My Hot College Roommate

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All characters are over 18.


Dee and I were roommates during our freshman year at college. The room we shared was small. Dee’s bed was on the right from the door to the hall in the girl’s dorm, and across from it was the door to the small bathroom. Next to that was my wardrobe, and then my bed, diagonally across from Dee’s bed. There was a window at the foot of my bed, and the desk across from it, next to Dee’s wardrobe. We were both shy at first, getting to know each other. I remember the flannel pajamas I wore each night. I would change into them from my school uniform in the bathroom and then slip under the covers.

Neither Dee nor I went on dates and on Friday nights, when the other girls were out; we would light candles and sit on the floor and drink a bottle of wine and talk. That’s how we got closer as the semester wore on. We talked about girly stuff and we soon discovered that neither of us had a real boyfriend. Dee was wistful when we talked about boys, and I think she really wanted to have a boyfriend. All the boys I had met were jerks, I thought, and anyway I preferred to think about my studies and have wine with Dee on Fridays.

It was on such a Friday that Dee suddenly grew quiet. She looked at me and bit her lip.

“Kerry,” she said, “can I ask you a question?” I nodded and sipped my wine.

“It’s just that…” She hesitated. “Have you ever, you know, heard noises from my bed at night?”

My eyes grew wider. I had tried not to hear, but several times I had thought I heard Dee breathing hard. And other little sounds, too, that made me think that she was secretly touching herself under her blanket. I nodded again, and I think I blushed.

Dee was blushing, too. She whispered, “do you mind? I mean the noises?”

I shook my head. I felt like I should say something but I couldn’t. All I could do was stare at Dee’s face in the candlelight.

“I only wanted to—oh my god, I’m so embarrassed!”

I shook my head again. “Don’t be embarrassed,” I said in a small voice. “I… I know what you are doing, Dee.”

She giggled and put her hand to her mouth. “It’s just, it’s just that I sometimes want to make more noise.” She had a worried look on her face, like I might think what she was doing was disgusting.

“I don’t mind,” I stammered. And then we both looked down, our faces burning. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I actually asked you,” mumbled Dee. We were both so embarrassed. And then we started giggling and couldn’t stop.

That night I heard Dee’s breathing change. I froze in my bed. I heard her moan softly and then the sound of her blanket being drawn away. Her breaths grew faster and faster and then ragged. I heard her say “ohhhh… yes, yes, yeessss” and then she drew a sharp breath and held it. My eyes were wide, but of course I could not see because Dee faced the other way in her bed, which was diagonally across the room from mine. But even if I could have seen her, I wouldn’t have turned my head. I just lay there and listened as Dee gave a series of quick breaths that grew slower and slower. Then I heard her pull her blanket over herself again and snuggle into it. My heart was pounding, and I was suddenly aware of how my breasts felt against the material of my ridiculous pajamas. It was a long time before I finally fell asleep.

* * *

Over the next weeks, I heard Dee masturbating in her bed almost every night. We never spoke about it again; but we had drawn closer. It seemed that we were sharing more, and that we were more relaxed around each other. Dee was getting louder and louder at night, too. She started talking more, mostly “yes, yes,” or “please, yes, please,” and “touch me there, please, it feels so good.” And sometimes, when I listened to Dee’s excited breathing and the little rubbing sounds, I slipped my hand into my pajama bottoms and touched myself. It was sexy listening to Dee.

Dee didn’t bother going into the bathroom to change any more; and instead of her pajamas, she just wore panties and a little camisole. I would look up from a book to see her small, lithe form. She was skinnier than I: her legs were long and smooth, and her breasts small and pert. I didn’t mind my curves, and liked the weight and softness of my breasts. But her boyish shape and narrow hips, which seemed so different from mine, fascinated me.

I even considered sleeping the other way in my bed, to be able to see her bed, but I didn’t dare because I didn’t want her to think that I was watching her. Still, one night when Dee was making noises again, “yes, yes, please, just there, just like that, poker oyna please please,” I could not help myself and I turned around to look. To my surprise I saw that Dee’s face was turned toward me. She smiled a little, and then her look became concentrated. But she did not look away. I saw her legs, spread wide, and one arm moving quickly. Her other hand was caressing her breasts through the camisole top. Her lips were parted and she was panting. She held my gaze as she came. Then she slowly closed her eyes and smiled. She was glowing. I turned back in my bed. Hot and cold waves were running up and down my body, and my fingers were sliding down toward my pussy.

That Friday, as we were sitting down on the floor, and I was uncorking the wine bottle, Dee said, “that was so hot, you looking at me when I came.” She blew out the match with which she had been lighting the candles. And then she broke down giggling. I blushed, but I thought that it had been hot, too. Really hot; and I felt that heat now between my legs as I was pouring the wine. “Yes, it was hot” I said in a small voice. Liking my new-found confidence, I added a little louder, “I liked it when you, you know, looked me in the eyes.” Dee beamed and exclaimed, “that’s so hot!” and she grabbed the glass of wine from me and took a swig.

We stayed up late that night, talking and laughing. When at last the candles had burned down, I got up and stretched. “Time for bed,” I announced. I smiled at Dee and pirouetted and headed into the bathroom. When I came out in just my panties and a t-shirt, Dee had cleaned up the glasses and bottle, but lit some new candles and put them on the sideboard next to her bed. She was lying on her bed, and she was naked, her hands covering her crotch. I stared for a moment, and she blushed. Then she reached out and caught my hand.

“Please,” she said. Then she bit her lips and finally whispered, “will you watch?” She squeezed my hand a little firmer, like she was afraid that I would let go of her.

I nodded, a little stunned, but I moved to the foot of her bed, releasing her hand. I knelt down, my right arm on the bed, near her feet. She put her one hand to her mouth and blushed. She took a deep breath. She looked straight at me. Then she slowly spread her legs, until they were open wide before me. My gaze dropped. Her pussy was glistening. “You’re beautiful, Dee,” I mumbled. I felt like I was someone else, like I had entered a track that ran parallel to my real life, my usual behavior. It all didn’t seem to matter, and even though the thought of what was happening flashed in my mind, I couldn’t focus on it. All I knew was that Dee’s slender, trembling fingers were slowly tracing the inside of her thighs toward her glowing, beautiful sex. Her hand cupped her pussy for a moment and I saw her back arch a little. Then Dee pulled her hand up and her finger slipped between her shiny pussy lips. I drew in air sharply, because I had been holding my breath, and Dee glanced up at me. Her finger moved up and down, through the folds of her pussy, gentle but eager.

I was mesmerized, staring at Dee’s beautiful pussy. Her pubic hair was not just trimmed, but Dee had shaved it, except for a tuft on her mons. The lines of her thighs as they ran into her ass and pelvis were perfect. Her pussy seemed to rise from her body toward me a little. It was smooth and wonderful. I marveled at Dee’s labia which were large and peeked out, even when Dee wasn’t spreading herself as she was now. It was so hot to see Dee’s finger dip into her sex and look for those magical spots inside her. When she pulled her finger out again and it was wet and shiny, I shuddered and trembled and my own pussy turned liquid. I felt a fleeting urge to lick and suck her wet finger, to taste her. Unconsciously I pressed my hands against between my legs.

My eyes were glued to Dee’s pussy. She was pulling her glistening finger up now, parting her labia, opening herself slowly. When she reached the peak, she pulled back the skin and I let out a small gasp as her clit appeared. It looked bigger than mine, pink and soft. “Oh, Dee,” I whispered. She moaned and started rubbing her clit in little circular motions with her finger. Her other hand moved up and it was pinching and caressing her breasts. When I looked up at Dee’s face, I saw that she was looking at me, watching me as intently as I was watching her. She moaned again, louder, and started whispering, “oh, yes… yes, please, please…,” like she usually did. Her finger on her clit was moving much faster now, and she was spreading her legs even wider, pushing her pelvis up. It was like she wanted me to see, to show canlı poker oyna me even more.

“Dee, I am watching you,” I whispered. She gasped and rubbed her clit harder for a just a second longer and then her whole body shook. She let out a loud moan that rose into almost a scream. Her hand was pulling at her pussy, which seemed suddenly to be dripping with lust and juices. And then she collapsed, trembling, and shudder ran through her body. She gently cupped her sex in her hand. “Oh, yes, yes” she whispered between her breaths, which were still fast and deep, and her eyes were closed.

I was breathing hard, too, watching her. My hand was still between my legs, but now it was pressing against my soft labia through the damp material of my panties, hot and sticky under my fingers. Dee’s eyes were closed and I moved my hands up to my breasts, cupping them. They were incredibly sensitive. I loved feeling my stiff nipples under the fabric of my t-shirt. I thought that maybe I should get up and move away, that Dee wanted some privacy now perhaps, after she had come. But Dee showed no signs of curling up or reaching for the blanket. She was still holding her legs wide open before me. Her head was turned sideways and little tremors ran through her body. She was smiling underneath her closed eyes and she looked as if she would start purring any second. Both her hands were by her pussy, caressing the insides of her thigh and gently, slowly running along her pussy and dipping a finger deep between her lips. Then she she slowly circled outward again, spreading the dew. Her pussy and fingers looked wet and sexy and delicious.

It was that thought that made me draw a sharp breath, because I think I was on the verge of reaching out for Dee’s hand and bringing it up to my mouth, and kissing and licking her fingers and sucking on them. I wanted to put my hand next to hers, on the soft inside of her perfect thigh, I wanted to lean close and look and smell and feel the heat of her orgasm rising from Dee’s pussy. But of course I couldn’t do that. I got up quickly, and moved a little unsteadily toward my bed. My breathing seemed so heavy to me.

I heard Dee slip out of her bed and come up beside me. She was stark naked, and a sexy glow was all around her. She took my hand, and I could feel her touch all through my body. She pulled me toward my bed. “Your turn,” she announced.

I looked at her uncertainly and blushed, but in truth I was too far gone to stop. I don’t think I had ever been so turned on, so electrified in my life. Dee’s sexiness tingled through my body and affected me. I was connected to Dee’s powerful lust and her breathtaking orgasm.

Dee pushed me gently onto my bed, so that I was sitting down. Then she knelt in between my legs. “You are beautiful,” she said gently. Her saying that and the way she looked at me made me aware of my body. Of the aching desire in my breasts. Dee wasn’t touching me, but I secretly wished that she would. “You think so?” I whispered. Dee just nodded and bit her lip. I reached for the bottom of my t-shirt and I pulled it over my head and put it on the bed next to me. My nipples were hard. I touched my breast lightly, like a playful tongue would lick them. Dee’s look was hungry, focused on me, on my breasts, and on my hands caressing my breasts. It made me hot to feel her look at me like that. I ran my fingers in little circles around my nipples. I love that sensation, the lust that spreads from my nipples and breasts all through my body; I wanted to feel it build. But it wasn’t long before my legs parted, all by themselves. I sighed and stood up to pull down my panties. I was right in front of Dee as I did so, her face inches from my sex. I sat down again, but not far back on the bed. Instead, I was sitting on the very edge of the bed—I guess I was drawn to Dee and wanted to be close to her.

I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. And then I slowly spread my legs wide. “Oh my god,” whispered Dee softly, as if she was looking at something holy, and she trembled a little.

I just lay there for a while, touching my breasts and trying to get used to the fact that Dee was looking at my wet, gaping pussy, and that I was so horny that I knew I would cum right in front of her in a minute. I wanted her to look at me, and I wanted to cum for her.

“Dee…” I breathed. I wanted to say more, but nothing came out. I put my hands on my breasts and began caressing them again. I love their soft weight, the way they feel when I lie on my back. I circled them, spiraling in until my fingers lightly touched my nipples. They got harder as I imagined not my fingertips but internet casino Dee’s lips and tongue. I moaned. I spread my legs further apart, feeling my pussy grow wetter. The knowledge of Dee’s hungry eyes taking in my legs, the skin of my thighs and my pussy was turning me on like I had never been turned on.

“Kerry,” breathed Dee, “you’re beautiful… so beautiful.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore and slid my hands down from my breasts. Lifting my head I looked down at Dee, who stared, mesmerized, at my pussy and my hands. I spread my pussy lips for her and then, hardly believing myself, I dipped two fingers deep inside me. They slipped in easily and a tremor ran through my body. With one hand on my labia, pulling them gently apart, I started rubbing my clit with the other hand. I knew my fingers were glistening with my juices. My lust washed over me and I was close to cuming. But I wanted it to last and tilting up my pelvis, I pushed my fingers back inside my pussy, fucking myself, right under Dee’s eyes. I closed my eyes; I wanted Dee to lay her hands on my thighs, the sensitive inside of my thighs, close to my pussy. The tension was unbelievable, and I had to start rubbing my clit again. My breaths were coming hard and short now and my whole insides felt wet and hot.

“O Dee, Dee,” I stammered. Just a few more flicks and I would cum, my orgasm would flood me, would wash over me. I pressed a harder and rubbed my clit in little slow circles.

And at that moment I felt Dee’s breath. She didn’t touch me with her hands, but she had leaned in and now she licked my fingers while I rubbed my clit. Lightly, gently she licked my fingers that were glistening and wet with my juices. It pushed me over the edge. I moaned and bucked and all through my orgasm, Dee kept licking my fingers. She never touched my pussy but only my fingers, which I had now clamped over my pulsing pussy. I felt like a flood was gushing through my fingers and Dee was lapping it up. My moans built into a scream and my orgasm shook me.

As soon as I was able, I sat up and slid off the front of my bed where Dee knelt, naked and glowing. She blushed when I looked at her and shyly brushed her hair from her face. I drew her to me, straddling her legs, hugging her and grinding my wet pussy into her thighs and hip.

“Dee, oh my god, Dee,” I was babbling. I trembled and shook still from my orgasm and wanted to feel her warm body, her breasts, her skin against me. She smelled delicious. And then I started kissing her: first her shoulder, then her neck and pushing my hand into her hair, her cheeks and forehead and eyes, and finally her mouth. I wanted to devour her. When I pushed my tongue into her mouth and felt hers I came again. She put her arms around me and held me tight, but I was squirming and rubbing myself against her. Her hands slid down my back, the most intense caress I can remember, and she cupped my ass cheeks. “Please,” I whispered between our kisses.

Dee pulled my ass cheeks apart, shuddering a little as she did so, and then her right hand slipped down my crack and touched my little rosette. It was intense and I could not believe how much I wanted her touch. Her hand pushed on and found my wet pussy. Her fingers slipped in and then, slowly, in and out.

I broke our kiss and leaned back a little. It was the hottest thing: Looking into Dee’s beautiful eyes as I straddled her legs, feeling her fingers sliding in and out my pussy. My hip rocked to meet her thrusts. Dee brought her other hand around to my front and ran her fingertips up the inside of my leg until she found my bush and my pussy lips and my clit.

“Yes . . . oh please,” I begged, “make me cum, Dee, make me cum. I want to cum for you.” Dee’s eyes grew wide and she rubbed my clit faster and faster. She drew her other hand back, her fingers slid out of my pussy and I could feel their wetness pressing against my asshole. It pushed me over the edge and I came, screaming in disbelief. My orgasm seemed to go on forever as Dee kept rubbing my clit. The whole time I looked at Dee, staring into her eyes.

Slowly I came down from the high and drew her close to me again, hugging her. She cupped my pussy with the hand that had been rubbing my clit, and then I felt her gently pulling her fingertip out of my asshole—I hadn’t felt it slip in. She hugged me with that arm and I started sobbing, the feeling was so powerful. Dee’s skin felt hot against the cool sweat on my body. After a moment I went limp.

Dee gently lowered me onto my back on the floor and she knelt over me. She kissed me all over, light kisses on my arms, breasts, stomach, legs, and hips. My head was lolling and my eyes were closed. Dee lay down close to me, half on me, hugging me and kissing my ears and cheeks.

“I love you, Dee,” I whispered.

“Shhhhh,” she said and laid her fingertips on my lips.

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