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Mrs-82: Unknown woman in picture

(c) June 2007 – Dee Sobek

Authors note: This story was inspired by a photo set in the 1950’s that grabbed my attention and demanded a story. I’ve tried to get into her head, and adapted the dialogue to fit that golden era.

Have I succeeded? Let me know either way, I’m always thrilled to get your feedback. And yes, I will write something longer now I’ve finally got this lady out of my head!

Thank you to these wonderful people who helped me along with the editing and suggestions: epiphany65 & titianapeaks


An English summer’s day…

It started with the sound of lapping. With my eyes squeezed tight, I concentrated on the sound of water lazily slapping against the rocks and his excited breathing. We’d talked about this, doing this, and now that we were here the excitement warmed sweetly in my belly.

The whirr as he winds the camera, then the click of a shot sounds absurdly loud in the quiet space. Such an indulgent thing, a camera, but Hitler’s war has been over for almost a decade now. It was time to indulge ourselves after years of scrimping, mending and making do.

I forced the unwanted thoughts from my head and relaxed onto the boulder I’d been leaning against. It was time. I could feel his hot, blue eyes on me, urging me on. I’d promised, I know, but in the glaring sunshine, it seemed so much ruder and so much more exciting. He wouldn’t push me, but I knew he would be disappointed if I didn’t come through. Kind, lovely man. He would still tell me how much he adored me, regardless of the outcome. Just the thought of how much I adored him spurred me on. Well, that and the growing pangs of heat between my thighs. I wanted this too; my body, less ataşehir escort modest than my mind was, already too far gone to stop now. If I’d been wearing knickers, they would be soaked.

Mmm… just the thought of it made me squeeze my thighs together, soon they would be wide apart, exposed to the hot sun, the cool wind and his hungry stare. I felt suddenly goddess-like. The urge forced my hands down my long skirt and slowly I inched the hem up. An inch up, a moan from him and a surge of need in me. My nipples felt hard and tight, I almost felt shame that I had never yet been so excited, even when my gentle lover closed his lips over them and suckled like a babe. It had taken him months when we first lay together to persuade me that enjoying carnal acts wasn’t dirty and amoral. Together we had done things I had never thought possible and my body yielded to his every kink. On the outside I was a good girl, a modest married woman, but on the inside…

Now, the freedom to be crude, raw and passionate was mine and I would repay his patience and affection by allowing him a memento of me like this. Exposed in a way that would make my puritanical mother cross herself. I giggled at the thought and heard another click as the hem went past my knee. I paused, but we both knew I would go further for him. Soon he would be too hard to resist touching me – very soon, if I had my way. A few more inches and pale thighs caught the sun and I heard his shock as my naked mons came into view. His moan triggered a sharp pang of lust as for the first time, my nether lips could no longer contain the evidence of my need and a trickle made its way down my pale, exposed thigh.

A final click and he was there, right where I planned kadıköy escort bayan to make a prisoner of my lord and master. Between my thighs, stroking them with a wonder that never failed to make me feel all woman. I didn’t even have to open my eyes to know how hard his cock was. I could smell the sharp tang of his desire, feel it when he roughly shoved my dress aside to expose my nipples to the sun. And as the sun worshipped my skin. He paid homage to my breasts, gasping his love as he sucked strongly on a hard nipple, then teased me with the threat of teeth. He alternated from one to the next, as if sucking hard on one for too long would be an injustice. Long minutes passed with my groans and the sound of strong, needy sucking and his hands kneading the cheeks of my bottom.

My hands were not idle, they played in his hair and tightened into a vise when he nibbled gently on my left nipple, then caught it between his teeth and drew it out, stretching it to the point of sweet pain. He always gave me exactly what I adore and never failed to leave me yearning to be pummelled. As his teeth released my sore nipple and moved on to it’s tingling twin I sank my long nails into his back just to hear him whimper – he does adore that edge too. I would have smiled in triumph if he had not chosen that moment to clamp onto my nipple and torment me once again. Finally, I needed him to give me what we both wanted. Sliding my hands over his naked shoulders, then down to his pert behind, I pulled him to me.

He smiled against my breasts but he didn’t deny me. There is something wonderful about the first thrust. The anticipation of fullness and the savouring of being joined cock to cunt with a man you cannot live without. I love escort maltepe how he knows to wait, just a few seconds, so I can flex my female muscles against him, bear down and help him fill me up. We know this will be quick, it’s risky, the beach is secluded but anyone could wander by on their way to the village or walking the dog. The danger fires us up and we thrust at each other in a clash of slapping skin. His cock is pleasantly wide but not overly long and I can take all of him in me as deep as he cares to go. When he is fully in me, his lips cover mine — a tender counterpoint to his rough fucking. Eagerly I slide my tongue into his mouth, wanting to possess him as he does me. I match his thrusts. He stabs his cock into me and I reciprocate, fucking his mouth.

All the while the madness builds and builds in me, even as I struggle to contain the sounds that seem to claw their way out of my throat. He grunts and pins me to the boulder, forcing more of his cock into me. His hips move so fast now. I can only surrender and take it. I’m being drilled like a common whore and I love that he is too excited to be gentle. He is very close, every muscle seems tense beneath my fingers. I urge him on as he groans, holds his breath for one sweet moment then rams his cock as deep as it will go into my pliant folds. A sigh as he splashes his seed in me, then rotates his hips in shallow thrusts to draw out his peak. I shiver, waiting with bated breath and pounding pulse, till he withdraws, slides three fingers in me and rubs my nub roughly with the copious liquid of our combined lust. A shout bursts out of my chest as I arch out in delicious agony. Three, four, maybe five peaks that tighten every muscle and I collapse back on my boulder, boneless. We kiss sweetly and revel in the sun for one lingering moment before making our escape, sneaking in via the back door of the manor to wash away the evidence.

We have to get decent, my parents will be back with the children soon and we are having the vicar over for tea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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