My Grandma and Me Ch. 01

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My Grandma and Me, Ch. 1

by Maude1067

Incest, CFNM. OON, straight and some gay

I was always close to my grandmother. When my dad, her son, passed away, Grandma Rose was as devastated as my mom. I tried to comfort them both but being inexperienced in such matters, I was perhaps not a lot of help. But my efforts were appreciated.

My grief was tempered by the fact my father was rather distant. He didn’t seem to have time for me or, at least, as much as he did for my older sisters. ‘Asher,’ he would say, ‘I will pay attention when you do something useful.’ I actually did useful things and I was rather successful. At the age of twenty, I have just been promoted at the company I joined just after high school graduation.

Since I was grandma’s favorite and only grandson (she had several granddaughters), I was assigned by mom to visit her often, check on her, and help her in any way she needed. This I religiously did, having dinner with her twice during the work week and helping her at home on Saturdays. Then gradually I was coming over more and more until I eventually moved into her attached ‘mother-in-law apartment’. There was a door leading directly into the main house, but this vacant apartment was a small one bedroom with a small living room and small kitchen. As I still had my privacy (and she had her privacy), it was perfect for me and the rent was low.

I did not have a girlfriend or family at that time so I had the time to help out. And I wanted to do so as my grandmother was a special person – kind and helpful. She was well off, so she contributed money to various local charities and she was always available to participate in many money raising activities. Occasionally, she even got me to help. She was only sixty, so she wasn’t ready to settle down which meant I was helping her with her charities a lot.

Although she missed her husband greatly, grandma Rose was not going to stop living. She had several female friends, mostly widows like herself, and although she had some male friends, those relationships were platonic and several of the men were gay.

Then, one day, about three months after my grandfather died, the relationship between grandma Rose and myself dramatically changed. It is hard to write about this change. Did I like it? At first ‘I wasn’t sure’ but later, absolutely ‘yes’. Now, I knew how fond of me she was – always giving hugs, kisses on my cheeks, watching TV on the coach, arms around each other, and lots of snuggles. At age twenty, I was a young man and I could have stopped this if I had wanted to but, in truth, I did not want it stopped. My own parents love me but they were never real physical about it.

Neither were the ‘hugging’ types and yes, I admit it, growing up I really missed that kind of connection.

Grandma and grandpa supplied that missing ingredient, as she did with all her grandchildren. My sisters also loved grandma’s and grandpa’s hugs and kisses. I did not believe that I was seen as special in that regard while growing up. But once grandpa died when I was twenty years old, and once I became the ‘get to’ person in the family in helping grandma, my relationship with grandma Rose subtly changed.

We became great friends, sharing secrets, dreams, and desires. She was a great help when I joined the company I worked for – her advice was instrumental in my success and getting my promotion after only a year at the job (I joined the company when I was nineteen).

Perhaps I should not have been as shocked as I was on that magic day when grandma sat me down on a chair in front of her as she sat on the coach. She appeared nervous so I knew this was not going to be a normal discussion. This would be something more serious. Could she be getting married? Was she moving? Either one would mean the end, or, at least, a major change in our close relationship. That would be terrible for me.

“Asher, dear,” Rose began, “this will be a little awkward for me and for you. You know you are an extremely handsome man. ‘Cute’ would be an understatement. Now, don’t you start blushing! Compared to the other men I see, you are a god.”

“I think you are beautiful, too, grandma,” I said nervously.

“What I am going to ask of you will be awkward for you and definitely embarrassing. Hold your breath. I want to see you naked.”

‘What?” I exclaimed.

“Naked,” grandma said. “I want to see my pretty grandson as nature intended. I want to see your sex organ and all you hidden spots.”

I was taken aback. No, I was in utter shock. She wanted to see my cock and balls? Why? I was a good three inches soft and my balls hung low, but I wasn’t anything special down there. What could be the appeal? And how could she ask this of me? They are called ‘privates’ for a reason. I would be humiliated.

“I can’t really do that,” I said softly and weakly. “You are my grandma.”

“That is just the point. I love you and you know I love you. It should not matter. And I do want to see you in the nude, to see all of you, yalova escort and I am asking you to please do this.”

Well, I could hardly say no. I just didn’t know if I could handle the embarrassment. What if she didn’t like what she saw? What if I got hard? That would be too much.

But my grandma had given me love – a love that was unconditional. She had been more important to me than my parents. She was the rock upon which I was building my life. How could I say no? I couldn’t.

“I love you grandma,” I said, “and I will do as you ask, if you really want me to do it.”

“With all my heart,” she said with a smile. “Come to me and give me a kiss.”

I got out of the chair and leaned down to her when she suddenly kissed me on the lips. I was stunned. But I liked it. So I quickly stripped down to my boxers. She got up and tweaked my nose, ran her finger across my lips. Her finger then slowly ran down my neck and to my nipples. She ran circles around each one and what a sensation I felt as she tweaked my nips. I never knew nipples on a man could be so sensitive.

Her fingers continued down my body and she seemed to count my ribs and then she stuck her tongue inside my belly button. I jumped at that. But I said nothing. I was completely being taken over by my grandmother.

She finally arrived at my boxers. Now was the moment of truth. She pulled the top down a little revealing my pubic hairs. She ran her finger through them and then removed my boxers. She just stared at my penis.

“Oh, my god,” she exclaimed, “you are so perfect. My grandson has the perfect penis – it must be over three inches. And your balls! Oh, please, Asher, may I hold your balls?”

Still in shock, I mumbled a soft ‘yes’ and she placed my entire manhood in the palm of her hand. I felt electrified as my body stiffened up in response to her delicate touch of my most private part. I could feel my balls as they rolled around in her hand. She gently tugged my scrotum, running a finger nail down each winkle.

I knew that I would become erect if she didn’t stop so I said “Grandma, you need to stop.”

“Of course, sweetie,” she said. She then released my balls and turned me around. “You have a very cute ass, Asher.” She rubbed my butt cheeks and ran a finger down my crack (but not inside, thank goodness – that would have sent me over the top). She then slapped my butt and said “Get dressed and thank you so much.”

I had thought that was the end of this. She got to see me naked and I assumed there would be no follow up. I mean, what else could she do? I was shocked when I realized that I was sad and disappointed. I wanted her to see me naked again. I liked the feeling and I liked how happy she was when she was fondling me. I shouldn’t have worried. Grandma had more in mind.

A couple of days later, she asked a curious question. “Asher, dear, do you know what caressing is?”

I did know but not what caressing had to do with what happened the other day. I mean she basically caressed my balls and penis. What more could there be? Quite a bit more, as it turned out, and it did not involve sex as such. In fact, during all the time that I lived with or helped out grandma, she never took her clothes off. This was strictly CFNM (clothed female, nude man) and OON (only one naked).

“Do you trust me?” grandma said with a smile and a giggle.

“Of course,” I replied. “You are the only one I do trust.”

“Take a shower and then come to the second guest room. And Asher, you cutie, come naked.” With that she walked away. So I showered and remaining naked, I walked to the room and found grandma with a great smile with a new massage table. She patted her hand on the table and said “Get on the table, honey, and lay on your back. And by the way, I love the way your cock and balls sway when you walk – so precious.”

Once I was settled, she said “I’m going to caress your beautiful body, using my fingers, hands, tongue and lips, to explore every inch and have you experience the greatest feeling a man can have.” I was shocked and embarrassed. Every inch? Am I to have no secrets from grandma? I knew then that she loved me completely. She loved me as a person and she loved my body. “To enhance your experience, you need to be blindfolded.” So wearing a blindfold and nothing else, I lay on the table with my manhood prominently on display. My heart was rapidly beating with the excitement I was having, knowing my grandma was staring at my sex.

Grandma Rose began with my chest, gently twisting my nipples. She raised my arms up and smelled and then licked my armpits, tugging on the few hairs I had there. She rubbed my ribcage and kissed my stomach area. I had to concentrate on keeping my cock at rest.

She recognized my agitation and immediately moved to my feet and legs. She pulled on each toe and then gave my legs a strong rubdown. But the higher on my legs she got, the more agitated I became. I could feel her fingers on my inner thighs and knew her fingers were just inches from my scrotum. Then she stopped and nothing yalova escort bayan happened.

“Is everything okay, grandma?” I asked.

“Oh, sweetie,” she replied. “I am just looking at your manhood and admiring your penis and your testicles. Your sex organ is just so cute – so precious.”

Now I felt embarrassed. Grandma was actually worshiping my sex organ. I felt like a god. The most intimate area of my body was not ugly but admired by my grandmother. Then I felt her mouth and lips on the area at the base of my penis and the beginning of my scrotum. For the next ten minutes, she licked, kissed, and engorged my balls – separately and together – and my penis. I couldn’t see her doing this but I could imagine. Just think – my grandma had my balls inside her mouth and had my fully erect penis licked on and sucked on. I could hear her say things like ‘what a wonderful taste’ and ‘how smooth you are’ and how my light hairs ‘tickled her tongue’. Then she stopped and I groaned in disappointment.

“Not to worry, honey,” she explained. “Soon you will fill my mouth with your essence, with your semen. But for now, please turn over.” As I turned, grandma stuck a pillow under my midsection. With my butt sticking up, she proceeded to massage my cheeks and lower back. I was in heaven. Her hands felt so good on my muscles. Soon, however, she spread my legs and she rubbed my perineum and my balls. When she rolled my testicles in her hand, I felt like I was going to explode.

Then she sprayed my legs far apart so that my ass crack must have opened wide.

Again, she stopped. Again, I asked “Everything okay, grandma?”

“Oh, my gosh, yes,” she replied softly. “I am just looking and admiring. I mean, Asher, your ass crack is perfectly smooth with no hair, and your anus is just perfect.”

That I just could not understand. I never could figure out the appeal of someone’s asshole. Even my own didn’t seem special. In fact, in my twenty years alive, I had never seen my own butt hole. Then I discovered the appeal. I felt grandma’s finger circling on my anal membranes and my body reacted to her gentle touch.

“Whoa, Asher,” Rose exclaimed. “Settle down. Does this feel good?”

“Wow!” I said loudly. “More than good.”

“Now, sweetie,” grandma whispered to me, “is it okay for me to enter you? I want to feel your rectal canal. I want to finger fuck you as I advance to your prostrate gland.”

“Yes, you may,” I replied with anticipation.

“Now, Asher,” she said with a little firmness, “you must say the words.”

“Grandma,” I said, “please fuck me with your finger.” There were two greatest feelings that I have had in my life. One was when I felt her finger deep inside my body, gently massaging my anal canal, and when she touched my prostrate gland.

She giggled when she saw my body become all rigid and tortuous as it responded to her internal touch. “Oh, my god,” I exclaimed. “Keep doing that.”

“Now, grandson,” Rose said, “you must say ‘please’ and you must use the word ‘love’ in your request.”

“Grandma,” I mumbled, “please continue making love to me with your finger.”

She laughed at that and said “I love you, Asher, and I now own your body. You are all mine.” After five minutes of ecstasy, she pulled her finger out of my ass and turned me over. She removed my blindfold and then kissed me. “Remember,” she said, “this is a CFNM love. I love you as my grandson. But I also love your body separately. It is a part of you, but I own your body – not your mind, not your feelings, and not your soul. I don’t own those. I own your smooth and beautiful body.”

With that clarification, she leaned down and kissed the area when my scrotum meets my inner thigh. She was kissing every inch of my private area. She again rolled my balls around in her mouth. Then she took my cock and swallowed it whole. Soon I had to cum.

“Give it all to me,” grandma almost yelled. I soon made all sorts of sounds of ecstasy as my body jerked and jerked. I ejaculated five or six spurts of my cum in her mouth.

As I finished, I saw her swishing my essence, as she called it, in her mouth before she swallowed it all. I gently placed my hand on her cheek. I told her how much I loved her and I thanked her for making me feel like I was in heaven. She pulled me up and gave me a giant hug. Then she grabbed my penis and led me to the shower.

She did get a little wet but she did clean me up. I just loved feeling her soapy hands as she cleaned every hidden place on my body. She even dried me.

Now cleaned, grandma took my naked self and hugged me and told me that I would have to remain naked for the rest of the day. And so it began. Whenever I was with her in the house, I would be in the nude and her eyes never left my naked body. I felt that I was on a pedestal, as such. Indeed, she often would have me hold a pose which was created to open my nude body in many awkward and embarrassing ways. In the end, it was very cool to be walking around and knowing that my grandma Rose would be looking at my escort yalova nakedness and admiring all that she saw.

In fact, she liked what she saw so much that she decided I should share my nudity with her friends. She was close to three women and two gay men, all of whom were her age

“Now, Asher dear,” Rose began, “I want to invite my five friends to dinner and I want you to serve us. You will be at their beck and call. And, you will do everything they ask while in the nude. All five, including the two men, will enjoy watching your nakedness.”

“I would find that very embarrassing on the one hand but very exciting on the other.

But I am not interested in having any relationships with any of them.”

“You won’t. But it would be nice if you let them touch you once in a while.”

“I could live with that but only if it is alright with you,” I said.

“Oh, sweetie,” grandma said, “what happens between us is special to us and has nothing to do with anyone else.”

The dinner lasted about four hours. When each guest arrived, I met them and brought them into the parlour. Rose then set me in front of everyone and she proceeded to strip me. When my genitals came into view, I was rewarded with giggles, cheers, and wonderful compliments. It didn’t take long for embarrassment to leave and admiration to arrive. Before we went to dinner, each of the guests came over and bent over to examine my cock and balls in detail. As I stood motionless, the three ladies and two men took turns staring at and commenting about my cock and balls – in great detail.

During dinner, the touching began. As I walked around serving food and removing plates, someone would touch my penis, or cup my balls, or rub my ass. It was hard to stay soft and in the end I couldn’t. Everyone, especially the two gay men, could not resist grasping my fully erect cock. But no one held on long as grandma made clear no one was to provide me with relief.

After dinner we all repaired to the large living room. While the two men and Rose sat looking on, the three ladies played card games with me. I was told to sit on the couch with the coffee table in front of me. The table was low enough so that my sex organ and parts of my ass were very visible to the three ladies.

Sitting to my left was Esther Langdon. I was embarrassed being naked in front of her because in high school, she had been my English teacher for two years. Even though I hadn’t had her as a teacher for two years (at the time of this story I was twenty years old), it seemed like yesterday. It didn’t help when she whispered to me that she had always wanted to see me naked.

Across from me was Mabel Askew who was the mother of my steady girlfriend Marie at high school. So, she also knew me well and whispered to me that she was sorry that her daughter and I had split up in our senior year because seeing what was ‘hanging down from my groin’, she knew that Marie and I would have made beautiful children.

Finally on my right, sat Cathay Conners who really seemed to have trouble taking her eyes off my sex. Unlike the other two, we really hadn’t known each other although she had whispered to me that she is glad to see me now – to see ‘all’ of me.

The purpose of this game was to embarrass me as much as possible and to reveal my body as much as possible. And there was a little embarrassment but I sure liked the fact that the ladies really liked my body. And the game was fun. If one of the ladies lost, she had to answer an embarrassing question either from me or the two women.

For instance, I asked Esther who was her favorite and least favorite student and why. I asked Mabel what Marie most liked and most disliked about me when we were dating. I asked Cathy, whom I didn’t know that well, when she lost her virginity.

When I lost, however, I had to perform. Esther had me do jumping jacks because she had always dreamed of seeing my cock and balls bounce around. Mable made me do sit ups so that my entire underside was displayed. Cathy, who said she loved asses, had me touch my toes so that she could see my anus, which she pronounced as a ‘cute little thing.’

While some of this was embarrassing, everyone was laughing and enjoying me displaying my body. It was a good time. The strange thing about this night was something I never expected. I had a gay experience for the one and only time in my life.

At the end of the evening, the ladies left for home, leaving only Rose, me, and Peter and George. Rose took me aside.

“Peter and George have been an item for thirty years and they truly love each other.

But they haven’t enjoyed a young man like you for years. Humor them. They have promised not to take off their clothes. But I am really fond of these men – they are kind and good to people. Make this night special for them – just for me.”

Rose went upstairs and George and Peter sat down and we talked for a while. As I was the only one naked, I felt awkward but soon I was just enjoying myself. Then he took me to the couch and Peter sat at the end and I sat leaning against him with my legs on the couch. George spread my legs and sat with my left leg behind him and my right one resting on his lap. Every private inch on my body was now close and visible to George.

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