My Daughter, My Lover Ch. 01

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My wife, Helen, and I were still together, that’s about the best you could say about our relationship. We have just seemed to have grown apart over the years, it wasn’t dramatic, we just seem to have less in common as time passes. Now we are virtually strangers, we live in the same house, but we live separate lives. I am involved in my work, and Helen is involved with her friends and clubs. We still sleep together, but I guess that, after 19 years, is more out off habit than love. Occasionally we make love, but usually only about once a month or so. Probably the only reason we are still together is our children. We have two, Ronnie, our daughter, (just try and get her to answer to Veronica) at 19 a beautiful blonde who, when she’d started dating, had given her mother and I plenty of sleepless nights. And Drew, (short for Andrew, what is it about kids and nick names) who, at 18 is just finishing high school, where, as a 6 foot 1 swimmer, he’d given a lot of other parents sleepless nights.

I was going out of town for a week on one of my business trips, when Ronnie surprised me by asking if she could come along, she wanted to look at some colleges in the city I was going to. Ronnie had taken a year off after high school, to ‘find herself’, she said. It seemed more like to have as much fun as she could before she went to college. I was pleased that she was actually going to go to college, I’d been afraid she wouldn’t bother. I want my children to have the best education they can. Of course I agreed and called my hotel telling them that I now needed a double room, what I didn’t tell them was that the second person was my daughter, that was why they assumed it was my wife.

So, finally it was time to leave, I gave Helen my usual peck on the cheek, waved bye to Drew and we left for the airport. We checked in and went to the boarding area to wait. While we were sitting there, talking about things in general, I noticed that everyone, or at least the men, were looking at us. I wondered why, then I realised that they were actually looking at Ronnie. I looked at her then, really looked, suddenly I realised how really pretty she was. I guess I’d always thought of her as my little girl, and always looked on her that way, no matter her age, now, bakırköy escort looking at her as a woman for the first time I realised why we were the centre of attention. Ronnie was a really sexy young lady. I was still struggling with the idea that my little girl was all grown up, when we boarded our plane.

We got to the hotel too early to check in, so we left our bags and went out. I went to my first meeting, and Ronnie, well she just went out, we arranged to meet again that evening, have dinner and head to our room.

By the time we finally got to our room we were both tired, Ronnie opened the door and I carried our bags in. I realised immediately that I’d made a mistake when I changed my booking, there was only a double bed. “Damn.” I said.

“What’s the matter, Dad?” Ronnie asked.

“There’s only a double bed, they must have thought you were my wife when I changed the booking. I’ll call the desk and get them to get us a room with 2 singles.” I told her.

“Don’t worry about that now, Dad. It’s too late, and I’m too tired, I don’t mind sharing a bed with you. You can get the room changed in the morning if you want to.”

I had to agree with her, it had been a long hard day, I just wanted to go to sleep. I went into the bathroom to undress, when I’d changed into my pyjamas I got into bed and Ronnie went into change. She came out wearing one of the oversize T-shirts she sleeps in, and climbed into bed with me, she said goodnight, gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned the light off.

About a quarter of an hour later I was just about asleep, my back to her, when I heard Ronnie whisper, “Dad, are you awake?”. Now I was too tired to talk to Ronnie, I wanted to get to sleep, so I didn’t reply hoping she’d think I was asleep and go to sleep herself. She repeated her question and gently nudged me. I still didn’t respond, what happened next surprised me.

I felt Ronnie’s hand lightly touch my hip, it rested there for a few moments, then she shook me lightly. I was about to give in and talk to her when her hand moved again, it moved straight over my hip, between my legs, and ended resting on my cock. I decided that I couldn’t talk now, it would be too embarrassing for us both, so başakşehir escort I didn’t say a word. I realised that Ronnie must be curious about a mans body, so I thought I’d just let her touch me until she was satisfied and then she’d go to sleep.

By now my daughters hand was doing more than just touch me, she was actively feeling me. First, she lightly squeezed my flaccid cock, then she took my balls in her hand and caressed them. It had been some time since I’d had a female hand on my sexual organs, I couldn’t help responding. When she moved her hand back to my cock it was almost fully hard, and rapidly getting harder. I felt her hand hesitate, and she quietly whispered “Dad?” Again I didn’t say a word, after what I’d let her do how could I? Besides I must admit I was beginning to like it. It was wonderful to have someone else touch my cock, even if it was my daughter. I don’t know if I expected her to stop now, but she didn’t. If anything she was more aggressive, Ronnie pushed her fingers around my cock until she was holding it in her hand, at least as much as she could through my pyjama pants. Finally, after what was probably only a few minutes, it seemed like hours she released my cock. Thank God, I thought she’s finished. Boy was I wrong.

Instead of removing her hand I felt it fumble for my fly, when she found it Ronnie slipped her hand inside without hesitation, my cock jerked when her fingers touched it. Again she paused, waiting for any further reaction, a reaction I just couldn’t make, partly because I was embarrassed, partly because I was becoming turned on. Ronnie again ran her hand over my cock and balls, this time unobstructed by my pyjamas, she cupped my balls in her hand, rolling them around, playing with them. She seemed enthralled with them, I wondered what she was thinking as she played with the balls that had produced the sperm that had created her.

Whatever she was thinking, finally she was satisfied, she released my balls and moved her hand back to my cock. Ronnie gripped my cock quite firmly and started to move her hand up and down the shaft. Suddenly I realised what she was up to. My daughter didn’t just want to feel my sexual parts, she wanted to make me come. My daughter bebek escort wanted to masturbate me!

Her hand moved up and down my cock, she stroked the full length, varying her speed from stroke to stroke. I must admit I was beginning to enjoy the experience, I no longer cared it was my daughter who was doing it, nature had taken over, I just wanted to come, and I knew I would, soon. I could hear Ronnie breathing behind me, it was obvious she was excited too.

Finally, I felt the beginning of my orgasm, I involuntarily gasped as I began to come, fortunately Ronnie either didn’t hear me, or was also beyond caring. My cock began to pump out my sperm. Spurt after spurt shot onto my belly and pyjama pants as I released several weeks of abstinence. Ronnie slowed her hand down as she felt me come, but she didn’t stop until I did, then she just held my cock until it softened again.

When Ronnie let go of my cock I thought this time she must be finished, I was wrong. Instead of taking her hand out of my pyjama pants, she moved it up to the damp area of my belly, where I’d shot my cum. I felt her running her fingers over my belly, obviously she was wiping up my cum. That’s nice of her I thought, she doesn’t want to leave a mess. What I didn’t realise was how turned on she was by what she’d just done. When she was satisfied she’d gotten all of my cum she could she finally pulled her hand out of my crotch. I expected her to wipe her hand off and turn over and go to sleep, instead I heard a soft sound coming from behind me, at first I couldn’t make out what it was, then I knew. My daughter was licking her hand clean, she was eating my cum! I couldn’t believe it, my sweet little girl had masturbated me so she could eat my cum, and she wasn’t in any hurry about it either. I lay there for a good five minutes listening to her, hearing her licking, hearing her soft moans, she was obviously enjoying herself. I’m just glad she didn’t touch my cock again, if she had she would have found me rock hard again and realised I was awake. Finally the licking sounds stopped and I heard Ronnie turn over and settle herself for sleep. Within a few minutes she was off, obviously she didn’t feel guilty about what she’d done, I wish I could say the same. I lay there for some time, the memories of what had happened going around and around in my head. I’d let my daughter play with my cock and bring me to climax, and I’d enjoyed it! God help me I’d enjoyed it. What was I going to do now? That was the last coherent thought I had before I finally dropped off.

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