My BFF Buster

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My name is Bob. I am single and live alone in a condo development. I have been divorced for six years, and I have had a succession of affairs during that time, but none has lasted too long. I must have a character defect, I guess. The sex was always good, but other issues got in the way, and I moved on. At this time I am not involved with anyone.

I work from home doing Marketing Consulting, and it is going pretty well. All I need is my computer and smart phone, and I am in business. Some people might not like being alone all the time, but not me. I enjoy the peace and quiet during the business day, and I really get a lot of work done.

My next door neighbors are a young couple, not married but living together. Dave and Julie and a very nice dog named Buster. We are not close friends, but we do socialize a little. Sometimes we have drinks or wine on my patio, sometimes on theirs.

Julie is very pretty. She looks to be in her mid-twenties, and still has her teenage figure. When the weather is hot she wears shorts and a skimpy top and I can’t take my eyes off of her. I have to remind myself that she is about fifteen years younger than me, and is hooked up with Dave.

Dave is another story. He is about Julie’s age, but he is very immature. Talking to him is like talking to an 18 year old kid. He is also very disrespectful of Julie, which I do not understand.

He says things that make it sound like she is not very bright, but the fact is she is much more intelligent than he is. I have been tempted to tell him to shut up, but then I remember that it is not my problem.

They bicker and argue a lot, and it seems to be getting worse. It is uncomfortable when they get into it in my presence.

The dividing walls in the condo are thick and very noise-proof, so I don’t hear them that way. But their arguments seem to spill out the door into the small front yard. We have car-ports directly across a driveway, and several times Julie has been going to her car in the morning and Dave is yelling at her from the open front door. Ridiculous.

One morning it was Dave going to his car with Julie at the door, and I heard him say “Fuck you! I am out of here!” He slammed his car door and peeled out of the driveway just like a teenager.

I thought about going over to see if she was all right, but I decided I should mind my own business.

However, a short time later Julie knocked on my front door. She had her dog Buster on a leash, and she looked very upset.

“I have to leave to get to work, and Dave just left and I don’t know when or if he will be back. If I leave my key with you, can you check in on Buster and maybe take him for a walk later?”

“I have a better idea Julie. Just leave him with me. I like him and he seems to like me, and I will be glad to have his company. Maybe you can give me his water dish and some of his food if he needs it.”

She was overcome with gratitude, but it was really no big deal. I have always loved dogs, and Buster is great. He is a yellow Lab, big and strong, but not a vicious bone in his body. He is self-confident, and that keeps him calm with new people. He is delightful.

So Buster and I spent the day together. He mostly just slept at my feet by my desk, but I did take him out for a walk twice. It was a nice break for me as well as being necessary for him.

When Julie came home and came to get him, I told her to just bring him back in the morning. He should not be left alone and confined all day, and it was a pleasure for me. She gave me a big smile and a little thank-you kiss on the cheek.

This continued for several days, and then one evening when she came home I asked her to come in for a glass of wine. She agreed, and I popped open a nice bottle of Chardonnay and poured us a glass.

Our conversation was just small talk until she brought up the situation with Dave.

“He is such a jerk! We were fighting all the time, and finally it just blew up. I called him a pervert, and he went ballistic. I haven’t heard from him since.”

My curiosity was tweaked by the fact that she called him a pervert. I had to know why.

“If you don’t mind, can I ask why you called him that? It sounds pretty serious.”

She looked embarrassed, and said “I don’t think I can tell you.”

I used an old salesman’s trick and just kept my mouth shut. I knew if it got awkward enough she would have to say something.

After several minutes of painful silence she said “It’s about sex, of course, and I am uncomfortable talking about it with you. You are such a gentleman, and I don’t want to lose your friendship.”

“Come on, Julie, I am close to forty years old, and there isn’t anything you can say that I haven’t heard before. Don’t be shy, maybe I can be helpful.”

I was being devious, of course. I wasn’t as interested in helping as I was in finding out just how kinky Dave is.

She was visibly embarrassed, and tried to change the subject, but I wouldn’t let her.

The second glass of wine had loosened her bursa escort up a little, and finally she answered me.

“For months now he has been asking me to do it in the butt! I told him no way, but he wouldn’t give up. He used the most vulgar language, too.”

Now my curiosity was killing me.

“Really! What did he say, exactly?”

Blushing now, she said “He said he wanted to butt-fuck me! He wanted to sodomize me! Once, he even said he wanted to cornhole me!”

Who could blame him, I thought. Her petite, slender figure, her perky tits, her beautiful legs, her perfect little tight butt. Any man in his right mind would be begging her to take it in the ass.

I asked “Is Dave larger than average? Is that what made you apprehensive?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t had so much experience that I would know what average is.”

She was apparently offended by the implication that she was an expert on cock size.

“Of course. I apologize.” But I was still curious.

“Well, Julie, you know that it is really not so unusual. Many people have sex that way. Probably a lot of your women friends do it; they just don’t talk about it.”

She thought about that for a moment, and then replied “Really? I was not even sure it would work. And I do not like pain. I thought it was just too weird.”

“Well, I don’t know what else to say. You could check out some porn sites on the internet. You might be surprised by how many of them involve anal sex. And those women are not screaming in pain, unless it is part of the script and they are acting.”

She was deep in thought for a moment, and then said “I don’t think it would fit in me.”

She blushed again when she realized what she said. Young people are pretty open about sex these days, but she didn’t mean to be that candid with me, it just came out.

“Julie, how can I put this delicately? There is more elasticity there than you realize. Think about certain medical procedures and you will see what I mean.”

“Oh, you mean like a cancer screening. I see.”

“Julie, far be it from me to defend Dave. I think you know that I am not a fan of his. I just thought you should know that many women find it very erotic. But Dave has other problems that you don’t need to put up with. I am certainly not trying to convince you to give in to Dave. “

She gave me a long, piercing look, directly into my eyes, but she said nothing.

That ended our cocktail hour, and she left with Buster, promising to bring him back in the morning.

She did, and that day went by in routine fashion. However, the following day she asked to come in rather than just picking up her dog. She had a bottle of wine, and said “We always drink your wine; I thought it was my turn to bring some.”

That was fine with me, and I uncorked her wine and poured us a glass. We sat down in my small living room to talk.

After the usual small talk, she told me what was on her mind.

“I have been thinking about what you told me the other day. In fact, I can hardly think about anything else. I even checked out the internet porn sites like you suggested. The videos were very sexy, and surprisingly they turned me on.”

“You were right; the look in the women’s eyes and the expression on their faces was not discomfort. I know they are acting, but you can’t fake what they were feeling unless you are truly an actress. And I doubt that they have had that kind of professional training.”

“Most of them just smiled sweetly while an enormous penis disappeared into them.”

I could tell that the images were playing like a movie in her mind and she was aroused.

“I tried to imagine what it would feel like.”

She stared at the floor as if she was looking for something, but no doubt she was visualizing stiff cocks being pushed up tight assholes.

Very quietly, almost in a whisper, she said “I have decided that I want to try it.”

That caught me by surprise, and I said “Oh, is Dave coming back?”

“No. We are done. I hope I never see him again. That’s not what I meant.”

I am not usually that slow to understand things, but I was this time.

She averted her gaze, not making eye contact with me, and her face was red. She was struggling with her modesty and I was too stupid to grasp what she wanted to say.

In a very quiet voice she said “No, I want to try it with you. I would never do it with Dave, he is such a creep. But you are so mature and so knowledgeable, and I feel more at ease with you. Apparently you have had experience with this and you know how to do it. I think I would be willing to let you do it to me, if you would be gentle and careful.”

My heart was pounding so fast I thought she might hear it. This beautiful young woman was asking me to fuck her in the ass!

“Julie, of course we can try it. I have to confess that I have always been very attracted to you. I will be very careful.”

She replied “I have always been attracted to you, too. You are such a man, not a silly boy like Dave.”

I bursa escort bayan moved next to her on the couch and put my arms around her. We hugged each other but it was a little awkward, since we have been friends but not lovers.

She showed wisdom beyond her years and said “We don’t have to do the romance thing. This is just something that I want to experience and you are being kind to help me with it.”

I helped her to her feet and led her into my bedroom.

She gave a little chuckle and said “Well, here goes!”

She began taking off her clothes, and I quickly did the same.

When she was completely naked I could hardly believe my eyes. She looks like a swimsuit model, and there she was naked next to me. I looked her over head to toe, and my eyes were drawn to her crotch. Her pubic hair was trimmed close, and her pink pussy looked delicious. She had the clearance or separation of her thighs that is so sexy, and her butt cheeks were visible from the front.

Her eyes fell down to my growing cock and opened wide. I am not qualified for porn, but I am above average in size which I know to be about six inches. I don’t know that by direct observation, I am not the slightest bit gay (not that there is anything wrong with that as they say).

She said “I don’t know if I can go through with this. I had no idea that your penis was that long. Maybe we should just do it in the, you know, the normal way.”

She couldn’t take her eyes off of my cock and said “When I said you were such a man I didn’t mean that!”

Well that answered my question about Dave. Maybe his obnoxious behavior towards Julie was just a defense mechanism because of his little dick.

“We can start that way, Julie, and then we will see if you want to have your new experience.”

She showed her agreement by climbing onto the bed and assuming the missionary position on her back. I got on the bed next to her and began to fondle her small but nice breasts. I soon moved down to her pussy, which was warm and wet. She grasped my cock in her small feminine hand and stroked it.

I was probably a little too eager but I moved over on top of her, and put the tip of my shaft against her pussy lips. She was fine with it, and I slid into her well lubricated cunt.

I fucked her in what I hoped was a friendly, affectionate way, and then reached around and searched for her asshole. When I found it, it pushed my middle finger in tentatively. She didn’t object, in fact she moved slightly to line my finger up better with her asshole. Soon the entire length of my finger was up her ass.

She had probably never had anything up her ass, not even her own finger. I pulled my cock out of her cunt, and concentrated on exploring her asshole. She held still, accepting the thrusting as I finger-fucked her virgin butthole.

She whispered the most exciting words I have ever heard.

“Try it now.”

I pulled my finger out and wordlessly indicated that I wanted her to turn over. She complied and spread her legs a little to welcome me. I hovered over her and pulled one butt cheek aside with my left hand while I aimed my cock at her pink asshole with my right hand.

My cock was wet and glistening with her vaginal juices, and I hoped that would be enough lubrication. I began to push but her anus resisted, and I could not get it in. She wanted to help so she grabbed her other butt cheek and pulled it aside forcefully. Her anus actually opened up a tiny bit, apparently because she willed it to.

The head of my cock went into her, and she exhaled with a sound like “Oof!”

I waited for her to get used to being stretched open, and then I began the process of penetration. She made little noises which were a mixture of discomfort and pleasure.

When my hard-on was about halfway in, she squirmed and said “There!”

I suppose she meant “There, it’s in!” or “There, we did it!” or “There, that’s enough!”

In any case, I stopped pushing it in and started to gently slide it in and out.

I don’t recall ever being so turned on. The view of this beautiful young woman face-down and surrendering to me stretching and filling her asshole with my stiff cock was beyond my wildest dreams.

I have never had a problem with premature ejaculation but I felt it coming, and I wanted to deliver it as far in her as possible, so I pushed a couple more inches of cock into her. She let out a yelp and scuttled away from me on all fours, like a crab.

My cock popped out just as I ejaculated, and it went all over her butt and left a large puddle in the small of her back.

I didn’t try to get it back in her, I knew she had enough, so I moved alongside her and cradled her in my arms. She remained face-down, maybe because she didn’t want to get cum all over the bedsheets. Neither one of us said a word, we just held each other.

I thought about the huge load I had deposited on her back, and I had an urge that I couldn’t resist.

I returned to my position of straddling her, and I scooped escort bursa up as much cum as I could on my middle finger. There was a big creamy gob on the tip of my finger, and I pushed that finger up her asshole. I repeated that process several times, putting as much cum as I could inside her.

Of course I couldn’t get the entire load into her, but the act of inseminated her asshole was symbolically powerful for her. She looked back over her shoulder to make eye contact, and her expression was one of shame but also the strange new satisfaction of knowing that my living sperm was now inside of her.

We cuddled for a while, and I said “Sorry. I should have had some lubricant to use. I wasn’t expecting this.”

“Do you mean like Vaseline?”

“No. There are water-based lubricants available now that are safer and better. I didn’t have any. I should have.”

After a few more minutes of afterglow she abruptly said “I have to go home.”

She got up and quickly threw some clothes on and headed to the door with Buster at her side. Not so much as a good night kiss.

The next morning she knocked on my door and handed Buster over to me, but she barely spoke. She was cold and aloof and just turned away and headed for her car.

Great, I thought. Now she hates me but she still wants me to dog-sit for her. I don’t really mind, I like Buster and he is welcome to stay.

The two of us had a quiet day, me trying to work and him lying at my feet. We went for a couple of long walks, which he enjoys and so do I.

At the usual time I heard Julie’s car pull into the carport across the driveway.

She knocked gently on my door, and I called out “Come in.”

She still seemed a little subdued as she called Buster over to her. He went to her side with tail wagging.

I broke the awkward silence with “I am really sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have put you through that.”

She replied “I am the one who is sorry. I am so mad at myself for making you stop.”

“Well, if it was that uncomfortable or painful you had every right to stop me.”

“It wasn’t painful, or even uncomfortable. I just got scared and over reacted.”

I went over to her and put my arms around her to console her. She went beyond that and reached up to kiss me.

“You were right about my friends. I talked to Karen, our Department Manager and my best friend at work about what happened last night. She has been happily married for almost fifteen years, and she told me her story. On their wedding night, her new husband told her she needed to give him her last and only virginity. She gave him what he asked for, but while they were doing it she didn’t like it very much, and thought she would never do it again.”

“When she felt him finish inside her, it changed her mind. It became like a craving for her, she wanted every drop of semen he could make in her that way. She has been getting it that way every day, sometimes twice a day, for all of these years. She is very happy.”

“Before they were married they agreed that they did not want children and this was a natural form of birth control. She wanted to concentrate on her career, and she has done very well. She is next in line to be our CEO.”

The image of this prim and proper professional woman presiding at meetings in her stylish business attire with cum oozing out of her asshole was an amusing thought.

Then came a complete surprise.

She whispered into my ear “Would you be willing to try it again? I promise I won’t interrupt you this time.”

My cock jumped up like a startled rabbit, and I said “Yes, of course” trying to not sound too eager.

We embraced for a few more moments, and then I led her to the bedroom.

She seemed to be waiting for me to make a move, so I began to strip down. She followed my lead and we were quickly naked. She reached into her pants pocket on the floor and pulled out a tube of lubricant.

“I stopped at the drug store and got this. Is this what you meant instead of Vaseline?”

My God, I thought. She has been planning this all day and looking forward to it.

“Yes, that will work fine. Can you put some on me?”

My cock was stiff as a board, and swaying like a tree branch. She blushed, but she got down on her knees right in front of me, up close and personal. She squeezed some of the lube onto the head of my cock, and carefully spread it over the entire length.

The tip of my cock was just inches from her face, and she was almost cross-eyed keeping her eyes on it. It was very sexy, because she was not just methodically preparing my cock to go up her asshole, she was exploring and feeling every inch of it.

“Your penis is beautiful. It’s so long and so thick and heavy. I never knew it could be like this.”

I have never understood why so many women lie and say that the size of a man’s cock is not important. Julie’s honest comments were a refreshing change.

She murmured “God, it is so nice”. Apparently the size did not make her apprehensive this time.

She encircled my hard-on with her thumb and forefinger, and stroked it from the tip to my ball-sack. She stared at it adoringly as she jacked me off expertly. She is not innocent in that way, that is sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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