My Neighbor’s Mother

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For six months I’ve lived in this apartment. It’s the last one down the walkway, a two-bedroom number… allowing me to have an extra room for my music. I’ll never go pro with it, but passion is something that doesn’t follow reality.

And since I haven’t had a neighbor since I’ve moved in, I’ve had complete privacy to partake in my weed.

Then, all of a sudden, things changed. A new neighbor moved in next to me and she had a kid. My stomach sank at the thought of hearing a kid screaming all day and Nickelonian blasting through the too-thin walls.

But, in a shocking discovery, the kid was okay. And since she worked a long shift from early morning to early night.. and he was in school, I found I still had my privacy.

Like clockwork, I could hear her car start, and her apartment door close… 7 am sharp. It was when I’d reach for some weed and start my day. I love getting high early in the morning.

I went to the get my mail and upon returning, I saw a woman carrying groceries in Mary’s apartment. The woman saw me and smiled and said hello. She was Mary’s mother, Sandy. She was in her late 40’s… medium height, great curves.

But she had an amazing smile and an ass that kept my attention as she spoke. I was so high, I couldn’t really keep up with her in the conversation but from what I could get, she was going to be staying with Mary three days a week to help her get adjusted with the new job.

She asked me if I had some eggs she could borrow to make some breakfast and I told her I cooked for a living, come on over for some food. She accepted the invite and I ran into my apartment to spray it with Glade… and I shut my bedroom door. Just as I did, Sandy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was knocking on my door.

She had on a cotton full length dress, cut a bit low in the front. All I had on was a pair of soft grey shorts. Nothing else. I love wearing as little as possible when I’m high. And I work hard on my abs… I should show them off. I walked to the kitchen and she followed.

I made us a couple of omelets and some fresh-squeezed orange juice. We spoke about a lot, but nothing of her daughter. I didn’t mind at all. I was interested in Sandy, not her daughter.

I was checking her out as she sat down to eat. She’s about 5’3″, short black hair cut around her ears, green eyes that look right through you, full lips and very porcelain skin. She had a large set of breasts and as she sat down, her dress opened a bit and I got a clear view of her right breast.

Sandy was divorced now for a good three months. She thought it was a good time to spend with her daughter to help get her mind off things.

As I turned to give her some juice, I caught her looking at my ass. She smiled and gave an embarrassing shrug and I laughed back. Sandy then asked me if I was going to share any of the weed she smelled.

I laughed and told her to wait. I rolled a few, a big one for us and some smaller ones to take with her next door. We smoked the big one and we sat on the couch listening to music. We were both fried and relaxed. I then noticed the huge hardon in my shorts… pushing the material up. I got so turned on by letting it do it’s thing.

Sandy then got up and said she was going back next door. She thanked me for the breakfast and I stood up, my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cock still pushing outwards… and she hugged me. A good, long hug. Then she left. I thought I probably gave her too much to deal with and I felt bad.

But a few minutes later, I’m passing my studio when I hear what sounds like crying. I walked up to the wall and listened. The walls between our apartments are paper-thin.. and I wondered if Sandy knew this. Because what I thought was sobbing quickly became moans. Long… soft… breathless moans. Whatever Sandy was doing in there, she was very into it.

Her breath would stutter as she got louder. It was hot. Knowing she was on the other side of this paper-thin wall, fully nude, fingering her cunt. Getting herself off. Such a raw image.

I stepped out of my shorts, my cock raging upwards, past my belly button. Thick blue veins run up the shaft to the purple, swollen head. It’s fully smooth, no hair anywhere. I got my oils out and leaned by back against the wall where she was loudest. I poured the massage oil down my shaft and lightly gripped it. MmmMMMmm… things are gonna get nasty here.

I began a slow pump, taking time to squeeze the head as I reached the top. It caused me to let out a loud gasp and I noticed she got quiet instantly. Did she know I could hear her..? Was she too embarrassed to continue..?

I decided to continue with my fun. I held my hand still and moved my hips to fuck my hand. I started breathing harder and my groans and throbs got very loud. I wanted her to hear me. Every sound. Every thought… as I began talking nasty to myself.

Then I heard her moan again. Softly.

I faced güvenilir bahis şirketleri the wall, beating my cock off, telling her every detail of what I was doing. How fast I was jacking off, how tight I was gripping my cock, everything. She began breathing and moaning loud… and I could hear the bed hitting the wall.

“Come in here and cum on me.” I heard her say. “Hurry… get in here, the door is unlocked..”

I went to my door, walked out, then turned the knob to her door. It opened, to my relief. I walked in and announced my arrival from the living room. She moaned a long, loud groan from her room down the hall.

When I got to her room, she was on all fours facing me on the bed. She was fingering herself with her right hand as she opened her mouth for me. I walked right to her and slid my cock into her mouth. Her fingering quickened the more she sucked my cock and soon she gripped my cock with her teeth and came hard and long.

She then flipped onto her back and told me to cum on her. Make it nasty. She continued to masturbate the whole time. I stood over her, talking so fucking dirty as I jacked off over her.

Her eyes grew wide and she had this maniacal smile on her face and she got closer to another orgasm. I called her every name you can call a whore and she rode her orgasm for a good couple of minutes. Now it was my turn.

I shoot an insane amount of cum. I can give off a good ten or twelve thick white creamy rounds. They go everywhere and a woman can look like a mime when I’m done with her.

I fired them off all over her face, neck and chest. She was drenched in cum… eyes shut tight, mouth open, cum in her mouth as well. Her hand though, never stopped teasing her clit and as she felt the cum run down her body, she rubbed her clit fiercely until she came in a huge wave of pleasure.

I see Sandy three times a week. I’ve fucked her in the ass and we’ve done it on the side of the road. And also done it in a dressing room.

More to cum.

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