My Older Neighbour Ch. 02

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I didn’t see Margot again for several weeks due to long days at work. This particular Monday I was working from home, my wife had left for work and after my breakfast I went outside to feed the chickens and let them out for the day. I was still in my dressing gown but the garden is fenced so I didn’t worry about this. As I was feeding the hens I heard Margot the other side of the fence opening her garage door, she had obviously heard me clucking at the hens so she popped her head over the fence to speak with me.

She was concerned I was avoiding her after our exploits a few weeks ago, I assured her I wasn’t and that I had just been busy at work. I walked over towards her and the wind caught my dressing gown and blew the front open, I was naked underneath and she copped any eyeful of flaccid cock swinging over my balls, I apologised but she smiled and said she was glad of the view. We chatted about nothing for a while but as she ended the conversation she asked me over for coffee later as she wanted to talk about what had happened and what the future held.

Thanks I went indoors and showered thinking about what may come later and soon enough 10.00 came around so I wandered over to her house. I walked around the back and she was sunning herself on a deck chair. Her garden backed onto open fields and was secluded from the cul-de-sac by tall hedges. I sat opposite her and she poured me a coffee from the cafeteria . As she leant forward, her top gaped and the top of her tits were exposed to me along with half of her nipples, she looked up as she was pouring and smiled at me.

“Like what you see” she asked me, I grinned and said “what’s not to like” and smiled back.

When she had finished pouring we chatted over the recent events, how she felt about what had happened and how much she missed Dave, a tear started to roll down her cheek as she spoke about him. I stood up and dabbed it away for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her but this put my crotch at her eye level, she looked up at me and slowly stroked the length of cock and asked if we could play some more.

My cock was starting to grow and my non response she took for a yes and slowly unzipped my jeans, unbuckled my belt and popped the popper, I wasn’t wearing underpants so my jeans slid down my legs leaving my cock half erect in Margots face, she gently stroked me rubbing her thumb over my glans which was super sensitive, I twitched, she grinned and lent forward licking the tip of my hardening cock then, swirling her tongue around my glans and gently sucking me into her mouth. Her hands went around my back and held my arse cheeks and pulled me into her, more of my cock sliding into her throat.

My hands came up and held her head and I gently pulled back until just the tip of my cock was between her lips then I slowly pushed forward until she gagged, I held it there and waited until she got used to it and then pushed forward some more past her mouth and into her throat. She held me there by my arse cheeks her throat doing unbelievable things to my cock, milking it. She pulled my arse cheeks apart and worked her fingers towards my bud, rubbing it gently, pushing a finger just inside of me slowly and gently, her throat still working on my cock.

I reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them quite hard, feeling her bullet like nipples pushing against her top. I pulled away and lifted her top over her head, getting her tits out into the open air. I kicked my jeans off which had gathered around my ankles and knelt down in front of her, pushing her legs apart, my hands ran along her legs to her upper thighs and then across to reach her honey pot. She was knickerless and my thumbs stroked her pussy lips , easing them apart. She was wet already and I easily güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri slid two fingers deep inside of her and started to finger fuck her.

I leant forward and licked her and then assaulted her clit which was erect and sticking out of its little hood. I licked it, sucked it and then nibbled it, Margot opened her legs further and held my head against her moving with me to stimulate the parts she needed. I turned my fingers so I could stroke her G spot and fucked her hard fast and deep with my fingers, her moans became more urgent and then she let it go, she came with her juices gushing out over my face all down my chest soaking my tee shirt.

She lay there twitching in her deck chair legs wide open, pussy gaping and tits on full display, what a sight. I started rubbing her pussy again, gently so she didn’t jump and pushed three fingers inside of her she could take more so I added my little finger and then curled my thumb around and pushed, I couldn’t quite get my fist and I didn’t want to hurt her in but she grabbed my wrist and pushed harder, forcing my fist inside of her. I looked down and my whole hand was inside of her, I slowly started to move my wrist around fucking her with my hand pushing in deeper. As I increased the pace she started rubbing her own clit and as she came she pushed my hand out of herself and again sprayed my with her juices.

My cock was by now rock hard and painful, she turned around on the chair and knelt up offering me her arse, she said her pussy needed to shrink a bit before I could fuck her there, her juices had run down and lubricated her rosebud but I still pushed a finger in first to open her up a bit, my cock soon followed, pushing the entire length inside her arse until my balls slapped against her sopping wet pussy.

I held her cheeks and fucked her, long hard deep strokes into her tight depths all the while güvenilir bahis şirketleri she was rubbing her clit. I knew I wouldn’t last long and as I increased the pace she knew that too and her rubbing got quicker, we managed to climax together, me filling her with streams of hot come deep in her bowels and her spraying my balls with her juices. Then she shocked me, she pushed me off her, turned around and licked my cock clean, straight out of her arse. She washed it, then went to my balls and sucked them clean too. She asked me to turn around and lean forward which I did, and then I felt her tongue run down my arse crack, licking my bud, she pulled my cheeks apart and tongue fucked my arse making it very wet with her spit, then I felt a finger push its way inside of me, it felt so deep, I pushed back and as she pulled out she added another so I had two fingers inside of me – fingering me as if I was a girl.

It started to get a bit uncomfortable so I stood up so she had to stop. My cock had firmed up again and found its way into her mouth gently and slowly she sucked me, working me over with her tongue as she did. She rolled my balls in her hand and amazingly I shot another load, this time down her throat. She sucked me dry and fell back into the chair. I sat and we just got our breath back, smiling and looking at each other.

“I guess this will get to be a regular thing then Margot,” I said feasting my eyes on her used body on display for me, thinking back to our first encounter.

I stood up and said I need to piss, she leant forward and held my cock, aimed it towards her open mouth and waited. As I relaxed my warm piss started to flow, as if flowed into her mouth she swallowed some and let the rest flow out of her mouth and down over her tits soaking her.

As my stream came to an end she sucked me dry and said “My turn now”. I sat back in my chair and she straddled my legs, pulled her pussy lips apart and aimed her stream at my chest watching it flow down over my cock. I leant forward to taste her and she was so sweet, my lips glued themselves to her pussy as she finished as I dried her and licked the last of the golden nectar from her. Can’t wait until I have to work from home again!

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