My Descent Ch. 11

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Thank you again for the responses, I so appreciate hearing from all of you. I truly hope you have enjoyed the memories.

Chapter 11

I laid my head on his thigh, thinking of what I just committed to. I had mixed emotions, all running through my mind. What will my parents, family think? Will they recognize me, what will the people in David’s building think, his parents and friends. As I lie and think I feel David’s hand rubbing my head, stroking my hair. I looked over at his cock, the cock I loved, the cock that completely changed my life.

What made it so different, obviously his size. But just staring at it, even soft it was much bigger than my hard clitty. It was perfectly proportioned, the head so huge and perfectly shaped, the thickness around so full and heavy in my hand. The length simply unbelievable, seeing the veins running smoothly up his shaft, so perfectly formed. And his balls, hanging so sweetly, seductively, the sanctuary for the cum I crave.

I was the luckiest guy alive, and I knew it, that cock, this man was completely changing my life and I couldn’t wait and desperately wanted to please him. I leaned forward and kissed the object of my desire it had become my world.

He just asked me to be his girl, the excitement I felt knowing that he was giving me the opportunity to be with him and his cock forever was overwhelming. I felt giddy, excited, concerned, lucky, scared so many different emotions.

“David, what will we be doing so that I become more feminine? I really want to do this for you, for us.”

“Well, we need to move forward from where you already are. I am so proud and happy of the progress you have made while we were apart. We need to be thinking of a name for you, so that you can properly introduce yourself to others. We will need to continue purchasing all female clothing, no male clothing at all moving forward. You will need to learn to apply make-up daily, mannerisms, etc. I don’t want anyone knowing that you ever pretended to be a male. Especially my friends and neighbors, I also have some friends that can help us with our medical needs.”

“I am so very ready for you to make me the woman of your dreams David.”

“I will treat you as a woman in every way, in public we will be a happy couple although we both know I am in charge. Behind closed doors you will be my pet, my plaything, my horny little slut. We will take you to a salon and have your nails done, your hair done, which you will continue to let your hair grow and, in the meantime, purchase a wig. We will inquire about make-up tips while at the salon. You are to go shopping and replace your entire male wardrobe. So today I want you to go shopping and buy new clothing, I trust your judgement but let them know you are changing yourself completely. No more secrets, you are now a woman, you need to think like a woman, refer to yourself as a woman, introduce yourself as a woman.”

I was literally melting as he described my new life, so excited for my future. I wanted nothing more than to follow through on all he was saying and become his girlfriend. I started slowly massaging his beautiful cock as I listened to his plan.

He continued, “I have a friend in the medical field that has agreed to work with you, and we will set an appointment with her soon. Until that time she has assured me that there are supplements you can istanbul travesti start taking, over the counter. I will need you to do so immediately. I will supply you a shopping list, you are going to be very busy young lady. We also need to agree upon a feminine name for you that you will immediately start using.”

Every fiber of my being was on fire, this man was detailing how to create the perfect girlfriend and the girlfriend he had chosen was me. As I held, caressed and felt his massive cock growing in my hand I never hesitated that everything he was saying was exactly what I wanted.

“What name have you been considering? I know the thought has crossed your mind.”

I smiled and said, “Yes I have, and I am unsure, I have always like the name Raquel but there are others that I find quite nice as well. I feel like you should actually choose my name, I am going to be your creation after all.”

He smiled a wide smile as he said, “I really like how you feel regarding being my creation. I think something rather exotic would be nice. I have always liked Karina or Jasmine, what do you think?”

“I would be more than fine with either David, I think they both have an exotic sound.”

“My decision is that you are now Jasmine. From this day forward in every way and we will change it permanently when the time is right.”

I was blushing and smiling as I asked, “May Jasmine please kiss your beautiful cock.”

“Of course, you may, I love how you find it hard to resist, we will be intensifying that craving.”

I stared at it, holding it feeling its weight in my hand, my entire life was changing, and it was all because of this amazing man and his beautiful cock. As I adored it with my eyes and my hands, I felt my clitty responding. I leaned forward and started kissing his cock, after sucking several men at the glory hole this cock was so special. I loved it, in fact adored it, I truly felt feminine as I made love to it. As I was completely enjoying his marvelous cock a hunger was growing, in the past several weeks I had developed a true craving for cum. The taste, the texture, knowing the pleasure you provided to a real man, I wanted cum in fact needed cum.

I focused on pleasing him, getting the cum I needed in return. As I pleasured the object of my affection, I heard David continuing in his plans for us.

“I see your little clitty responding to my cock, which must be controlled for you to become Jasmine. Perfect sissies never have nasty looking erections like that, clitties are not usually as enlarged as yours get. We will be caging your clitty, when you think about it why would it ever need to be enlarged? You will never be fucking anything or anybody again. I will possess the key to the lock placed on your cage, it will cause you to be extremely horny at all times but unable to become engorged. We don’t want you worrying about an unsightly bump forming in the front of your dresses.”

Everything he was saying made perfect sense to me, I wanted to look my best at all times, and it could definitely get in the way. It was absolutely no match for the real man cock in my mouth, it was in fact embarrassing. I would never be using it to fuck anyone, why would I. He knew exactly what to say, what to do. I was falling in love with this wonderful man.

As he started to thrust his cock into my mouth istanbul travestileri at a quicker pace, I could tell by his moaning I was getting closer to receiving what I craved. I loved how it felt like he was using me for his pleasure, he needed to cum, and he chose me to give it to. What an incredible feeling.

“You my dear Jasmine have become probably the best cocksucker I have ever known, but as you know I am not a faggot like you. I am a man, a man that enjoys women, I have chosen you to be my perfect woman, it will take a lot of work, but we will do so together. I want you turning heads when you walk into a room or simply walk down the street.”

I wanted to make that happen for him, no matter the price or the effort it would take. I started sucking feverishly in need of his cum. He groaned and I felt him swell in my mouth and he flooded me with my nourishment. It was so fulfilling for me, swallowing as he fed me.

“That’s it baby girl clean it all up, you crave my cum and will be getting more and more I promise. If you are satisfied, we should begin making our dreams come true.”

I smiled up at him and said, “Yes, please I can’t wait to become your dream.”

“Let’s go to my desk and start purchasing what we can, then we will send you out shopping.”

It was obvious he had been doing his homework, he had sites added to favorites and quickly navigated to each. He started with the cock cage, and we ordered a pink plastic one that looked as if it was way too small for my clitty. He told me we could start out with it larger and decrease its length as it continued to shrink. He then navigated to a website, out of the country where he knew you could purchase the needed medications.

“The Doctor friend I spoke with you about had provided him the information on what to look for. You will be seeing her soon.”

He started explaining what the medications would help with, estrogen to help with breast growth, reduce or unable my clitty to become hard. It was apparent he had been doing his homework, which only made me feel safer and trusting of him. Then something called an antiandrogen which will also assist with breast growth, minimizing body hair, fat redistribution, muscle loss. He was like a walking medical journal. He then went on to explain.

“You will also be changing your diet, you will need to lose weight and eat flax seeds, anything with soy, dried fruits, peaches, sesame seeds, black cohosh and only drink green tea. All of these will assist in putting estrogen into your system and we are already reducing testosterone. You will be purchasing these items today and begin immediately.”

He made appointments for me with the Doctor, a hairstyling salon etc. He was completely prepared for my answer to be yes. He also made it very clear that I could not move in with him until I could pass as a female. He didn’t want anyone living around him to think in any way that he was a faggot.

I began immediately meeting all of his expectations, eating and exercising as he wished, taking the medications he wanted me to take, keeping up with all appointments for the next six months. All the while I would suck him whenever he wished, and I stayed living in my dorm room as the changes were taking place. I was ridiculed and basically an outcast among all who lived there.

It was a small price to pay travesti istanbul for what I knew I needed to be and without a doubt every time David rewarded me with the pleasure of servicing his huge cock reaffirmed my dedication. Was it easy, not in the least, it was an emotional roller coaster but no matter how I felt at times the end goal was well worth anything I would need to endure.

Almost six months to the day while I was sucking David’s beautiful cock, he said the words I had worked so hard to hear.

“Jasmine, kiss me.”

My heart jumped in my chest, I looked up at him and started to cry. I looked down at my smooth, soft body, my budding breasts as I moved the hair from my eyes. Noticing my perfectly manicured nails as I raised my hand to hold his cheek, my quivering red lips moving toward his mouth. My lips touched his and in an instant electricity filled my body, a warmth coursing through my smooth skin. As his tongue probed my mouth, I felt so alive, so energized, he was happy with me, I had pleased him, and the feeling was incredible. I didn’t want to stop the kiss; it was truly magical in every way. As he put his arms around me and pulled me even closer, I felt so safe, so secure, so happy with my decisions.

The last 6 months have seen many changes in many aspects. I continued with school amidst quite a lot of ridicule from a select few, I became more and more aware of myself and who I am. I worked very hard at becoming the woman I was meant to be but during this kiss I understood it was all worth the effort. As he broke our first kiss, he looked me in the eyes and said.

“You have impressed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined, you are becoming more and more beautiful each day. It is time for our life together to move forward.”

I smiled at him as I stared into his eyes, “I want nothing more than to be your girlfriend and take care of you the way you deserve, you have completely changed my life, my entire existence and I will never be able to repay you.”

“You have already more than paid me, you are becoming a very beautiful woman and I want us to be together.”

The rush of excitement and pure happiness I was feeling was overpowering. Everything in the world felt so right, I had never had butterflies in my stomach but at that moment they wouldn’t stop.

The next week was filled with packing my dorm, moving in with David. Meeting my new neighbors who only knew me as Jasmine. In public just as David had said we were a perfectly normal, perfectly happy couple. But my routine in private was much different, I would spend most days shopping, house cleaning, being the perfect girlfriend/wife. As soon as David came home, I would spend the rest of my day satisfying his every need.

I continued to evolve and become more and more feminine, it wasn’t long before I had forgotten who I used to be. Continued use of the hormones and my dieting only enhanced my loss of muscle, thickening of my hair, softness of my skin and my implants certainly made me what David desired. David has been wonderful, and he continues to bring out even more of my submissiveness, which I dearly love about him.

As I sit and write this he will be walking through the door at any minute, I will greet him on my knees at the front door as always. Very eager to take his beautiful cock into my loving mouth and pleasure the man who made it all possible. The same cock that opened my mind and my body to what and who I am.

My only regret is that I had not met him sooner in life, during the times I was pretending to be someone I obviously was not.

I love my man unconditionally.

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