My Daughter Massage Pt. 04-Final

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My daughter Kristina in the last part had a brief sexual encounter with my wife. It was my wife’s fantasy to be with another girl; she just didn’t expect it to be her daughter. My daughter finally opened the door by exploring further with her and told her that her friend Helen was Bi and that Kristina and Helen often enjoyed each other. She had told my wife that Helen was also interested in playing with my wife. They left the conversation to these words and my wife went to sleep while my daughter went downstairs to tell us about it.

At this point, we are discussing the possibility for the next time, because my wife thinks I don’t know anything about what happened or could happen again. She knows that my daughter told her that if I found out everything, that she would play me and she told my wife that since I was always watching her, I would probably be an easy catch. Therefore, we were chatting and I said that next week I had to travel for 2 days and it would be a perfect time. Kristina told us she wants to plan a spa party for the second day and ask mom to join them in the spa. We have a very nice private setting for our backyard spa. I accepted and said that I was going to say that I left for 3 days and that I would come back sooner without warning. It was going to be the plan.

The week passed slowly, I anticipated the pleasure they would have and to join them. The night before I left, I told Linda, I’ll be back in 3 days and have fun. The next morning, I packed my bags and left.

————————- ————————- ————-

During my absence, Kristina set her plan in motion and as she told me, this is what happened. The first evening at dinner time, Kristina and Linda began to discuss the other meeting which had not been discussed since.

“Mum! You know, the other night in your room, I really appreciated what happened!”

“Really Kristina! I thought you were mad at me; you haven’t talked about it since.”

“No mom, I’m not mad, I was just careful with dad. Did you like or are you angry?”

“My darling! Although I feel weird and have mixed feelings, it was very nice and for my first time with a woman, it had to be you. But you were so nice to me and I can assure you that I had such an orgasm that I keep thinking about it!”

“I’m happy mom, you know we could do it again someday and the offer with Helen stands. I told her what happened and she told me that I was so lucky, she always thought you were beautiful.”

“Really! Maybe someday.”

Then my daughter had to leave because she had to work that night. She invited Helen the next day for a spa evening with wine and perhaps a lot of sexual pleasure. The next day came and during the day, Kristina continued to tease her mother. She tickled her a little and always made sure that she rubbed close to her breast lightly on with her own perky breast for teasing. Later, her mother was concentrated in a book and my daughter was standing behind. She gently massaged her shoulders as she approached her breast slowly, then gave her a soft long kiss on the back of the neck and nibbled Linda’s ears lightly. My wife reacted very positively, my daughter could see that my wife’s nipples were hard and stood puffy on her blouse. Then the doorbell rang and it was Helen.

“Mom! It’s Helen and we’re planning to spend an evening in the spa with a glass of wine, is that ok!”

“Ho hi Helen! Yes of course you can, I have good fresh wine in the cellar, be my guest!”

“You could join us if you wish later”

“Yeah Mrs. X, you should join us, they’re just girls tonight!”

“I may accept the offer later!”

At these words, the girls left, took the glasses, the wine and went out. The spa is installed in a shelter that you can’t see around, the boards have tiny holes but not enough to see well. However, the roof is full glass to see the stars. So, the girls giggle knowing what could happen and they undress and jump naked in the spa. My wife did not know they were naked. The girls drank wine and started to get drunk, the bottle emptied quickly. Helen was in a very naughty mood and caressed Kristina nonstop. Little kiss on the neck, caress on the legs, pinched the nipples looking at Kristina and of course she complimented my daughter on her very nice little body. Kristina loved these little caress and attention from Helen and was very excited about the evening ahead. As the wine was going down quickly Kristina sent a text message to her mom to join them and bring another bottle.

While they were waiting, Kristina and Helen started to make foreplay, to touch each other, to rub, to kiss. Kristina was playing with Helen tits and she said to Helen that tonight my dad will fuck your ass like you love. Helen was so excited and breathing heavy. They were in the middle of a French kiss when they heard mom say, “Sorry!”

“Ho hi mom! Don’t be sorry, it’s okay, join us in the spa for a little wine. Come on, get naked and jump in the water is so good and warm!”

“Hmmmm beşiktaş türbanlı escort darling, you’re naked, maybe I should come back later!”

“Mum! Join us, come on, okay, don’t be shy, it’s just us girls!”

“Yes Mrs. X, it is okay, join us, the water is great, the wine is fresh, the stars are beautiful and we are just women here!”

“OK, I will as the water looks good and drinking wine alone is not my things.”

Linda started to undress and you could see that she was excited, but very shy about the whole situation and was not at all used to such free venture. She jumped into the spa and gave the girls wine. Kristina came closer to her mother and gave her a long kiss and said thank you for the wine mom. Helen slipped across on the other side of Linda and she too kissed Linda and said thank you for the wine.

Linda was taken aback by the young girls’ lack of shyness. Kristina then put her plan into action. She said to her mom, “Mom! You remember, I told you that I was Bi!”

“Hmmmm yes honey!”

“Well, I just want you to know that my female partner is Helen, that’s why you saw us kissing earlier.”

“Kristina, I understood that one, you told me the other day!”

“Mom I know, but what you don’t know is that I told Helen what we did the other night when we were in your room.”

“Hooooo reeeeeally!”

“Yes Mrs. X, she told me and I must admit that I wish my mother were so open, wow!”

“Thanks, but Kristina, you shouldn’t keep that for us, and if it came out, what would people think!”

“Don’t worry mom! It won’t come out. I told her because it turned us on and we had a lot of fun thinking about that evening and we made love thinking that you were with us! It was very intoxicating and we enjoyed it like never before. We had multiple orgasm!”

While Kristina was talking to her mom, she started rubbing her mom’s knee and inner thigh. Linda was a little nervous but reacted positively. She took a big sip of wine to help break her nervousness. Kristina then said to Helen, “Helen, you should see how soft my mother’s skin is, touch her leg, it’s so soft sofftttttttt!”

“Really Kristina, let me see …hmmmmmmm you’re right Mrs. X you have such soft skin!”

Linda was surprised by the contact of the two girls on her legs, then the two rubbed her inner thighs slightly and continued to go up to her pussy. Although Linda was shy and worried about what to do, her body reacted positively in conflict with her brain. She started to spread her legs and the feeling was building up. Kristina took a sip of her wine and when she put her glass on the side of the spa, she brushed her tiny nipples on her mom’s arms. Then she went to her mom’s ear and said, “Mum! Can you feel the sexual tension here right now! I think I’m going to have an orgasm just by looking at you and how we feel together!”

Then Kristina took another sip of wine, looked at her mom and kissed her while giving her the wine. Helen was brushing her wine glass on Linda’s nipples and the cold glass and hot water was making Linda so horny. You could see her nipples getting so hard.

All her mother could do was look at her daughter in the eye and kiss her. While they were kissing, Helen approached Linda’s pussy and started rubbing her clit very slowly and lightly. While she was doing this, Kristina grabbed Helen’s hair and slowly pulled her towards her mouth and started kissing her a few inches from her mom’s mouth, then she kissed her mom and led Helen to kiss her mom. This three-way kiss was of a magnificent eroticism which sent Linda into the world of reverie and sexual pleasure. The tongues that crisscrossed, the warmth of their bodies, the breasts that touched each other was so soft and wonderful.

With those kisses, Linda lost her inhibition and let things happen. They began to kiss and rub all that was near her hands. Kristina went down to her mother’s nipples and started sucking on them, then she nibbled on Linda’s nipples which were so aroused with excitement and they became so swollen and puffy. At the same time, Helen was massaging Linda’s pussy lips and clitoris, faster and faster. Her mom was so close to cumming. Linda started rubbing her daughter’s pussy to feel her cum. She could not see anything because she was lost in the moment, the kisses, the caresses on her daughter’s pussy and Helen rubbing her clitoris. The whole scene was out of this world for Linda and she was living her fantasy of being with a woman and having sex. She lived it but it was her daughter and her daughter’s friend, it was so unpredictable that it would happen. To live a fantasy with a woman was unimaginable, but with two women, wow! What carnal pleasure.

During this time, I went home and looked from the side of the house what was happening. Kristina saw me and winked at me and gestured to wait later. I undressed and I masturbated at the sight of this eroticism in the spa. Kristina got up beşiktaş ucuz escort in the spa and said to her mom, “Please suck my clit mom! I want to cum on your tongue.”

She sat on the side of the spa so that I could see her pussy and my wife was back to me so she didn’t see me. She went for my daughter’s pussy, kneeling with her ass in the air. Helen looked back and saw me, she got up and started masturbating showing me, then she turned to my wife and inserted two fingers into my wife’s pussy. My wife started screwing those fingers; I could actually see the cream on Helen fingers. Helen then bent over and inserted her tongue into Linda’s asshole.

While Kristina was being licked by her mom, she started to say, “fuck mom, it’s so good. I wish I could watch you and Daddy one day fuck while you lick my pussy. He must be huge and it would be such a trill! Ho damn I’m excited, keep doing that mom your building me an orgasm.”

Linda stops and says, “Honey, I don’t think your father would approve, but now that you mention it, I would love it, it makes me think about it. Forget it because if you say it he will divorce me!”

“Mum keep sucking my clit please! What if I tell you that I fucked dad the other day? I seduced him!”


“What if I told you that we have planned this evening together to make you live your fantasy. You realize that all he wants is that you live fully and that we are happy!”

“You fucked your father! He knows it for tonight!”

“Mom continues to suck my clitoris. Come on, let me talk and suck me, I love it when you enter a finger inside my vagina while sucking! Yes, like that mom, fuck my tight pussy.”

Helen all the while was screwing Linda with her fingers and licking her asshole.

Kristina was on the verge of cumming when she motioned for me to enter the spa, but without making any noise. I came in very slowly and Helen pulled out her fingers and she said, “Mrs. X, stay like that we have a surprise for you.” Then Helen grabbed my cock and directed it towards my wife’s pussy, while entering it, my wife turned her head and saw me…

The horror in her eyes when she saw me, but it didn’t last because I said honey, it’s Soooooooo Sexy and it was planned from the start by Kristina. Relax and enjoy the moment. Then I penetrated her very deeply, she always liked it and she had an orgasm almost immediately by contracting those vagina lips on my cock. Her pussy lips tightened so tight on my dick; you knew she was ready to come because of Helen’s work with her fingers earlier. Kristina pulled her mother’s hair, led her to her pussy and told her to finish the job.

Helen got up and started French kissing me and I played with her clitoris. She grabbed my balls at the same time. It was so much fun.

Kristina said, “Now! the four of us are going to fuck all night long because I need daddy deep inside me while mom watches and sucks my nipples. I also want daddy to fuck Helen in the ass because I promised her that she would be fucked tonight! Mom… Dad… you belong to Helen and me tonight and yes it will stay here. We should go up to your room!”

We came out of the spa and Linda came up to me, looked at me and I kissed her. She started to really relax, we went upstairs and as we went up Kristina kept telling her mother that this was her biggest fantasy. When we entered, Kristina jumped onto the bed on her back and said, “Dad! Fuck your daughter really well while mom watches me cum on your dick! Mom, you’re going to suck my nipples and Helen you sit on my face in front of my father and let me suck your clitoris.”

I went over to Kristina and said to Linda, “You’ll see my big cock slowly penetrating our daughter’s tight pussy. Her little body will tremble and enjoy my cock and I will fill it with my sperm. You’ll have to eat her after, now watch!”

I arrived at my daughter, I placed the head of my cock on her pussy lips and I started to play my cock up and down on her pussy. Her pussy lips opened and creamed my cock head. I slowly rubbed Kristina’s clitoris and she was breathing heavily. Linda still looked like in a trance and did not move. Helen got behind Linda and grabbed her breasts from behind and started kissing her neck. She was pinching her nipples.

Linda was just moving slowly and watching me, while slowly been stroked by Helen. Helen said to Linda, “While you watch him penetrate your daughter, I will use my fingers and penetrate you. I’m going to go as slowly as he does and as if it is, he who is doing this to you, but in reality, it is your daughter who is getting fucked.”

Now my dick was all wet with the pussy rubbing and my daughter just looked at me and said, “Come on daddy! Fuck me!” I slowly push my cock into her vagina, first the head, Hooooo! it is so tight. My daughter, although a young adult, is very small and her pussy is really tight, so of course I have to push a little harder to penetrate her. Fortunately, she beşiktaş üniversiteli escort is really wet. So, I was pushing so slowly looking at Linda’s face and I saw Helen kneeling in front of Linda and started to penetrate 2 fingers in her slowly. We could see Linda’s cream oozing from her pussy but she didn’t move just kept looking at us. She was breathing very hard in unison with Kristina.

I kept pushing, so did Helen. It lasted at least 5 minutes before I was fully in as I was pushing and pulling and pushing a little further, while I kept pulsating my cock in Kristina, I enjoyed her pussy and the way Kristina looked at me was priceless. When I reached the back of her pussy and knocked on the inside wall, Kristina shouted, “FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!! It’s so good, Daddy, I won’t be long, mom please suck my nipples and Helen sit on my face, I need your pussy juice!”

We all got into position and I started pumping Kristina faster and faster. Linda was going crazy sucking on our daughter’s nipples and biting them and I could see my daughters’ tongue on Helen’s clitoris. Linda slid her hand over Kristina’s clitoris and masturbated her at the same time as I fucked her.

That’s all it took for me to start cumming and my daughter said, “Wow! Dad, I feel your cum inside me, please push deeper because I’m going to cum very soon. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that’s its daddy! Fuck me, I’m cumming! Yes, mom bite me yes yes, yes yes …!”

I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock; my wife, I swear, got an orgasm with watching it all. Anyway, she was dripping like crazy. I slowly pulled out of her and Linda went between our daughter’s legs and started sucking on Kristina’s pussy sucking all the oozing cum out of her pussy. She spread Kristina’s pussy lips very wide and it was very pink and wet. We saw Linda’s tongue wandering around and picking up my sperm that came out slowly from our daughter.

My daughter grabs Helen’s ass and begins to move her tongue down so Helen unleashed orgasm so hard she was shaking all over. Her boobs were bouncing and nipples so hard, as Helen kept pinching her own nipples. Then Helen looked up, looking very relaxed, and layed down next to my daughter and started French kissing her. I look at Linda and said: “Go to Kristina’s side, she needs your sweet caresses!” Meanwhile, I moved behind Helen and spooned her and started slowly massaging her breasts. We were all like that for at least 20 minutes of caressing, soft kissing and no words were said.

I started to get hard again watching Kristina and Linda French kiss. I stretched and grabbed the lubricant from the bedside table. I poured a little on my cock and placed the head of my now erect cock on Helen’s asshole. She simply turned her head and smiled. She took out her ass to make my job easier and I slowly pushed my cock inside her asshole. She shouted, “Ho Fuck Yes! Fuck my butt!”

Kristina and Linda turned around and got up a little on their elbows to see me fuck Helen’s ass. As I slowly fucked Helen’s ass, Kristina asked my wife if she had a dildo, if so, take it out now and give it to her. She did it and Kristina started to fuck Helen’s pussy with it. All Linda was doing was watching and Helen grabbed Linda’s hand pulled her towards her and grabbed her hair and lowered it to her nipple. Now Helen was the center of attention. We fucked her until Helen was having a huge orgasm, she was shaking uncontrollably.

When she finished cumming, I pulled out and we all look at each other with no more energy to do anything. Helen grabbed Linda and pulled her against her and kissed her while hugging her. She said, “I’m sleeping tonight with Linda in my arms, if you don’t mind!”

Kristina replied, “Helen, I said my mom and dad are our slaves tonight, so she’s yours! Dad, you’re going to sleep with me in my room, I want you to spoon me to sleep.”

We got up, put the duvet on the two girls and left the room for Kristina’s room. When we got to her room, Kristina said, “Dad! Before we fall asleep, would you try to fuck my asshole, I never did, but Helen seems to like it so much!”

“OK honey! But you’re so small that I’m not sure it will work!”

We got into position and put some lubricant that Kristina has for her dildo and tried slowly. I could put my dick head in his ass but that was it, it hurt too much. So, I tried one finger and it worked, although very tight. I kissed her buttocks and she came masturbating herself. Then we collapsed in our arms and we fell asleep.

The next morning, I was woken up by my daughter’s fellation. I almost instantly came into her mouth and she swallowed it all. We went to the room and saw that they were awake but just playing a little. We all sat on the bed and Linda looked at me and said, “It was out of this world, I have never cum like this and to see that you were fucking Kristina was so weird and erotic. I hope we will do that again.”

“Yes, we’re going to do it again honey. Besides, I think Helen should leave her apartment and come and live with us! I could take one of the basement rooms and transform it into an erotic living room with all kinds of toys.”

“It’s a good idea if Kristina and Helen want it.”

“Dad! You are awesome and Helen can sleep with me in my room.”

“I agree, with all of you I will give my owner my notice and move in with you!”

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