My First

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My first time? You really want to hear about that? Well it’s going back a bit but give me a moment to gather my thoughts and I’ll tell you what happened….

Jack (that’s me) and his girlfriend, Jill (OK, so I’m not very imaginative with names — so sue me), were both eighteen and like all eighteen year olds they knew it all. They might both still be virgins but they knew all about sex. They’d seen the pictures and read the books, the whole sex ed. thing, and they knew what was what. They’d even experimented a bit with some heavy petting and touching when they thought they could get away with it, which wasn’t often the way the parents kept on at them. Jill was on the pill, and eventually their time would come.

Anyway, it was the holiday season and they were at this farm or dude ranch or whatever you like to call it. You know the sort of place. You go out and pretend to be a yokel for a few weeks and get bored out of your mind, bruised in body and looking forward to going to university or college, just to get out of this hell hole you’d been consigned to.

This particular afternoon, by the clever expedient of falling off that damned horse and claiming a broken leg, Jack was excused the afternoon roundup, and Jill had offered to stay and nurse him. (She hated riding too, but wasn’t game to fall of the horse and claim an injury. Too far to fall, she reckoned.) So the staff and suckers all went galloping off over the horizon while Jill escorted poor Jack to the first aid centre, where the broken leg rapidly healed until it resembled a twisted ankle, and not very twisted at that.

This left Jack and Jill with a few free hours to fill, so they decided to explore the place. One place of interest was the stables. They seemed especially large and empty now that all the horses were gone and J&J wandered around looking over all the yokel type stuff. Jack spotted this ladder at the end of the stable and naturally looking up to see where it went, he spotted the hay loft. You know the sort of place. Just like a big shelf where they stored their extra bits and pieces and of course, feed for the horses. Oats and grain or whatever, and hay. Lots of hay. Several rolls were there, but a couple of those rolls had been broken down and were just loose piles.

“Do you suffer from hay-fever, Jill,” asked Jack with a grin.

When she turned to look at him he jerked his thumb upward and then indicated the ladder. Jill grinned back at him and then scooted up the ladder with Jack close behind. Pretty soon they were ensconced in the hay, making out. Still a couple of innocents at this stage, so think kissing and a bit of groping when you try to imagine what they were doing.

Seeing that they were on holiday, Jill actually let Jack go just that little bit farther than normal, with the result that he was able to unbutton her shirt and slip her bra up. For the first time he could actually see the twin treasure that he’d dreamed about but rarely been able to touch. As far as J&J were concerned, comparing this to chasing cows from a horse? No contest.

Things were moving along nicely as far as Jack was concerned, although Jill was having a few doubts but willing to go with the flow. For now anyway. Then came the interruption.

Suzy came waltzing into the stables. How to describe Suzy? According to Jack, wow! According to Jill, that bitch! (You will note that they both describe her with exclamation marks. She was that type of girl.

Suzy was gorgeous. Blonde, stacked (and didn’t she know it), really nice figure that she delighted in showing of in tight jeans or tighter shorts and skimpy little tops that were almost, but not quite, indecent. She was a natural flirt and cosied up to every man on the place. She’d even flirted with Jack once, leaving him tongue-tied and Jill furious.

As I said, Suzy came waltzing into the stable, looking all around. She was wearing sandals, a pair of her tight little shorts and one of those nearly indecent tops. She had legs that seemed to go on forever, but when they did eventually finish there was a sight for sore eyes, and any male in her vicinity would stop and look. Jack was in the vicinity and he was looking, much to Jill’s disgust.

“She’s a tart,” hissed Jill in Jack’s ear. “If she’s wearing anything under that outfit it’s more than I can tell.”

“She’s harmless,” Jack whispered back. “We’ll just lie here quietly until she goes again.

“What’s she doing here, anyway,” grumbled Jill. “I’ve never seen her on a horse yet.”

Jack grinned. “I’d love to see her mounted,” he said ambiguously, getting a swift dig in the ribs from an irked Jill.

J&J lay low, watching Suzy wander around, confident they couldn’t be seen.

“Carl?” called Suzy. “Are you in here?”

“No, sweetheart,” rumbled a voice from the door. “Carl couldn’t make it. He’s had to ride out to the south pasture and so I’ve come in his place.”

The inhabitants of the stable all turned their heads to look at the newcomer. There, filling the poker oyna doorway (and it was a large door), was Logan, one of the ranch hands.

OK. A description for Logan. A walking tank, from Jack. A gorilla, from Jill. Suzy had been known to refer to him as that dumb ox, which wasn’t really fair as Logan was really quite intelligent. He just didn’t look it.

Logan stood six foot six in his bare feet. (The cowboy boots added another four of five inches.) He weighed about 250 pounds, and none of it was fat. He also had a face that looked as though it had been the target of a herd of mules holding a kicking contest. He was really ugly. He was also extremely good with animals, and was often on call as the vet’s assistant. He only worked at the ranch during the holidays, being enrolled at the University studying veterinary science.

“What are you doing here?” demanded Suzy, “and where’s Carl?”

“I just answered both those questions,” pointed out Logan. “Don’t you listen? Carl is heading towards the south pasture and I’m his replacement.”

“His replacement for what?” asked Suzy. “And why would he stand me up to go to the south pasture? What’s out there, anyway?”

“You do have questions, don’t you,” observed Logan. “He’s going to the south pasture because I told him to. What’s at the south pasture will be Carl and a lot of work for him to do. Carl was coming here because he was of the understanding that you were going to fuck him, but was quite willing to go to work when I told him you wouldn’t be fucking him today.”

“What makes you think that Carl thought I was going to fuck him, as you so crudely put it? And why do you think I wasn’t?”

“More questions,” muttered Logan. “Carl was under that impression probably because you gave him that impression. I explained that if he came down to the stable to meet you it would be with a broken arm, and that he’d be much safer riding out. He saw the wisdom of my words and left. I knew that you wouldn’t actually fuck the poor bastard as you’re getting such a kick out of teasing the men and setting them against each other. Now, have you any more questions before I get down to business?”

“I’ve never been so insulted,” gasped Suzy. “How dare you infer such things about me. And what’s this business that you mentioned.”

“I kind of figured that you’ll keep stirring up the boys until someone takes you in hand and screws your arse off. Since I seem to be the only one who can handle you I thought it would be best to come down and attend to it myself.”

“Attend to what yourself?” demanded a furious Suzy.

“Fucking you, of course. What the hell did you think I meant?”

“You’ve got high hopes,” said Suzy with a sneer. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve other places to go.”



“I said NO. You really should listen when people talk to you.”

“I heard what you said. I just didn’t believe it? And what do you mean by it anyway?” Suzy was almost dancing on the spot, she was so pissed off at this oaf. Coming and ruining a bit of harmless fun. God he had a nerve.

“You really are a dumb blonde, aren’t you?” sighed Logan. “When I said no, it meant that you’re not leaving here until after I’ve fucked you. Currently, I haven’t even taken your clothes off. You will note,” he added, jerking his thumb towards the loose-box next to them, “that Carl has placed some straw there and covered it with a nice blanket. Thoughtful of him wasn’t it. Now why don’t you hop in there and start taking of your clothes.”

Logan advanced on Suzy, preventing her from passing him, and as she back-peddled he effortlessly steered her into the loose-box, following her in and closing the door behind him.

Watching this Jack stirred, and started to rise. Jill promptly grabbed him and held him in place. “What do you think you’re going to do?” she whispered quietly.

“I’m going to let them know we’re here,” Jack muttered back. “That way Logan will have to back off and leave Suzy alone.”

“Don’t be an idiot. Just stay here and watch. This could get interesting. I very much doubt that Logan will have to rape Suzy. She’s been begging for someone to take her for a while.”

Down in the loose-box Suzy was nervous but defiant. “I’m not taking of my clothes and I’m not going to have sex with you,” she said firmly, though fairly sure that this statement would have no effect on this ox who appeared to have cornered her.

“Well, I can always take of your clothes when I’m ready,” said Logan generously, “and you are going to have sex with me. Very shortly, too.” Even while he was talking he was already starting to undress himself.

Stripping quickly it was immediately obvious that Logan was ready for action. I believe I mentioned earlier that Logan was a very large man. Did I mention that he also had very large hands and feet? He did. And other appendages to match, it turned out.

Now nude and watching Suzy carefully, Logan could see she was eyeing him, or part of him, with a shocked canlı poker oyna look.

Up above, J&J were also noting Logan’s size. Jack a little wistfully, while Jill felt a burning deep inside and an immense curiosity about male parts and how big they grew. She nudged Jack. “Does yours grow that big?”

“No,” growled Jack. “Mine’s big enough, but no-one’s grows that big. You’re just imagining it.”

Jill fought to hold down a giggle, not wanting to disturb the couple below, but her hand wandered down to gently rub between her legs, trying to ease the feelings there. She didn’t object when Jack quietly slipped his hand under hers and also gently rubbed her.

Suzy had backed away from Logan, and was standing against the wall.

“You’re not thinking of sticking that thing in me, are you?” she quavered. “It would split me in two.”

“You worry too much. You’ll be surprised at how well you will fit onto it. Now it’s time for you to decide. You can take of what little you are wearing, and then I’ll start getting you ready for a nice ride. Alternatively, you can just stand there and I’ll pick you up, yank off those things and plunk you straight down on my cock. You can see it’s ready for you. So, what’s it going to be?”

“You not really going to do this, are you?” pleaded Suzy.

“Yes. You need to learn what happens when you keep teasing the men. Better me than someone who might hurt you. I’ll give you to the count of three to start stripping, then I take over.” Logan smiled at her, and Suzy cringed internally, knowing that she couldn’t stop what was going to happen.

“One,” started Logan, and watched as Suzy capitulated, lifting her top over her head, revealing her lovely breasts.

Logan reached out a hand and gently cupped one of the breasts, stroking the nipple with his thumb. Then he stepped back again, his eyes dropping significantly to her shorts. Suzy gulped and undid the buttons, loosening them, and started wriggling them down.

I mentioned that they were tight shorts, didn’t I? Yes, I thought I had. Have you ever seen a girl trying to take of really tight shorts? It seems to take forever. Logan obviously thought so as he growled and asked if Suzy wanted a hand. By this stage Suzy had completely reconciled herself to the fact that she about to be royally screwed, so having Logan pull off her shorts made no difference. She nodded, and Logan reached over, took hold of her shorts and pulled them firmly down.

Now the pair above could see Suzy in all her natural beauty. Jill hissed quietly in Jack’s ear, “I said that she wasn’t wearing undies,” while Jack took Jill’s hand and pressed it against his own rampant member. Jill felt it cautiously and murmured to him, “You may not be as large as Logan but it still feels pretty impressive. I’ll have to take a look at it later.” Jack just smirked. He’d already decided that she’d be doing more than just looking.

Logan reached over and took Suzy’s hand, placing it on his cock. Her little hand looked absurdly small clasping him, but she didn’t hesitate, holding him firmly and starting to run her hand slowly up and down.

Logan let her play, moving his own hands up to cup her breasts, squeezing them and teasing the nipples erect. Leaning down he placed his mouth on one, suckling softly, while rolling her nipple around with his tongue.

His hands dropped to her groin, cupping her smooth pussy and squeezing. He started rubbing his hand back and forth along her slit, sometimes softly, sometimes firmly, switching to a rough rubbing and then back to a gentle soothing motion. He could now feel her rubbing her pubic area against him, pushing her pussy more firmly into his hand, easing her legs apart as his fingers parted her lips and dipped inside. “Oh, god,” gasped Suzy, feeling a large finger slide up into her vagina. “That feels as though you’ve already entered me.”

“Calm down, honey,” said Logan. “I’m just preparing the way.”

Then, with his hand covering her pussy but his finger deeply inside her, Logan lifted Suzy, feeling her squirm against his hand as he tilted her over and laid her on the blanket Carl had so thoughtfully provided.

Now lying on her back and looking at where Logan was kneeling between her thighs, Suzy started to panic. She couldn’t handle something that big, she decided. Time to leave.

Suzy frantically twisted over onto her hands and knees, intending to rise and put space between her and that throbbing monster threatening her, but Logan was too fast. He reached down and caught her legs effortlessly, each hand holding a knee as he help Suzy’s legs apart and lifted her off the ground. Suzy found herself with her hands pressed against the ground holding her up while Logan was standing behind her, holding her in the air. “It’s like we’re in a wheelbarrow race” she thought, giggling in spite of her fears.

As J&J watched enthralled, Logan lifted Suzy slightly higher, spreading her thighs a little more while his massive member began its assault internet casino on her secret citadel. His marauding hands had already breached the gate and examined the passage, ensuring it was large enough for the army to follow, and now Logan moved forward.

Suzy squealed as she felt Logan’s cock pushing its way past her lips and into her passage. She frantically twisted against it, hoping that he’d reconsider, but knowing as she felt its steady advance that there was no hope of that. He had said he was going to screw her and screwing her he was. Suzy felt her vagina stretching, lengthening, her natural juices providing the lubricant required to ease the entry.

Logan plunged deeper, enjoying the feel of Suzy wrapped around his cock, enjoying the sensations she was sending through him as she squirmed under his steady assault. All too soon, from his point of view, he was fully inside her, balls to the wall as it were. Now he waited a bit, letting Suzy adjust properly to him.

J&J were still watching with great interest. This definitely beat sex ed. and the books they’d been given to read. “I didn’t think he’d be able to put all that in her,” said Jill quietly.

“Neither did Suzy,” said Jack, trying not to laugh. “Did you see how she tried to wriggle away at the last moment?”

Jill nodded enthusiastically, clapping her hand over her mouth to stifle her laugh. “Serves her right. I wish I’d had a camera. What’s he waiting for now?”

“Just giving Suzy time to get ready for what’s about to happen,” said Jack. “Look, there he goes.”

Logan leaned harder against Suzy and told her, “I’m about to put you down now. I suggest you tuck your head onto your crossed arms and hold your bottom up high, as I’m about to tenderise your pussy like it’s never been done before.”

Suzy could recognize common sense when she heard it. She knelt down in accepted doggy fashion, head and shoulders low and bottom high, legs spread, presenting herself. She felt the first slow withdrawal, and then screamed as Logan came racing back into her, slapping his balls hard against her pussy.

Now Logan settled down to some hard pounding, his cock slapping hard into Suzy’s tight little pussy, while his balls merrily spanked her outer lips with each thrust. Suzy was continuing to scream with each thrust, not loudly or with pain, but with soft appreciation of the tenderising she was getting, her small bottom lifting eagerly to meet each thrust.

J&J watched fascinated as Logan relentlessly pounded Suzy, hearing her initial screams dwindling away to little gasps and mewling sounds as sexual satisfaction was forced upon her.

Even as they watched they suddenly saw Suzy shudder and heard her indistinct shriek as she jammed her hand against her mouth to muffle herself, not wanting to attract outside attention with too much noise. At the same time they heard Logan give a groan of relief, and saw him giving some short sharp strokes within Suzy. It was only a small step for the pair of them to realise that the protagonists had both had their climaxes.

Logan held Suzy firmly in place on his cock while they both recovered from their exertions. “You, Suzy, will stop teasing the men,” said Logan. “If I catch you at it again I will drag you down here and give you another lesson, but that one will be preceded by a good spanking. Behave yourself and I’ll invite you to my room to have dinner with me. OK?”

“Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. If you think I’m misbehaving you’ll drag me out here to this stable, beat me and fuck me. If I behave, I get to have dinner with you and then you’ll probably fuck me anyway. Is that right?”

“That seems to cover it,” said Logan. “What do you intend doing?”

“How hard do you spank?” asked Suzy curiously.

“Why not come to my room tonight for dinner and I’ll show you,” said Logan. “As part of the general ravishment I intend.”

Suzy looked at him. “I’ll see.” She said. “Right now I’d better get dressed before someone comes looking for me.”

“Me too,” said Logan.

J&J stayed low watching, as first Suzy left and then Logan. They got a jolt as Logan stopped on reaching the door, turned and pointed to them, and waved.

Jill moved back with a short squeal. “Oh, my god. He knew we were there. And he did that to Suzy anyway?” she exclaimed.

“I don’t care,” said Jack. “Take off your jeans.” (Remember me? I’m Jack. This is supposed to be about my first time. Not Logan or Suzy and from the show they put on it sure wasn’t there first.)

“Very funny,” replied Jill. ‘You’re not Logan and you’re not dictating to me.”

“Jill,” said Jack in a reasonable voice. “Your hand is still holding my cock, which you have managed to extract from my pants.” He smiled at Jill’s startled gasp as she finally seemed to realise what she was doing. “On top of that you’re naked from the waist up, and I can feel the heat from your pussy through your jeans.” There was another startled gasp from Jill, and her hand flew up to cover her breasts. She kept the other one clutched tightly to his cock, Jack noticed with satisfaction. “Given those points and given that I want to fuck you right now it seems reasonable to me that you should take off you jeans.”

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