My Daddy, The Stud Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Next Day

After the activities of the day, getting laid by my dad, I was very tired and slept like a rock. The following morning we sat around eating breakfast, and boy was my ass sore. Dad had sure done my ass real good. My dad started off by saying “well how do you feel this morning, is your ass real sore?” I answered “I feel great, but I am not too sore. I had a lot of fun.” my mother smiled and said “we have wanted to bring you in on our family sex parties for a long time. But your dad wanted to initiate you himself.”

My father spoke up and said “we have sex parties with your aunt and uncle and your cousins. We always wait till the 18th birthday to bring people in.” this was all alot to take in at once. Now I had my eye set on fucking my mom. Since everyone was fair game this weekend I was gonna take advantage of it. After breakfast was over I decided to go take a swim and think over just how I was going to get mother away from dad and get into her panties.

Well this was going to be easier than I ever expected. Shortly after I was in the water my mother showed up and asked “would you like some company?” I quickly answered “sure, but you have to come in nude.” I done this so I could watch mom pull off her cloths and get a good look at her body. For a woman of 40 she has a great body, taking the time to workout, and has a great tan. She stands about 5’6″, about 125 lb. with a perfect round ass, and a set of tits that turns heads all over town. I have often watched her tanning at home trying to get a peek at those tits and not appear obvious.

Today mother was dressed in her shorts and tank top. She said “ok, just a minute and I will be right there.” with one move her top was on the ground and ataşehir escort her tits were bouncing from the movement. She slowly unbuttoned her pants and slid the zipper down. She turned away from me and wiggled her sweet ass and the pants fell to the ground. She must have expected me to asked her to undress because she was not wearing any panties. She turned around to me and asked “well, do you approve?” I stuttered at the sight of her shaven cunt “hell yea, it looks great!!”

Mom then came into the water splashing me with water almost instantly. I retaliated with a splash in her face. We horsed around for a long time then right out of the blue mom comes up to me and grabs my hard cock and strokes it slowly. She says “I thought it might be hard. Why don’t we go back to the shore so we can have some fun.” with this I followed her to the blankets on the shore. She got down on her knees and had me to stand in front of her so she could get a better look at my cock. Mother looked at me and smiled and said “it looks good enough to eat, your dad was right. Now lets see if it is as sweet as he said it is.”

Mom slowly licked the tip of the head and the shaft. She sucked my balls in her warm mouth, I thought I would cum right then. She started to suck the head into her mouth and worked her way down the shaft. “mmmmm that feels great, don’t stop sucking me mommy!” she moaned in agreement and began to finger my ass hole. This was all it took to send me over the edge. I moaned “mom I am gonna cum, mmmmm shit that is great!!” then I shot my load into my moms hot mouth. She greedily Sucked my cock in as deep as she could so she could get every drop of my creamy cum.

When she raised up my cum was avcılar escort dribbling down her chin, I leaned down and kissed her and licked my cum off her face. She said “daddy was right, your cum is real sweet.” she pulled me down to the ground and we began to kiss and I was playing with her tits. I began to pinch her swollen nipples to hear her squeal with pleasure. I then began to suck on her nipples, one then the other. Covering each tit with kisses and nibbling on each nipple. I slowly moved down her smooth stomach to the hot moist pussy. I fingered the wet soupy hole, then tasting her juices on my fingers. I said “you taste good enough to eat also.” mom moaned “eat your mothers pussy…..I need it bad!!”

She spread her legs and I feasted my eyes on this wonderful cunt, slowly I began to spread her cunt lips to see the moist inner lips. The aroma of her cunt was intoxicating, started to burry my face into her pussy. My tongue was working as fast as it could. I began to suck on her clit and finger her cunt and this sent her over the edge. With a loud scream her dam broke with her orgasm. Her juices flooded my face. I tried to suck up every drop that I could.

She raised me up and began to lick her juices from my face. She said “that was nice baby, now I want you to fuck your mommy’s hot cunt.” I couldn’t believe this I am about to fuck my mom. I got her on all fours so I could see that incredible ass in my face. The juices from her pussy was running down her legs as I placed the head of my cock to her pussy. She thrust herself back and my cock slid deep into her tight hot cunt. I pulled my cock almost all the way out and slammed it all the way in, my balls were slapping into her body.

As avrupa yakası escort I was fucking mom for all I was worth, I looked up to see my father standing there stroking his enormous hard on. He said “son, you look like your having a good time…I want to join in.” with this dad positioned himself under me as I am fucking moms cunt, he starts to lick my cock as it slid in and out of mom’s cunt. My cock pops out of her cunt and goes directly into my dads mouth, he sucks the pussy juice off of it and then I slid it back into moms cunt. Dad get behind me and begins to lick my balls and ream my ass hole as I slowly fuck my mothers pussy.

Mothers moans slowly turn into screams of pleasure as she has a second orgasm, her cunt squeezing my cock in fast repetitions. It was then I felt my dads cock pressing against my sore ass hole looking for an entrance. I stopped fucking long enough for him to get his large cock into my tight ass. God this was incredible, I am fucking my mother and my dad has his cock buried in my ass hole.

I said “I am gonna cum, this is to much at one time.”

mother begged “please fill my pussy up, I want to feel my baby cum in mommy’s pussy!!”

daddy said “I am gonna cum also.” with that I shoved my cock as deep as I could into my moms cunt and with a loud grunt I cum like I never have before. Now dad also moaned and I could feel his cock go deep in my bowels and I could feel the hot load of love juice fill me to the brim.

Dad pulled his cock out of me and mother began to suck it clean and get the last drops out of it. Then she turned her attention to me and began to lick my ass hole getting all the cum out she could. She told me to stand up, when I did this all the cum started to run down my legs. Then both of my parents began to lick my legs and thighs clean. We have had a lot of fun on this vacation, I can just think of all the family reunions and getting to fuck and being fucked by all of my relatives. If you have had experiences such as this please email me about it.

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