My Delayed Train!

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I always had an ambition to play soccer professionally but that had been dashed just prior to leaving school.

After leaving school I continued my studies not really knowing what I wanted to do. I did pretty good with my academic education, my grades just after my 19th birthday left me pleasantly surprised and proud.

I did have an issue however that had been worrying me for years. I was worried about the size of my cock. I had been taking a shower at school when a guy came in and made comments about my size. It didn’t really help that he was huge in the cock department. I laughed the comments off but they took root deep in my memory. I recall several weeks later I measured myself when hard and only reached 5 inches. I had read the average was 6 inches and this really deterred me from going any further with girls, even though my interest in them had developed.

I had seen glimpses of my older sister in her underwear on several occasions and I has also seen her both topless and naked a few times. I had got very hard and masturbated and once I had even gone to her panty drawer and tried on several pairs of her panties. I was desperate to experiment with girls but my confidence to do so was not there.

About one month after I received my exam results at 19 years old I went to stay with my aunt who’s lived close to a university I was hoping to attend. I stayed a week and decided I liked the place, but was going to take a gap year and come to terms with my insecurities.

I was travelling home via the train and didn’t really plan the journey too well. My connecting service was due to reach my home town fairly late. This meant I had only 15 minutes to catch my connecting bus. The train was inevitably delay!

I knew of the delay while waiting at the train station. The board stated a 30 minute delay. I resigned myself to walking home. I had done this before but this time I had my bag to carry.

While waiting a guy sat next to me. At some point in the opening conversation he told me he was 36. He was clean looking and smartly dressed so he raised no red flags. He asked if I was waiting for the delayed train and conversation started from there. It was all very casual.

Once the train arrived and during the journey he sat opposite me and we continued to chat. He had previously studied subjects I was interested in so the conversation was easy.

As we got closer to our destination he asked if I had a girlfriend. I lied and said we had split as she was going to a different university. He asked if I was living in town or getting a ride. I said neither as I had missed my bus and my parents car was off the road. I told him I would be walking. He changed the subject to something else and we continued talking.

As we approached our stop he then said he couldn’t give me a ride home tonight. I hadn’t asked or assumed but thought it was nice, albeit a little unusual of him to say this. He did however say I was welcome to share his taxi and he could make me comfortable at his place. He offered to give me a ride home in the morning. The weather was poor and he did say he didn’t like driving in the dark in poor weather. I still maintained that at that I would be fine and thanked him for the offer.

As the train pulled in to our station we stood and waited by the train door. My bag was heavier than I remembered and all of a sudden I was thinking of carrying it 4 miles through the rain, on unlit pavements. He then asked again if I was sure I didn’t want to stay with him? This time my answer was different.

He had a taxi waiting. As we walked towards it all of a sudden I hoped to see nobody I might know. I couldn’t explain this feeling but it was there. I was also relived antalya escort he lived in completely the opposite direction to my home.

We didn’t say much in the taxi but all of a sudden I was aware that this could be a sexual opportunity and that Nobody would ever know. I had always thought and fantasized over women but suddenly in the taxi I thought about sex with a man. He had given no obvious reasons for me to think this, but I did none the less. The fact that the next day I would never have to see him or meet him seemed a great opportunity. Then I recalled he was nearly twice my age and most likely only being kind in offering me refuge. I guess my mind was too active to make any conversation.

On arriving at his house I was pleased it was in an area I didn’t even know existed. The place was clean but fairly small. It was obviously one bedroom but there was a big sofa in the living room.

He offered drinks and I took a Coke. He offered something stronger and joked he wasn’t going to take advantage of me if I had a beer or 3. He then asked again about my previous girlfriend. How long had we had been together and lots of other questions. i was obviously a little uncomfortable with these so tried to change direction of the conversation. He had told me earlier he had split with his partner over 2 years ago and was happy now being single. He did say that he missed the regular sex but that now on the rare occasions he does have sex it is much more exciting. The conversation flipped back and forth for another hour or so.

During the conversation I did think constantly about having some sort of sex play with him. As the conversation drew to a close I wasn’t ready for what he said next. He told me he could either give me a duvet for the sofa or I was more than welcome to share his bed. Before I could say anything he said he sleeps naked but there was no pressure for me to do the same or indeed do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. He held up his arms saying up to you and walked towards the bedroom door. He looked back and smiled saying it would be much more comfortable in bed.

Without thinking I stood up and followed him. I walked in to the room a few seconds after him and he told me I could put my clothes on the chair that was in the corner of the room.

I started to undress very slowly. I was watching him take off his clothes. I was terrified of him getting naked and seeing a huge cock, but also quite turned on about seeing this. As he pulled down his briefs I noted he had a smooth almost hairless legs and a smooth ass. He then turned and walked to the bed and I was surprised to see a smallish cock of probably 3 inches.

He clearly saw me looking but I then pretended to be struggling with my belt after quickly looking away. I continued to strip. I then had a mental dilemma of do I take off my boxer shorts? I think I must have been in slow motion because he said that I could sleep nude or wear my boxers.

All of a sudden I was bent at the waist taking down my boxers. The walk to the bed seemed like miles and when I got there I realized I was semi erect. The thought occurred to me then that I didn’t even know the guys name.

I got in to bed next to him. It wasn’t a big bed and we were close to each other. I realized the main light was on and I was going to ask if I should turn it off. I was very nervous of having to walk back to the light switch especially as I realized that I was now almost hard. He then turned on his bedside light and said he would get the light. He got out of bed slowly and walked to the light switch next to the door. I noticed now that his cock was now also semi erect. It certainly wasn’t like that a minute or 2 earlier as he got serik escort in to the bed.

When he got back in to bed I told him I didnt really have a girlfriend and had never been with anyone. He put his hand on my head and stroked my hair before putting his arm under my shoulder. He told me he suspected not but that wasn’t a problem. He said we would go at my pace with whatever I was comfortable with. The trouble was my mind was totally incapable of any real decision making. I was in his hands, literally.

He asked if I had ever been touched at all. I said no and that was the truth. He start lightly touching me starting at my neck and moving down my stomach toward my groin. He kept his left arm around my shoulder but had turned towards me more and thats when I felt his hard cock against my hip.

He started lightly running his fingers up and down my hard shaft. He then gripped my cock and he started slowly masturbating me. He was also rubbing his super hard cock on my upper thigh and hip. I was in a position lying on my right hand as my arm was by my side. I knew if I moved my hand out it would touch his cock. I guess he also knew this and released hold of my cock and took my arm from under me. He guided my hand to his cock.

I started lightly gripping his cock and rubbing it up and down. I noticed the precum and that it was quite slippy. His shaft was hard and the head of his cock softer than I thought it would be. His balls were smooth but hanging loose in the sack.

He started playing with me again and within minutes I was very close to cumming. He then said I was tense and that a massage would relax me. He pulled away from me and told me to roll on my stomach. I was disappointed as I was so close to cumming. I was also very turned on playing with his cock and balls.

I rolled on my stomach and he reached in to his bedside drawer and took out some baby oil. He knelt up and started massaging me. It felt good. He had moved up the bed and was kneeling close to my shoulders massaging my neck and upper back. I had pushed the pillows away so I was lying flat and looking towards him. I could see his hard cock and estimated it to be around 6 inches. It didn’t look to thick but it was nicely proportioned. I could see the precum oozing out and that he was fully shaven. At that stage I wanted to try sucking him.

He moved down my body and although I was initially disappointed that soon changed. He started kneading my ass with his fingers exploring down the crack. He was avoiding my hole but the proximity was very teasing. I felt myself trying to move so that his fingers would touch my hole.

He then suddenly changed position and spent the next 20 mins on my legs. It seemed like forever before moving back to my ass. That real was a form of mental torture.

This time his fingers got closer and closer to my hole. He also slipped his hand down to squeeze my balls. I lifted my hips and he stayed there longer gripping the shaft of my cock. He then concentrated on my hole. He circled it and put mild pressure on it for what seemed like forever. I was in heaven.

He then moved his body up the bed and whispered in my ear “just relax and enjoy”. He pushed his finger in very slowly in to my ass. He stopped when it was in to about what felt like the second knuckle. I wanted it deeper. I adjusted my body and pushed on to his finger. He finger fucked me and after a while put a second finger in to me. He kept saying the same as he did when he started, “Just relax and enjoy”.

He then straddled me and again I was disappointed as I was enjoying the fingers. He started massaging my back again rocking back and forth. After a few minutes side escort however I felt his rock hard cock grinding between my ass cheeks. I really wanted his cock to rub against my hole. I was trying to lift my hips but his weight wouldn’t let me. He kept saying “relax and wait” as well as “be patient”. His voice was very calming.

The teasing was driving me insane. All of a sudden I had no inhibitions. I had earlier wanted his cock in my mouth now I wanted it in my ass. I was silently begging for it.

All of a sudden I got my wish. He repositioned himself so he was kneeling with one hand on my mid back and I could feel the other between my ass cheeks. He was guiding his cock to my hole. He pushed and although I clenched he held the pressure and told me to relax and all of a sudden the head of his cock popped in.

I won’t lie. It hurt and I know I made a noise and jumped. He held his cock there with his weight on me. He told me to relax, probably for the 50th time and that he wouldn’t move. I was gasping and could only wonder if I sounded like a dog. The pain eased and I think he realized this as he pushed further and started telling me he would be gentle and slow. I recall biting my hand as he pushed further in.

I was still gasping but the pain had gone. It’s hard to explain the feeling. Rather like wanting to take a dump, but different. We lay like that for what seemed like a half hour but was probably 2 minutes most. He then lifted himself up and said again he would be very gentle. He pulled his cock back 2-3 inches and then slowly slid it back. He did this for a while then very gently increased the length he would pull out.

He then used his knees to push my legs further apart. He gripped my hips and lifted me a little. All of a sudden his cock seemed more comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was going to shit myself. He then slowly started to fuck me. He stayed slow and gentle, albeit sliding in and out a little faster.

I hadn’t noticed until he reached under me that I had lost my erection. He kept touching me but I couldn’t get hard. He then started to groan and that’s the first noise I had heard him make. He gripped my hips much tighter and really increased the length he was pulling out and the speed he was pushing in. It wasn’t in anyway painful but it wasn’t comfortable. His groans however got louder and I knew he was getting close to cumming. I expected him to start pounding me like I had seen on the odd straight porno I had seen. Quite unexpectedly to me he all of a sudden pulled out and knelt upside me. I looked at him and he used both hands to roll me on to my back. His cock was hard, glistening and throbbing. He then grabbed his cock and started jerking himself and rubbing the tip of his cock on my right nipple. He then shouted rather than groaned and pumped several loads of cum on to my chest.

I was excited by this but also wanted it on my face and in my mouth. Not something you would expect from a virgin?

He let go of his cock and I noticed he was trying to control his breathing and was just looking down at the mess on my chest. He then took my hand and put in on his still twitching but deflating cock. I squeezed a few more drops out rubbing the tip of his cock against my nipple. I so badly wanted to suck him and was waiting for him to move up towards my head but after a minute he collapsed and lay next to me.

He reached in to his drawer and took out some tissues. He propped himself up and cleaned me off throwing the tissues on to the carpet. He then lay back next to me and held my soft cock. I got a little embarrassed and felt a little ashamed as there was no blood in it at all.

He told me to relax for @ the 51st time. He said that after a little rest it was his turn to see me cum. Less than a minute later he was asleep.

I also managed to fall asleep although my head was filled with all sorts of stuff that I could not explain.

The night did get more interesting and I will tell more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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