Stevens set a good pace for me. He started me off with making appointments for prospective clients and answering basic questions over the phone. The resident preggos had their vitals taken twice a day, and by the end of the week I could do that without any supervision. We had a few visitors come by for regular monitoring as well. When I wasn’t working, Dr. Stevens had me reading a lot of background literature on the recent evolution of male pregnancy as well as some closely related areas of scientific inquiry. It was dense reading material, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

I was very interested in the physiology of it all – the current standard was to implant a ball of pre-programmed stem cells into a man’s abdomen. This ball would develop into a uterus and birth canal, the latter of which would open into the rectum. A small muscle also grew from here that could be operated voluntarily by the man. He could choose whether to have his birth canal or his rectum open, which definitely helped the breeding process (or lack thereof). Of course, anything was possible – another sphincter could be created on the flesh bridge between the balls and the anus so that breeding and birth could take place there. Interestingly, men could produce milk without any further interference. All men are born with mammary glands and some can express milk if given the right conditions. In the case of male pregnancies, the glands seemed to activate automatically. Researchers were still trying to find an explanation for this.

As noted in the job description, I was responsible for taking care of the guys to ensure that they had happy and comfortable pregnancies. They were good about not abusing that policy and I largely enjoyed those duties. I was regularly tasked with rubbing the guys down with a special lotion designed to prevent the skin on their stomachs from becoming weak or developing stretch marks, and I enjoyed that part of the job much more than I probably should have.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler said during the first one of these sessions. “It’s a little awkward at first, but you get used to it.” His friendly demeanor put me at ease.

Rob was the same way and very agreeable. He seemed to enjoy the rub-downs the most. He regularly took these sessions lying down, and I didn’t mind – after all, he was expecting any day now and couldn’t be expected to stand for everything. His moans threw me off the first time I helped him out and he could tell I was a little uncomfortable. “Sorry,” he said, a little embarrassed. “I’m just so sore lately and this helps a lot.” I told him not to worry and continued rubbing the lotion in, wondering what magical concoction of stem cells and essential extracts the doctor had invented. The second time we did this, he asked me to rub the lotion into his chest as well. His nipples were clearly swollen and ready to produce milk, so I was happy to help him out. They were hard under my palms. I applied a little pressure to help him out and the moans came out again. He looked so relaxed and the whole thing was getting my dick hard, so I tried to think of something else. He was always very grateful.

Ted was the worst. I think he could tell I liked him the most, and he didn’t make it easy for me to stay professional. I was always hard the moment my hands touched his round belly. He insisted on two or three applications of the lotion and I’m sure it was more than necessary. I never complained.

“You’re really good at this, Jake. I might have to get knocked up again just for this!” I laughed nervously as my palms ran over his firm stomach. I kept my eyes on his gut as I worked, thinking about how much bigger it would get in the coming months. I felt a little antalya escort impact come from inside and he winced. “Ooh, one of them kicked. They must like you too!”

He really knew how to embarrass me and I was grateful we were doing this in the privacy of his room.

I continued with the second application. “You can go a little higher. My pecs are pretty sore from the workout yesterday.” As if I needed an excuse to worship his muscular body. Well…I kind of did, if I wanted to stay out of trouble. I also knew nothing of his significant other and didn’t want to overstep any bounds.

I guess I hadn’t noticed because of his build, but his nipples were even more swollen than Rob’s and stuck out a good half inch from his chest. When I applied a little pressure on the outside of his chest, I was shocked to have a thin stream of milk squirt out at me.

“Whoops. Forgot to get milked this morning.” He had a sly grin on his face and was clearly enjoying this. I tried to hide my surprise.

“Wait…Don’t you have another three months to go? How are you producing milk already?”

He explained how he was one of the doctor’s guinea pigs and was going through a few treatments that were different from the other guys. In typical male pregnancies at that point, an egg was planted into the guy’s uterus and fertilized either beforehand or after. Ted wanted to be both the mother and father, which explained why he hadn’t mentioned anything about a significant other. Rather than synthesizing an egg from one of Ted’s sperm cells, Dr. Stevens wanted to see if his system could be ‘coaxed’ into creating a fertilized egg (in this case, two fertilized eggs) without all that other interference. The procedure was a success, but because this wasn’t the standard, Dr. Stevens wanted to make sure that Ted’s milk would be the same as if he had conceived in the standard way. He was regularly given a hormone injection to make him produce milk early.

“Actually, this might be a good time to familiarize you with the pump. Stevens will make you learn it soon anyway. Come on.”

I followed Ted through the house to one of the lab rooms and he locked the door behind us. This one was different from the exam rooms where I took the guys’ daily vitals – there was lots of strange looking equipment and I had a small sense of worry that I’d have to learn what everything was really soon.

There was an odd-looking chair in the center of the room that hung from the ceiling by a machine arm, and a large gap ran between the legs that began at the seat.

“That’s where I’ll be sitting,” he indicated. “You’ll have to man the computer over there and pick the ‘Ted’ sequence – it’s all programmed already so you don’t have to worry about too much.” He also showed me the pump, which sat on a wheeled cart that could be brought next to him while he sat in the chair.

“I’ll have to get my injection too,” he said casually.

“Um…I’m not really trained on how to use needles,” I said a little anxiously.

“Oh, it’s not intravenous. I get it through that.” He nodded toward a large, flexible tube that stood on top of another movable arm behind the hanging chair. “Once the milking starts, you’ll have to come over and position that so it goes inside me.”

I must have looked really dumb standing there with my mouth hanging open. Ted laughed and I felt my face turn bright red.

“Relax, Jake. I know it’s weird, but it feels great for me. Plus, it’s for a good cause – all the nutrients my girls need, and some extra stuff so I can keep my body in good shape during and after the pregnancy.”

‘For Science!’ was the mantra I kept repeating in my head. That helped a bit.

“I’ll have to take my shorts off though. Obviously. Are you ok with that?” I nodded yes before I even had time to comprehend the question. For once that day, he wasn’t openly flirting with me and I was more than a little grateful.

“Go for it,” I told him as I turned and walked toward the computer. As much as I wanted to watch him get undressed, I figured it was better to just stick to the task at hand and get it over with. I clicked through antalya rus escort the menus on the computer and logged in with the ID and password Dr. Stevens had created for me. I found the ‘Ted’ program without any difficulty and fired it up.

I got up to attach the breast pump onto his chest. He was sitting in the chair completely naked, totally relaxed as if he were sitting in one of the reclining chairs out by the pool. He was gorgeous. Try as I might, I couldn’t keep my eyes from locking onto the long, meaty cock and swollen balls that hung limply between his legs and down below the gap in the chair. I felt a little lightheaded and got knots in my stomach.

“Don’t stare, Jake. It gets me hard.” That devilish grin was back on his face and I felt mine turn red again.

The pump had powered up by then. I reached for the cups and tried to place one over one of his thick nipples, but figured I should brush the hair out of the way first. “Oh, don’t worry about that – they grip just fine.” I put the cup on and it stuck, just like he said. I did the same thing with the other cup. The milk pumped freely right away and he let out a low moan in response.

“Nice job. Time for the tube, now. Do you know what to do?”

“I think so. Is there ultrasound gel in here? Or some kind of lubricant?”

He chuckled again. “Not necessary. I have a gland for that.” For some reason, that simple statement sent another wave of nerves through me and felt my cock stiffen a bit.

‘For Science!’ I thought.

I walked behind him to the large, flexible tube that looked suspiciously like a large dildo and extended the arm to position it under him. I had to squat and I was rewarded with view of that thick, veiny package dangling between his legs as well as his sculpted ass and thighs. The chair was designed so that his cheeks were spread wide enough for me to aim the tube right at his hole, which was already glistening with his own personal juices. The head slid in without much difficulty. Suddenly, the arm made a mechanical sound and began moving on its own so that the remaining foot and a half of the tube slid all the way into Ted’s ass.

I was instantly hard.

Another pumping sound began and I knew his injection had started. I got up and walked back to check the screen. Everything seemed to be working properly. I looked back at Ted and the scene made my dick pulse uncontrollably. This nude muscle god with his swollen, pregnant belly sat with his head reclined and his eyes closed while the milk pump and injection tube did their work. A thin sweat broke out over his body that accented all his muscles and curves under the bright lab lighting. A glistening pool of his own lube was accumulating on the floor beneath him. His fat cock had doubled in size and stood completely erect under his belly with a stream of precum oozing out.

I knew then and there that I’d made the right decision by volunteering at The Nest.

I stood there staring in disbelief and fighting the urge to touch myself while Ted moaned under the influence of the machinery. I suddenly realized that I should make myself useful instead of standing around.

I walked over and put my hand on his belly without thinking. His eyes opened but he looked tired and smiled weakly at me. I returned the grin.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Gr…Great, it’s great” he said.

“Can I help with anything?” I rubbed his gut to comfort him and my hand gradually moved its way lower.

“I think you know…” he said. His dick throbbed sharply. I took the cue and reached for it. My body was suddenly a big ball of nerves as I gripped Ted’s massive shaft and worked the precum into it. I’d been with a few guys by that point in my life but none of them had been nearly the size of his cock. My fingers couldn’t quite touch my thumb as I gripped it. My other hand massaged his inner thigh and then cupped his meaty balls. I jerked him off this way for a bit before realizing that the legs of the chair could also be moved.

Without another thought, I positioned himself between his beefy legs and antalya ucuz escort took his head into my mouth with his big pregnant belly in my face. My tongue savored the salty taste of his thick precum. He arched his back and thrusted his dick towards me. It was so big that I couldn’t get even half of his shaft inside, and it was definitely too thick for my throat. I slurped on his dick while my hands busied themselves with his nuts and massaging his hairy perineum. I could feel him pulsating in time with the machine.

“Oh, Jake…” he moaned. “I’m already close.”

I flicked my tongue rapidly under his head while sucking and working my hand up and down his thick shaft. His spasms increased and my own cock throbbed like crazy under my clothes.

With a load groan, he shots ropes of thick cum into my mouth and I had to swallow to make room for more. It was delicious and coated my tongue like a thick cream. His spasms kept going and I had to swallow three more loads, but I felt like I could have drunk from his dick for hours.

He was spent. I stood up and admired his package, now limp but still huge, and rubbed his sexy belly while he recovered.

“Injection complete,” the automated voice spoke from the computer.

“Perfect timing. Help me get cleaned up.”

I took the cups off his nipples, which were now incredibly swollen from the suction, and wheeled the cart back to the corner. Next, I removed the injection tube from his ass and wiped the juice off of him before he stood up out of the chair. All the machinery and floors would get cleaned later by the maids, he explained. I thought that was kind of strange, but after what had just happened, I guess it wasn’t really that strange.

“Thank you, Jake. That was amazing.”

“My pleasure.” Without thinking, I moved in to kiss his handsome face and ran my hands over his body. He returned the sentiments.

Once he was cleaned up, we walked back through the mansion and up to his room. The treatment had taken it out of him and he was noticeably tired when we got there. I joined him in the shower (my crotch was soaked with precum) and helped him wash up before cleaning myself. We dried off and plopped down naked together onto the cool, plush mattress in his room.

“I think I ought to return the favor,” he offered. My dick had been rock solid ever since we made it back into his room and a fresh stream of precum was making its way out of the head. It wasn’t as big or long as his, but I was definitely above average and he complimented me before taking it into his mouth. He was an expert cocksucker and it didn’t take long after that whole experience downstairs. I moaned and thrusted uncontrollably as his throat muscles milked a huge load out of my dick.

We lay there naked together, he on his back and me nestled snugly against his teddy bear body with my head resting on his shoulder.

“I’m getting fired,” I said finally after moments of silence. The guilt of what had happened finally caught up to me. Ted laughed at me and pulled me in tight for a hug.

“No you’re not. None of the other helpers has ever been fired and this definitely isn’t the first time anything sexual has happened.”

“Does this happen all the time?” I asked confusedly.

“Not exactly…it depends, really. But it’s definitely not discouraged. We’re all guys, Jake. Guys have needs and they don’t go away just because we’re pregnant. In fact, sometimes that amplifies them.”

I mulled that over in my head and we were quiet again for a few minutes.

“Does this change things?” I asked, breaking the silence again.

“Jake, really. Don’t worry about it. I need a nap…you’re free to join me.” I didn’t know if I could sleep with all the questions flying through my head, and I told him so.

“Shhh…this will help.” He pulled me in close again and gently moved my head toward one of his nipples, which had gone back to their normal size but were still much more pronounced that a normal guy’s would be. I parted my lips and let the hardened nub rest on my tongue while I sucked almost involuntarily. His hairy chest on my face felt so comforting and the effect was almost instant – I was totally relaxed and only a little surprised to have more of his man milk pass into my mouth. It was sweet and creamy, and a little intoxicating.

My mind was quieted. I dozed off, naked with Ted and blissfully unaware of anything else.

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