My Mother’s Job

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I had just left the army after receiving compensation for an accident where I was trying to defuse a bomb. $200,000 did not get me that nice an apartment in New York but I was only 20 minutes walk away from Mom. I couldn’t believe it when she and dad divorced they had been married over 20 years. I didn’t know what Mom would do as a 48 year old Housewife with very little work experience. To find her living in a plush apartment on Park Avenue was a surprise but I just put it down to her having a good divorce lawyer.

I had been trying to find a job in the city but couldn’t get anything permanent so I took up numerous temporary jobs including working in sandwich bars, running errands for stock brokers etc. I liked my day and nights to be as free as possible. The times when I wasn’t working I kept myself fit and visited mom.

Well, I tried to visit Mom as often as possible but it was very hard to see her. Most times I called I got the answer machine or when I went round I got no answer. She didn’t have a job, she only said she did things for rich people who paid her well. Her apartment was very swanky and well decorated so I thought that she must do some sort of Interior design or something.

I had been in the city about 3 months and was just going to do my dinner dishes when the phone rang. It was mom wanting me to go around to her apartment and wait for a delivery she had forgotten was due to be delivered that night. I agreed, and she told me to ask for a key from the front desk, she would phone them to enable them to give me it. When I arrived and said who I was the clerk who wasn’t particularly worried who I was handed over the key to me. I was also surprised when I got a key to the main doors of the building as well.

When I got to Mom’s I opened the door and switched on the light and went to get a beer from the refrigerator and watch the Jets, when the doorbell rang and the delivery guy got me to sign for the parcel which was a large brown box. being of a curious nature I opened the box slightly from the bottom and peered inside. It was full of blank video tapes and also the smaller tapes for video cameras. Confused I sealed it back up and had finished as the phone rang. ‘Honey, Its Mom! Has the package arrived’ I informed her that it had. She said she that she’d be home in 50 minutes and that I was to return the key to the front desk as she was tired and wanted to go to bed. It was only 7:30. What could she have been doing that required her to be in bed at that time?

I switched the TV off and finished my beer and was on my way to the elevator when I suddenly felt the urge to have a nose around my mother’s apartment. It was too risky to do this now but I had passed a small key cutting shop 2 blocks away that cut keys while you wait. Instead of getting the lift down to the clerk I took the stairs and left through a side door and with a quick march I got to the shop and waited for them to cut the keys. I thought they were going to take forever.

With they keys cut I hotfooted it back to the Apartment block entering through the side door using my copy and then again using the stairs to get back to her apartment. I wished she lived on the third floor instead of the twenty third. Sweating I opened the placed the key to the lock and it worked I was in. Quickly locking up again I wiped the sweat from my brow and tried to act normal as I got the elevator back down and handed the clerk they keys back.

When outside the building I crossed the road immediately and waited catching my breath and retaining my composure. I saw a cab pull up outside at 8:15 and a woman get out. I did a double take as I saw my mother dressed like I had never seen her before and surprisingly because it was so cold being mid November. She had on a low cut short figure hugging dress. I could only imagine the view anyone would have got of her 34c tits and her legs as she got out. I had remembered her size from childhood while helping out with the laundry.

When I got home I couldn’t think what mom got up ortaköy escort to working dressed like that. I had the keys now so I was going to have to try and find out but I would have to find a night when she wasn’t at home. I got up the next morning and went to work and phoned mom and asked her if she would like to come and see me sometime and I would make her dinner. She said she had friends coming round the next few night but she would be free for lunch on Sunday but couldn’t sat long as she was out later that evening. I agreed lunch and went back to work puzzled by my mothers sudden socialising. She never liked going out or having friends round very often when she was at home with Dad and me.

I had a long few days until that Sunday morning and eventually it came. I was cooking a nice bit of roast and some boiled potatoes and vegetables. A cordon-bleu meal by my standards. The doorbell rang exactly at noon, which we had agreed, and I opened the door. I was surprised to see my mother dressed in a pair of old jeans and T-shirt hair tied back and only a hint of lipstick. Seeing her the other day I expected something different, not my mother. We chatted a little and I had dinner with me trying to be very subtle and asked her what she does. She fobbed me off again and I didn’t pursue any further.

At 3:30 after she had helped me with the dishes she thanked me for lunch and said she had to go as she had to get ready to go out. I asked where she was going and she was very vague and said she was meeting a couple of friends for drinks at 7:00 p.m. I kissed her good bye and said I would phone her next week. I waited until 5:30 and left my apartment for the walk to my mother’s apartment. I waited for 20 minutes until I saw her coming out and hailing a taxi. She had her hair up and certainly had make-up on. She was wearing an expensive looking fur coat on but I couldn’t tell what she had on underneath but I did notice that she had at least 4 inch heels on.

I waited 10 minutes to make sure she was not coming back and then crossed the road with trepidation I crossed the road and entered the building through the side door. I slowly made my way up to the apartment and heart pounding I shakily unlocked the door and went inside remembering to lock it just in case my mother returned for something.

I went with trepidation to her bedroom the only room I had not been in. I had brought a torch so that I would not have to switch any lights on. I opened the door and quickly let the torch search around the room. It was massive with a bed to match, which had a brass headboard. There were about 8 chairs in the room all antique looking with no other furniture apart from a bedside table. The walls were filled by large mirrors and a small one on the wall in between the windows. I decided that as the shades were drawn and the curtains were closed I decided to turn the light on. The room was very well lit but has a dimmer switch to turn it up on down. There were 3 doors in the room, one on the back wall and 2 at the headboard end of the bed, one either side. Upon turning the light on I was surprised when I looked up at the high ceiling to see to see what looked like a large square mirror of approximately 20 ft above the bed. At closer inspection I saw it was 4 equal proportioned mirrors.

I put my torch away and entered the door on the back wall and reached for the light switch. It was a closet full of coats, dresses, and trousers. I had a closer look at them and every single one was a top label. How could she afford all this? I turned found there was an area of the closet more brightly lit and turned around. There was a hole in the wall of about 3-foot by 4 foot. I was shocked again. What could she possibly want a 2-way mirror for?

I turned the light off and went to the door on the left of the bed. It was a bathroom L-shaped with the bigger part being at the bottom, nothing unusual, big shower though. I exit and walk behind the headboard to the next door. I opened the door and otele gelen escort switched the light on. Immediately, this room looked much more interesting. It had 2 rows of wall to wall drawers on the left and wardrobes on the right and the back and a door on the left-hand side before the drawers.

I don’t know why but I had to open all the drawers, so I walked to the first set of drawers and opened the top one this was filled with socks and your typical motherly underwear. The next was filled with T-shirts and plain cotton bras. The whole chest was filled with every day clothes. I was disappointed, I don’t know why but I continued on to the next one.

I recoiled a couple of seconds after I opened the top drawer, staring into a sea of the sexiest Bras and panties going. I couldn’t believe that I was raking through a my mothers underwear. It seemed a blur as I opened the other 5 drawers on that chest to be met by a similar sight as the first one. There must have been 200 matching sets of bras and panties. I had never in my life thought of my mother as being a sexy person but here it was before my eyes all the proof that I needed.

The last chest of drawers was filled with all sorts of sexy underwear. A lot more daring though. Many items were see through, there were G-strings, peephole bras and crotchless panties. There was a vast number of suspender belts with many pairs of stockings to go with them. The bottom drawer was the biggie though as I opened it there was an array of vibrators and sex toys and hundreds of condoms. Mother had never mentioned having a boyfriend and even if she did why on earth would she need so many condoms.

I closed the drawer almost scared to open the wardrobes but I did. The one directly behind the last set of drawers was full of sexy nightgowns and negligees. The next again one was wall to wall baby dolls and basques many of which were beyond sexy and downright tarty. At the bottom of each was a selection of stiletto’s with 4 to 6 inch heels. The last cupboard was normal with bedsheets by the bucket load.

I looked at my watch it was 9:15. I couldn’t stay there much longer but I still wanted to go on. I opened the door next to the entrance and stumbled back as I took it all in. like the other closet there was a hole in the wall with a 2 way mirror but this time there was a video camera mounted on a tripod pointing towards the bed. Behind that there was a couple of seats and a small drinks table.

It clicked into place all of a sudden but with a large amount of disbelief. My mother must put on some type of sex shows and tape them or have people watching. My mother was a swinger, why else would she have a humongous bed with so many chairs in her room. I sat down to catch my breath for five, knowing I had to go sometime soon. I still had the wardrobes of the back wall to go. My mind was boggling as I opened up the one on the left to find it stacked full of video tapes at least 10 rows high. Each tape was in a box with my mothers writing in it with a date on it. They had to be videos of her. The next was the same but not quite full and had a large number of the blank tapes in it. The last wardrobe had a couple of videos recorders in it which were to a small portable TV. There was also another video camera and a tripod with numerous small tapes for the camera.

At the bottom was a small chest metal chest of drawers and in the top a couple of books which I picked the first one and flicked through and each page had a date and some shorthand scrawls. The next book was the same but this time included places. I looked at the first book again and the first date coincided with the first video from the left hand wardrobe.

My mother must have filmed herself having sex what other answer could there be to the videos. I couldn’t, I shouldn’t but I just had to pick the first tape from the shelf and trembling take it from the box and put it into the video recorder. I fumbled about trying to find the right channel number. With my otele gelen escort mouth dry with excitement and anticipation I pressed play. Nothing happened for the first 20 seconds then suddenly there was snow and then bright light and then her bedroom appeared.

I heard a door closing and assumed from the proximity that it must have been the one which led to this concealed room. A minute passed and nothing happened. As I was growing impatient I suddenly saw a young man I estimated in his late wearing a smart suit appear from the bathroom direction. He took off his jacket started unbuttoning his trousers and shirt. He got everything off bar his boxers and through himself backwards onto the bed like a child. He lay there for a couple of minutes fiddling with his cock through his boxers which was quite clearly erect.

I then heard a voice getting louder all the time, my mothers voice saying ‘Johnny has been a bad boy playing with his penis! Mommy will show him what its really for’. From the left of the bed my mother appeared wearing and old-fashioned cotton night-dress which came down to ankle height. She slowly climbed up onto the bed and sat moved to the mans feet she then said ‘Just lie still like a good boy’. It was clear as day. She must have had a microphone in the room somewhere.

She proceeded to pull the mans boxers down and off. She then leaned over and started to suck his knob. I could see that coming but I still gasped out loud. I sat there transfixed watching for 5 minute as my mother sucked and licked this guys knob with a stern look on her face. The guy just kept saying ‘I’ll be good for you!’. She then sat up and reached around on the bed looking for something. It was a condom which she unwrapped and put in her mouth before leaning over and rolling it down his cock with her mouth.

She again sat up and said “mommy’s got a treat for you as you’ve been a good boy”. Shuffling up the bed with each leg astride him she sat up over his dick and reached under her night-dress pulling the front up and leaving it resting on his chest she continued fiddling until slowly sinking down onto his knob, which I could tell by his reactions. She rode the guy with the same slow place she started with and he just lay their loving it.

Ten minutes passed with my eyes transfixed to the screen when he flipped her over onto her back and really slammed his cock into her with venom for thirty or 40 strokes until he froze like a rabbit in headlights and while he filled the condom. He lay on top of mom for some time before he said ‘Thanks Mommy, that sure was good can we do it again?’

‘Only if your still a good boy!’ she retorted.

He climbed off of her and I could see he had shot a large wad. He disappeared into the bathroom and a couple of minutes after I saw him reappear. He got dressed while she just lay their chatting about the cold snap that was due. When he’d got his clothes on mom got up off the bed and he pulled out his wallet and quickly counted some money and handed it to her. ‘I’ll phone you for another session in a few weeks’ he said as they departed the room.

Oh my God my mother is a prostitute.

She came back into the bedroom and headed towards the room that I was currently in but stopped short and fumbled about in the bedside table before disappearing and the video clicked off. It was at this point that I realised I had a cum in my jockeys.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself up a bit before I realised it was 10 pm. I had to go. I tidied up where I had been and put the tape back in the space that I had found it. I had one more thing to do before I went left. I opened up the bedside table and found her diary in their with what looked like a couple of thousand dollars.

I opened the diary and looked at today’s date. Written in was the lunch with me and 7:00 Michael 1028 7th Avenue. I looked at the next couple of days and there was a name in each day but no places were named. I had to assume she was working from home. There it was the entry I’d been waiting for

Lionel 3pm
Bob & Angie 8pm – theirs.

She would be out at 8 pm on Tuesday. I put the diary back into the drawer and although tempted all the money as well.

I locked up a little flushed and left the building but I would be back – Tuesday couldn’t come quick enough.

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