My Niece’s Milk Pt. 03 – New Normal

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Here’s Part 3! Part 4 is almost finished and will be here soon. Feedback/suggestions much appreciated.

The vacation with Naomi was all I could think about in weeks since. The passion, and the magic between us. We’d seen each other since, but could not embrace as we had before. We were forced to remain physically distant for the sake of secrecy.

That didn’t mean that we weren’t keeping in touch.

Family dinners where I was invited became more common as I grew closer to the rest of the family. My sister Kaitlyn was an excellent chef, and her husband Robert made for interesting conversation thanks to his career as a journalist. The two were gracious hosts, which only increased my sense of guilt. I wished at times that I could ignore my instinctive cravings.

We had a couple movie nights. I helped Robert out with a couple projects around the house. Naomi showed me her latest paintings, a desert landscape at sunset and a secret one she hid under her bed. It was of a very busty woman, and my niece found it quite amusing.

“Looks like someone I know,” I commented.

Beyond that, there was little time spent at the house. The only flirting I got to do with Naomi was a hushed whisper in the hall or a quick grope while her parents were in the other room. Most of my time was spent at work. Our chances to speak were few and far between, but we both had an obvious desire to carry this relationship forward.

One such opportunity came last night. After dinner, Naomi excused herself to wash up while I began cleaning the dishes. My sister and her husband called it an early night, retreating to their bedroom. A lucky break.

“Need some help?” Naomi asked from the hall.

“I’m trying to clean the dishes and you’re the one that spilled pasta all over your shirt,” I joked. I could sense her eyes rolling as she took a step forward. I continued scrubbing plates, leaning over the sink as she approached.

“You know it’s a hard target to miss,” she reminded me.

“I know that, but you still thought you could get away with shoveling food mountains at a time.”

“A girl’s gotta eat. I’ll admit I bit off a bit more than I could chew.”

“Sometimes I think that about us,” I sighed.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a hushed tone.

“The secrecy, the longing. Knowing what we want but being unable to have it. We have all this baggage now, all the obstacles. I thought the focus of our relationship would be on us… but it’s on everyone else,” I spoke softly.

“I know,” she sighed, hugging me from behind and resting her head against my back. I continued my work and after a moment she released me and joined me by my side.

We finished cleaning the dishes together in silence. I marvelled over my niece’s udder-like breasts as she worked. Those industrious milk factories. Restrained only by a pasta-stained shirt and a nursing bra. Inches from my lips.

“What should we call ourselves?” Naomi wondered aloud as we turned to face each other. I knew exactly what she was referring to.

What kind of name could you attach to this relationship and the partners in it? Uncle and niece? Boyfriend and girlfriend? We were two lovers denying our love to everyone but ourselves. At least right now, I had no answer.

“Let’s stick to uncle and niece, like it’s always been, at least for now,” I concluded. The blonde nodded.

“There’s an obvious thing we haven’t tried yet,” Naomi switched topics.

“What’s that?”

“Phone sex,” she whispered with a grin.

“Would it be possible? It seems like one of your parents is always home… could you whisper quietly enough?” I asked.

“I get my chances every now and then. They have to go grocery shopping sometime,” she explained.

“You’ve got my mobile number, right?”

“Of course. You’ve got mine?”

“I do, but I don’t happen to have a picture for you in my contacts,” I winked.

“We’ll just have to fix that,” she said, beginning to pose. She leaned her right hip against the counter as I got my phone out. Her right hand pressed down on the counter while her left rested on her hip. My camera caught everything, from the impish grin to the food-stained shirt. That would continue to bring some laughs.

We wished each other a good night and resolved to experiment with our new idea the next day.

Naomi being the one with the more restrictive schedule, we decided that she should be the one to call. I could make time at work. We texted back and forth that morning, mostly innocuous things. Music we’d been listening to, what was on TV. It wasn’t until a quarter past 11 that we got our opportunity.

“Dad’s heading to the library for research. Might take a while,” her text informed me.

I knew her father was very thorough when it came to such matters. With her mom at work and dad now out of the house, I got myself ready to call. I worked for the city as an IT manager. Nothing glamorous or exciting, but it was secure and kept the lights on at home.

Most of my work was conducted from my personal etiler ucuz escort office. I rarely had to venture anywhere in person. That was the job of my three subordinates to go out into the field. We managed city email and servers, the city website, maintained computers, assisted the parks and recreation district as well as the schools, but it never kept us that busy. Today was an exceptionally slow day.

Clearing my throat, I stood up to lock my office door. I slid the old blanket I used to trap heat up against the base of the door. It helped muffle sound, not that there was anybody else in the office today. Turning the blinds closed, I sat down excitedly in my chair, reaching for my private phone.

“Hello?” came Naomi’s voice.

“Hey sugarbutt,” I greeted.

“Uncle Peter, you haven’t called me that in forever,” she giggled. I’d barely even remembered the nickname mysmyself.

“Sounds a bit odd calling you that, seems like it’s ignoring the elephants in the room.”

“Sugarboobs, maybe,” she suggested.

“Maybe, maybe,” I nodded.

Despite our flirtatious start, we struggled a bit after that. Phone sex was new to us. There were painfully long pauses here and there. It’s just something about phones that makes talking more difficult. If we were together in person, we could have written a book by now.

It took a while to adapt and become comfortable with it. Naomi blossomed into a natural once we began to dispense with the pleasantries. I was glad my chair could recline as I sunk back further by the minute. The girl was getting into the really good parts now.

“Oh you should see my nipples, they’re so fat and juicy right now,” the young woman purred.

“Your shirt’s off?” I inquired.

“Whenever it can be. How about your pants?” she asked.

“They’re still on. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about unzipping them.”


“What are you up to right now?”

“Oh, nothing much, just got a problem between my legs that I’ve gotta solve. The same problem every day, ever since that weekend at the lake.”

“I had no idea you were such a horny little girl,” I groaned.

“Little?” came her reply.

“I’ve got these two massive, aching breasts. Aching for you. The biggest you’ve ever seen. Bigger than my head. Bigger than your head. They need to be milked. You need to milk me,” the young woman pleaded.

“How badly?” I gulped.

“I pumped fifteen ounces a couple hours ago… but I’m filling back up. Fast.”

“Sounds like you need to do something about that problem too,” I suggested.

“Working on it as we speak,” she declared. I heard movement on the other side. She was probably fiddling around with her pumps. Getting them ready to drain her.

“Can you hear them?” she asked as a rhythmic droning began to fill the background.

“Oh yeah.”

“Do you like the way they sound?”

“Fuck yes.”

“The sound always turns me on too. I get so wet when I’m pumping. Almost as wet as I get with your lips on me.”

“If you’re wet, then you need to give yourself relief,” I instructed.

“Yes, Uncle Peter,” she answered.

“I want you to fuck yourself with those little fingers of yours.”

“I will. I am,” the woman gasped as her fingers slid inside herself.

“Good,” I replied, rubbing my throbbing crotch through my jeans.

“I want you to tug on that big fat dick of yours, I know it must hurt so much,” she panted.

I grunted in affirmation, holding the phone in one hand as I fiddled with the button and zipper. My cock bulged out as it was freed from the denim and stretched the fabric of my boxers. I slid the head through the opening which caused the tent to collapse. I gripped my shaft and began to stroke.

“It would be great if you could just bend me over and fuck me in your office. Milk my tits like a cow on your desk,” my niece mused.

“That would be nice… I’d make you scream. I would have to cover your mouth.”


“I’d fuck you raw, and wring your tits out until they were as dry as the desert,” I continued stroking and growing harder from the fantasy.

“That sounds so fucking good… I wish I could hide in your office… be your little fuck-slave… your milk-cow… we could fuck all day long. Maybe hide under your desk and you could finger me, or I sucked you off.”

I had that same wish.

“How much… how much milk are you getting?”

“Oh god, uncle Peter, there’s so much already…” she trailed off.

My cock got even harder.

“How much?” I asked again.

“It’s been just a few minutes, but I’ve already got like five ounces in each one.”

“How much do you think you’ll get?” my mouth watered.

“I’m pretty full… at least fifteen total. Maybe even twenty.”

“If I had you right here, right now, I would fuck the milk out of you,” I gritted my teeth.

“I bet you could,” she gasped.

“I’d grab your fat dripping nipples and squeeze them. Just like that night in the cabin. etiler üniversiteli escort This time from behind.”

“So much milk would explode out of me…”

“It would be such a mess.”

“I’d have to lick your desk clean after that, wouldn’t I?”

“Yes, I think you would. You would have been a naughty, messy girl.”

“It would be a good punishment.”

“Only if we both didn’t love the sweet taste of your milk so much.”

“Uncle Peter…” my niece started.


“We need to fuck soon. For real.”

“We do,” I agreed.

“I don’t know if I can take… if I can take it much longer without you,” she breathed heavily.

“Let’s meet up… this weekend. Just a few more days. I promise we’ll make it work. I’ll fuck your brains out.”

With that vision, I swiftly came into a wad of tissues. Naomi came soon after I informed her. I told her about how much I’d cum, how much of a mess it was. It put her over the edge. She loved that kind of thing.

We continued to talk. Sharing date ideas, places we’d love to visit together. Even after she finished pumping we kept rambling on. Finally, she let me know somebody was pulling into the driveway. We said our goodbyes and I began planning for the weekend.

It was finally Friday and I’d just left work. We’d talked on the phone twice since that first time. I really looked forward to those calls. It was almost time for the real deal. I wanted to go home and shower, change into something nice. Naomi just wanted me now.

One of my friends was in the parks department. He owed me a favor, and was willing to smuggle my sister and her husband into a sold-out concert. It was a local music festival, held yearly down at the riverfront park. I almost wanted to go myself as it could make for a fun date with Naomi.

I knew it would work better this way, though.

“Alright, we see him. You sure it’s fine?” my sister asked on the phone.

“Absolutely. Nobody’s gonna notice a couple extra people. You’re not hurting anybody,” I laughed.

“I know, it’s just been years since I’ve snuck into a concert,” she chuckled.

We hung up once they’d crossed the fence and entered the park. I started the engine of my vehicle and started down the road toward Naomi’s place. My cock throbbed already. It was just gonna be her, me, and a whole lot of milk.

I let myself in with my key. Standing at the sliding door at the rear of the house, I admired the sight before me. Naomi was sunning herself in an adirondack chair, wearing only her nursing bra, briefs, and a pair of sunglasses. It was the same chair I’d been sitting in when she greeted me at our reunion… a month ago now?

Part of me felt like that was a long time, the other felt things had moved so quickly. Regardless, I shook my head and slid the door open. The blonde beauty heard the noise and turned to look at me, cracking a subtle smile. Still in my work clothes, I walked toward her. Her fingers played delicately with her womanhood.

“You look professional,” she admired.

“Professional, maybe. Tired and sweaty, yes,” I laughed.

“Nothing wrong with that. It’s a hot day after all,” she held her hand up to the sky.

“Those things look fucking swollen,” I noted, pointing at her chest. They looked a tad darker than the last time I’d seen them, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t just the tan she was working on.

“You wouldn’t believe it. I skipped my last pumping just for you. It hurts like a motherfucker but I’m just trying to play it cool for you,” her voice betrayed a bit of pain.

“Language,” I scolded her.

“Motherfucker,” she repeated.

“Who, me? Not even accurate,” I shook my head as I went around to the back of her chair. I kneeled down on the grass and put my hands on her warm shoulders. She leaned her head back flat against the chair as I began to massage her.

“You’re right. You’re a niecefucker,” she tilted her head back to look up at me. I couldn’t make out her eyes through the sunglasses but I knew they were full of lust.

“You’re overdue,” I rolled her shoulders back and forth.

“For what?” she feigned ignorance.

“For your milking, and your fucking.”

“God, you know I am,” she inhaled sharply.

“How about we do that first part right now,” I suggested.

“Out here?” she blurted.

“You’ve got tall shrubs all around the yard. Your parents aren’t coming back. Not a soul is gonna see us,” I assured her.

“That’s a shame,” she joked.

I stood up and indicated for her to scoot forward. I sat down behind her on the low chair, reclining. Naomi scooted back until her cheeks rubbed up against my cock. She rubbed my leg by her side, knowingly. I instructed her to lean back.

Her warm sun-kissed back pressed against my work shirt. I could feel the young woman’s breath and her every move. My arms wrapped around her torso and my hands ran up and down her thighs. I traced around her crotch before moving up to her stomach.

I fatih escort loved rubbing her smooth belly. In a circular motion, I orbited her belly button before raising my arms a little bit further. Now I was brushing up against her tits. My nose took in the strawberry aroma of her blonde hair as it pressed against her head, just below mine.

My lips planted a kiss on the back of the girl’s head.

Still somewhat unfamiliar with nursing bras, I peeked around her head. I craned my neck as I fiddled with the cups. Eventually they came unclasped. There they were, pale and contrasting sharply with the rest of her tanned body.

Each nipple was pointing outward, dripping milk onto the young maiden’s stomach. My hands wrapped around the base of her breasts and began to feel them up. She was engorged and stuffed to capacity. It was like two boulders attached to her chest.

“They’re solid,” I gasped. There was still some jiggle and squishiness to them but one didn’t need to be an expert to know her milk glands were stretched to the limit.

“Don’t worry, give them a squeeze. Milk ’em. It’s gonna hurt, but not as bad as engorgement. It’s a good kind of pain when you do it,” she explained.

I pressed my fingers into each breast. They were burning hot from the sun and engorgement. My fingers squished only a couple centimeters into her dense breast-flesh before meeting strong resistance. Naomi winced in pain as a thin stream projected from both nipples.

The first couple of squeezes never gave much, no matter how full she was. I gripped her breasts in the manner that I’d seen her handle them. Another squeeze. This time, the floodgates opened.

My jaw dropped as milk gushed in almost every direction. At least a dozen thick jets from each nipple, most spraying quite powerfully. I maintained the pressure and the flow remained consistent for the longest time. Milk rained down audibly on my niece’s knees and the grass beyond.

I tilted my head to the side and admired the cream as it ran down her legs and puddled at her feet. She really was something else. I started rubbing my cock up against her ass slowly. Her firm cheeks cushioned it and held it in place even through her briefs. It reminded us both of our time on that cliff’s edge…

This got her a bit excited and she returned to the gentle fingering she’d been conducting before my arrival. The flow finally began to diminish, droplets landing on her underwear and stomach as the pressure dropped. I released my fingers then dug back in as more milk was pressed out of her breasts. An equally impressive shower began.

“I love it when you milk me from behind,” the girl purred.

I was happy to oblige.

Doing my best impression of a farmer, I continued to wring the milk from my niece’s tits. While I was doing this, she rubbed the folds of her pussy beneath her panties and teased at her clitoris. Her delicate fingers moistened themselves with milk from the streams covering her body. My head rested against her shoulder. I planted a kiss on her neck.

“Mmmm. Ahhhhhhh. Mmmmmm,” the woman moaned (or some variation thereof).

It seemed like an eternity before she was beginning to run dry. Naomi had cum two, now three times. A fair amount of letdowns as well. It was difficult for me to count due to how easily the cream was flowing at any time.

Naomi was drained. Literally and figuratively. Her deflated chest heaved in heavy breaths. Her elbows rested on my legs that wrapped around her small body. We sat like that for some time before the sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway was heard.

The two of us jumped from our seats like lightning. Naomi fumbled with her nursing bra while I pondered hopping the fence. I glanced back at the chair and noticed just how extensive the puddle of milk on the grass became. At least a foot in diameter and quite obvious. Fortunately, it was fading fast as milk drained into the soil or evaporated.

I hope breast milk is good for grass.

Naomi waved goodbye as she bolted into the house. Her breasts flopped wildly despite the bra. I was pretty sure she’d made it back into her room before I heard the front door unlock. My attention turned back to the fence.

I remembered there was a gate that one of the shrubs had grown over. Sure enough, it was still there as I squeezed my way through the plant. I unlatched it and shut it behind me before sprinting out the side yard. Naomi waved at me with wide eyes from her window while dressing. Once I reached the street, I turned right and didn’t stop running.

It was good that I’d decided to park a couple blocks away.

“What the hell happened?” I asked Naomi over the phone. I was dumbfounded. I thought we’d planned it perfectly.

“My parents, being the over-protective helicopters they are, have our smoke detectors linked to an app on their phones. The garage detector went off sometime while we were outside and we just never heard it. They got the alert on their phones and rushed on over,” Naomi explained, finishing with a sigh.

“At least you know they care a lot about you,” I pointed out. Always looking for the bright side, or sometimes anyway.

“Too much,” my niece grumbled.

“I don’t think there’s any such thing,” I countered, suddenly feeling a bit defensive of her parents.

“There is, and you just saw it,” she snapped back.

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