My daughter’s cuckold Ch. 02

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This is a fictional story. All characters are over 18. The story includes sections of incest, forced-bi and cuckoldry. If you are not into those type of things you do best to read something else, but if you are – go nuts and enjoy!


If you haven’t read the first chapter in this story yet you are well advised to do so. You will learn more about the characters in the story as you follow the disastrous path leading me to be blackmailed and chained naked to a chair in my own guest bedroom by my daughter and her two friends. As chapter two begins the girls have just returned to the guest bedroom and excitingly introduced their friends

Andre, Dion and J.D.


In walked three of the most perfect physical specimens of black men I had ever seen. They were tall and so muscular it looked like even their muscles had muscles. They had t-shirts or tank tops on and baggy pants in various lengths.

The guys just walked straight into the middle of the room where the girls were standing and didn’t even pay attention to the fact that I was there, except from J.D. (I think it was) who glanced over at my direction and said to Emma:

“So, this is the guy you’ve been talkin’ about? Yeah, you’re right. He really looks like a wimpy cuckold.”

“Yes, I’m sure he will be good in time.” Emma replied. “He just needs a little bit of training, but I’m sure we can make that happen together.”

I realized that J.D.’s words must mean that Emma had talked about me earlier. This was not something that the girls came up with today because of my wandering glares. This was something they had planned for a while. The realization sent shivers down my spine.

In all honesty, in my deepest darkest desires, I do slightly enjoy cuckold porn. But Emma could never have found any traces of that. I was always super careful to clear any traces of my jerking off sessions.

So how did she know this was the right direction to take my punishment? Anyway, a distant fantasy is nothing more than that. In reality I am a total prude and would not even dare to ask my wife if we should have sex with the light turned on. So even if she was right in pinpointing my fantasy, she was way off that this was something I would ever want to live out.

The group continued to talk amongst themselves and the acknowledgment of my existence ended. The guys were mixing complements of the girls looks with insults about them be horny as hell or sluts willing to do anything. The girls pretty much just agreed to anything the guys said and were squirming around obviously aroused by the whole situation.

Then, as if by an invisible command, all three girls dropped to their knees and started to massage the guys through their pants. First they used their hands and then more and more their mouths kissing the ever-growing members on the inside.

Finally, they pulled down the shorts and underwear of their respective designated black hunk revealing three of the most enormous cocks I’ve ever seen. Even porn actors would be jelous of these guys. It would be futile for me to describe each guy’s member. All I can say is that they are simply huge. It seems like they are reaching down to their kneecaps. I guess that’s an exaggeration, but only just!

The guys were standing next to each other in a line facing me (well, not really facing me as they didn’t acknowledge my presence, but they were facing my direction). The girls had their backs to me, with Amy servicing the guy to the left (Andre I think was his name), Emma was in the middle and Lisa on right.

They were kissing the long, long shafts up and down. When they reached the top, they spent a little bit extra time on the head, licking and kissing while holding up the weight of the cock with their hands. It was clear that they had all gone to the same cock sucking training camp.

They kept this up for a while before braving to put the now fully erect members in their mouths. The guys talked relaxed amongst themselves and every once in a while, changed it up with some “encouraging” words to the girl kneeling in front of them.

“That’s it Em! Suck my black cock like the little slut you are.” J.D. grunted to Emma.

It was obvious that it had the desired effect as my little girl moaned and squirmed around while sucking his dick with even more vigor.

To my own embarrassment I felt my erection growing again and quickly becoming harder than I’ve ever experienced before. What did this say about me?

I didn’t even dare to try thinking of an answer to that question.

With the huge amount of unreleased cum in my balls it immediately became quite

unbearable to be so close and still be denied of the final release as I couldn’t jerk off in my hand-cuffed state.

“I love giving a privileged white girl what she really loves.” Dion said, trying to match the profanities by J.D.

“A little black cock lover like you must be having the time of your life, hu?”

Lisa, who was servicing Dion, had one beylikdüzü escort of his balls in her mouth and could only answer a muffled “Mmhuu” which made the guys brake out in laughter.

While Lisa was sucking balls, Emma had returned to drooling up and down J.D.s shaft using her lips as the hot dog bread to his enormous hot dog.

Amy had Andre’s member in her mouth and tried her very best to deep-throat him but no matter how much she tried she could only fit about a third of his cock at most down her throat. To be fair, I don’t think even the most experienced porn star would have made it much further given his size.

The guys had removed their t-shirts and Emma was now the only one not fully naked as she still had her bikini on, which J.D. suddenly realized.

“Stand up!” he said in a domineering tone of voice.

Emma reluctantly let go of his cock and did as told.

“Why you not naked, girl?”

Emma was lost for words and just looked down at the floor.

“Well? What you waiting for? Get naked now or get out!”

With a little bit of tremble in her voice Emma replied, “I’m sorry.”

She reached behind her back and undid her bikini top. Once off, she pulled down her bottom letting her hands slide down her legs along with the small fabric previously covering up her private parts.

This meant that as the bikini bottom was at her feet her hands were as well making her expose her ass and clean-shaven pussy to me. It was already dripping wet from all the excitement.

She stood up again and J.D. was obviously pleased with what he saw as he smiled and nodded.

“Turn around and show the cuck what he’s missing.”

Emma turned to me slowly and exposed her naked body to me. I hadn’t seen her naked since she was a young child and to do it in this context was… I don’t know what it was. It was hot, it was bizarre, it was frightening, it was humiliating and so much more.

One thing that was certain though was that she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Tall, athletic but still feminine. From her adorable eyes my stare wandered down to her amazing breasts. Not too small and not too big, just perfect. They were firm and perky as only a teenager can have, with small areolas of only slightly darker complexion than the rest of skin and small, but noticeably

hard nipples.

My eyes wandered further down to her slim waistline that perfectly contrasted her round breast before I locked my sight at her hairless pussy glistening with juices that even spilled halfway down her upper thighs. She was truly a sight to behold and my all but bursting member, leaking out pre-cum like no tomorrow, made my deepest feelings known to the entire room.

The moment of quite adornment quickly ended as J.D. ordered her to lie on the bed. She basically jumped onto the bed out of excitement, lay on her back and grabbed her legs with her hands and pulled them towards her head pushing her most private parts out and up in the air allowing J.D. to get easy access.

J.D. didn’t waste any time. He pulled her towards the foot end of the bed, so her pussy and ass dangled just on the edge of the bed allowing him perfect alignment with his cock as he was standing beside the foot end.

He slapped her pussy a few times with his monster member, splashing juices all over the place, before letting the head rest leaning against her wet opening. He slowly started to feed the head into her as her pussy was spread wider and wider apart. Emma’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out as she tried to encompass J.D.s size.

After struggling for a while, the head was finally inside and her pussy lips closed tightly behind it, gripping him and holding him inside her. She let out a big sigh of mixed relief and excitement.

“That’s it” J.D. said. Then he turned and looked me in the eyes. “That’s how much white bitches like you enjoy a real cock.” Was that meant for Emma or for me?

He turned back to focus on Emma again and pushed further into her. I could clearly see the traces of his cock making its way inside her, first pushing up her pubic mound. Then bulging her lower stomach before finally resting just below her belly button as he made his whole manhood disappear inside of her.

Emma was gasping for air trying to fit all of him. As he slowly started to move in and out of her the pain turned to pleasure and she started arching her body upwards to meet his thrusts. I could see her orgasm building quickly as her panting grew more and more heavy.

As she neared the brink she started blurting out “oh yes, fuck me harder. Fuck the pain away. Fuck me like the little slut I am.” Until, finally, she could no longer utter words and just exclaimed “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, yeeeeeeeeeeah!”

With that my dearest daughter’s first orgasm ripped through her body and she was trashing and turning all over the bed. She spasmed so hard it looked like she was trying to escape and the only thing beyoğlu escort that kept her on the bed was being glued to J.D.s cock inside of her.

J.D. looked surprisingly unaffected by what was happening below him. He just smirked and continued to fuck her in the same pace as before as wave upon wave of intense orgasm hit Emma.

After a while I could see in her eyes that it was getting too much and the pleasure once again turned into pain. She cried a half believable “No, please. Wait. Just a sec.”

Her black lover had none of it and as he continued to thrust in and out of her, she pushed through the pain. Emma finally regained her composure after a while which meant that her arousal started building again as they began to move in sync.

Lisa and Dion were the next to break their cock sucking session as Dion laid himself down on his back on our soft rug in the middle of the room. He had his feet in my direction and his gigantic black source of pride was standing right up, pointing towards the ceiling.

Lisa followed him, turned her small frame towards me and started to squat over his enormous piece. She pressed the head up against her small opening and slowly lowered herself. It seemed impossible that Dion’s member would fit inside her, but she was damn sure going to try.

As her lips parted ways for the almost tennis ball sized head she closed her eyes tightly and started panting as if she was giving birth. Such was the effort and dedication she had.

Her face slowly but surely turned into the biggest “O” face I’ve ever seen.

“Oh, fuck. You are sooo big. I.. Oh… Oh yeesss”.

It was clear Lisa enjoyed the mix of pain and pleasure. Having fitted half of his cock inside of her the pleasure part started to take over. She rocked from side to side, slowly sliding Dion further inside her. It looked almost funny, like a sexy metronome swaying back and forth.

Coming down the home stretch, with only an inch or so left to push inside her, Lisa’s orgasm was unavoidable. She let out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard and with that gush after gush of liquid forcefully made its way out of her pussy.

This little Lolita was squirting just by having Dion enter her. The juices enabled her to slide the final inch inside of her as she completely drenched Dion’s balls, legs and our (way too expensive) guest room rug.

Emma and Amy started cheering at the performance as Lisa rode her orgasm to an end. She finally arched back and laid back on Dion chest (cock still in pussy) as he fondled her tiny tits while she regained her composure.

Finally, it was Amy’s turn to break off from Andre, but she didn’t head toward the bed or floor.

Instead she walked over to me and said “Now, little man. It’s time to start your training”.

I was taken aback and although I probably should have figured out what was in store for me by now, I was so lost by the events of the past hours that I had no idea.

Andre followed Amy and stood next to her, in front of me. “It’s time you learn to suck black cock, little man.” Amy continued.

Like a reflex I shouted out “No, No, NO! You can’t make me do this. Pleease!”

Of course, I should have known Amy wouldn’t stand for this. She sucker-punched me in stomach and made me lose my breath. I scrunched my upper body as much as my restraints allowed me and whimpered as I tried to overcome the pain.

I may never have been the best to take a punch but in my defense, she caught me totally off guard and man that girl could throw a punch.

“I’ve had it with you. You just never learn to obey, do you!?” she screamed at my face.

I had no response as I was still trying to catch my breath. “You know we have the pictures. This is your final warning. Do I even sense the slightest hesitation from you again we will release the pictures immediately.”

I had really angered her. She continued “And I don’t care if you feel like doing something or not. You are our tool, here to please us. Understood? I care about your feelings just as much as I care about the feelings of hammer when I need to hit a nail. U-N-D-E-R-S-T-O-O-D?”

“Yes.” I said.

I was shocked by Amy’s natural dominance and in an attempt to please her and calm her down I added “Yes, mam!”

I shouldn’t have done that – she just went at it again. “Mam!? I’m no fucking Mam. This isn’t some porn novel domination shit. This is real life. This is your life from now on. My name is Amy in real life and your name is whatever we’d like it to be. Understood?”

“Yes. Amy.”

“Finally.” Amy said. “Now, suck that cock!”

Amy took a step to the side and Andre moved in closer, standing in-between my spread legs, leaving my eyes to stare directly at his big, black, cock! After Amy’s outburst I knew I could not escape my fate anymore.

I looked at it carefully and then looked down at my own, still painfully throbbing member. Andre was at least double the size and glistening bomonti escort from all his pre-cum mixed with Amy’s saliva as she had gobbled as much of it in her mouth as possible.

Despite the size Andre was still young enough that the erection had his cock pointing upwards lending me a view of its underside.

I slowly leaned forward, stuck my tongue out and let the very tip of my tongue touch the wetness of his shaft. I pulled back and took in the taste. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. He tasted salty from the pre-cum, mixed with a hint of raspberry, probably a left over from Amy’s lip-gloss.

I hoped that my lesson was now complete, but Amy made sure to let me know it hardly begun yet.

“There you go little man.” She said with a content voice. “Now you’ve taken your first step towards realizing your black cock worship potential. Do it for real now. Make love with gorgeous cock in front of you.”

Emma looked up from her nth orgasm with J.D. on the bed and urged me on.

“Yes, do it daddy. Do it for me. You will love it and become as addicted to black cock as I am.”

I pushed out my tongue again, this time placing it at the bottom of Andre’s shaft before I slowly began to run it all the way up to the base of his head. The shiny coating made my tongue move effortlessly over the veins in his shaft and as it did a small pool of pre-cum started form on my tongue.

As I came up to the base of his head, I pushed my lips forward giving his member a gentle kiss as I tightly closed my lips leaving the pre-cum on my tongue to safely slide inside my mouth allowing me to swallow the salty liquid.

I decided to try to be a little bit braver so as I leaned forward again. This time licking his clean-shaven balls. It was hard to get any real grip as the balls were moving at the touch of my tongue. The texture was clearly different from his shaft. More like licking wet velvet, but the taste was the same as his balls was equally drenched in pre-cum and Amy’s spit.

I moved upwards again and, as a man, I knew a good target would be the string on the underside of the head of his cock. As I arrived there I started to dance around the area with the tip of my tongue, doing the alphabet trick that has always been a success with Jessica’s clit.

I heard Andre let out a slight moan as I played my way through the alphabet and a tingling sensation of pride ran up and down my body. I could make this athletic guy with his enormous black dick moan at the touch of my tongue.

What had become of me? In only a few hours I had gone from being a responsible and respectable father to becoming a dominated cuckold trying to please other men by sucking cock.

I had to stop contemplating my situation and focus on the job at hand before awakening Amy’s wrath again.

Having stimulated Andre for a while with my tongue I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let his throbbing head inside my mouth. My god, my jaws were hurting as hell as I tried to encompass his size without letting him sense my teeth on his member. It felt like I was trying to swallow a zucchini whole.

Barely had I gotten the head fully in my mouth before its tip hit the back of my throat.

Andre was kind enough to not push further than I could take, and I tried to repay him by bobbing back and forth trying to take in a little bit more each time. The sensation was overwhelming. The head was silky smooth and the taste of pre-cum was taking over my entire mouth and throat. I tried to move my tongue a little bit to give extra stimulation, but to be honest there wasn’t much room and I’m not sure he even noticed my effort.

On my left side I heard Amy saying “You just keep giving us more and more pictures for our little collection, don’t you little man?”

From context I understood that Amy was capturing my sucking on her phone, but I couldn’t form any words with Andre’s cock in my mouth and just let out a muffled

“muhuuu. Uuhfh.”

Amy’s evil laugh as a response made me think of my situation. A 40-year-old man, being dominated by a group of teenage girls, having a huge black cock in my mouth while my daughter was being ravished by another black cock just a few feet in front of me. I was truly humiliated and a total cuckold by my daughter and her friends.

Andre pulled back a little bit and I don’t know why, but my instinct was to follow his movement and continue sucking. I pushed my head forward a bit, trying to keep him in my mouth. My reaction was not lost on Andre or Amy.

“Look,” Andre exclaimed. “The white boy is already addicted to black cock. What a faggot.” He pulled away more sharply leaving my mouth empty. He then grabbed his erect member by the base of the shaft and used it like a baseball bat hitting me repeatedly, maybe 4 – 5 times, over my face with it.

Pre-cum and my spit flew everywhere as he did. The whacks didn’t hurt for real but given his size I definitely felt pounded.

Andre chuckled and walked away from me and over to the bed where J.D. was plowing away inside my sweet Emma, who was taking it doggy style. Andre took position by her face and without hesitation Emma opened wide allowing him to ram his member deep down her throat. It was clear she was way more skilled to service his throbbing cock than I was.

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