My Instant Sisters Ch. 02

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Hi Readers! To make better sense of this story, you might want to read my first tale, ‘My Instant Sisters’. After writing it, curiosity got the better of me, and I emailed the story to Cheryl, the main character in it. My daughter had her address, (isn’t the Internet a great thing!) And in a few days, I got a reply. It was quite lengthy, and to my surprise, she wrote her own version! I’ll edit through the salutations and long time no sees to get of the heart of the matter, which follows. I do think it is unique to get both sides of the same erotic story, and I hope you, the reader agrees.

Dear Ted,

Yes, I was surprised to hear from you after all this time and I think you wrote a very good, maybe overly romantic account of the naughty time we had. I didn’t realize how close to the heart you’ve kept this, but you did a good job!!! All those little things that you remembered….

Ok, here’s what I can remember. I don’t think there’s anything in it to hurt your feelings. If there is, I’m sorry. You know what the three of us did that week wasn’t right. It was fun at the time, but you were married to my big sister. When it finally all came out in the open there was a lot of hell to pay! Twenty five years has healed things though, and yeah, what we did was hard to beat. Send this in to go with your version if you want. I imagine it’s the only way I’ll ever get published and that’s fine with me.


We got to Ted and Roo’s apartment after a long drive in the car. Mom’s feet were swelling, so Lisa and I did most of the driving. Lisa was bitchy the whole way and I was getting over a bladder infection. I was supposed to drink a lot, so we stopped at a lot of rest areas! Anyway, we finally got there in the early evening.

Roo looked good. I remember it seemed like she’d lost weight. She and Ted had married the year before. Mom was pissed, because they pretty much eloped. So this was my first view of Ted. Hair, long hair. Tight T-shirt, cutoffs really cut off high! They were right up to his butt! Lisa did say something about his arms to me right off when we got inside. I remembered I liked the way he looked at me. I wasn’t feeling exactly sexy until he took his time looking me over. He also made a point of following me up the steps, I think.

I was glad to get there. While the rest sat up in the living room, getting reacquainted, I took a shower. That morning, I’d gotten an English Muffin w/jelly at a McDonald’s. As we left, we went over a speed breaker and I’d dropped part of it down my blouse. That episode ruined my bra, because it was grape jelly, and I hadn’t packed any others. So most of the week we visited I didn’t wear a bra. I was smaller than Roo, and a lot bigger than Lisa, so I couldn’t borrow any. I finally bought another one at Davidson’s.

Ted came in with our bag just after I got out of the shower. He was joking around, making me laugh. He said I had a great smile, so he’d act the fool just to crack me up. I was sitting on the floor sneaking looks at his legs, (nice!) and rummaging through Lisa’s junk and snagged my fingernail. So I leaned forward and finally found the hair blower. I looked at his legs and then a little further up. I think he was hard! It looked like a tube pointing up at his belly. I figured out right then this guy didn’t wear underwear. I kept looking on up to his face and caught him looking down my front. I could tell he liked it and was really getting turned on. It puzzled me kinda, since Roo got the boobs in the family. But I’ll admit it, I got a little horny from him looking. It wasn’t easy keeping the banter going after that, so I went in and dried my hair.

The first night

I do remember how hot it was in that bedroom. I couldn’t sleep on that thing we rigged on the floor. Mom sounded like a motor or something up on the bed. She could get so loud! Anyway, I had forgotten to take my antibiotics for the bladder thing. I got up around midnight to go to the kitchen and get them from Mom’s pill case.

Roo and Ted’s door wasn’t closed all the way and I could just see Roo’s butt shining from the nightlight. But, oh boy, I could see what Ted was doing. I’d never seen beşiktaş türbanlı escort a guy, you know, do it to himself. I’d heard all the off color jokes and stuff, all the references. But no, this was new. I watched the way he did it, teasing himself and stopping, then going again. I wanted to know if he was whispering something, because I could see his lips move. With the fan on in there, I couldn’t hear anything.

The confession is, I started to get horned out. I wanted to rub myself, maybe not to get off or anything but just be caught up in the moment, you know. I wasn’t going to fiddle and have Lisa come up behind me. Wouldn’t hear the end of it. Then Ted looked over at Roo and I thought for sure she was going to get it. He’d even started to turn towards her I think, but then jerked back and came in a hand towel. Now that got me, seeing him jerk and his stuff cum, (sorry!) out. Oh yeah, that got to me.

I think that’s when I decided I wanted him. I was leaning against the door jamb and juice running down my thigh. I had to dash to the kitchen and get a paper towel. Went back to bed wanting to finish myself bad. But Lisa was facing my way when I lay back down and she woke up. I forgot that pill, still in the kitchen which is what I got up for in the first place.

Here’s something else. That did happen about Roo and Ted in the bathroom in the morning. Mom had sent Lisa to round everyone up for breakfast. Roo was going to do cereal and call it done, but Mom wanted eggs and stuff. Ok, Lisa came in to our room with her finger on her lips and waving like she’d lost her mind. But the door to the bathroom wasn’t closed all the way and Lisa was pointing at the mirror. The top of it was steamed up and I couldn’t see much of anything, but my sister could, being so short. We went back to the bedroom, she kept going, “Oh my god, oh my god .” I told her to cut the innocent thing and she got miffed, but I didn’t care. I really didn’t want to start the day out thinking about sex, but oh well. I kept looking at Ted during breakfast and thinking about him and Roo having fun. I got jealous some, I think which was stupid.

Varsity night

We had a big day going to The Stone Mountain. Eating at the Varsity was something else. After we got back and cleaned up, Roo, Lisa and I snuck up on the roof of the apartment building to smoke a dooby. Roo was hoping it would settle her stomach. It didn’t cause she didn’t stay up long after that. She got into a little thing with Lisa about going in the bathroom with Ted, but mellowed when the pot hit. Lise and I got buzzed pretty good and it was just hitting me while I was in the kitchen. Our mouths were all dried out from smoking, so I went for the ice water. I don’t know how long Ted had been standing behind me looking up my shirt while I was bent over. It almost scared me, the look he had.

I’d forgotten the ice cube. He put that on my neck alright and it melted down my back to my crack. He wiped me off and just touched my bare butt in such a tender way. It wasn’t quick, like what he made out either, no, he caressed me. I was already high and his touch wasn’t helping my composure. I started thinking about the last time I had sex. And I was looking at his chest and wanting to see in his shorts. I think if Roo hadn’t come in there it could have gotten out of hand.

Ted wasn’t asleep in the chair. I knew it then and from reading his story, I know it now. He acted like he was asleep really good though, ’cause Lisa was fooled. Mom had taken her night medicine and nodded off with her feet propped up in the recliner. I wanted to put my feet on the coffee table, but Lisa was hogging that. So I just sat there watching the movie, (it was James Bond in Thunderball) .

I kept sneaking looks at Ted looking all suave and cut in the chair beside the TV. All I could think about was him touching me in the kitchen. He had been touching the inside of my hips and I think my pussy was his next stop, until his wife came in. I knew I was wet and sticky, so I kept spreading my legs some to get comfortable. I kept hoping Lisa would go to bed so I could have beşiktaş ucuz escort some privacy. Didn’t have a real plan, other than this girl needed some relief! But no, she sat there like Yoda, and I got annoyed.

That’s when I flopped my shirt up around my neck. Ted’s face didn’t change, even when Lisa spoke up, but the next time it got bright on the TV, I could see that his cock was hard from the outline in his shorts.

That did it for me. I started flowing and the pit of my stomach started tingling. I was going to spot the couch if I didn’t get up right then. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Ted’s crotch and I wanted to finish right then. Very few times in my life have I been that far gone with sexual need. It came back to me real clear when I read Ted’s story.

I went off to bed. Of course Lisa came on back a minute later and I just wanted to scream at her. I could’ve flicked myself over in a heartbeat by then. She lay down and started up about his arms and how she was feeling him up on their bike ride. I reminded her about him being married and got all high minded. I felt like such a fraud. It also dawned on me listening to her that she might have some plans.

Lisa had a boyfriend or two. She scared the last one, I think. She just comes on. People didn’t take her seriously cause she looked like she was starting Jr High, not Jr College. She quit talking and went to sleep. I think she got higher than me up on the roof anyway. I just laid there thinking about Ted touching my butt and getting hard in his shorts. I was oozing down my cheeks and my hole ached terribly from clamping on itself. You girls know that feeling! I couldn’t stand it anymore and just pretended I was scratching. Lisa was, oh, two feet away. I thought about getting up and going into the bathroom. But I didn’t.

When I put my finger inside me I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I started to cum right then and every time it got too strong I’d do something different. I pretended Ted was watching. I honestly didn’t know he was perving out! The hardest thing is being quiet while you’re having an orgasm. So I couldn’t really let loose and go. It’s a good thing I didn’t know Ted was in the hall cause I know I’d have gotten rowdy! As I finished, I rubbed my clit and nearly blacked out. At least I slept good after.

Now I know I’m jumping around some telling all this. Forgive me. It’s two thirty in the morning now and I started out just to write Ted back an email around eleven something. Writing all this sex stuff and remembering those days has gotten me all sticky. And that’s kinda silly since I’ve got two grown kids and the last is nearly gone. Being a single parent for five years now rearranges your priorities too! But I’m sharing my private stuff with Ted, (of course) and this site on the Internet where lots of people will see it. I mean I wouldn’t tell any of these things face to face with someone and mostly I’ve never been this blatant. But thinking about what happened at the pond, (lake) was cool, and I’ll give you my side of it, even though I bet I’m going to get overheated thinking, writing and remembering it.

About that Bike Ride.

Ted wrote some other things in his story that I don’t remember. He did teach me the knife game he called mumbly peg. Seemed hillbilly to me. But, oh yeah, I remember the bike ride!

It was really hot, I know that. The seat on the bike about roasted my buns and it felt like I was riding a toaster. Ted found this lake. I know he called it a pond, but it was bigger than that. It was cooler there too. We sat by the water, but we lit up more than just a cigarette! It seemed like we talked for awhile.

Back when we were on the bike, I’d unbuttoned my blouse halfway to get some wind inside. Well, he kept trying to get me to take it off. He’d taken his shirt off, and as I got buzzed, I kept looking at his chest and arms. The guy had great arms, no doubt. Guess having a weight bench in the house will keep you cut! I didn’t want to pull my blouse all the way off because I was so pale, I remember that. He’d already seen down my shirt and so on, so it wasn’t modesty. Just felt beşiktaş üniversiteli escort like I was as pale as a slug, compared to all those Georgia girls. I did untuck my blouse from my jeans and unbutton it the rest of the way. That felt better, but I really wanted out of those hot jeans.

A breeze came up and blew my blouse away from my boobs and Ted asked if he could nibble one. I was paranoid about people coming up and told him so. Thar’s about when he stood up and started stripping. I wasn’t sure of the plan, so I got up too. I think it was then I told him about seeing him naked and playing with it. He got all flustered. It was all I could do to keep a straight face, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or make him mad. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t want to end up alone out there.

I noticed his butt when he dived in.

Looked good to this girl. So, I stripped and jumped in after him. I didn’t expect the water to be that warm. It was like swimming in a bathtub. When I got into his arms out on the lake, it was like instant electricity. The way we were kissing and touching each other was so intense. I was really needing it anyway and I’d forgotten to worry anymore about some one coming up. When Ted started touching my pussy, I almost climbed on him right then and there. But after all the teasing he’d done to me, I decided to return the favor. We got into the shallow part where I could stand and wrestled, (mainly played grabass) and splashed around.

Then Ted pointed at a row of trees and a sliver of moon rising behind them. It was beautiful and romantic. He ran his fingers up and down my boobs and I started rubbing my butt against his cock. I got very overworked then, but I didn’t want to do it in the pond. I mean, I knew before I unbuttoned my jeans that we were going to do it, just not where. My clit was so hard that when he took it in his fingers and rolled it, I nearly fainted. I grabbed his cock and led him to shore. I lit us some cigarettes cause I wanted to think. It was like the last stop before I did my sister’s man. And, yeah, I was having a little trouble there. I wanted to do right, Ok? The minister talks about temptation and all that, but what a crooked trick to load us with all these sex hormones so young! We were just two people alone and I was dying for him. I think the romance of the time got to me too. When he started eating me, I quit thinking morally, period.

Ted was good at oral sex. Roo said he was good in bed and satisfied her. I had never had a guy that was THAT good at eating pussy. I could have come six times each minute, but he’d stop or change. I was actually getting mad at him! I yelled at him and after that he took me up the hill. I’d even taken the breath to scream when that car door slammed.

I didn’t know what to do. Now I wasn’t going to cum. I was soaking wet down there and Ted was zipping around getting up our clothes. He kept saying, “Shit, where’s my boots, shit!”

We got back into the timberline and watched, trying not to make any noise. I was nervous and was dying to go to the bathroom. Those two guys took forever to get to their spot. I kept trying to squat down and then I’d worry about poison oak or ivy getting on me. That’s happened once, oh boy!

Ted took me into a thicket of tall grass and started to turn off like he was going to get dressed. He was already soft and I’m going unh unh! So I sucked him while I peed and he stood back up like a rocket! When I was done, we finally consummated standing up. Neither of us could wait anymore and to hell with the fisherman. I came so hard I peed again all over us and blacked out. The last thing I remember is those fisherman yelling over at us. They knew we were there, I mean it wasn’t any surprise to them when we left. I think Ted was getting off when they yelled, that’s why he doesn’t remember it.

I like a gentleman. I like a gentle man. Ted cleaned me up as I lay there just exhausted. He was so dainty wiping my pussy. Usually guys swab it like a stove top and the girl sees stars!

I’m soaked from writing this. I knew I would be an hour ago. Yeah Ted, thanks for digging up old memories. I wish I wasn’t alone right now. Oh boy! But anyway, there’s more, (isn’t there always) about going back to the apartment, the way Roo was looking at me, like Ted surely didn’t do any wrong!

Author’s note

Cheryl continues another couple of pages about things in the up coming part concerning Lisa. Her narrative will follow that story. –puppop

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