Mummy Time Ch. 02

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The sound of my phone ringing woke me, and I reached groggily across to pick it up, trying not to wake the two blonde angels still sleeping next to me. “Hello?”

“Hi, Tim,” came a voice I recognised as that of my boss, Alex. “Really sorry to disturb you so early, but I didn’t want you to have a wasted journey into the office. The server you and Laura usually work on needs some maintenance at short notice, so it won’t be available today.”

He paused. “It’ll all be sorted by tonight, so if you wanted to do some overtime at the weekend to catch up, I’ll cover it, no problem.”

“I’ll think about it,” I promised.

“Sure. I’ll give Laura a call now and let her know as well.”

I suppressed the smile that crept onto my face. “Don’t worry – I can pass the message on. See you Monday, Alex…”

I put my phone back on the bedside table, and I felt Laura stir next to me. “What’s up?”

“We have the day off,” I grinned. “Official from Alex.”

She propped herself up on one elbow. “You’re going to have to explain that…?”

I recounted what Alex had told me, and Laura nodded. “Well, little one here still has to go to school, but when I get back from dropping her off we can decide what we’d like to do.”

She slid out of bed, heading for her own room to shower and dress. Next to me, Evie stirred, blinking. “Is it morning?”

“Yes, darling,” I reassured. “Mummy’s just getting ready, then she’ll take you to school.”

“Yay!” was Evie’s enthusiastic response, and she bounced out of bed, crossing the landing. “Mummy – will you wash my hair today?”

I dug in my overnight bag for my pyjamas, and when Laura returned with a washed and dressed Evie, I was sitting on the bed checking emails on my phone. Laura leaned over to kiss me, with a whispered “Won’t be long.”

Evie claimed a hug, then skipped down the stairs, Laura behind her. I heard the front door close, then the sound of Laura’s car pulling out of the drive.

I made my way downstairs, putting the kettle on then opening cupboards at random till I discovered coffee, sugar, cereal, bowls. Milk was in the fridge – clearly Laura preferred semi-skimmed – and I set the table for breakfast and made coffee. Milk and two sugars for Laura, and we were ready.

As if on cue the front door opened, and she came through to the kitchen. “Wow – well done, Tim, that’s really thoughtful.”

“Least I could do,” I smiled. “Now, Frosties or Ricicles?”

She gave me a wry smile. “Actually that’s Evie’s cereal – I have the diet stuff.”

I threw her a puzzled look. “Can’t see that you need to watch your weight.”

I hesitated, wondering if I was going to make a mistake, then continued, “From what I remember of last night, your shape is pretty damn perfect.”

Her cheeks coloured slightly, but she smiled, her eyes briefly taking on a distant look as she obviously recalled our passion. “Thanks, Tim. But seriously, after having Evie I do have to watch it a bit.”

She poured Ricicles then milk into her bowl, and sipped her coffee. “So what do you want to do today?”

“Would you like to go out somewhere?” I suggested. “It looks like the weather’s going to hold up, we could drive out to the moors? Maybe have a pub lunch.”

“Sounds perfect.”

I finished my cereal. “I should probably have a shower.”

Laura grinned. “And tonight too – then I can join you, you can wash my back.”

I felt a thrill of anticipation. “Can’t wait.”

I got up from the table and headed upstairs to get ready. When I came back down, Laura was waiting by the front door in her short leather jacket. “You look great,” I ventured.

She smiled. “Thanks, Tim. Now – do you want me to drive?”

I shook my head. “And Laur – today’s my treat, I know you haven’t got money to throw around.”

Again I hesitated, hoping I hadn’t offended her, but her smile was genuinely grateful. We walked out to my car, and I opened the door for her before sliding behind the wheel. As we climbed the long steep hill out of town, the jagged rocks on the moors came into view, and I glanced at Laura. “This place always gives me a spooky feeling, in a good way. Have you ever read Alan Garner?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “I always secretly wished it was true, even if the magic was really dangerous.”

I ataşehir escort bayan slowed the car, pulling off at an unmarked turn, and we followed the narrow road between tall hedges for a few minutes. Finally I pulled off the road next to a dry stone wall. “Here we are.”

Laura got out of the car, looking around her curiously. “I guess you know this place?”

I nodded. “There’s a walk – not too long, and it brings us out at the pub. And there’s something I want to show you…”

We squeezed through the gap in the wall, and I followed the narrow footpath, looking back to make sure that Laura was OK. After a while, the rocks began to rise on either side of the path, until we were walking through a narrow ravine, the walls damp and covered with trailing moss and ferns. Laura shivered, and pressed close to me, sliding her arm round my waist. “Cold?” I queried.

“A little. And a bit spooked, too,” she admitted.

I smiled, pulling her closer. “No need to worry.”

We reached the spot I was aiming for, where the rocks arched over the path, and I pointed. “See, there?”

Laura looked at the protruding outcrop, puzzling. Suddenly her expression cleared, and she turned back to me. “I see it!”

“The legend is that it’s the face of the Green Knight that Gawain encountered,” I explained. “He was cursed to be trapped in the rocks here because of his part in Nimüe’s deception.”

Laura tilted her head. “I don’t really know much about the legends of King Arthur.”

She shivered again, and I took her hand. “Come on – let’s get back out into the sunshine.”

The path led gradually upwards until we were back out on the moors, and we stopped for a moment to catch our breath. “It’s a fantastic view,” Laura observed, looking out across the valley where the main road ran.

A winged shape crossed the sun, and moments later we heard the high-pitched call of a kite. “I’m glad they’re back,” I said. “They were nearly wiped out by pesticides, like all the other birds of prey.”

Laura nodded. “Shall we get going again? I’m starting to look forward to finding that pub.”

The ground started to fall again, and we crossed a narrow strip of woodland, emerging by a road. “There,” I pointed. “The Green Man.”

The landlady looked up as we entered, giving us a nod of greeting. “Will you be wanting lunch?”


We found a table, and I looked at Laura enquiringly. “What would you like to drink?”

She thought for a moment. “Rum and Coke would be nice.”

“Ice and lemon?”

“Mm, please.” She glanced at the menu card. “And I fancy the roast beef.”

“Nothing wrong with the old favourites,” I agreed. I went to the bar and ordered, returning to our table with the drinks. “Cheers.”

Laura tapped her glass against mine and sipped. “Perfect.”

“So,” I said. “How about you tell me about ‘mummy time’?”

Laura raised one eyebrow, smiling, and glanced around. “I guess nobody can overhear us,” she grinned.

She thought for a moment. “Well, it’s always after I’ve put Evie down – bless her, she sleeps through till six most mornings, and that’s when I have to be up for work anyway.”

I nodded. “I know it’s a bit of a drive for you.”

“Anyway,” Laura continued, “after I’m sure she’s asleep, I close my bedroom door, and turn on just the light by the bed.”

She looked slightly sheepish. “For some reason I get more turned on if I can see.”

I chuckled. “Wish I’d known that last night.”

Laura nodded. “Then I undress, and I stand in front of the mirror for a while.”

She gave me a wry smile. “I try and convince myself I’ve not let myself go – I used to swim a lot, but these days I’m busy keeping an eye on Evie in the shallow end. She’s pretty good in the water, actually.”

I nodded. “Well, you know my opinion on your figure, for what it’s worth. What next?”

“I start to run my hands over myself – hips, stomach, my breasts, then down…”

Her voice became dreamy, distant, and I let my eyes leave her face for a moment, not surprised to see a hint of erect nipples through her t-shirt.

“After a while I go over to the chest of drawers, feel under my knicker pile for –”

A faint flush rose in her cheeks. “I still feel a bit guilty about my, um, toys.”

I escort kadıöy chuckled. “No need. I’d sort of guessed that you had a little help with ‘mummy time’.”

Laura nodded, seeming relieved. “Then I kneel on the bed, I start touching myself again. One hand on my nipples, the other…”

She hesitated. “I like to start off just tugging gently at my fur, then spreading myself with two fingers. Then after a while I’ll put a finger inside, spread a bit of moisture upwards, start to touch where I’m most sensitive…”

We were interrupted by our food arriving, and I nodded my thanks to the waitress before sampling the beef. “Mm, this is good.”

Laura nodded. “Anyway,” she continued her narrative, “after a while I start to feel like I really want something inside me as well, and I pick up one toy and slip it in slowly, just angling it a bit to press against me…”

She breathed in deeply, her breasts rising under her t-shirt. “You said ‘toys’,” I ventured. “What else do you have?”

This time her blush was immediate and deep. “I – well, I like to feel something touching me in – in the other place. You know.”

I nodded. “I remember the reaction I got last night when I touched you there.”

Laura smiled. “Me too. So I put the other toy there, and go back to using my fingers on myself…”

She quirked her lips. “That’s when I start to wish I had more hands, so I could touch both of my breasts properly at the same time.”

I chuckled softly. “Well, tonight I can give you some help.”

Laura’s response was a quiet gasp. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Think outside the box,” I grinned.

She nodded. “So pretty soon I start to get close – I can always tell, my nipples go really hard, and I can feel the muscles in my stomach beginning to tense…”

“What are you thinking while you’re doing it?” I queried.

“Depends,” she replied. “Usually some tall, handsome stranger using his mouth on my breasts while he holds my hips and thrusts right into me. Then when I do come, I’m watching his face as he feels me going, and he loses it, spurts all his warm stuff into me…”

Laura took a deep breath, pretending to fan herself with one hand. “Wow – I really got into that.”

“Me too,” I agreed. “Do you want dessert?”

She shook her head. “We should get going, really – we can take our time getting back to the car, then we’ll need to pick Evie up.”

“You want me to come with you?” I asked.

“Sure.” Laura hesitated for a moment, then continued. “I can introduce you to her teacher, so she recognises you if you go and pick Evie up on your own anytime.”

She lowered her eyes as if she’d said too much, and I didn’t intrude. After a few moments, I got to my feet. “OK – I paid when I ordered, I’ll just leave a tip on the table and we can go.”

Laura was still subdued when we got outside, but she brightened up as we retraced our steps onto the path. “Do we go past the Green Knight again?”

“There’s a way round, if you prefer.”

She nodded. “Think I’ve had enough spooky for one day.”

The track that bypassed the ravine led through woodland, and we were well into the trees when Laura stopped, looking around. “Um, I need to pee.”

“OK. I’ll keep an eye out for other people,” I promised.

Laura stepped off the path, but instead of going deeper into the woods for privacy as I’d expected, she slipped her panties down to her ankles, then crouched to do what she needed to, giving me a clear view of the stream splashing onto the fallen leaves. When she was finished, she pulled up her panties, smoothing her skirt. “OK?”

“More than OK,” I grinned.

The path led us back to the gap in the wall, and I unlocked the car, again opening the door for Laura. “You’ll have to help me navigate to the school.”

I took us back to the main road, and Laura gave me directions, surprising me with her ability to judge exactly when I needed to know about the turns. “Here we are.”

I stopped the car a little way from the gates, and we got out, walking into the playground. Suddenly I was hit by a small blonde projectile, managing just in time to scoop Evie into my arms. “Hello Tim,” she greeted me.

“Hello yourself.” I walked over to where Laura was in conversation with a young woman about maltepe escort the same age as herself. “Alice, this is Tim,” Laura introduced me. “Alice is Evie’s form teacher.”

“You should say Miss Eyre,” admonished Evie, lifting her head from my shoulder.

“Very well,” I conceded, grinning at Alice. “Now, Evie, time to go home.”

She nodded. “What are we having for tea?”

I glanced at Laura. “Could I treat us tonight – pizza?”

“Yay!” came Evie’s response, and Laura grinned. “No going back on that now.”

Evie wriggled out of my arms and took my hand firmly. “I think your car’s nice – can I sit in front?”

“Of course, darling.”

Laura got into the back, and I made sure Evie’s seatbelt was fastened before I drove off. Evie was fascinated by the dashboard – the controls for the windows, the heated seat – and Laura leaned forward. “Careful, darling, don’t press all those.”

“Does it have an ejector seat?” Evie asked, and I shook my head, chuckling. “But if you turn the hazard lights on by mistake, everyone will get very confused.”

She sat back in the seat, looking around. “There’s Sally.” She waved enthusiastically, and her friend’s puzzled look was replaced by recognition, and a wave in return.

We pulled up outside the house and I released Evie’s seatbelt while Laura got out to open the front door. “Are we going to use the computer to get the pizza?” Evie asked eagerly.

“I can do it on my phone,” I said. “See, like this – what do you usually have?”

Unsurprisingly Evie was very specific about her preferences, and I grinned at Laura. “Does she ever, well, chill out?”

Laura shrugged one shoulder. “Actually it suits me – at least she’s good at making decisions.”

She leaned closer to look at my choice of pizza on the screen. “Oh, I like that one – change it to a large and we can share.”

I tapped a few more times, then confirmed the order. “See, Evie, it has a robot that tells you when it’s ready and when they give it to the man to bring.”

She took my phone from me, holding it carefully, and watched absorbed as the display changed.

“I’ll make coffee,” offered Laura. “Evie, lemonade for you?”

“Please, Mummy.”

We went into the living room with our drinks, and Laura sat next to me, leaning her head on my shoulder. “Thanks for a lovely day, Tim.”

“Not over yet,” I reminded her softly.

There was a knock on the door, and Evie grinned at me, pointing to the screen of the phone. “It was right.”

Laura got up to open the door, returning with boxes. “This one’s yours, Evie.”

“Thank you, Mummy.”

Laura rejoined me, balancing our pizza box between us, and we started to eat. “I feel a bit guilty about all the calories today,” she confessed.

“Well, we’ll use up a few later,” I promised with a grin.

Evie finished her pizza, and glanced at Laura. “Can I play now, Mummy?”

Laura smiled. “Of course, darling. And Tim will help you when he’s finished.”

I licked my fingers. “Actually, I’m done. What are we playing, Evie?”

“Lego – look, this is my fort, and you’re the enemies, but I have a catapult so it knocks you down and I win…”

I moved to kneel on the floor, and Laura watched with a soft expression as I gave my full attention to Evie’s make-believe. She got up to take the pizza boxes out to the kitchen, then returned to the sofa.

After a while, Laura glanced at the clock. “Evie, darling, it’s time you got ready for bed. But you can leave the Lego there to play again tomorrow.”

“OK, Mummy.”

Laura smiled at me. “And we can go up too, unless you want to put the TV on or something?”

I shook my head. “After our conversation over lunch, I’m looking forward to bedtime.”

Evie scampered up the stairs ahead of us, and I followed Laura into the spare room. She sprawled on the bed, and I joined her, leaning on the headboard and stroking her hair. After a few minutes, Evie reappeared in the doorway wearing her Sleeping Beauty nightdress. “I cleaned my teeth and everything.”

She stepped into the room, looking at me. “Are you going to cuddle Mummy again?”

I smiled. “Yes, darling.”

Evie gave a nod of satisfaction. “But today it’s my turn to be cuddled first.”

Laura chuckled. “Then after that you have to go back to your room, darling, because it’ll be ‘mummy time’.”

“I know,” nodded Evie solemnly. She clambered into my lap, snuggling against me, and I used my other hand to gently stroke her hair at the same time as Laura’s, thanking whatever deity there might be…

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