My Discovery

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Sometimes things start with a look or a glance. An unexpected meeting. Something gone astray. Other times it’s just the routines of life. In any event, my first lesbian relationship was during one of those routine life experiences.

I was a tennis player in college. Not great but not horrible either. I had a powerful serve and because I’m left handed and could really put some crazy English on the ball I could make up for an average ground game. I was on the varsity women’s as well as mixed doubles. Not bad for a girl who really wanted to be on Cheer-didn’t get on the squad as I wasn’t “perky and energetic” enough and for whom tennis was a sideline fun thing to do.

And before you all think the wrong thing, the girls on the team weren’t all raging lesbians. Most girls had boyfriends but there were the ones you wondered about as they never dated or their boyfriends lived out of town and were always too busy to come see them, yada, yada, yada. And when it came to boy talk they never seemed to have the lingo down right-when you’ve had sex with a boy you talk about it a way that speaks of passion and experience and their descriptions of their relationships never seemed to jive.

Back then too no one ever came out but we all kind of knew which girls didn’t like boys as much as they liked girls. It wasn’t a big deal as college then was a time for experimenting and who knows if they were really les or if it was just a time for trying new things.

So after practice one afternoon, I went back to my sorority house as I randomly felt like showering there. I was still in my practice uniform right down to the old school girls tennis polo, tennis skirt and spanky panties. About halfway home I started regretting that choice as I was hot and sweaty-soaked really and had to walk past frat row. Of course the boys were out on their front porches drinking and then of course they started catcalling me. Can’t tell you how many times I heard how they wanted to spank me with my racket or offered to let me use their showers. It was fun to be flirted with but it was also annoying. Couldn’t they at least come up with better lines?

Anyway got to my house and went right into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. Jeannie was in there with a couple of the girls and for whatever reason gave me the once over I’d long associated with how a boy will look at you when he likes what he sees. Jeannie was a soph like me but we weren’t in the same pledge class and I kind of knew her but other then parties and formals we weren’t especially close.

I was knocked off my stride a bit as I wasn’t expecting güvenilir bahis her to look at me that way, smacked my racket bag against my leg and kind of fell against one of the refrigerators. Jeannie bounced up, came over, asked me if I was ok and helped me up. In so doing, she brushed her hand up under my skirt and felt my spanky panties and butt cheeks for a brief moment. Our eyes met and my knees were ever so weak. Her eyes were brown, she was a dark readhead and up close I noticed that she had freckles all over her nose and cheeks. For a moment I felt this bolt of lightning jolt through me as she held me and looked up closely into my eyes. If she was a guy I’d have kissed her I think as I was so moved by her sexy eyes and freckles.

Jeannie is shorter than me, compact with large brown eyes, short thick and luxurious auburn red hair, freckles and small breasts. She looked a lot like Dorothy Hamill. On this day she was wearing hospital scrubs and one of our sorority themed t-shirts.

The moment passed and recovering my poise, thanked Jeannie and got my juice.

A few days passed. Not like we were avoiding each other or anything but we were both busy, the school year was ending in a month or so, and there was more than enough going on to keep busy with.

But after those few days we ran into each other on campus going through one of the student lounges. Our actions were normal but we were both feeling something. I just knew it.

During the course of the conversation Jeannie asked me to play a round of golf with her. It was her sport and not mine-I’ve always been a hacker even from the ladies tees but she was able to play for free at a local private country club. We had a deal that allowed it for university golfers under the same arrangement that we had for using their championship courts for our tennis team matches with other schools.

I was really curious now but agreed on the condition that I could get clubs and spikes to use as I had neither with me.

So the next day we went after our classes were over. I didn’t have ladies golf wear-that beside clubs and spikes were some of the few things I left at home with my parents so I wore one of my white tennis skirts and an Izod polo…and yes that included my spanky panties as they were too short to wear with normal panties.

We teed off and started the round, largely making small talk.

Even though Jeannie was small and petite, her drives went miles farther than mine and she didn’t let me drop a ball or play where she hit like my boyfriends would…so I started getting a bit bored after the 12th hole türkçe bahis and asked her about what had happened between us the other day. Jeannie fumbled her words around a bit and then fell silent. It was ok with me that we sat in the cart for a moment. The sun was getting lower in the west and would be setting in a couple of hours. I was enjoying the day out even if my golf was embarrassing.

Out of nowhere she reached over and took my face in her hands and kissed me. It was sweet and kind and gentle. I kissed her back, our tongues met up. I forgot that we were in a golf cart on a golf course as we must have made out for a good ten minutes. Seemed like we both needed to come up for air. Surprisingly no one was behind us and whomever was ahead of us was long gone. We’d kind of lucked out that no one saw us necking.

We looked around and saw that there was literally no one on the course.

Feeling a surprising sense of newfound freedom, we played further although now we were holding hands and giving each other pecks on the cheek instead of a high 5 for a good shot or even not such a good shot. Jeannie even felt compelled to give me an informal lesson that included standing behind me holding the clubs in both of our hands or adjusting my hips just so on a follow through. Corny right? Seemed like fun at the time. We finished up with a little bit of daylight left and turned in the cart, my loaner clubs and spikes the club let me use.

We started walking to Jeannie’s car and we were both feeling a bit sad when Jeannie grabbed my hand and walked me back over to the course behind the putting greens. We went behind a line of eucalyptus trees and started some serious making out. I pushed her against a tree and kissed her again and again. She found just the right spot on my neck and nibbled and bit me in just the right way.

While time seemed to stop, we just kept slobbering all over each other. I got really brave and felt Jeannie’s butt. It was soft and slightly jiggly. Jeannie started kissing my neck again and I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties pulled them down a bit past her cheeks and felt her flesh. Warm and a bit sweaty from golfing I ran my fingers down the crack of her butt. She made a noise deep in her throat, shivered a bit and if I had to guess she had a small orgasm. She had run her hands up underneath my polo shirt and was firmly twisting my nipples through my somewhat unsexy but thin sports bra. Now it was my turn to have a short mild but sweet orgasm.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other in the fast fading light of a mid springs afternoon. güvenilir bahis siteleri Jeannie raised my arms up and took off my polo and unhooked my bra, leaving me exposed and topless. With afternoon coming to an end, the temperature went from hot to slightly chilly. My breasts were bouncy and my nipples were hard from the attention Jeannie was giving them. I managed to get her panties down around her ankles and started to explore her pussy. She was unshaven, with thicker hair around her pussy lips but it was faint and sparse away from those lips. And those lips! They were thick and supple to the touch. Her clit was peeking out slightly which told me that she was very excited. Apart from gym showers and sleepovers I hadn’t seen a girl naked and certainly not in a love embrace. I played with her clit, pinching and rubbing it with alternating intensity. Jeannie moaned and panted and came. I entered her with my index finger and continued to rub her clit with my thumb. Another orgasm-this one was a big one and I knew that I had deeply satisfied her.

Jeannie had moved down to my breasts. Kissing and fondling each one, I had several mini orgasms- really they were enough to take my breath away ever so much but not enough for an eruption of pleasure. She had angled me away from the tree and over to a bench near a tool shed. Pushing me down she got on my lap and we kissed while she wriggled around on me. Soon she slid down to her knees. Pushing my knees apart, she nuzzled my pussy. I rubbed my left breast, and with my free hand, held the back of Jeannie’s head and made sure that I guided her to all the right places. She pulled my spankies down but left my g-string on. Then laughing a bit that I’d wear a g-string, then pulled those down around my ankles as well.

Then she got down to it on my pussy, shoving her tongue deep inside me. Over and over. Back and forth up and down. Biting my clit and feeling me get wetter, and wetter and wetter. I moaned and shrieked a bit as she hit me just right and I clamped my hands on her ears and shoved her mouth and tongue deep inside. I arched my back to get the right angle, settled a bit then arched my back again as I came.

I needed a break and pulled Jeannie back on my lap. We held each other tightly, and kissed, partially naked in the twilight. It was wonderful.

After a short while we dressed each other and walked back to Jeannie’s car, arm in arm. Like a sap, I even sat right next to her on the seat, like a good girlfriend would.

As we drove away from the club and onto the drive where Greek Row began, we separated and acted like 2 friends back from a day out. One thing though-as we walked into the house, I was only wearing my g-string panties-Jeannie had asked for my sweaty spankies and of course I had to let her!

There is more to this and I’ll write about it soon.

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