Ms. Marca Ch. 37

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A tall blond and I had a shoot down in the West Indies. The session was to last 3 or 4 days and as a extra perk she and I were to have 2 days paid up on the hotel, so we had a week to get the job done and have sometime to ourselves. The photographer was a older guy (50+) who knew what he wanted and had the crew jumping and moving at all times. He was a no non-sense type of guy. We would start early and go as long as the sun was shinning He had seen all the naked bodies so our tit’s and ass was no big deal to him, he was doing his job and his photos made him money. That was the same for the blond, and myself however she wanted to play and make the late night party places. I was getting to that point that the late night was getting to show on me in the early morning. So. I passed on the late night thing.

We had a crew of 6 guys and they were all young and local, and were in lust with us that first day. However as in all things after you seen a couple of tits all day, the lust goes away. By the second day they were like all other crews, “so she has tits, big fucken deal!” We did the shoot in 3 days and for the next 2 days I was going to rest and not get anymore sun, hell I had been in the hot tropical sun for 3 days and I didn’t need to work on my tan.

As they say best laid plans of mouse and men..etc. Will after a good nights sleep, about 12 hours, and a message at the hotel I was beginning to think of something that I had been missing for the past few days, just couldn’t put my finger on it. Oh yes. “I’M FUCKEN HORNY!” I was ready to check out and head back to the US when the blond called me and said we had been invited to a party that night that some of the crew was going to, did I want to go? I told myself any cock is a good cock and at this point I was ready for a cock. “What time girl and what are you wearing?”

She and I were picked up at the hotel by two of the crew and went to the party that was being held at some guy’s home down on the beach. He had a 3-bedroom house that was very nice it over looked the ocean and was very well done. When we got to the place I could see it was 4 guys from the crew and 4 more that I did not know. Will 8 guys was enough for me what was she going to do. I knew I was going to fuck some of them when I got to the house just didn’t know how many. I should let her have half of them so I knew I had 4 of them. We spent about 30 minutes doing small talk and I had my glass of wine. I had on a nice short skirt with a white blouse no panties just a bra and 4″heels. They were all looking at us, we were the center of attention and I could see they were getting horny. Seeing all these guys I güvenilir bahis got so horny and just want to have all the cocks I can get. One of the guy spilt some drink on his pants and this was the opening I had been looking for to let them know I /we were here to fuck!

I spoke up and said “Don’t change your pants on my behalf!” All the guys laugh, I told myself I can be as nasty as any bitch. I wanted to get nasty! With that I got up, walked over to him, helped him to his feet, and reached down to his crotch and began to wipe the pants with a napkin where he had spilled his drink. His name was Joe and he towered over me, as he was about 6′ 6″ and I was 6’2 in my heels. Joe just looked at me and smiled and without a word took my 40DD tits in his hands and began to massage them, as he pulled on my skirt and bra. The others looked on and began to hoot and yell it was party time and with just 2 ladies at this party if you didn’t have a tit in your mouth or your hand stroking your own cock something was wrong.

I took Joe by the hand and pulled him and pointed to 3 of the other guys and said come with me. I took them into the first bedroom that had a full size bed. As I sat down on the bed I stroked the growing bulge in Joe’s pants. I slowly slid down Joe, as I looked him in the eye. “What have you got in here Joe, a tire iron?” I unzipped the pants exposing Joe’s balls and part of his cock. “Holy cow,” As I continued to reach up for more. Joe’s cock was large “Holy fucken shit,” I said. As I was looking at the beast in disbelief. It was at least 9 inches long and not even fully hard yet. I down his cock into my mouth and eased the thick head and a few inches more in. Not satisfied, I grabbed his ass and put one of my fingers in his ass hole and butt fucked him and pulled myself down farther on his Dick. I got myself about 4-5 inches down before you could hear my gag reflex. As I backed off his cock, I left a slimy trail of saliva that glistened on his Dick, when the head came out, saliva dribbled out the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I sat back on my knees and stroked his shiny wet cock.

My hands were wrapped around that big Dick. I leaned toward him and spit a load of spit on his cock and my hands so I could slid down the shaft even easier. I looked Joe in the eye and said, “You have a huge cock, it’s quite a challenge” Joe’s cock was now as big as it was going to get. I would estimate that is was a good 10 inches long. I now said, “I’m going to put your cock in my throat now, when I get to my gag-point pull my head down on it until I bottom out on this fucker.” Then before I went down I said, “Quit being so nice türkçe bahis and gentle, I want to be fucked in the mouth like the slut whore that I am tonight!”

All the guy all let out a hoot and yelled and was about to cum in their pants listening to me talk like this. I began to slowly take his cock again while my hands worked the slimy shaft and the other three looked on. As I took more and more cock, I came to my gag point at about seven inches. As my throat began to move with the gag-reflex, Joe grabbed the back of my head and slammed it onto his cock. It disappeared. My mouth was stretched to the Max holding the girth of his meat; I could feel a bulge in my throat where Joe’s head was. Joe was in ecstasy. He looked down at me and said, “Yeah, that’s it, suck my cock slut, swallow that fucking meat you big tit cunt.” I pulled off his cock and slid my tongue out the bottom of my stretched out mouth and licked his balls; a steady stream of saliva ran out the bottom of my mouth. Joe, still holding my head tight to his balls was talking up a storm to me.

“Marca you love a big cock I can see by the way you’re sucking my baby maker!”

“Is this the biggest cock you ever had!” I love to make a guy feel like shit when I have the chance and a big cock son-of-a-bitch is one that will go limp quicker than any of them. “”Yes, I love sucking cock. No you’re not the biggest, You’re not the first big cock I have had.. and you certainly not going to be the last.”

One of the other guys whose name was Shawn moved up and said something that I could not understand, but I could see he wanted some of me. Shawn proceeded to kneel down between my open legs and feast himself on my soaking wet cunt. I started moaning immediately. Shawn went down on me hard and was lapping and sucking my clit, eating my on cum juices from my vagina. I was wailing with great sexual pleasure. I was moaning loudly as a result of this cunt licking, and I kept thrust my crotch repeatedly into his mouth. He had his face buried deep in my hot dripping pussy. He licked it slowly up and down, back and forth. He drove his tongue in and out of my wet aching slit and gave my ass hole a tongue bath too. I smashed my hips against his face as I came one more time. I screamed as wave after wave of orgasm washed over me.

Joe wanted me to get back to sucking him and I was ready to take his cream home to mother, I was ready to drink it. I got back to licking him and sucking the big balls he had and would deep throat him and then look up at him and smile. This happened several times, and in-between I would stroke his manhood and lick the ooze from the tip. When he güvenilir bahis siteleri told me he was close, I took his shaft into my tender, loving mouth again. He blew his load down my throat, and I drank it all. One of the guys off to the side said something like “damn I shot my own load all over myself!” as I was licking him clean, not wanting to miss a drop.

I then turned my head to the side and said to a new guy Frank, “Give me some of your meat, let me suck on it”. When Frank dropped his pants and took his cock out it was quite a sight. It was shorter than Joe’s was, maybe 7 inches, but it was one of the thickest cocks I think I had seen in a while. Frank began to face-fuck me right away. I did all I could, but could not get that thick cock more than a couple inches into my mouth before my face were so grotesquely twisted that I just could not take anymore.

Shawn continued to eat my pussy and was sucking my whole clit into his mouth and chewing on it, then he’d let it go and spit onto my already wet cunt. I enjoyed multiple orgasms several times courtesy of my over used clit. Shawn then moved between my raised legs with that weapon of a cock he said, “I’m going to pack my cock into your cunt, slut.” He began to ease his cock into my pussy. My face soaked from the sloppy blow job I was giving Frank, looked down to see that huge cock inching its way into my cunt. Not knowing if my pussy could take it I was goading him on, “Fuck me you fucker, give me all that cock, make me come on your cock.

My cunt was expanding with that loaded inside. As he began to pound it in and out all the way to the hilt, I was making noises and I knew I was coming again. Now it was Franks turn, he slowly eased his super wide load into my cunt and I was bucking already. “Fuck me with that thick thing!” I screamed. It was really too wide for me to take, but Frank managed to pack it in there, probably mostly because of my goading. Everybody took turns everywhere – I wondered if I could ever feel a small cock again with these big cocks being pounded into me from all angles. My cunt felt like and I know it looked destroyed, and my face was soaked from the sloppy style blow jobs I had enjoyed giving.

Then I saw the 4th guy, Bud still drinking his beer and stroking his cock through his pants. I said to him in a shaky voice as I was getting pounded by one of the three whom kept taking turns with my cunt. What’s the matter, not interested Bud?” Bud responded, “Well I’m not into all this!”

“Do you want to fuck my love hole Bud?”

“Oh my God I’d love to, but I don’t think I can. “Why not?” I asked. ” My cock is to small for your pussy” I reached down to his crotch and the look on my face was both one of pleasure and disappointment (he was small). Will you can’t please everyone, and this boy was not going to please me. “Your right Bud, best we call it a night!”

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