My Brother-In-Law Ch. 02

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I clawed at the sheets as Gregory ate me. He’d gotten so good at this, running his tongue between my folds, licking around and across my clit, not too fast or slow, just the right pressure. “Ugh, god,” I grunted as he stuck a finger in me, then another, then one more. My toes curled and dug into the mattress as my orgasm neared. My back arched high off the bed as I came, but he kept his lips over my sex, the flat of his tongue licking me hard through my orgasm.

I panted as my orgasm subsided. Gregory waited until I reached for him, and then he moved on top of me. I spread my legs wider, inviting him in, and then he entered me. I’d fucked him dozens of times by now, but still I grimaced at being penetrated by something so big. But the discomfort quickly turned to pleasure. It felt good to be so thoroughly filled. I’d just cum, but he knew how to arouse me again, with long slow strokes, using the magic of his curved shaft to stimulate my g-spot, using his thickness to rub against my clit. He’d really gotten to know my body and he used his lips and hands to excite me more, kissing my neck, rubbing my nipples, caressing my ass. I felt another orgasm build inside me. He sensed it too, and he put my legs over his shoulders, pressing my legs against my tits, going deeper inside me, fucking me faster and harder, and then I was cumming again, and I felt his cock grow even bigger inside me and then he was cumming too, and I felt powerful jets of his sperm shoot out and hit my walls.

A few minutes later, after coming down off our orgasms, I glanced at the clock. “Shit, Mike’s going to be home soon! Gregory, get dressed and check on dinner! I’ll be out once I fix the bed and take a shower!” I quickly put on new sheets and then jumped into the shower. I had at least an hour before Mike got home, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Mike hadn’t gotten home when I joined Gregory in the kitchen. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked seeing his sullen face. He didn’t respond at first, then finally said, “You got all dressed up for him, didn’t you?”

I took a step back, more than a little shocked. Yes, I’d gotten dressed up for Mike, putting on a dress and hose when I’d normally wear a t-shirt and jeans, and paying a little more attention to my hair and makeup, but he was my husband for goodness sake. Mike was returning from his first business trip in months, so this dinner was special, kind of like a welcome home dinner, but also admittedly I dressed up because of the guilt I felt. Mike hadn’t been gone 30 minutes before Gregory’s cock was inside me, and we’d spent the past two days fucking almost non-stop. Other than work and school we’d hung out together, talking and laughing when we weren’t fucking. I now realized what Gregory was upset about. He had the biggest crush on me, and I’d given him so much attention the last two days that now he felt hurt and jealous with Mike coming back home.

Gregory wasn’t even 20, so he was having a hard time dealing with these emotions. I felt confident I could work him through this, but it’d take time, and Mike was going to be home any second. I couldn’t risk Gregory sulking around all night and then Mike asking questions (Mike had insisted he join us for dinner), so I thought fast and immediately knew what to do. “You’re right, I did dress for him. He’s my husband after all.” I gave him a sexy smile as I raised my dress. “But if I was dressing for you, I’d have worn a garter belt and stockings. All he gets is pantyhose.” Just then the door opened, and I heard Mike come in. We only had a few more seconds alone. To my relief, Gregory was smiling, but I thought he might need a little bit more, so I whispered to him, “Anyway, you’ve fucked me so hard the past two days and I’m so sore, the best Mike’s getting tonight is a hand job.”

Later that night, after Gregory had gone back to his dorm, Mike rolled over in bed and kissed me, fondling my breasts. He’d been in a good mood all night, and noticeably less stressed over work than I’d seen him in a long time, probably because he’d closed some deals on his trip. I’d lied to Gregory. If Mike wanted sex, I wasn’t going to deny him. He was my husband after all, but also I felt guilty about cheating on him. As always, Mike spent a lot of time caressing and kissing my legs. He always said I had the best legs, and feet too (he liked kissing my feet and sucking my toes, which always made me giggle because it tickled).

I wasn’t aroused as my husband kissed and fondled me (although I pretended to be), feeling completely sated from all the screwing Gregory and I’d done. As Mike kissed my ankles and ran his hands along my calves and thighs, I thought of how Gregory liked to do the same thing. Then I thought of how, with Gregory, I always wore stockings and high heels in bed. In fact, the past 2 days I’d worn them non-stop, even while at work and just hanging around at home, because I wanted Gregory constantly aroused from thinking about me wearing beşiktaş türbanlı escort them. I wasn’t wearing stockings and heels for my husband now, even though I knew he’d love it if I put them on.

For some reason these thoughts stirred something inside me. As my husband caressed my bare thigh, I thought of how just earlier that day Gregory had caressed my stockinged leg. As my husband entered me and I pressed my bare feet against the back of his legs, I thought of how I’d done the same thing earlier with Gregory, but while wearing high heels. As my husband French kissed me, I thought of how earlier Gregory’s cock had been inside my mouth. And as my husband fucked me, I thought of how much smaller he felt compared to his younger brother.

To my surprise I actually orgasmed. Mike came soon after. “That was great!” he gushed. “I could tell you liked it too,” he added looking pleased with himself.

“Yeah, I did,” I said still panting and feeling amazed. Yes, I’d cum and it was a pretty good orgasm, but I was confused as to why these thoughts had turned me on so much.

A few weeks later Mike and I were lazing around watching football. I got a text from Gregory on my phone: “Can you meet me in 30 minutes?” His offer was tempting. We hadn’t been able to hook up for weeks, and I was out of my mind horny. Mike was completely engrossed with the game. It was his favorite team and the game had just started, so I knew it would be at least an hour before half time. I texted Gregory back: “Meet me downstairs. DON’T BE LATE!” and then I erased the texts. I sat next to Mike as he watched the game, nervous about coming up with an excuse to leave our apartment for the 15 minutes it would take to fuck Gregory. Sifting through some excuses in my head, I absentmindedly stroked my husband’s hair with the back of my hand (this is something I often did). Suddenly the wickedness of the situation hit me. Here I was showing my husband affection, while at the same time scheming to sneak away for a tete a tete with his younger brother. And just as suddenly I got lightheaded with excitement. I was already excited of course at the thought of a quickie with Gregory, but now my excitement level was so high I practically had to will my hands from shaking. At one point Mike even looked at me and asked if I was okay. I nodded my head and tried to look innocent, and had to contain a shiver down my spine as I thought to myself, “I’ll be even better in about 15 minutes with your brother fucking my brains out.”

Watching the clock, at 25 minutes I got up and said (trying to sound casual), “I guess I’ll do some laundry.” I needn’t have worried, as Mike barely noticed as I picked up our dirty clothes bag and ran downstairs. I quickly loaded the wash, and at 30 minutes exactly my boy toy walked in. Not wanting to take a chance with Mrs. Connery again, I led Gregory downstairs to the sub-basement, to an unused storage closet. It was small, but it locked from the inside. “We have to hurry,” I said pulling off my top (like most lazy Sundays I wasn’t wearing a bra). “Come on,” I urged, pulling up my skirt. Before leaving the apartment I’d gone into the bathroom and pulled off my panties. Gregory’s eyes grew wide, but I didn’t have time for him to enjoy the view. “Come on!” I said again, impatiently this time. I pushed down his sweats and pulled him towards me. That’s all the encouragement he needed, ramming into me. “That’s it, fuck me hard!” I hissed into his ear, then I pulled his face to me and plunged my tongue down his throat. He fucked me so hard he lifted me off the concrete floor, jarring my flats off my feet. I wrapped my leg around his thigh, and my arms around his neck, holding on for dear life. God it felt so good, I missed being fucked so hard, being penetrated so deeply! In no time I was cumming. I pressed my face against Gregory’s chest to stifle my screams. Then I felt his cock get even bigger, his entire body tensing, and suddenly he violently lunged into me, over and over again, each time shooting his thick seed into my womb.

We stood there clinging to each other, panting into each other’s face. Gregory’s cock was still fully inside me. He had softened a little, but he was so big I still felt completely full. I knew from experience he recovered fast, so it didn’t surprise me when he started getting hard again. He looked disappointed when I pushed away from him. “I have to get back, but I know what you’ll like,” I said getting on my knees. His cock was covered with his jism and my juices, but I took him into my mouth anyway. He moaned and put his hands at the back of my head, lacing his fingers through my hair. With one hand I stroked his rod as I sucked and licked him. With my other hand I caressed his balls, lightly running my finger other the sensitive area between his balls and puckered anus. Mike loved when I did that, and I’d learned that Gregory loved it too (probably all beşiktaş ucuz escort guys love it). I’m not sure if it was because I was good at giving head, or because my stud muffin was just like that, but after a few moments Gregory was close to cumming again. I always had to prepare myself, because he always came so much. I’d also learned to hold him at the base of his cock, as otherwise his spasms would gag me. His body tensed and he pulled harder at my hair, and then his cock jumped in my mouth and shot globs of spunk down my throat.

A few minutes later I was back in our apartment, after straightening my clothes, brushing my teeth, and a quick brush through my hair (I’d hidden some toiletries in the laundry bag). Mike’s attention was still on the game, but he looked up when I kissed his cheek. “What was that for?” he asked with a smile.

“Just I love you,” I said, sitting next to him. I curled my legs under me, my skirt inching up my thighs to just inches below my pussy, just inches below my matted trimmed bush. My face felt hot, not just from being freshly fucked, but aroused to be sitting right next to my husband with my pussy full of his younger brother’s seed, and the taste of his spunk still in my mouth. After a few minutes I couldn’t stand it anymore. I slid off the sofa and got between my husband’s legs. “What’s this?” he asked. He was surprised but had a big smile on his face.

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis, which was rapidly hardening. “Your lucky day,” I said with a sexy smile. “Two of your favorite things, watching football and getting a blowjob.” I took him into my mouth, immediately noticing the differences between my husband and his younger brother. With Gregory I had to open my mouth wide to just get him into my mouth, and I could only take an inch or two without gagging. With Mike I could easily swallow all of him, right to his hairy base. He was so much smaller, it was hard to believe they were brothers. I’d never felt so aroused, even though I’d just cum with Gregory. I reached under my skirt and rubbed myself, my pussy soaking from my arousal but mostly Gregory’s sperm. I came almost immediately. Then Mike grunted and lurched into my mouth. He didn’t cum as much as Gregory, so I easily swallowed all of it. Then I did something I’d never done before. I didn’t even think about it, I just did it. I stood up, pulling down my skirt, and kissed Mike on the mouth. He tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let him, holding his head as I plunged my tongue into his mouth. “Why’d you do that?” he said annoyed, clearly not happy with kissing me right after he came in my mouth.

I giggled impishly. “Well, I’ve swallowed so much of your sperm over the years, it was about time you tasted it!” He frowned at me and took a long drink of his beer, swirling it in his mouth to wash out the taste. “You’re such a guy!” I said laughing. I knew he’d get over it, I mean I’d just given him a blowjob. I wiggled my butt at him playfully, then I went and took a shower.

I encouraged Gregory to date girls he met at college. He followed my advice, and soon he had a large harem of pretty girls who wanted to date him. This didn’t surprise me at all since he was so nice and good looking. It surprised him, though, which just made him more endearing. I knew someday he’d marry a really lucky girl. He blushingly admitted he usually had sex on his dates. I made him promise to always wear a condom. “I don’t want to catch anything, so if you still want to have sex with me, you better always use condoms with other girls.”

He still wanted sex with me all the time. This flattered me, that he’d want sex with me (a 30 year old women) when he had his pick of a lot of hot young 20-somethings. When I asked why, he said things like “your body’s a lot better” or “you’re so much prettier,” which made me feel great of course. We were better friends than ever, the sex continued to be incredible, and he got over his jealousy of Mike.

We had Gregory over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. I wanted to give him a special present, so I told him to come over early, before Mike got home from work. I got on my knees when he got there and took him into my mouth. When he came, I swallowed most of his spunk, but kept a big glob on my tongue. I opened my mouth and showed him, and then rolled it around coating my mouth and teeth. He looked happy (he’d just gotten a blow job after all), but quizzical. “Just watch,” I said mischievously.

Normally I’d brush my teeth or at least drink something, but not this time. Mike got home a few minutes later and I gave him a big open mouth kiss, pushing my tongue into his mouth so he’d do the same, and we ended up having a brief make out session with my husband exploring my mouth with his tongue. Gregory looked shocked (but really happy) that I’d done that. “Happy birthday,” I said smiling after Mike went into the bedroom to change. God I was beşiktaş üniversiteli escort so turned on! I hadn’t planned to do anything else, but I was so hot I made a snap decision. “I’ve got another present for you later,” I whispered running my palm across his crotch.

I mixed Mike a martini (his favorite with Grey Goose and a lot of blue cheese olives), then another, and then kept his wine glass full. By 11 he couldn’t keep his eyes open, and Gregory helped me put him to bed. As soon as we closed the bedroom door I led Gregory to the sofa. Once he sat I straddled his legs and French kissed him. His hands were all over me, moving under my blouse. I held up my arms so he could take off my blouse, then I reached behind me to unsnap my bra. Once I was topless, we started kissing again, his hands on my bare breasts.

Making out with Gregory with my husband in just the next room made me lightheaded with excitement. We stopped kissing long enough for Gregory to pull down his pants, and me to take off my skirt and panties. I’d worn thigh highs and ankle strap heels, so maybe subconsciously I’d suspected this might happen. I reached between our bodies and guided his granite hard cock into me. God it felt so good! If I’d been more cautious I would’ve fucked him with my clothes on in case Mike stirred from his drunken stupor, but the wickedness of being practically naked made the situation even more exciting. I came quickly, and then I came again. Gregory was more excited than usual, I think because this was the first time we fucked with Mike so close by. By this time I’d realized he loved fucking me not just because of me, but also because he loved doing his big brother’s wife. Anyway, after I came for the second time he turned me around and took me from behind, fucking me so hard the sofa moved halfway across the floor. I was sure the noise was going to wake up Mike. I can’t tell you how relieved I felt when he finally came. By that time I’d come to my senses, so I quickly ushered Gregory out of our apartment. I pushed the sofa back (being as quiet as possible) and took a quick shower, then joined Mike in bed. Thank god he slept through everything!

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my head. I mean, why did I get so aroused cheating on Mike? Of course I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. A few days before our wedding anniversary, Gregory surprised me with a wrapped box. He gave it to me after another great fuck session. I opened it and saw it was a single diamond earring. The diamond was small, but perfect, and I wondered if it was real because it must have cost a lot. “It’s real,” Gregory said as if reading my mind. “You know I’ve been working at the bookstore? I’ve been saving up for it.”

I understood immediately what this was about. He wanted me to wear his diamond in my ear, just like I wore his brother’s diamond on my finger. That he gave it to me just before my wedding anniversary didn’t escape me. It would be a terrible betrayal of Mike to accept the gift. The thought made my body tingle.

To celebrate our anniversary, Mike and I were going to dinner and a show, and we planned to have a per-dinner drink with Gregory. That morning as I rubbed lotion over my body (like I did every morning), I “forgot” to put my wedding and engagement rings back on. At lunch, I ran into a Piercing Pagoda at the mall and added a single piercing to my left ear and put in Gregory’s diamond. I was so excited all day I had to run into the bathroom twice to masturbate. Mike noticed my new earring immediately when we met up at the restaurant. “It’s the style now,” I said when he asked, which was the truth, so he turned his attention to the beers they had on tap. Gregory sat across the table from us, and I casually raised my left hand to my ear. His eyes followed my every movement, so not only did he see his earring, he also saw I wasn’t wearing my wedding ring. He looked pretty full of himself at that moment. As Mike talked about whether to get a Stella or Guinness, I extended my leg under the table until my heel pressed against Gregory’s crotch. Thank god for long table cloths! He stifled a grunt, and I covered my mouth pretending to cough to hide my laugh. That night I was so hot I practically raped Mike. As I rode him, I thought about how much better it would feel if Gregory was fucking me. Those terrible thoughts sent my passions soaring, and pushed me to orgasm.

The next day I texted Gregory: “Meet me at the Blue Light at 12 sharp!” I felt like a bitch in heat, and I needed a good fucking.

“Did you wear these for Mike last night?” Gregory asked as he fucked me, running his hands over the stockings and garters I’d worn. I shook my head as I pushed back against his thrust. “Just pantyhose,” I moaned, enjoying how good his big cock felt.

“Did he fuck you last night?” he asked as he slowly moved in and out. “Yeah,” I answered, “but it didn’t feel as good as this.”

“Did he make you cum?” I nodded my head again. “Yeah, but only because I fantasized you were fucking me.” He smiled looking smug. Ever since becoming popular with the girls, he’d changed. He was more confident, which was good, and he had an edge now, especially when talking about Mike.

“Why do you even bother fucking him at all anymore?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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