My New Lover

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Friday night James a man of 23. Sat in his apartment watching the playboy channel. Having just broke up with his girlfriend, Sherry of 4 years. He picked up her picture and hurled it against the wall. Glass shards flew covering the carpet. He sat there for a moment before getting up and getting a beer from the fridge. As he drank one back, he looked to another picture on the wall of him with his mother, Brenda. James smiled as he dwelled on memories of her. For she was the woman who took his virginity. She was 38. Long red tresses, eyes of green jade, skin as fair as ivory. He would not mind some of his mother’s tender love right about now. But he had not seen her in five years to this date. James thought he might as well sleep off his anger for tonight.

It was around 10:00 am that James was awakened by a knocking on his front door. He got up and put his bathrobe on. And went to answer it thinking it was his girlfriend who forgot something. As he opened the door he saw his mother standing before him. She took off her sunglasses, as tears welled up in here eyes.

“Oh James I am glad you are here!” she said.

“Mom, what are you elmadağ escort doing here?” James asked.

“Your father and I are divorced.” she replied

As James welcomed her in to his apartment. They sat down on the loveseat. She told him all about the affairs he had behind her back. And told him that she had enough. Brenda got off track though as her eyes wandered up her son’s leg. He still slept naked in bed. James just knew the perfect thing for her. As he softly grabbed her hand.

“Shall we for old times sake?” He smiled.

Brenda looked up at him and grinned. She stood up. And wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I thought you would never ask.” she said.

“Ah shit! I have no rubbers!” He said.

“Don’t worry…I had my tubes tied, honey!”

Brenda turned around and slowly walked towards his room. Slowly stripping out of her clothes. Leaving a trail for him. James picked up her pink silk panties. And inhaled the femininity of his mother’s scent deeply into his nostrils. Quickly his 7 inch cock began to poke out of his bathrobe. As he followed behind her. He closed and locked esenyurt escort the door behind him. Brenda lay spread eagle for him on his bed. She never shaved her pussy because she knew that was how James liked it. His robe dropped to the floor. He crawled into bed with her. And got close to her red muff sticking his tongue out and pushing her pussy lips apart. Brenda moaned as she could feel her son’s tongue swirling inside. Her hips raised slightly in the air. She was so wet already. As he slurped back the juice from her cunt. She kept it so clean. Nice juicy peach he could eat all day. But that would have to wait. As his cock was throbbing so hard it hurt. He got up onto her. Pinning her arms above her head. Her tits were swelling and her nipples standing on end.

“This will make you forget all about him!”

Brenda gasped as he shoved his cock into her hard and quickly. His mother’s pussy was so tight. She obviously did not see too much action during the divorce hearing. James worked it with long, slow strokes. Each one making her body tremble. He fucked her slowly. Wanting to enjoy every minute of etiler anal yapan escort it. As the hours went on he began thrusting harder and deeper into her. Beads of sweat ran from her fair skin. She screamed out as at last she was coming. Her shrieking only made James drive harder. He was not too far behind from coming as well. As he began grinding his cock right up to his balls. Brenda squeezed his hands as he released his load of creamy sperm into her. Panting and out of breath. Brenda laid her head back onto the pillow. James let go of her arms and laid down beside her. She was so satisfied. She just laid across his chest. As they rested they heard the front door open. James heard his girlfriend’s voice. She still had a key to the apartment.

“James! You still in bed yet?!?” she asked.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I thought we could talk.” she said.

“Not interested, I have someone else now.”

James smiled as he looked into his mother’s green eyes. Sherry threw the key at his bedroom door.

“You fucking bastard!” she yelled.

“Just close the door on your way out.”

As Sherry ran out of the apartment. James glanced over at Brenda again.

“Ready for some more?” He asked.

Brenda stared down at his cock all hard, with veins sticking out. And licked her lips. James laid back as she wrapped her mouth around his penis head. And began sucking him off. James had found his new lover!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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