My Christmas Gift to Daddy

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I arrived at the cabin just before nightfall. It was beautiful, set back from the main road, very secluded. I could see lights on inside and a curl of smoke wafting up from the chimney.

I found myself with butterflies in my stomach. Daddy!

I hadn’t seen my father since summertime, right before I left for my first semester of college. Now it was just a week before Christmas, and my sister and I were spending the holidays with him at his cabin in rural Vermont. He’d been texting us about our Daddy-Daughter Ski Trip Spectacular for weeks, and had even made us t-shirts. He’d also promised to let me get drunk with him, even though I was only eighteen.

I knew my dad had been lonely ever since he’d divorced my mom, and I was excited to bring him some Christmas cheer.

As soon as I walked in, Daddy swept me into his arms and hugged me tight. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart,” he murmured into my ear. “I’m so glad you’re here. We’re going to have so much fun skiing! I hope you brought everything you need.”

I nodded, pulling away from the hug, and smiled brightly at my handsome father. He looked great; young and well-rested. Vital. “I have absolutely every kind of clothing I could possibly need,” I said. “I even brought my bikini, not that I’ll need it here!”

“Actually, I didn’t know it ’til I got here, but there’s a hot tub out back. You might use that suit yet.”

I pretended not to notice my father’s eyes raking up and down my body as he said this. To be honest, Daddy had been looking at me like this for a long time. Something had happened between us on my eighteenth birthday last Spring — a kiss that lasted just a little too long, was a little too wet — and there had been a sexual charge between us ever since.

I can’t say I blame him for wanting me. I have a great body and I work very hard on it. I have a perfect 28-inch waist with a set of natural 32F breasts, and my ass is as round and juicy as a peach in summer. My dark hair hangs midway down my back, and my face is very striking.

I always assumed I was just imagining things when I thought Daddy was checking me out, but after a while I couldn’t ignore the truth. Right after we shared that fateful kiss, he started an affair with his busty 19-year-old assistant, who looked a lot like me. It’s what ended his marriage to my mother—Mom had gotten home from work early to find Daddy’s assistant riding his hard-on like a cowgirl, her obscenely big tits bouncing all over the place as she screamed.

On top of that, I’d found a stash of porno magazines in his desk over the summer, with titles ranging from Juggs to Busty Bitches to Natural Wonders to Big Titty Sluts. They all featured huge-breasted women. Women whose bodies were very similar to mine. There were also a couple magazines called “Daddy’s Girl,” which featured fictional stories of daddy-daughter incest. Those stories were very naughty, and they made me very wet.

I wondered if Daddy thought about me when he looked at these magazines, or when he fucked his assistant. I had a feeling he did. I knew Daddy had a type, and I knew I was it. Young, breasty, and innocent. I didn’t mind. What’s wrong with a horny old man checking out a hot chick’s goods, or lingering too long on a birthday kiss? It certainly didn’t bother me.

In fact, my pussy gushed a little bit of cream as I thought about my Daddy wanting me sexually. Truth be told, I’d been fantasizing about him for ages, ever since I read my first daddy-daughter incest smut story in one of his magazines. He was the sexiest man I knew, and it turned me on to have such taboo thoughts about my own father. I’d spent many a night at college over the past few months reading incest stories online. I’d lay back on my dorm room bed and stroke my smooth cunt, thinking about my father.


I was drunk, and it was late.

Earlier, after I’d gotten situated in my room, Daddy and I sat down for dinner together. We drank way too much wine and talked about the gifts we’d gotten for Lacey, my older sister, and we made plans for decorating the tree in the morning when she arrived.

The drunker Daddy got at dinner, the more boldly he stared at my large chest in its tight cashmere sweater, but I pretended not to notice. I just made sure I had plenty of cleavage on display for him. I drank a lot, too, and found myself pushing my chest forward as I got drunker, hoping to get Daddy’s attention.

Now, hours later, I was stumbling outside toward the hot tub in the dark, my hand gripping the half-drunk bottle of Chardonnay I’d swiped to take to bed. I saw the hot tub up ahead and, to my surprise, someone was in it. My father. I thought he’d gone to bed.

I approached timidly, wearing nothing but my skimpy bikini. “Daddy?” I said.

He smiled in the darkness. “Get in, sweetheart,” he slurred. “It’s freezing out. There’s plenty of room in here with dear ol’ Dad. Don’t be shy.”

I reveled in the eye-fucking my dad gave my tits as I entered the scalding beylikdüzü escort water. His eyes were big and round; he seemed surprised by how big my chest actually was. As I sat down, I made sure I kept my breasts above water-level so he could ‘secretly’ admire them. My nipples were tiny stones poking through the fabric, which was stretching and straining against my fleshy melons.

Daddy and I made small talk for a while, which was difficult given our shared level of drunkenness. I sobered up a little, though, when the topic turned to sex.

“Are you still a virgin, sweetheart?” my father asked bluntly, staring at my chest.

“Yes,” I replied, too drunk to be shocked at the question, my pussy flooding with warmth. “I haven’t met anyone at college. Too busy studying.”

“Good girl,” he crooned. “But don’t you ever get lonely? I have to imagine, with a body like yours, that you get horny a lot.”

“I do. But I just take care of myself,” I giggled. “I’ve gotten really good at it. I even have toys. Sorry! Too much information.”

“No, I like hearing that. You need to explore your body. You’ve certainly grown big girls…I mean into a big girl. Definitely got some of my mother in you, because you didn’t get those huge torpedoes from your mother. You’re a beautiful young woman.” He paused, looking at my face through the darkness, then continued. “In fact, wish I could explore your body.”

I was too drunk to understand the implications of this kind of flirting with my dad. I just laughed softly and said, “I think about that too, Daddy.”

My father needed no further encouragement than that. He lunged forward and snaked his arms around my waist, groaning. He covered my mouth with his and pried my lips open with his own. I felt his hot tongue enter my mouth.

I squirmed and thrashed and tried to push him away, but Daddy had me in a vise grip. He swirled his whiskey-wet tongue around mine and gripped my waist harder, pulling me to him insistently. I tried to cry out that I didn’t want this, but it just got muffled by my father’s sloppy kiss.

And, to be honest, I did want this. I’d thought about it a thousand times, ever since I’d learned that other girls fantasize about incest with their fathers. My cunt was gushing for him already, just a few seconds into our first kiss.

I decided to give in to it. We were both so drunk, we probably wouldn’t remember this tomorrow, so it’s not like it really mattered. Just a little kissing. No harm, no foul.

I relaxed a little bit and opened my mouth wider, and Daddy realized I was acquiescing. He groaned into my mouth as I began to kiss him back, tentatively twirling my soft tongue with his firmer one, sucking his saliva into my mouth, drooling my own saliva into his. I reached up and snaked my arms around his neck.

Daddy and I sat in the hot tub and kissed for several minutes, the only sounds our wet smacks and slurps, before he sat back and gently pulled me into his lap so that I was straddling him. Now my head was slightly higher than his, and my breasts were completely out of the water and smashing against his chest. He reached up and squeezed them both as he continued kissing me deeply. He kneaded my massive tits sensually and stroked my nipples through the flimsy wet fabric. My nipples were harder than they’ve ever been, and my pussy was positively throbbing to be be filled. Filled up by Daddy.

My father reached behind me and untied my bikini top deftly, and my tits sprang forward into Daddy’s face. Before I knew what was happening, I was completely topless with my Daddy leaning me back and sucking one of my nipples into his warm mouth. He sucked it like a baby on a bottle, hard and needy, as he stroked my other nipple with his talented fingers. I shivered when he switched nipples, loving the feel of his hot tongue as he licked the crests of my huge breasts, wanting more of him. I ground my pussy into the massive hard-on I could feel through his swim trunks. Daddy was hard for me. Very hard.

“Let’s go inside,” he growled.


My father and I spent the whole night in bed.

Daddy started by sitting me on the bed and French-kissing my eager mouth thoroughly, squeezing my huge naked tits with his strong hands, pinching my nipples, then suckling and licking them. Then he stood me up, pulled my bikini bottoms to the floor, and shucked his own clothes.

That’s when I caught my first glimpse of my father’s enormous dick. I stared at it as he feasted his green eyes on my hairless pink pussy.

His cock was ten inches if it was a centimeter. It was the biggest I’d ever seen, even in the porn videos I liked to watch. It jutted magnificently from his crotch, fat through the shaft and bulbous at the head, a pair of huge, hairy, sperm-filled balls swaying below it. I thought about all the things I could do to get the sperm out. I shivered and licked my lips.

Daddy pushed me onto my back so that my head beyoğlu escort was resting on the pillow and looked down at me, beaming. He took his hard prick in his hand and began to stroke off to my body as he stood by the bed. His eyes raped my naked form, stopping first at my pouty mouth, then landing on my big, buoyant breasts, then traveling to my pink, unused cunt. I let my legs fall open obscenely for him.

“Goddamn, honey,” he said gently. “How have I resisted you until now? Your body is fucking sinful. With a body like this, I’m sorry, but you deserve everything Daddy’s gonna give you. Daddy can’t help himself.”

With that, Daddy climbed onto the bed and straddled my midsection, taking my enormous breasts into his big hands. He squeezed my titties together and trapped his cock between them. I had seen this in pornos before, so I had a good idea of what to do.

I looked up at his handsome face; he was staring down at my chest intently as he slowly started titfucking me. “Spit on them,” I said. “Drool on my big titties, Daddy. Then fuck them.”

Daddy slobbered down on my chest and got the valley between my tits nice and lubed up as he made love to my chest, slow at first, then with more need. “Open your mouth, sweetheart,” he gasped. “Be a good slut for Daddy.”

I did as he said, and Daddy began pushing the tip of his long, meaty cock right into my mouth each time it appeared from between my breasts. I took the whole head of his dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it until it disappeared between my tits again.

I laid there obediently for several minutes, legs spread wide, letting my father fuck my breasts and mouth until he busted his nut all over my lips, chin, and chest. To show him that I wanted to please him, I scooped all the salty jizz off my skin and ate it slowly, like I’d seen in my favorite pornos. He looked down at me with admiration. “That’s my girl. Eat that cum, slut. Eat it for Daddy.”

A moment later, Daddy had his head between my legs and was licking the sweet cream directly from my virgin cunt. He lapped at my sopping-wet slit like a starving man, making wet smacking noises, sucking my tiny clit into his mouth, licking my labia like he was bathing me. He licked up to the very top of my little cunt-slit and back down again, each time getting a little closer to my anus, until eventually he was rimming my asshole with his greedy tongue. I spread my legs further, moaning as my father licked my asshole. “Mmmmmm,” he kept saying.

When he finally moved his tongue back up to my clit, I came all over his face. It was my very first orgasm that wasn’t self-induced. I yelped and whined in pleasure the entire shuddering, spasming time. It seemed to last forever.

When I stopped cumming, Daddy moved up and covered my little body with his big one, kissing me deeply, letting me taste my own honeyed cunt cream on his lips and tongue. It tasted like salty-sweet heaven as I sucked it out of his mouth.

Daddy didn’t fuck me that night, even though I begged and cried for him to. I was hoping for even a little penetration, but he resisted. I assumed it was because he was conflicted about taking his daughter’s virginity. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“But, Daddy, I love you. I want you to have it. For Christmas. It belongs to you, just like the rest of my body does.”

“All in good time, sweetheart. We have two weeks together.”

“But Lacey will be here tomorrow.”


Daddy left then, and I laid naked in my big bed, wondering what the hell my father had meant by “exactly.” I fingered myself to sleep.


Lacey arrived the next morning with suitcase in tow, a huge smile on her face at the sight of the lavish cabin. I squealed and ran to hug her, then Daddy took her into his arms for a long embrace.

Lacey looked amazing. She was just as busty and slim-waisted as me, but her ass was a little plumper and her dark hair was a little longer. She was nineteen, a year older than me, and we were best friends. I couldn’t wait to catch up with her; she and I had ended up at different colleges in different states and hadn’t seen each other since summer. We’d been practically inseparable since we were kids.

I’d always thought she was mesmerizingly beautiful. In fact, I thought, I sort of wish I could kiss her right now, and I don’t mean on the cheek. I hadn’t gotten the thought out of my head since the night before when Daddy had said “exactly.” My mind had wandered to all sorts of places as I fell asleep. I wondered if Daddy wanted us to dyke out for him for Christmas, and I realized I was willing to if my sister was. I’d thought about her during those nights in my dorm room bed as well. I just hoped she’d let Daddy join us at some point.

I wondered if I should tell Lacey about what I’d done with our father the night before. The tittyfucking and cuntsucking and asslicking. After all, we’d never kept secrets from each other. bomonti escort But this was the kind of secret that could make me lose her forever, if she didn’t approve. Daddy and I had committed incest. Hot, wet, cummy, yummy incest. I decided to play it by ear.

Daddy, Lacey and I spent the day trimming the tree and drinking very strong egg nog as snow fell in buckets outside. We sang Christmas carols, played cards, and wrapped gifts. We baked gingerbread cookies.

We then had an early dinner and polished off several bottles of wine. I noticed how Daddy kept checking me out every time Lacey looked the other way. He even sneaked a few tongue kisses and breast-squeezes when she went to the bathroom. It was nice, but I really wanted Daddy to bend me over the dining table and plunge his cock into my tight virgin cunt.

After dessert, it was Lacey who suggested we get in the hot tub. My pussy gushed at the memories from last night with Daddy. I couldn’t believe it, because I loved my sister dearly, but I kind of wished she wasn’t there at the cabin with Daddy and me. I wanted him all to myself. I wanted to take his huge cock inside my cunt and give him my virginity. I even wanted him up my ass. How was I going to finagle that with my sister getting in the way?

I needn’t have worried. Daddy had Lacey in his lap the second we got settled in the hot tub. He kissed her neck and kneaded her huge breasts as she looked at me in horror.

“Daddy…,” my sister sputtered.

“Don’t worry, Lacey dear. Your sister and I got to know each other last night.”

I gaped at them, my nipples hardening as Daddy removed Lacey’s bikini top and her enormous jugs — identical to mine — spilled out onto his chest. Daddy looked over at me.

“Sweetheart,” he explained. “Lacey and I have been enjoying each other since she turned eighteen. No need to be modest about what we did last night.”

“Oooh, what did you do, Daddy?” Lacey squealed. Daddy filled her in on our drunken incestuous exploits, leaving out no detail, even talking about how good my asshole tasted. She kissed his neck as he talked.

“Ooh, I remember the first time Daddy rimmed me,” she said to me. “I had no idea what he was doing! I mean, I was a virgin. I’d never even been fingered or seen a dick before, and here my daddy had me bent over with his tongue up my ass!”

“You were a virgin?” I asked timidly. “Was Daddy your first?” I was jealous.

“Well…sort of,” she said playfully, smiling at me. “Technically I’m still a virgin. Just not a butt virgin. Daddy’s letting me keep my cherry for my husband someday. But in the meantime, he fucks me up the ass every chance he gets! It was so painful at first, but now I love it.”

Daddy was smiling at me as she bounced her tits in his face. He gestured for me to come to him, so I moved across the tub and sat on his knee, the one not occupied by my gorgeous sister. Daddy pulled my face to his and kissed me deeply. I kissed him back. I heard Lacey suck in her breath.

“I’m going to take your ass just like I took your sister’s, darling,” Daddy said to me between kisses. He stroked the small of my back. “It will hurt, and you will cry. Just like she did. But I will keep going, because you need to learn. I want you to enjoy yourself, but your first priority on this trip is pleasing Daddy. After the trip, too. From now on, your body belongs to me and I will use it as I please. I mean, I’m the one who pays for your college, right?”

I nodded. I’d already imagined having his big Daddy dick buried in my bottom. I had no idea what it would feel like, but I was dying to find out. I loved the way it felt when he penetrated my asshole with his tongue.

“Yes,” he continued. “That’s a good girl. Now take off your top.” He punctuated his words by reaching around and sliding his hand down the back of my bikini bottom, then wiggling one finger up my tight virgin ass. I yelped and giggled, and when Lacey echoed my yelp, I realized Daddy had sunk a finger up her ass, too. I undid my top and let my breasts burst forth into Daddy’s eager face.

It’s time to have some fun, I thought. My huge tits jiggled prettily next to my sister’s. Our father licked his lips greedily, taking in his daughters’ ample assets, fingering our bottoms, anticipating what was to come.


Lacey and I were in her room toweling off and eyeing each other’s bodies. We’d just spent the last hour in the hot tub, sucking on each other’s nipples and kissing Daddy as he teased our assholes with his probing fingers. We’d decided to take the party inside.

“You cool with all this, little sis?” she asked.

“Yes. I mean, I’m shocked. I can’t believe you’ve been with him! I’ve wanted him forever and last night I finally gave in to it. We were so drunk.”

“I suspected he had sexy plans for you, but I didn’t know it was happening on this trip. I’m so glad it is. I wonder why he didn’t take your ass last night? Maybe he wanted to wait for me to join.” She laughed and snapped my naked ass with her towel. The thought made my cunt wet.

Stark naked, her huge breasts jutting proudly from her chest, Lacey unzipped her suitcase. “I brought lingerie. Plenty for you, too. Let’s play dress-up for Daddy. Do you want red, black, or white?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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