My Angry Tenants Ch. 12

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I thought all of Saturday night and all day Sunday about Ron’s invitation to a male sex get together for the next weekend. Finally, I came to the conclusion that that might be a little too much too soon for me and that I’d have to explore at my own slower pace. The problem was, after my experience in the back of Ron’s van it was like a flood gate had opened and I was as horny as hell all day and all night.

Monday morning I was a mess, distracted and unable to concentrate. Benny, one of my buddies, stopped by the garage and noticed how scattered I was.

“You’ve got money troubles, love life troubles or drinking troubles.” he said. “Which one is it?”

“I guess its love life.” I said. “I just realized I don’t have one and I’m missing it bad.”

Benny was about my age and one of the things I liked about him was his ability to give me plain talk and give me a reasonable opinion in practically any situation. He’d seen a thing or two in life including 2 tours of duty in Viet Nam that left him walking with a cane all of these years later and a bunch of medals he didn’t talk about. He’d been a widower for the past 3 years and he’d related to me more than once his own feelings of missing out on sex and how hard it was to find an outlet at our age. I considered him a good looking man so if it was hard going for him, what chance did I have?

“A good looking guy like you? Hell, you shouldn’t be lacking opportunities. You just need to get out more and try harder, you’d be surprised.” he told me.

“Nobody is interested in an over the hill mechanic.” I replied.

As luck would have it, the parts delivery truck pulled up and Billy, the young parts guy, carried in the items I’d ordered the week before. He always struck me as shy and sort of withdrawn, not really even that noticeable. However, after Ron’s teasing me the previous Saturday about Billy, I did notice him. He was a handsome young man, well built and athletic looking and he had a sweet smile for me when he saw me staring. I noticed, too, as he walked out that he had a hot little ass with rounded buns that filled out his uniform slacks.

Benny watched him exit, too, and then turned smiling to me. “Case in point.” was all he said.

“Meaning what?”

“That little gay boy looks at you like you’re a 12 course meal and he hasn’t eaten in a month, every time he comes in here.” Benny said.

“Bullshit. He’s being nice; he wouldn’t be interested in a worn out old coot like me, even if he is gay.”

“He’s plenty interested in your big old coot dick.” Benny said. “I could see him staring at your crotch from here and I was standing behind him. You should have seen how he flexed his buns because it was making his ass hole pucker.”

“Like you’re the new authority on gay guys.” I said.

“Hey, I’ve been around.” Benny said. “When I was in the Navy, we had plenty of gay guys on board and they weren’t shy about offering to take care of your needs. After a few weeks at sea, I was plenty horny enough to take a few of them up on the offer. I bet every guy on that ship did. And I can tell you, they knew how to please a dick. If I could go back there now I wouldn’t be so shy and I’d be feeding those cocksuckers my dick a lot more often, too.”

“Well. If we’re having confession time, “I said, “That’s what caused my problem. I just had a guy suck my cock for the first time this weekend and now I’m finding I want more.”

“No shame in that.” Benny said. “If I could find somebody to service me, I wouldn’t give a shit if it was man, woman or Martian. I’ve even been thinking of trying out that bookstore out on the highway. I’ve heard that they’ve got booths in the back with holes in the walls. You stick your hard dick through a hole and a cocksucker on the other side drains your load, no questions asked. But, I’ll tell you straight, you’re ahead of the game with that Billy and I’d go for it if I were you. Hell, maybe I’ll start flirting with him myself.” He reached down and grabbed his crotch and shook it at me and I couldn’t help noticing it looked a lot fuller than it had when he walked in.

“Go home and let me get my work done, you old pervert.” I said. “Stop by later in the week and I’ll buy you lunch.”

Benny left, still chuckling at my predicament. I spent the rest of the day working as diligently as I could but the thought of sex never far from my mind. That night, it was even worse and I tossed and turned all night long. I had a hard cock keeping me awake and it and my balls ached to be played with. I’d stroke my cock and pull on my balls and I even fingered my ass hole but the whole time I knew that what I really wanted was to be fucking Billy’s pert little ass.

By dawn on Tuesday, I had a plan.

I waited until the parts place was open, then called and asked for Billy.

When he came on the phone I said, “Hey, Billy, its Sal from the garage.”

I could tell from his voice that he was mystified as to why I would call him directly when he replied, “Hey! How are you? Is something wrong? What can I do for you?”

“I need to ask you a big favor.” antalya escort I said. “I’ve got a real rush job and I need you to bring me a part. The problem is I have to be away all day until after 6 or so this evening. Is there any way you could put me off till last thing and drop the part off on your way home? I’ll gladly stand you for a beer or two in return.”

“No problem.” Billy replied. “You’re not that far from me anyway. I’ll run home, get something to eat and then run your part over later, around 7 or so. Will that work?”

“That’s perfect.” I said. “The shop won’t be open so just pull around back and bang on the door. I promise to make it up to you for ruining your evening.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll be a good chance to get to know each other.” Billy replied. If things worked out, I was planning on getting to know Billy a whole lot better, little did he suspect.

There was an office attached to the back of the garage building and over the years I had made enough improvements that it basically functioned as a studio apartment with a separate toilet and shower, a mini-fridge and stove and separate air conditioning. It had pretty basic furnishings, just a fold up sofa bed, night tables, a desk and a shelf unit with a TV and DVD player. I sometimes rented it out to repair customers who broke down on their way somewhere else and were stranded and I had loaned it to a few buddies who wanted to entertain a secret tryst but, mostly, I spent the night there when I’d worked too late to bother going home. I spent part of the morning cleaning the place up and making sure that everything was tidy then went out on a mission to the bookstore on the highway that Benny had mentioned. I knew all about their glory hole system, though I’d never partaken, only because the whole idea was too creepy. But, I knew that they also had a big bin of used porno DVD’s that only cost a few bucks.

When I entered I was greeted by the clerk in his usual place behind the raised counter and I went directly to the DVD bin. I rooted around through the whole thing until I finally found what I had been seeking. The DVD I found was entitled “Butt Fucking Bonanza” and the description read “2 juicy hours of the biggest cocks fucking the tightest butt holes to a big juicy finish”. The photo on the front was a close up view of an enormous cock halfway buried in another guy’s stretched and glistening ass hole. I grabbed a couple of other more mundane straight videos and took my purchase up front.

“Is this one as good as the description?” I asked the clerk.

He looked at the DVD, then looked at me and said, “That one came from my personal collection. If you’re interested in watching guys get fucked in the ass, this one is nothing but. It’s a classic.”

He turned around and bent over to retrieve some papers from a bottom shelf behind the counter so that his ass was directly in front of my face, then turned around and rang up my purchase. Smiling at me as I left he said, “If you like that one, come back and tell me. I can hook you up with something even better.”

I got back into my car and sat reviewing the past few minutes. It was pretty apparent that the bookstore clerk had been flirting with me, even offering me his ass. Maybe Benny was right and I had just been oblivious all of these years to the offers around me.

I got back to the garage at right around 6pm and I spent the next half hour or more showering, trimming my beard and all of the primping that I usually neglected. I did the best I could with the material at hand, feeling like a high school kid getting ready for his first date. When it came time to dress, I remembered that I had a coverall that I had been meaning to repair because it had a seam on one side that had torn loose. I slipped it on, zipped it halfway up and went to take a look in the mirror. From the side, the seam gaped open just enough to show my bare hip from about waist level to mid thigh so that there was no mistaking that I was nude underneath. Dressed and ready, I lay back on the sofa and closed my eyes to relax.

I must have dozed off immediately because the next thing I was aware of was the sound of knocking on the back door. I jumped up and crossed the room barefoot and opened the door. Billy was outside, looking different and even more innocent out of his work uniform. He was wearing a t-shirt that was just snug enough to show off his muscular chest and flat stomach and his sinewy arms. On bottom, he had on a pair of faded denim cut-offs that fit smoothly to his hips and emphasized his bulging crotch.

“Sorry, I must have dozed off.” I said, stepping aside for Billy to enter.

As he passed me I looked down at his ass which looked even hotter than it had earlier, now encased in a form fitting sheath of denim that defined each cheek from the seam running down into his ass cleft. Billy stood in the middle of the small room and looked around as I admired his tight body. I could feel my cock starting to fill and grow already.

“This is really nice.” Billy said. “Do you live here?”

“Not really, kemer escort it’s just a convenience.” I replied as I went to the refrigerator and got a couple of beers.

When I bent over I noticed that Billy’s eyes were glued to the gaping seam at my side. I explained while opening the beers how I had redone the place and it was mainly used by travelers. He accepted a drink and we both sat on the sofa while he relaxed.

“I really appreciate you going out of your way for me like this.” I told him.

“I’m glad I could oblige.” Billy said. “You’re always one of my favorite stops.”

He was staring at the bare flesh at my side and he looked up to see me register him checking me out. Suddenly, he seemed nervous and jumped up to look around the room. I noticed that his fully packed crotch was looking even more fully packed and I made sure that he saw when I reached down and readjusted my own half hard cock.

He walked around the room until he got to the shelf with the TV and DVD player and the pile of movies that I had casually stacked on the shelf. He flipped through them and I could tell by the way his body stiffened that he had come to the butt fuck movie.

“Are these your porn films?” he asked.

“They were left behind by one of the overnighters.” I said. “Why, what did you find?”

He held up the gay porn film with its garish cover shot of anal sex.

“Oh, that. Like I said, it got left behind. I thought I might watch it someday. I’ve never seen gay porn and I thought I’d see what all of the fuss is about.”

“I’ve never seen gay porn, either.” Billy said, staring at the cover. “Should we watch it?”

“Why not?” I replied. “We can get educated together. But first grab us a couple of beers while I set the film up.”

I watched Billy’s perfect ass as he walked across the room while I popped the disc in the player and turned it all on. Billy was now bent over, looking in the refrigerator with his ass arched at me.

“I just remembered,” I said, striding over to stand behind him and reaching into a wall shelf, “I’ve got some chips up here, too.”

Billy moved backward and I moved forward both at the same time so that my almost hard dick banged hard against his taut buns.

“Oops, sorry.” I said. “I must be a little unsteady from the beer already.” I noticed Billy register the hard mass snaking down my leg when he turned around.

I went back and sat on the sofa and Billy followed, sitting about a foot to my right and leaning back against the sofa.

“Okay!” I said, “Its show time.”

I used the remote to cue up the player and turn on the TV. The disc started without credits or titles, directly on a scene of a young guy sucking another guy’s big dick. As his head bobbed up and down the long piece of meat it seemed to grow even bigger and thicker. The big dick guy pulled the other guy up and they arranged themselves on a bed so that they were in a 69 position and the camera zoomed in on the guy’s mouth sliding up and down that fat cock, then the camera shifted to the other end where the big dick guy was pulling the other’s ass cheeks apart so that his tiny pink ass hole was exposed. The camera zoomed in as he buried his face in the other guy’s ass and you could see his tongue licking that pretty pink hole. I heard Billy gasp and then shifting around.

“We don’t have to watch this if you’re uncomfortable.” I told him.

“It’s not that.” he said. “I just never even realized that guys could do that.”

I could see from the TV light that Billy’s crotch had expanded and there was a sizable lump down the leg of his shorts. My own cock was so hard that it was raised and tenting the leg of my coverall. I saw Billy glance over at it at the same time he adjusted his own hard dick. I glanced back up at the TV.

The two guys were still on the bed but the first guy was now up on his hands and knees with the other guy on his knees behind him at his ass. The camera zoomed in on his swollen cock. It looked at least a foot long and was glistening with lube. He wrapped a hand around the fat base and rested his meaty cock head against the first guy’s tiny opening, then pressed forward until his cock head was fully engulfed in the first guy’s ass.

“Goddamn!” Billy said. “I can’t believe that big thing can fit in there.”

We watched as the enormous cock slowly eased forward until the full length was buried, the first guy’s puckered hole grasping the fat cock inside him all the way to the other guy’s pubes.

“Holy fuck, he’s got that whole thing up his ass.” Billy said. “I wonder what that must feel like. He doesn’t seem to be hurting much.”

He was now slowly stroking the length of his cock in his pant leg.

“I was wondering just the opposite,” I said, “what it must feel like to have your cock buried all the way up a tight little hole like that. I don’t care if this is gay shit, who’d ever turn down a chance to fuck an ass like that, it’s got made dick as hard as brick.” I stroked my hard on in my pant leg so that Billy could see how long konyaaltı escort my meat had gotten.

Billy watched me caress my cock, and then he got a funny look on his face and stood up. I thought he was going to bolt, horrified, but instead he stepped across the room to my desk. He stood in front of it, then loosened his shorts and let them drop down his legs to the floor. He was wearing a jock strap, the straps perfectly outlining the meaty globes of his perfect ass. He raised one knee up to perch it on the desk and the leant forward so that his gorgeous butt was spread open feet from my face. His ass crack was totally hairless, the pearly pink of a sea shell and in the middle his tiny puckered hole looked like a perfect rosebud.

“Would you turn down a chance to fuck an ass like this?” he asked. I admired the view, then stood up and crossed the room.

“Your ass is even more beautiful than that porn guy’s.” I said.

I could feel Billy’s whole body tremble as I stroked his hairless cheeks with my hands and then spread his crack even wider so that I could get a close up view of his tiny hole. I watched as it puckered and relaxed, puckered and relaxed and I stroked it with my thumb, feeling the heat it gave out. I sank to my knees and ran my wiry beard over his flawless cheeks and stroked my chin hairs up his crack and over his hole and listened to his happy moan. Then I stood up and rubbed the hard cock standing upright in my coveralls up and down in his crack.

“I want to see that monster.” Billy said. He stood up and turned around and grasped the zipper of my suit and slowly lowered it. He peeled the fabric back and buried his face in my chest hair, stroking his face against it.

“You smell so good.” he said. “Just feeling you hair on me makes me want to cum.”

I felt his hand slide up to wrap around my hard cock and I reached down and cradled his balls in his jock. His cock was bent over his balls and so hard that it was stretching the fabric of his pouch taut and pulling it away from his crotch. I stood back a little, hooked my thumbs in his waist band and pulled his jock down. His hard dick sprang free and slapped up against his abdomen and his loose balls dropped free. His dick was about 6 inches long, as pale as the rest of his flesh except for his cock head which was the rosy pink of his ass bud. His balls were surprisingly big and loose in their sack. I wrapped one hand around his dick, a perfect fit in my hand, and cradled his balls with the other.

“I want to see your dick.” he said. He grabbed the zipper and pulled it down further until it was just at the root of my cock. He dropped to his knees and rubbed his face in my pubes, the same way he had done on my chest.

“You smell even better down here.” he said. He was pulling at the sides of my suit and I shrugged it over my shoulders so that it fell in a heap on the floor. My cock, finally free of the suit, bounced up and slapped against the side of Billy’s face. He wrapped his hand around it and slid his cheek against the shaft.

“I knew you had a big dick.” he said. “I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you.”

He held my hard dick in his hand and ran it over his face and lips and then I felt his hot lips on the head, closing around it and then his hot mouth sliding down as much of the length as he could swallow. I watched as his head bobbed up and down on my fat prong until he slid his mouth off of me and looked up into my eyes.

“Your cock is perfectly shaped to fit into my throat.” he said. “I bet it will slide into my ass really easily, too.”

“Maybe we can find out.” I replied.

I pulled away and went over to the sofa and unfolded it into a full sized bed.

“All the comforts of home.” I said and lay down on my back with my legs spread and Billy crawled up between them and went to work on my cock again. I laid back and watched as his lips made love to my hard meat, sliding smoothly up and down it and over his shoulders I could see his perfect plump buns flexing as he sucked. I wanted to experience more of his body.

“Billy,” I said, “swing your ass up here. I want to taste your cock, too.”

Billy swung around and adjusted so that he was on all fours above me, straddling my face. His hard cock was inches from my face. I’d never seen another man’s cock so close up before and I was surprised at how appetizing it looked to me. I grasped his meat around the base and guided the head into my mouth. It tasted delicious, a combination of salt and sweetness and a musky flavor that my dick pulse. I experimentally slid my mouth up and down the length as Billy slowly moved his hips to fuck my mouth.

“Is this okay?” I asked. “I’ve never sucked a cock before.”

“Neither have I.” Billy replied. “But, if what I’m doing feels even half as good as what you are, I could get addicted to this.”

Billy fucked my mouth and I loved the feeling of his balls banging against my nose and eyes each time he sank his length into my throat. Even better, I could look up past his ball sack and see his puckered hole inches away. I held his hips back so that just his cock head remained in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, then used the tip of my tongue to burrow into his piss hole. I was rewarded with the beautiful sight of his tiny hole puckering, then relaxing each time I probed his slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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