My New Sis

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Everyone in this story is eighteen years old.

High school can be a very frustrating place, especially for boys. Their hormones are racing and high school girls are wearing shorter skirts and shirts than ever before. It seems like most of them do not mind showing off some skin. If you’re not very popular, high school can be a lonely experience.

Joey Taylor was a little shy, smart but not a brainy nerd, likes sports but he is not a jock at all. With brown eyes and hair, he stood 5 feet 10 inches, not bad looking but he did not stand out at East High School. He had friends that all kind of stayed within their own clique. He, as well as his friends, had very little experience with girls although they all hoped to change that soon.

Joey lived with his dad, John, his mother having passed away when Joey was three years old. They managed on their own for many years, although John did begin dating a few years ago. Joey wanted to see his father happy so he never objected to his father dating again.

At school, the object of Joey’s lust, and most of the boys in school for that matter, was Shelly Turner. She was a classic cheerleader, blonde, outgoing and extremely popular. Her blonde hair hung down just below her slender shoulders. Her breasts were not huge but well rounded and her body was toned. Her butt was firm and tight and she worked to keep it that way.

Shelly was very popular and dated often. She lived with her mom, Sheri, who divorced Shelly’s dad when she was in the second grade. Sheri looked alot like Shelly, just an older version. She still looked great and she dated almost as often as Shelly did.

Joey usually did not have much contact with Shelly other than staring at her during classes. She was busy with her own group of friends although they did know each other. She was usually seen hanging around a football or basketball player as cheerleaders tended to gravitate toward the jocks.

By the time Joey would get home from school, he would usually go to his room and jerk his frustration from his cock. He would stroke it thinking about the cheerleaders and then cum in his hands. It was the only way he knew to relieve his tensions.

When John got home, he mentioned to Joey that he had met someone new.

“I believe she has a daughter about your age,” John said.

“That’s cool, Dad,” Joey replied only half listening. Joey was used to his father dating so this was nothing new to him. “What’s her name?”

“Her name is Sheri but I am not sure what her daughter’s name is. I’m taking her out this weekend and maybe we will stop in so I can introduce her to you,” John said.

When the weekend came around, Joey just got home from hanging with his friends when his Dad came in.

“Hi Joey, this is Sheri Turner,” John said introducing his date.

Joey’s mouth dropped when he saw the gorgeous woman standing in front of him. He stuck his hand out as he took in her beauty.

“Hello Ms. Turner,” he said, shaking her hand. He looked at her blonde wavy hair that led to her melon shaped tits. His eyes wandered down further to her shapely body.

“Please, call me Sheri,” she replied, shaking his hand. She noticed that he was checking her out but did not mind. “You may know my daughter, Shelly, at East High.”

Blasted from his fog, Joey stammered, “Uh, yeah, I know who Shelly is.” He was hit with the realization that the mother of his youthful lust was standing in front of him.

“Well, we will see you soon, son,” John said as they turned to leave.

After the door closed, Joey sank to his knees. His Dad is dating Shelly’s mom! And, she is stunningly gorgeous! He was not sure if this was blind luck or what but it had to be good somehow!

At school, Joey was at his locker when Shelly walked up to him.

“Hi Joey, I met your Dad last weekend,” Shelly said.

“Um, hi Shelly, yeah, I met your Mom too,” Joey said trying not to sound stupid. “She seems real nice.”

“Yeah, I like your Dad too. I talked to him for quite a while when he was over,” Shelly said smiling. “I’ll be seeing you around.”

Joey was flabbergasted as he watched her walk away. He could not believe that Shelly Turner actually came up and talked to him. His friends jumped him and wanted to know what was going on. After Joey told them what had happened, they all slapped him on the back. This was the closest any of them had ever had any contact with a hot chick.

As the week went by, Joey noticed that Shelly was saying hello to him more in the hallways. For his part, he was opening up more too and he even talked to her a little before classes. Joey began to think that having his dad date Shelly’s mom was turning out to be a good thing for him. He even noticed that some of Shelly’s cheerleader friends would look at him and a few even said hello to him as they passed by.

John had been dating Sheri for some time when Joey came home a little early one evening. He came into the back door and he immediately heard some giggling that he casino oyna usually did not hear around the house. He quietly made his way through the kitchen and peeked into the living room. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw Sheri laid back on the couch, naked! His dad had his head between her legs and he was obviously eating and licking her pussy.

Joey got weak in the knees, never having seen sex this close. He looked at Sheri and admired her soft silky skin. Her tits were standing straight up and her nipples were hard and stiff. Her hands clutched at his dad’s head as she guided his lips to her clit.

Joey knew he should leave but his feet were planted as he watched the scene in front of him. Sheri muffled a small scream as she reached her climax. John kept licking and sucking at her pussy lips until she pulled him away. Joey watched as she pushed his dad down on his back and she stroked his cock until it was rock hard. He got his first clear look at her pussy when she stood up and he realized that she had shaved it clean of any hair. He thought it made her look younger and even hotter.

Joey also got his first look at his dad’s cock while Sheri stroked him. He looked to be about the same size as Joey. Joey pulled his own cock out and began stroking it while Sheri crawled on top of John and mounted him. Joey admired Sheri’s slim ass as she sank down onto his dad’s cock. Sheri began to bounce up and down on John as she matched his strokes. John rammed his cock deep into her on every thrust.

John reached out and pulled on her nipples causing her to moan. Joey was getting close to cumming when he saw John reach down and pinch her clit. Sheri screamed as she came on John cock. John grunted and thrust hard into her pussy as he let loose his stream of cum. This was too much for Joey and he came all over the floor. Joey cleaned up and backed out of the door.

Shelly came up to Joey on the following Monday.

“Hi Joey, I think our parents had an exciting weekend,” Shelly said.

Joey, not sure of what she meant, replied,”Oh, what do you mean by that?”

“Well, my mom is always in a great mood after she has some great sex,” Shelly said laughing. “And she was in a good mood this weekend.”

“Now that you mention it, Dad was in a good mood this weekend too,” Joey said, playing along. He did not want to mention that he saw them sucking and fucking right in front him.

By this time, Shelly was laying a hand on his shoulder as they talked. Joey liked this and thought he could get used to it.

“I like it when mom is in a good mood, that way she doen’t hassle me when I come home late,” Shelly said, winking. “See you.”

It was a few months later when Sheri and Shelly came over to John and Joey’s home. They were all four sitting around talking when John spoke up.

“Shelly, Joey, we have something we need to talk to you about,” John said.

John and Sheri proceeded to tell them that they were going to get married and that Sheri and Shelly would be moving in with John and Joey. The kids were a little surprised and shocked at having their lives changed but they were both happy and supportive of their parents.

Sheri explained that they would be a family and she hoped that Shelly and Joey would work together to make their new house a home for all of them.

“Anything for you and John, Mom, I love both of you,” Shelly said, hugging her mom and John. Joey agreed as he was now looking forward to having two hot and sexy women around the house all the time.

Everything went smoothly as John and Sheri were married and the women moved into John’s house. Joey cleaned out the third bedroom for Shelly. A bathroom separated his bedroom from Shelly’s, although it had just been used for storage for the last several years. By the time that Joey got done with it, the room looked fantastic. Shelly appreciated what Joey had done and even gave him a short hug.

Not long after the move, Joey walked into the bathroom and found Shelly standing there in her panties and a T shirt.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Shelly, I didn’t know you were in here,” Joey said apologetically.

“Oh, relax Joey, I guess we need to get used to seeing each other like this,” Shelly replied.

“You don’t mind?” Joey asked. He was liking this.

“Not really, I mean, we are family, right?”

Yeah, sure, I’m ok with it if you are,” Joey said.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you are. Now, when do I get to see you in your underwear?” Shelly said laughing.

While Joey was staring at Shelly’s panties, his cock had begun to harden and Shelly had noticed.

“Come on, Joey, your turn,” Shelly said as she did a slow turn for him.

Joey slid his pants down and stood in his boxers, which were doing a poor job of hiding his expanding cock.

“Damn, Joey, that looks like a real nice cock you got there,” Shelly said as she looked him over. “We better go to our rooms before we lose control.” With that she smilingly walked back to her room.

This subtle teasing canlı casino continued and it was driving Joey crazy. He was jerking off two or three times a day. He kept trying to find ways to peek in on Shelly. Even Sheri was not too concerned about what she wore around the house and there were times that Joey wondered if she was wearing anything under her nightshirts.

John was more than happy because he was getting sex almost on a nightly basis. The kids could clearly hear their moans of pleasure through the thin walls and it made Joey even more on edge. Shelly, however, was rarely home to hear her parents because she had resumed her social activities, either dating a boy or going out with friends.

Many nights would find Joey sneaking into the bathroom hoping to catch a glimps of Shelly changing after her dates. More often than not, the door would be closed but he had to hope.

Joey had just been hearing Sheri moaning and giggling for the past half hour when he decided to try and catch Shelly when she got home. He went into the bathroom and opened the door about one foot. He wedged some clothing laying on the floor behind the door so it was kind of stuck open. He found that if he hid behind the shower curtain, he could look into her room without being seen.

When Shelly got home, he met her downstairs and greeted her. Then he quickly snuck up to their bathroom and hid. Shelly went into her room and Joey carefully peeked into the room. He could see she was taking on her phone. She was talking to one of her girlfriends and did not even look toward the bathroom. She began taking off her shirt. Joey almost gasped out loud when her shirt came off and she stood there in her pink lacy bra. He could see the flesh of her tits bulging out the top.

“Amy, all he wanted was a blow job. He rubbed my pussy for about two minutes and then he was done,” Shelly complained into the phone. Joey figured she was talking about her date letting her down. “I’m getting tired of these guys just getting off and then leaving me high and dry.”

Joey thought she must have been dating a bunch of idiots to not keep her happy. But maybe he could use this knowledge down the road. By now she was sliding her pants off and he could clearly see her matching pink panties. His dick was hard as he watched her walk around her room in her bra and panties. He had to pinch his cock when he saw her hang up the phone and took her bra off. Right in front of him, more or less, were the most beautiful tits he had ever seen. Ok, the only tits but he was in heaven seeing her sweet looking tits bobbing on her small frame.

He decided he had better get back to his room when she was looking for her nightshirt so he slipped into his room unnoticed. He gave a sigh of relief in that he had not been caught. He was astonished to learn that he could still hear the definite sounds of his parents making love. Then he heard Sheri give a slight short scream and he knew she must have orgasmed again.

Shelly heard the scream also and she knocked on Joey’s door.

“Hi Joey, did you just hear that?” She asked.

“Yeah, they have been going at for over an hour now.”

“What? An hour? Are you serious?” Shelly asked.

“Unfortunately, I can hear them when they are going at it,” Joey said.

“Damn, I wish I could find someone to last that long,” Shelly said almost in a whisper.

“Yeah, well, I wish I could just find someone,” Joey said wistfully. He was checking Shelly out as she sat on his bed. Her nightshirt had slid up on her lovely long legs and he could not help looking.

“I’d do about anything to get some experience with girls,” Joey continued.

“Well, I’d do anything to find a boy that would satify me and not just himself,” Shelly sighed. Shelly happened to look over at the tent in Joey’s boxers and remembered that he had a good sized cock hiding in there.

“You know, Joey, maybe we can help each other. We are family now and family should be there for each other,” Shelly said.

“What do you have in mind? How can we help each other?” Joey asked, wondering where this was going.

“Well, I have lots of experience that I could pass on to you. I could teach you some things that will help you when you get a girlfriend and in turn you would be helping me with my little problem,” Shelly explained.

“Are you saying we could help each other by having sex?” Joey gasped.

“I’m not sure about the actual sex part but, yeah, we could do alot of other stuff. It could be fun,” Shelly said, smiling. She was beginning to get into this idea as her pussy was still not satisfied from her earlier date.

Joey, not being a complete fool, was ready for anything.

Shelly said, “We should get naked and touch and kiss each other as a way of getting familar with each other.”

Joey, numb at her suggestion, could only nod his approval. He stared as she quickly shed her shirt and slid her panties off. Joey was stunned when he saw her shaved pussy.

Shelly just laughed kaçak casino as she saw Joey in a trance. She reached over and pulled his boxers off, just missing getting slapped in the cheek by his rock hard cock. She knew he was larger than most of the boys she had dated.

“Ok, let’s lay down on your bed and begin touching each other,” Shelly said. She looked at his cock and knew he would not last very long.

“I’ll go first and I want you to cum as soon as you can, ok?” Shelly said. She began to lightly kiss his lips and she told him how to use his tongue and lips. She kissed her way down his chest and felt his smooth skin and then licked lightly at his nipples. She kept going until she reached his throbbing cock. Shelly truly did admire his cock, finding it longer and nicer looking than most of her boyfriends.

Shelly grasped his cock at the base and licked up and down his cock until it was shiny with her slobber. Joey’s cock quivered as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. He laid back and felt her soft, smooth lips nibbling and sucking at his cock. He was going to cum soon and told her so. Shelly just sucked harder on the head of his cock and pumped him with her other hand. Joey exploded into her mouth as wave after wave of cum flooded her throat.

“Hmmm, you taste pretty good Joey, I love your cum,” Shelly purred, licking his cock as his orgasm subsided. “Don’t worry about cumming so fast, we will practice stamina later. Now, it’s my turn.”

Joey sat up and let Shelly lay on the bed. Shelly had him lean in close so they could kiss some more. They spent several mintues licking and sucking at each others lips and tongues. Joey was having fun swapping tongues with the prettiest girl in school.

Joey began to run his hands all over Shelly’s body, becoming bolder every minute. He took her tits in his hands and rubbed and squeezed them. Shelly showed him how she like to be squeezed and how to pull on her nipples. Joey saw her nipples get really hard and stuck out far. He took them into his mouth and gently sucked on them, going back and forth between each tit. Every time Shelly would let a small moan escape her lips, Joey knew he was getting better at sucking her tits. He held each tit tightly so he could suck on her nipples, running his tongue all over them.

Finally, Shelly was ready for him to move lower. She pulled his head back and kissed him hard. “Eat my pussy for me, Joey. Make me cum hard, Big Guy,” Shelly whispered to him.

“Show me what to do, Sweetie, and I will try hard,” Joey replied. He slid his tongue down her soft slim belly and kissed her soft skin above her pussy. Shelly told him how she liked being licked lightly around her lips and how to use his tongue to lick her pussy. Then she told him how to lick and suck on her clit and to use soft quick strokes.

Joey did as he was told and he enjoyed running his tongue all over his dream girl’s pussy. He was determined to make her happy and he went after it with gusto. He held her tight tiny ass in his hands as he slurped and licked all over her pussy. At one point, he stiffened his tongue and pushed it deep into her pussy, causing Shelly to moan loudly. Shelly was moving her hips and ass as Joey attacked her pussy with an excitement none of her other friends ever had.

Joey found her clit sticking out and rubbed his tongue up and down and all over it. He trapped it with his lips and sucked on it, stroking it.

He kept up a steady pressure sucking on her clit until Shelly grabbed his head and shuddered through a powerful orgasm. Her little ass bounced off the sheets as she let go.

Shelly was a little light headed and she began wondering how she had not noticed Joey before now. Here was a guy she, until recently, had never paid any attention to and he had just given her the best orgasm of her young life. What else was she missing out on, she wondered.

“Come up here, Stud,” Shelly said, pulling him on top of her. She began licking her juices off his face and lips. She ran her hands all over his back and ass, pulling his cock up against her wet pussy. Joey was kissing her back when he felt his cock slide right in to her slippery pussy. His cock was trapped into a wet, hot paradise as he drove in deep.

He was fully inside his dream girl and she was still kissing him and purring quietly. Her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him in tighter.

“Fuck me, Stud,” Shelly whispered into his ear. “Fuck me long and hard. Just tell me when you are going to cum so I can swallow your love juice.”

Joey pumped his cock into her and the feeling was beyond description. She was so hot and wet, much better than his hands, he thought. He pushed his cock into her as deep as he could get it and then pulled out until just the head was squeezed by her lips. Then he drove it back deep into her over and over again. It seemed like he was fucking for hours but it really was about a minute before he felt his cum rising again. He pulled his cock out and Shelly dove down and sucked it into her mouth, stroking and sucking it. She squeezed his balls and pumped his shaft until he again exploded into her mouth. She kept licking and kissing the head of his cock as his orgasm ended.

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