My Lyn Ch. 03

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‘The rest of the term passed quickly and Easter soon came. I had a commitment to ride in several equestrian tournaments in Northumberland and so Ben and I spent Easter apart.’

I was pleased to see my parents and my sister. When I felt the moment was ripe I let slip that I had met someone at college and that we were seeing each other. My sister Sam wanted to know all about it and quizzed me mercilessly to find out how far the relationship had gone. Much as I loved her, Sam is the soul of indiscretion and I told her virtually nothing or at least nothing of the truth. Mum took me by surprise and talked to me when none of the others were in the house.

‘Your father wouldn’t understand but I am not completely the unbearable prude you probably think I am, you know, Lyn. No, don’t answer, just listen for a minute. I hope you are on the pill and that you love him.’ After a moment’s silence she continued: ‘ I hope you find a more stimulating partner than your father ever was, in bed, I mean. I hope you learn to really enjoy this boy and to let him enjoy you.’

I didn’t know what to say. This was the last thing I had expected. Mum smiled at me and reached out a hand. Physical contact was something she had never been allowed to grow into naturally. I reached out to her hand and pulled her to me. We looked into each other’s eyes and I said: ‘I have found someone very special and very different too, mum.’ I pulled her even closer and hugged her tight. She kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head slightly and found her lips and placed my lips on hers and kissed her, very gently pushing my tongue against her teeth which she opened to let my tongue into her mouth. We kissed passionately and she moved a hand to my bottom and pulled our abdomens close together.

‘I’m so happy for you, Lyn.’ she said. We moved apart but our relationship was forever changed and we found an increasing level of contact between us as the holiday went by.

I missed Ben terribly. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to see him, to touch him every day. I began to worry that he wouldn’t want me next term. We’d agreed to phone once a week and we did but after each call I felt worse and also I wanted him more. I imagined him with Clare and knew that they would be doing all the things I wanted to do as often as they both wanted. I imagined them fucking on the lounge floor while their parents watched. I wanted to be involved, to be there. There was no-one I could talk to as I didn’t think mum was up to talking about sex like that just yet.


One afternoon Ben phoned just after two. He knew I’d be home after the last riding event of the holiday. There were just over two weeks of the holiday left.

‘How did it go?’ he asked.

‘Got a third in the dressage’ I replied. I was alone in the lounge. ‘God I’m missing you, Ben.’

‘How?’ he asked. I knew he wanted me to talk dirty and turn ourselves on that way.

‘Missing feeling you inside me. Missing you playing with my breasts and fingering my cunt. Missing you undressing me and using me for your pleasure.’

‘I miss you too. Are you on your own?’


‘Will you do as I tell you?’ said Ben softly.

I answered: ‘Yes, Ben.’

‘Say it.’

‘I will do as you tell me.’

The phone was a cordless type and I had walked over to the window and was gazing absently down the garden at the rear of our house as I listened to Ben. I didn’t notice mum appear in the doorway just after I picked up the phone. [So she told me later that afternoon] Mum stood still, hidden behind the open door from where I was. I assumed she was in the kitchen.

‘Tell me what you are wearing first,’ Ben continued.

‘My pale green blouse and black jeans,’ I answered.


‘No knickers, bra or socks. You’ve got me used to wearing less and less!’ I laughed.

‘How many buttons of the blouse are undone?’

‘Just one.’

‘Undo three more. And leave them undone.’

‘Mum will comment and tell me to do them up.’ I still had no idea mum could hear everything I said even if she couldn’t hear Ben she’d have a good idea what he was saying.

‘If she does then you must do as she says and say sorry. I’m not trying to get you into trouble. Now put one hand inside your blouse and play with one nipple.’

I did as he said. I groaned into the phone.

‘Good girl. Fasten one button. Done that?’

‘Yes. What do you want me to do next?’

‘Undo the top button etiler bdsm escort of your jeans and pull the zip down.’

‘I’m not taking them off here in the lounge.’ I protested.

‘No, that’s fine. Have you undone them?’


‘Now caress yourself using two fingers. Softly.’

I did as my lover asked and I groaned again as I rocked back and forth while my fingers played me. ‘I love you’, I said quietly.

‘I love you, Lyn. Right ram those fingers home into your cunt, now.’

I did and I bent and squirmed as an intense orgasm seized me and I came with a cry: ‘Oh God, that’s fucking amazing.’

I heard another groan and turned and saw my mum. I slammed the phone down.

‘Mum, I…’

‘It’s all right Lyn, it’s all right.’

I saw her hand was on her mound and guessed she’d been rubbing herself as she listened to us. She came over to me and pulled me to her, carefully placing her lips on mine. It was the second time we had kissed like that although we had recently got used to touching hands, sitting close together and putting an arm round each other. All things that we hadn’t done before. I had had a very correct upbringing and in some ways Sam and I were spoilt as we got what we wanted and my parents were quite well off. But it hadn’t been a childhood where love and affection were displayed naturally until now.

Mum put a hand inside my blouse and gently fondled my breasts. My nipples were hard and erect. I moved a hand to her mound and she whimpered: ‘Please.’

She was wearing a lemon coloured knee length dress which buttoned down the front. I undid two of the big buttons and slipped a hand inside her dress. I found the waistband of her knickers and pulled it down hard pushing my fingers towards her cunt. I stroked her.’

‘Oh Lyn, I love you.’

‘I love you mum’ I reassured her and smiled as her fingers found my open jeans and touched me too.

‘You must ring him back and say everything’s all right’, mum said as we moved apart. I fastened my jeans and mum straightened her dress. We had never been so natural with each other before. If anything mum and I had always had a tricky relationship but now I knew we would always be close. I went to fasten my blouse up too.

‘Leave it, please. You look so nice.’

I grinned at my mum and she shook her hair and seemed so relaxed and different.

‘You’d better fasten it up as soon as you hear dad get home,’ she added. ‘I’m sorry I eavesdropped when Ben rang. I heard you and I stopped by the door and then I couldn’t move and what you said and did turned me on so. I haven’t felt like that for years.’

‘That’s OK, mum. I’m glad it happened.’

‘Take the phone up to your room and ring him back. Go on.’


I rang Ben and told him what had happened and that everything was fine. He told me he was so proud of me for doing what he’d asked over the phone. Then he said:

‘Mum and dad would love to meet you and we wondered if you fancy spending the last week here with us?’

‘I’m sure mum will understand. I’m not so sure about my dad. I’ll have to ask and ring you back later.’ I added: ‘Ben, I want to come, really I do.’

‘I know.’ He went on: ‘If you catch a train to Peterborough you can get a connection through to Norwich. I’ve been online and there’s a train tomorrow at eleven forty-two that’ll get you to Norwich just before five. Dad and I could meet you at Norwich station.’

‘What about all the stuff I have to take back to uni?’

‘Couldn’t your parents bring it at the start of term and then we could go direct back to Newcastle? They could meet me, too. You know, check out their daughter’s not been seduced by a monster!’

‘Perhaps I have been,’ I laughed. ‘OK, I’ll try to ring back later tonight. love you. Bye.’

I rang off, excited by the prospect of a week with Ben. I was scared, however, that my parents wouldn’t let me go. Certainly the parents I thought I had would say no but mum might think differently now. I went downstairs to ask her.

‘Everything all right now?’ asked mum.

‘Yes. He says that next time I should tell you when I’m ringing him so you can come and listen properly!’ I laughed and blushed a little. Mum said: ‘I might like that, Lyn. Did he want anything in particular?’

‘Yes, he’s asked me to go and spend the last two weeks with his family in Norwich and then he thought we could travel back to uni together.’

‘What etiler elit escort about all your stuff?’

‘Could you bring it, mum, and then you could meet Ben. You’d like him, I think. But I think dad will say ‘no’ anyway so perhaps we should forget the whole idea.’

‘Leave your father to me. I’ll make sure he says yes. Go and start packing what you need. You’ll just need a small case, I expect. Most of your clothes are ready. There’s a couple of blouses and t-shirts that need ironing.’

‘OK, I’ll do them first,’ I said, feeling much happier now mum was clearly on my side.

‘Don’t forget there are two of your nighties in the airer, just washed.’ She looked at me and then grinned. ‘Perhaps you don’t need them?’

I looked her openly in the eye, smiled and said: ‘No, I won’t, mum. I will tell you anything you want to know, mum, anything.’

”I’d like that sometime’ she answered, smiled and then it was her turn to blush. She looked away in embarrassment and I walked over to her and put an arm round her shoulder.

‘I can be your friend as well as your daughter, you know,’ I held her tight.

‘Perhaps you’ll let me be your friend as well as your mother too.’

I kissed her tenderly on the tip of her nose. ‘Get on with you’, she laughed and pushed me away playfully. I had a new mum and I liked the new model very much.


I don’t know what mum said to dad but when we sat down to eat he said:

‘I gather you’re going to Norwich to see this boy-friend of yours. I think it’s best if your mum takes you into town in her car tomorrow as I’m at a meeting in Durham. You’d better leave here at about eleven o’clock to be on the safe side. Have fun.’

Mum must have had some sort of hold over him to get him to make life so easy. Dad didn’t normally make anything easy.

‘Thanks, dad’ I said and reached my hand out to his. He patted it and said: ‘You’re growing up, Lyn.’ I didn’t know what that was supposed to mean but mum must have got through to him.

We chatted that evening as normal and watched the TV. Sam was sleeping over at a friend’s house. I went to bed at ten o’clock and I heard them come upstairs soon after. I fell asleep wondering what Ben’s family were like and I had my first nerves thinking about what Ben might expect me to do and whether I would be relaxed enough to join in with everything. In my mind I knew I wanted to but I had just a twinge of fear of the unknown. It would be better to be there with Ben at my side as I always feel I can do anything he wants me to do with confidence. I drifted off to sleep.

I woke at about half past eight as I heard dad’s car go off down the graveled driveway. I put my nightie on seconds before my mum came in with a cup of tea. I’d got so used to sleeping naked it felt uncomfortable and restricting to wear a nightie. It was not unusual for her to bring me a drink but it was unusual to see her in her nightie. Normally she wore a heavy dressing gown first thing in the morning. The nightie had five or six buttons down the front but didn’t unbutton all the way down. All the buttons seemed to be undone and she seemed to not be aware or not to care. I grinned at her and said thanks.

‘When’s Sam coming home?’ I asked.

‘Not until Thursday morning,’ mum answered.

‘Oh, I’ll ring her from Norwich then.’

‘When are you getting up then, Lyn? I was thinking of having a shower shortly.’

I don’t know why or how but it came into my head to ask her if she’d mind if I joined her. Ben liked to fantasize about me taking a shower with his sister or his mother and I thought, what the hell, I’ll say it.

‘Mind if I join you?’ I asked, as modestly as I could.

‘I’d like that, Lyn. Yes, I’d like that very much. Shall I come and tell you when I’m ready? I’ve a couple of things to do downstairs.’

‘Great,’ I said. ‘I’ll just drink my tea.’ I pulled the nightie I’d just put on back over my head and threw it on the bed. I sat up to drink my tea and read a few pages of a trashy novel that I had left unfinished last summer.

I heard mum come back upstairs and then go to her room. A couple of minutes later she walked into my room. She was naked. She looked beautiful with her long dark hair down her back. Her breasts were still firm and her nipples were erect. I had never seen her stripped before and I wondered if she had fingered her nipples or whether it was just her thoughts etiler escort that had made them so aroused. I smiled warmly at her and moved the duvet off my lower body so she could take in all of me.

‘It’s a long time since I saw you like that’ she said gently.

I swung my legs from the bed and stood up. I went over to my mum and said: ‘Shall we go?’

She nodded. I felt she might need some encouragement. ‘You look lovely, mum’ I said and put a hand on her bottom. She kissed me on the shoulder.

The bathroom was just round the corner. We got into the shower and mum turned it on adjusting the temperature. I took a flannel and started to wash her. I washed her tummy and then worked my way up round her breasts. She closed her eyes. I asked her to turn round. She did and placed her hands on the tiled wall and moved her legs slightly further apart. I felt it was an invitation or an acknowledgement of her consent. I soaped the flannel and washed her back. I washed her bottom working carefully in towards her hole. She groaned as she had the previous afternoon. I knew she was in heaven. I began to soap her cunt with the flannel and then I dropped the flannel and pushed two fingers gently inside.

Just one word followed in a whimper: ‘Harder.’ She panted. I thrust three fingers in hard and worked her roughly, touching her clit. She shook and swore as she came. We kissed for a long time as she moved the shower head around me.

‘That was wonderful, Lyn. I’ve never felt like that, ever.’

‘Wash me please now, mum, will you?’

‘Of course, my darling.’ She started on my breasts and soon found her way to my cunt. I was very turned on already of course and needed to come. ‘Hurt me, please. Ram yourself into me.’

It was as if she had newly discovered her sexuality. She pushed all her fingers hard up into my cunt and twisted them round pulling on my pubic hair trapped under her thumb. I squealed.


‘No, carry on, please’

She withdrew her hand and then pushed it back in. She carried on repeating this for about thirty seconds. I felt fabulous. It seemed like hours. I was rising to a pitch of ecstasy and I screamed and came noisily grunting and pushing my lower body into hers. We fell into each other’s arms.

‘You’re a very naughty girl,’ mum whispered. ‘I ought to give you a good spanking!’

‘Do you want to?’ I shivered at the thought.

‘Maybe one day, if you ever feel ready. Not yet.’ There was a sense of unfinished business in her intent. ‘Only if you’ve been very naughty like you were today.’

We moved apart and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes.

‘I never dreamt we two could be as close as I know we will be from now on,’ she said as we started to dry each other off. ‘You were wonderful to me. He has taught you well, your Ben,’ she added.

‘He didn’t teach me really,’ I said. ‘Certainly not how to have what we had together. I think he gave me the confidence in myself to do what seems right and natural and to show affection fully when you feel it. It shouldn’t be locked away.’

‘No. You’re right. I think Sam will find her own way too, you know.’

‘Oh yes,’ I said. ‘Sam knows exactly what she’s doing.’

‘Right.’ She was resuming her sensible mother role. ‘We need to press on and get dressed. We should leave in fifteen minutes. Are you all packed?’


‘OK. I’ll treat you to your ticket. Just a single one, I presume?’

‘Yes……Mum?’ I asked with a clear question in my voice. She looked up from her purse puzzled.

‘Something the matter?’

‘No.’ I grinned at her. ‘I love you, Jenny.’ I had never called her by her first name. She blushed and wiped her eye.

‘I hope you can show me just how much again before too long.’ She stretched her fingertips out to me and I reached my hand to her. Our fingertips pressed together gently. I felt her tremble as she quickened again with desire.

We had to go.

It took no time at all and the traffic lights seemed to smile on us as we drove into town. We got to the station in plenty of time and mum bought my ticket.

‘Do you want me to leave you here?’ she asked.

‘Have you time to come to the train?’ I asked.

‘Of course.’ She picked up my bag and we crossed the footbridge, holding hands. Mum was at ease with herself in a way that was novel but enjoyable for her. The train rolled in and I turned to go.

‘Lyn?’ She stopped me and I turned. She put her arms around my waist and pulled me to her. We kissed again, as lovers do, on the lips and neither of us cared who saw us or what they thought. We were mother and daughter and we loved each other.

The train left town. We waved to each other as I set off on another journey of self-discovery.

End of Part Three

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