My Night Out Drinking

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I stepped through the doors and slowly looked around – looking for my friends who I was supposed to be meeting. The air in the bar, if that is what you could call the place, was thick with stale cheap smoke. I took another step inside and was hit with the loud music, and louder people – yes, just my kind of place.

I headed straight for the bar, and ordered my usual, Jack and Coke. Turning around and surveying the crowd I smile, yes this is going be a good night for hunting. My body remains still as my eyes move from face to face, catching them all staring at me – who wouldn’t stare at me – I’m gorgeous and I’m dressed to kill. With long brown hair, deep blue eyes, and boobs and a body that any porn star would pay thousands for, I’m any guys dream babe.

I straighten up, lock eyes on my first kill for the evening when a hand lands on my shoulder and anchors me to my bar-stool. The hand is powerful, more powerful than any grip I’ve felt before. I turn to face the hand and see what can only be described as a Goddess standing next to me. She looks down at me from above and motions for me to stand up.

I am powerless to disobey – her eyes are dark, almost black and are full of power. Her hand never leaves my shoulder and I am slowly lead through the crowd to the toilets. I try to turn around but the Hand hold me in place, I am her prisoner, her prey.

I hear my name being called, it is the voice of my friends, my friends which I was supposed to be meeting, but I don’t dare turn to look, I just keep on walking where the Hand leads me. I walk knowing that I belong to her.

I am led into the women’s toilets and I am quickly relieved to see that is it empty, just me and the Hand. The Hand lets go of my shoulder and I turn to face her. I look up at her face and it is beautiful, powerful. She peers down ankara olgun escort at me as a child would look at a new pet and with an eerie grin on her face, and with shake of her head motions me into the first cubicle.

I slowly walk in, unsure of where this is leading and once again turn to face her – looking up at her expectantly, waiting for my next order. She tells me to sit, which I do. No, she says, lift the lid, lift your skirt so it is around your waist and sit. It takes me a few seconds to register the command, but once I have pieced it all together, I turn and lift the toilet seat, which luckily seems quite clean, hike up my short denim skirt, and facing her once again sit down on the toilet.

A large grin spreads across her face – I follow her eyes, and realize that she is looking at my panties. I follow her gaze and gasp out loud when I see what she is seeing. My thin white lacy g-string is soaked through. My pussy is flowing freely, making my panties see-through and my thighs glisten with juice. I quickly close my legs, and blushing face the wall.

Seconds of silence follow. I am too embarrassed to face her – to face the Woman who has made my body cry for her touch, made my body flow. Eventually I calm myself down, the blushing subsides and again I look at her. She has not moved a muscle; he eyes are still gazing at my wet panties.

Without looking up she orders me to open my legs. I start to protest but her hand shoots up, stopping me before I have even truly started. Again she orders me to open my legs, he voice sterner this time, more commanding. I do what I believe any girl would do in that situation, I obey.

Now Pee!


The words escape my mouth before I can stop them, and now they are out. I look up, her eyes are on mine. I told you to pee – obey me now, or I walk out of here right now and you will never see me again … ever. My eyelids lower and I look down at my lap. I slowly close my eyes, contract the muscles over my bladder and start to pee.

It ankara ucuz escort starts slowly at first, my pee slowly dripping through the fine white material, but within a few seconds it is flowing freely, through my panties, over my thighs, down my legs. It is the most humiliating experience of my life, and the most fulfilling.

When my bladder finally empties, and the flowing stops, I open up my eyes, and with pride look up to meet her stare. She is smiling now and this makes me smile too. You are a good girl she says, now stand up and take off your panties for me. I stand, and bending over, slowly slide down my panties, not quite white any longer, and soaking wet.

I straighten up, my dripping panties in my hand. I look at them like a naughty schoolgirl being caught by the teacher while passing a letter to her friend. Let me smell them she says, Hold them to my nose. I raise my hand to meet her nose, she takes a deep smell, then pulls away. Now you smell them she says. I bring my hand to my face, and holding my pee-stained panties to my nose, I inhale deeply. I am surprised that the smell is good – really good.

Sit I hear her say, and realize that I have been standing there with my eyes closed sniffing my panties. My eyes open, I step back and sit back down on the toilet. The seat feels cold against my thighs. I sit and wait, wondering what will happen next.

She walks into the cubicle, and straddles me while I sit on the toilet, she leans down and kisses me. It is like no kiss I have ever experienced before, such power, such passion. The kiss ends and my eyes open she stands up and puts out her hand, requesting my panties. I pass them to her and she crumples then into a ball.

She steps up to me again and slowly runs her hand over my face, I shiver and my pussy begins to leak again. Her fingers run through my hair, and then PAIN.

She grabs me by the hair and yanks my head back. My eyes open wide and I shriek. But before any sound can escape my mouth, the gap ankara yabancı escort is blocked and my hair is released. I hands fly to my mouth to try and unblock it, but my hands are caught in her tight grasp. She looks into my wide frightened eyes and talks to me, gently, soothingly. Breath my lil slut she says, slowly and deeply through your nose, breath and all will be fine.

I nod my head, and slow down my breathing, taking long deep breaths through my nose. My heart slows down and I look up at her again. She releases my hands and tells me to put them behind my back, I listen, I do not have an option any more. I sit there, naked from the waist down with my pee-soaked panties in my mouth, the pee slowly dripping down the back of my throat.

She stands in front of me and slowly raises her skirt, I look in horror as she bares her pussy, it is in line with my face, clean shaved and pantyless. I look up at her, she looks down at me. You have been a good girl she says, and for that I will reward you.

And then it hits me. Warm liquid squirts into my face, I gasp and turn my face, but it down not help, her pee is all over me. In my hair, my mouth, my eyes. It runs down my neck, over my breasts and over my wet pussy.

I close my eyes, and concentrate on breathing slowly through my nose. It is all I can do to keep from crying. The pee stops, but I dare not open my eyes. I concentrate on my breathing, and after a few minutes I feel in control of my lungs again. I open my eyes, look up and she is gone. The cubicle door is closed and I am all alone.

I take a deep breath and nearly suck my panties down my throat. I taste her pee, my pee, my juices…. I gag and pull them out. Where is she … how can she leave me here, alone like this. I look at myself. God, how can I go out like this, I am covered in pee, I am wet and I smell.

I slowly open the cubicle door and peer out … No, she is not here, she has left. Tears fill my eyes, and pulling down my skirt I run out of the bathroom through the bar and into the night. I stop in the car lot. Where is she, where is my Goddess? How can she have left me? Did I do something wrong?

I slowly walk to my car, sucking her urine out of my hair as I walk, savoring every last moment I can spend with her. I get to my car, open the door and drive home. Never to see my Goddess again.

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