My Life Ch. 02

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Please tell me what you think! I’m I the only married man that enjoys having his wife in pantyhose? Am I the only man who is lucky to have a wife that enjoys role playing?


Well, I woke up alone in bed. Holly must be in the kitchen, as she has to have coffee. She has always been an early riser. Me, not so much and have never been a morning person. I wasn’t sure what to do, should I take off the pantyhose? Worse yet was having to wait to read Holly’s reaction. Looking down at my crotch I could see that some time during the night I came, it’s been years since I had a wet dream; however I was so aroused that it took me a long time to fall asleep. Every time that I moved, I thought that I would cum. Guess that some time during the night that I did. I decided to keep the pantyhose on.

So I got up and started to look for her. She was sitting at the kitchen table wearing her favorite robe, drinking a cup of coffee. She didn’t say anything but got up and made me a cup. She placed my mug on the table and gave me a big hug, “Jim, I love you so much. I wish that you trusted me enough to share your secret with me.”

“Holly your right and I’m so sorry. Its just something so taboo and I was afraid of losing you.”

She gave me a kiss, not a soft kiss but a hard passionate kiss, and after a few seconds broke the kiss, “Jim we have to trust each other and I want you to tell me your secrets. Who knows maybe I’ll even surprise you!” Her tongue entered my mouth and her hands moved all over my body. Holly was hot and wanted some. She pulled her robe open and turned around. “Promise me that you won’t keep secrets.”

“It’s just hard, I mean men are not suppose to wear pantyhose.”

She pinched her nipple to tease me, “Oh Jim, we have so much to talk about and so much to do! I’ve been thinking about this all morning. And anyway who said that men can’t wear stockings? I thought it was sexy and erotic! We have so much to talk about but I have to trust you.”

“You can trust me, look I’m wearing freaking pantyhose.”

“Yes you are, and have to say you look pretty yummy. First thing though, we must near those legs of yours. Shaving them would take for ever.”

Holly reached for my hand and pulled it between her robe till I found her wet pussy. “Jim, you’ve been a good husband and a good friend. Maybe, I’ve been a little too conservative in the bedroom for you. Well that is about to change. Last night you opened my eyes to a lot of things and I’m very willing to try new things together. Do you want this?”

I smiled at my wife, “Oh yes I do!”

“First thing though, I’ve been on fire all morning and had to wait for you to wake up.”

Once in our bedroom her robe fell to the floor, and then Holly grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and then grabbed her life like dildo. “I bet that you’ve been waiting a long time to watch me with this!”

She hopped up on the bed next to me, placed the toy on the bed so that the dildo looked like a man was on the bed, and smiled as she looked at me. She grabbed my hand and told me to hold on to him. Once I had a hold of her toy, she slowly mounted it! That was the first time I’ve ever seen something, well a fat cock enter my wife!

A new woman was born as inch by inch my wife took that ten inch dildo, “Hope you like the view baby.” Holly smiled once she had the whole thing in her. “Can you see how deep that thing is in me?” Once she adjusted herself to the size and thickness my sexy hot-wife started to ride her new toy.

It was totally erotic to be sitting next to my wife, holding her dildo, and watching her have sex. I loved watching her leg muscles flex as she rode up and down the dildo. Hate to admit it but I was kind of jealous since I’ve never been able to reach areas in her pussy like that dildo could.

I’ve never seen my wife this way before, normally she was this reserved woman that was afraid the neighbors would hear her. Now kızılay escort she was a woman that cared about her pleasure and a woman that was enjoying her sexuality. After all, my wife is very sexy and I could spend days in bed with her so in that regard I was very happy to see her let go and enjoy sex.

Holly was totally lost in her own pleasure and it didn’t take long for her to start cumming. This was about her getting off, about her sex, and there really wasn’t anything for her to worry about except her orgasm. Have to admit, it was very arousing to watch her and my cock was throbbing.

Then, I watched her slam her body down on that dildo, she opened her eyes a little and made this very erotic face. I could feel her pussy vibrating on the dildo that I was holding. She had that look, “Oh I’ve been a very bad girl but oh how I love it.” My wife was cumming on this cock and I loved it!

After a few minutes she rolled off the dildo and fell into my arms, “God, that was so hot!”

Normally she’s very sensitive after she has an orgasm but I could tell that she was not done yet. Holly reached out and pulled me down her body, basically pushing me to her pussy as I moved down her body, she rolled on her back and opened her legs. I knew what she wanted. I tasted her, she was very wet. I could see how wet she was, I mean her inner thighs were slick from her arousal. I’ve never seen or felt her this way before.

Holly was so aroused, she pushed and pulled me down to her, “Eat me baby!”

She tasted differently, not sure who to describe it. Maybe it was just the fact that she was so aroused, and that I was about to have a heart attack. I’ve dreamed of this day for Holly to become this aggressive in bed. Oh my! It didn’t take me long to push my wife over the edge to her second orgasm. I crawled up to her, still wearing my pantyhose.

She grabbed my now rock hard cock and started to rub it, her hand went up and down my cock, teasing me with her hand and pantyhose. “Jim I want you to fuck me hard!” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but decided to go alone with it. She rubbed my cock a few more times and that just sent me over the edge. The hose was so tight against my cock, she held me tight and I felt the first stream shoot.

How embarrassing it was to cum from my wife touching me but my mind was mentally on fire!

She pulled me into her arms, “It’s okay baby, that was so amazing. I don’t know if my body could take any more.”

I still wanted to do my wife! I rolled over on my back and started to pull down my pantyhose.

“Hey baby what are you doing?” Holly rolled on top me.

“I wanted to clean up a little, I’m very wet.”

“So am I baby,” she reached between her legs and brought her fingers to my lips. “Can you taste me?” Then she kissed me hard! “I don’t want you to take off your pantyhose just yet.”

We snuggled for some time. Then about an hour or so, Holly woke me.

“So baby, are you ready for lunch?”

“So, did you enjoy watching me fuck that toy?”

“Oh yeah, that was very kinky.”

“Do you think about me fucking other men?”


“Oh come on baby, were being honest.

“Fine, do you think about other men fucking you?”

“Only if you tell me!”

“Yes Holly, I think about other men fucking you.

“There was that soo hard?” She reached down and felt me. “Well I guess it is now! Now, Jim don’t get upset but I do think about fucking other men. Some nights I tend to wait till your asleep and then I masturbate myself to sleep.”

I was kind of taken back by her honesty, “Are there any guys that you would want to fuck?”

“A few, why?”

This was going to be really hot, my wife hopefully will tell me who she has the hots for! “Really like who?”

“Jim, do you really want to hear that? Won’t you get all freaked out next time you see them?”

“Please, if anything I will try to hook you up.”

“Yeah kolej escort right, like you want me to fuck one of your buddies.”

“Oh, so you have the hots for one of my friends?”

Holly put her hands on her hips, “Please like you don’t for Julie.”

“Well, busted!” All I could do was laugh if off.

“Now, if Julie wanted to play, well lets just say that I could enjoy some quality time with Tom.”

“Honey, I have to get a few things at the mall. Do you want to come with me?”

Please, I hate the mall. “No, I have a few things to do around here. Is that okay?”

“Sure babe!” She kissed me and then she was off.

With Holly shopping that gave me some time to clean up the garage and fix a couple of things. I like to help Holly around the house and don’t feel that keep our home clean is her responsibility. After all we both work and I learned pretty quickly that when Holly is tired she’s not in the mood for sex.

Holly returned around eight with several bags, and she looked very happy. Oh, she put our credit cards through a good work out. She smiled and handed me a gift wrapped box.

I was confused, it wasn’t my birthday. “What’s this?”

“A present for you. While shopping I started to think about what we could do and how we could have some fun with all of this.”

I opened the bag to find sheer black pantyhose, fishnets, several control top pantyhose, and suntan sheer pantyhose, “Wow, I know you will look hot in these!”

“Oh no baby, these are for you.” Holly went into our bedroom, I could hear her digging though the closet and she returned with a black dress. Holly was smiling as she walked closer to me as she then handed me a second box and sat down next to me.

I opened the box to find a sexy black dress, and than it hit me like a ton of bricks, she wanted me in that dress. “What are we going to do with this stuff?”

Well silly, I was thinking. I’ve always wanted to have a girls night out.

Okay but how does that involve me?

She slapped my shoulder, “Your going to be my wing girl!”

“Say what?”

“Oh come on, let’s just try it!”

Holly was so excited that I hated to burst her bubble therefore I just went with it. She led me to the bathroom and undressed me. I had no idea what she had planned for me. Once I was nude she asked me to get into the bathtub and then started to put Nair on my legs. Guess I was lucky in that I had very little body hair. Nair isn’t the best smelling product but Holly swears by it.

“Were going to make you nice and smooth this way, your legs won’t snag your hosiery.”

Still, getting dressed up to go out was kind of nerve racking. I had no idea what to expect and if she was dressing me up, what about heels? Could I even walk in heels? Its so strange to be nude, with your wife rubbing near over your legs. What was stranger was the fact that my cock started to become hard!

“See honey, that is why I got you some tight granny panties, and control tops. I don’t want you to get a woodie out on the dance floor. After all if you’re dancing with someone what will he think?”

“Wait, what?”

“Well silly, when we go out it’s about dancing, right?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Well, we can have a few dances together but you know how men are and I can tell you will be very hot! Lots of men will want to dance with you.”

“But I want to dance with you!”

“Thanks baby, and we will. But don’t worry while you’re out dancing with some guy I’m sure that someone will ask me to dance too. I want this to be fun for us.”

After a few minutes the Nair was ready to come off as with all my leg hair. She turned on the shower and washed me, I could tell that Holly was thinking and maybe she picked up on my reservations. I didn’t have reservations about dancing, just wearing heals due to the fact that I’ve never worn them.

Once out of the tub, Holly dried me being careful to tease me maltepe escort by accidentally brushing against and rubbing my hard cock. She led me to the bathroom and sat me down on the bed. She then pulled out a new pair of hose and started to put them on me. As I stood she pulled the hose up to my waist, she pulled out another box and showed me my shoes. Being a smaller man, well I have small feet.

“Don’t worry I didn’t forget about your shoes. However, I think we should have you walk around the house in these first before we go out dancing.”

Having Holly say that put me at ease while she helped me in my own pumps and then helped me walk around the house. It’s a strange feeling, but very erotic. I really enjoyed being in pumps and felt kind of sexy, course being in pantyhose was also very erotic for me.

It took me about thirty minutes of walking around to become confident in pumps. Holly complimented me on my walking and said that she was disappointed in herself for not getting me stilettos. We then went back into the bedroom to pick something for her to wear out.

It’s a strange and very erotic feeling watching my wife undress and looking at her clothes knowing that she was dressing for me, and another guy. Well some stranger that she will be dancing with.

Holly turned to me and teased her nipples, “Do you think guys like it when my nipples are hard?” She pulled out a sheer bra and thought about it. “What I like about this bra, is if my blouse is lose fitting or a deep V, well some lucky man might be able to look down my blouse and see my nipples.” She turned to the mirror, “I see that you enjoy it also, nice hard cock honey!”

She moved up next to me, her leg between mine putting pressure on my cock and balls. Holly whispered in my ear, “So tell me honey, do you enjoy the thought of another man seeing your wife’s body?”

Holly’s teasing was having her desired effect on me. I was unable to breath and really wanted to have sex.

“I think you do, well honey were going to have so much fun dancing!” She pushed me back against the bed and on to it.

Slowly I crawled backwards up the bed, and Holly grabbed my pumps. Now she was nude and I was only wearing my pantyhose. What was she going to do next? This is the first time my wife has shown this side of her sexuality. Talk about a mental rush being on my bed, with my wife crawling up to me, and my hard cock restrained in pantyhose.

Holly sat up on my chest, and looked down at me with her legs parted giving me a clear view of her pussy. Her wet lips were already red flushed with blood and desire. “All this talk about dancing has really turned me on! I can’t wait till we go out.”

Slowly she moved closer to my mouth. I knew what she wanted; her body was telling her what she needed. Her scent was intoxicating, her lips were open and her clit was out it its full glory. She grabbed my cock when my tongue hit her clit. I pulled her into my mouth and started to suck on her.

Its hard to explain the sensations that I was feeling bound by my hose, and my wife on top of me. I’m sure that she was thinking about dancing and who would ask her to dance. The idea was very erotic to me and knowing that she would come home with me and into our bed. I had great confidence that we could do this and that it would be one erotic night.

Holly was getting close; her hips were rocking and could hear her mumbling about something. Having her legs over my ears prevented me from hearing what she was saying. With all her movement, that was causing great distress on my cock. Not pain, but her movements were bringing me close to the edge. With her body shaking so much, there was no need for her to stroke me up and down. However she would tighten her grip and then let go of me. Oh I was so close!

I heard her whimper a little and felt her become very wet! My wife started to cum. Oh, just tasting her sent me over the edge!

“Oh baby, I forgot to get some toys. We have to go shopping tomorrow!”

Holly collapsed in my arms and we slept spooning all night long.


End of chapter 2

These will be my blogs and places where I show my pictures. Remember that I’m new to blogging and it will take me some time.

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