My New Gym Buddy

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The loneliness is overpowering me. Year after damn year of living alone, working, eating, sleeping. Why bother? Why bother anymore?

Part 1 –

Outer optimism can not heal what I feel inside. It’s just a show for the rest of you to see. Once the show is over, you all go back to your happy lives, and I go home. Alone. Again.

“Hey, bud. Help me lift this, will you?” I turn toward the voice and the request. My new gym membership starts today; and I’m here for a quick workout.

“Uh, sure. What can I do?” Damn fine specimen at the plate rack.

“I have a hurting wrist. It’ll heal in a week or so, but if you help me load some plates, I can manage my set.” Oh, crap. Here we go, again. Some optimism just snuck into my mind, along with a vivid fantasy of…”

“Jeff. I’m Jeff.”

“Cam. Cameron. Thanks for the help.”

…of Cameron and me making out in the showers. Just another ride up life’s Delusion Mountain before the great big plummet.

“Should I stand by, you know, just in case?” I really want to see this stud strain his sweet body against those plates. Why I bother, I have no idea.

“Thanks. Sure. Here goes.”

“Fuuuck!” He’s in trouble! I race in to grab the bar and stop its downward motion.

“Squirm out. Fast! I can’t hold it!” He rolls onto the floor just in time as my own arms give out. “That’s a lot of weight for me.”

“For me too, apparently. Sorry for all of this.” He’s holding his wrist and grimacing.

“No worries. Here, let me.” I’m not a real sports therapist, but I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. As I reach for his tender wrist and take it into my hands, I glance up into his eyes. Grey eyes. Beautiful grey wolf eyes. My weakness.

“Oh, yeah.” A very gentle massage to get the healing blood to flow, and Cameron is feeling better.

“No more lifting for a week or so, Cam…Cameron.”

“Cam is good. Thanks, man. I think Ill take your advice and hit the showers.” He pauses while checking me out. Hey, you wanna hang out after this?” Why not. It can only hurt once. Wishful thinking on my part. I have a very long and accurate memory, which has stored every hurt I have ever experienced. One more coming up!

It’s almost closing time at the gym, and we are probably alone except for a few staff. My locker is in the room opposite to Cam’s. Just as I start to wrap my towel around my waist, he bolts into my area. Naked. No towel in sight.

“Forget something?” I grab at the towel clinging to my body and give it a shake. It occurs to me that my daily bout of depression has subsided. At least for the time being.

“Fuck. Too late to get one. I’ll borrow yours.” With that, my new friend exits the lockers and heads for the showers – an open room with several shower heads around the perimeter. I follow him in, watching his pert little bubble butt move from side to side with his stride, wondering if I would rather dry off first, or use the towel after he does. Decisions, decisions.

Part 2-

“Hey guys.” It’s the counter attendant. “I have a hot date and can’t be late. The doors will lock behind you. Do you mind?”

“No. We’re good.” That’s Cam. Taking control. I like my new friend.

“Should I worry?” Might as well get right to the point.

“About what?” He looks concerned. I put on a pretend face of fear.

“What if you decide to have your way with me…who will I call for help?” Then before he can process what I said, I burst out laughing. Gotta feel him out, as it were. Cam strides confidently over to me, stopping inches from my now tensing up body. I’ve been suppressing getting hard the best bahis şirketleri I could, with him ten feet away, and now my effort is failing. His face is just inches from mine. I freeze. Maybe I took this too far, too soon. Even with a hurting wrist, Cam can take me. He’s about an inch taller, and about twenty five pounds heavier than I am. All solid work muscle. Rippling abs. Manly upper body. His ‘show-er’ is at least the length on me at my biggest.

“I still have one good wrist, Jeffie.” Before the last word leaves his full wet lips, I feel that one good wrist and hand grab my nuts and hold them hard. Is this just ‘bro-baiting’ playfulness? My mind is racing. What do I do? What do I say? Sometimes nature just has the answers. This is one of those times.

“You’re move.” He smiles as his mouth presses to mine. Oh…I love to kiss! Goodbye inhibitions. Hello hardon! He’s taking control, tongue exploring the inside of me. And that hand? it’s moved downward a bit and is rubbing my taint. How does he know? Of all my hot zones, that’s the biggest one.

“Look, man. I’m clean.” Cam releases my nuts and backs away just a bit. Just enough so he can display himself fully to me. I drop to my knees in the shower and pretend to inspect his crotch. As his one good hand runs through my hair, I take him into my throat in one swallow. One thing I will not be second to anyone… is my ability to deepthroat. It’s my ‘specialty’!

“Fuck, Jeff. Hold up, man. I’ve got plans.” So do I. “Can I tap that sweet ass, bro?” I do have a very sweet ass, by the way. Plans perfected. I let his seven, maybe eight inch dong slip slowly from my throat and mouth. He tastes super good, by the way.

“Only if you don’t pull out. I take it all. Got that?!”

“Sir, Yes Sir!” Although we are both laughing, the way Cam turns me to the wall and lifts my arms up is anything but meek. He knows he has control of this. Thank the maker!

“Okay. That hurts.” No lube in sight.

“Sorry. How about some of this body wash?” I nod. He rubs some on his cock, then more onto my crack. Now that’s better. He goes in without any more fuss.

Can we just take a minute to reflect on all of this?

Part 3 –

Here I am, impaled with the hot rod of one of the hottest gym rats I have seen here…and my mind is totally free of any and all concerns. I am full, literally. He is filling me up emotionally as well… taking away, for a time, my ever-present fears and rejection-fueled depression.

“Your body is so tight, man. Am I your first?” Both of Cam’s arms are around me, holding tight as he continues his fuck. Every inward thrust pushes me closer to the wall, but he holds me firmly in place in his arms. I love this.

“No. I’ve bottomed once before. But he was a selfish jerk and left me high and dry after he got off.” Ooops. Hope that’s not what Cam has in mind.

“Bastard. No way I’ll treat you like that.” He is picking up his pace. I think that hearing about me being kind-of-fresh booty has given him an extra boost. He’s got one arm at my chest. His other hand is very slowly stroking me up Sex Mountain – a ride I love to be on. It is so very rewarding to get to the top…and then explode downward into the lake of my own cum, gushing forth with great speed and purpose.

“No worries. You’ve already surpassed him on every level. He pulled out too soon for me, ripped off his condom, and I only got in a few good sucks before he pushed me aside and blasted onto his chest. Then he was done.”

“Do you want me to cum up your butt…or pull out and into your mouth…or”

“Butt. Give me my first breeding, bahis firmaları my good gym rat stud!” That did it. He is starting to grind into me with great abandon, accompanied by a chorus of groans and moans.

“Fuck. You sure are a tight one, Jeff. Never felt this…this… Oh. Oh fuck. Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it… AAHHHH!!!” Releasing my cock just before his first blast of cream exits his penis, Cameron is now clutching me in a massive bear hug; straining to probe deeper into my ass as he holds steady to let his pulses of cream ripple through the sensitive flesh of his organ. “Oh, Fuck! This feels…FUCK!!” Must be his second wind of ejaculations.

For my part, my own erection is now at its summit! I can feel my plumbing gurgle inside as the globs of cream begin their way to the exit. No hands needed, I begin to rush toward the inevitable, as my ride crests the top of all ability to hold back. One second past the pinnacle, and I am careening down the tracks toward exhaustion. Every muscle is contracting. Every breath I take is labored and short. Every pulse of my cock gushes out a long rope of semen onto the wall and floor of the shower. At my first clue to Cam of impending ejaculation, he put a finger into my mouth. It drove me over the edge in an instant. We both are panting, and in a heap of ourselves.

“You saved up for me, right?” His face is now buried into my neck; hot breath wafting across my wet skin. I think his contractions have stopped, but he is holding tight and still inside of me.

“Kind of. It’s complicated.” I am intrigued.

“Tell me, stud.”

“I’m a male model – porn actor. With women. You’re my first guy fuck…way overdue.” Shut my mouth! He’s releasing me from the hug; and I can feel him slowly exiting my hole. He has a few shakes and shudders left to share – and one great big: “Oh, man!”

Part 4 –

I decide to let Cam towel off first. He and I got back to the benches after washing each other. The way he caressed my body with his soapy hands told me volumes about him. He is a gentle person with unmet needs, and I am up to the task to meet them! I am transfixed as he towels off his tightly built body. This display of him before me confirms just how beautiful he is on the outside.

“Let me towel you down.” I nod. Cameron continues to show me the gentle strength he possesses in his muscular form. Just as beautiful on the inside? I am soon dry and purring; sporting a second hard on for his inspection.

“You had me at ‘hello’!” We are both focused on my prick.

“Stay with me tonight, Jeff. Let’s really get to know each other.” Crap. He has no idea the mess I am. I won’t be able to hide.

“Maybe another time?” He suddenly looks dejected. I know the look, and the feeling of rejection he is telegraphing to me, and I am broken up. “Okay. Sure. Why not? I can rearrange my plans.” Hope I made it clear that I was not rejecting him.

“Good. Let’s get something to eat.” He looks buoyant and pleased. I feel anything but confident that he will still want me as I really am. But…nothing ventured…

He’s driving us to one of his favorite places. It’s a Greek restaurant at the edge of town. Fitting. I have a Greek god as my dinner partner! I love a good Greek salad with feta cheese, grilled chicken, and lots and lots of onions. He just ordered the lamb.

“You won’t want to kiss me after dinner.” I hope I am wrong.

“Try me.” Cam is sporting a devilish little grin. I love it.

“Let me try some of your lamb, please.” He has a forkful, and is feeing me like I’m his baby boy. No complaints here. “You have no idea kaçak bahis siteleri what I’m like inside, Cam. I’m really a mess.”

“I like cleaning. So far your insides please me very much, Jeff.” Good one. After we finish laughing, he picks up the tab, and we are off to his place, hopefully for dessert.

On the ride there, I spill what my life is really like…all of my phobias, fears, and dysfunctions. He seems to take it in stride. “You’re not put off at all?”

“No. We all have our issues. I believe you are better than yours. Maybe you just need someone to believe in you.” I start to choke on my words.

“Believe…in…myself, you mean, right?” He nods.

“Look. When I tell you my own hang-ups, you may want to be the one to pull away.”

“No chance.”

“Really. Fine.” The car screeches and veers off the road onto a grassy meadow. “I was taken as a kid. Too young and too scrawny to fight him. He was 24, and I was 18. He groomed me as a former high school football star to a geeky starry-eyed virgin. We went camping upstate to a wilderness area; and he took me over the course of the entire three days there.” He is not showing any emotion; I wonder why.

“I’m sorry, Cam.”

“I’m not. I led him on. He responded. I was hot to try sex. He gave it to me, hard and fast and often. It was a roller coaster of a ride that I thought I wanted, until it actually began. Then it was too late. I protested; he ignored it. But despite the physical act without warmth or tenderness, I could not let go of the raw power that the sex showed to me. Of course, I also came with every one of his invasions, and then I was hooked on manipulative sex. After I filled out and got noticed by a ‘producer’…it was easy to fuck for money. His studio was all about straight fucking. It satisfied my libido, but not my need for a man. I craved what you gave me today, Jeff. You were the first person to break through my barriers. Don’t downplay your strengths.” I am speechless. “Now what?” He looks uneasy.

“Now we go to your place.” As I recline the passenger seat and relax, my thoughts flow to what Cam just told me. He must be carrying a lot of psychological baggage. Different than mine, but just as weighty. I feel relieved.

“That’s my spread.” He pulls into a long gated drive and stops in front of a four car garage. The house must be worth a fortune. I look at him in awe. “What can I say, the job pays good.” We stroll to the front door, and he opens it for me.

“Holy cow!” He is walking to a bench in the foyer.

“Give me a minute.” His cell is at his ear. “Hey, Paul, it’s Cam. Yeah, I’m sure. The talk we had the other day settled it in my mind. It’s high time for me to move on. Okay. Sure. Send the check to my accountant. Thanks, bud. Its been a ride!” He’s looking at me with a smile on his face. He looks relaxed. Relieved. Renewed.

“Did you just…?”

“Yep. I quit the industry. Don’t need the money. Don’t need the mindless fucking. It’s time for me to let go and go forward with my life. What about you?” I am impressed; and tearing up.

“I…I want to…it’s not easy…” He has me in his arms.

“You are not a weak man, Jeff. You have the strength to overcome your issues, as I have. I had partners galore for a very long time, yet was always lonely and alone. You had little in the way of company, and matched me in your loneliness. No matter what the details, we both want the same thing. We both want real connection. I felt the beginnings of that with you, today; and I hope you did, too.”

“Yes. Oh, yes I did, Cam. For sure. What’s next for us?” His hand reaches for mine, and I take it. In a few steps we are facing a wall of windows, overlooking a panoramic view of the gorgeous hills and valleys surrounding us. He turns to me and grins.

“Let’s explore our kinks!”

to be continued…

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