My Poor Suffering Cuckold Pt. 01

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Sunday morning and I’m doing my chores while my lovely boob mistress rests in bed after a good night at the disco with her friends. I bring her the breakfast in bed.

“Oh good morning honey, thank you! You are so sweet my cuckold!”

“It’s a pleasure for me to serve you boob mistress.”

“I know pet! Oh I had such a wonderful night yesterday! That see through blouse you have bought me had a lot of success! All the guys stared at my breasts and gave me compliments. Obviously I thanked those nice guys allowing them to touch my soft boobs. They said my breasts are the best they have ever touched. So big and soft. I’ve lost the count of how many hands grabbed my boobs in the club. Are you OK pet?”

“Yes mistress.” I answer, while I feel my peewee twitching painfully in the cage for jealousy.

“Oh pet, at a certain point I decided to take off my lace black bra so everyone could look directly at my boobs, and some lucky guys could easily pinch my hard nipples. Oh so sexy! And I thought about you, safely tied and caged at home. That increased my pleasure.”

She smiles evilly watching my frustrated expression full of envy. She knows it is a long time since she allowed me to look at her bare boobs and she likes to see how it torments me. I look down to hide my feelings, then I notice her black bra on the floor. My wife is still in the bed, only the sheet covers her sexy curves. My heart jumps hoping to have a quick peek of her naked boobs.

“What are you waiting for cuckold? Why are you looking at the sheet? Yes dear I slept braless this night and I know how much you are missing my naked boobs. Oh pet, just with a quick movement of my hand I could release them and allow you to have a such amazing view but I don’t think you deserve it. All the real men have seen them yesterday but you have to remain denied. Now thank me and go and continue to do your chores you useless cuckold!”

“Thank you boob mistress to deny me the pleasure of seeing your beautiful bare breasts! My little peewee doesn’t deserve to look at them, while all other men do! I just deserve to suffer while bulls take all the pleasure from your lovely big boobs.”

“Well said pet! Now leave the room, I want go to the stables today, and I have to get ready for it!”

So I continue with my chores with my peewee that stiffens in the cage for the jealousy thinking about all the lucky guys who have enjoyed my wife’s big boobs at the club. When I finish I come back to the room and I remain frozen by the view. My wife is still dressing. She is wearing a pair of sheer nylon stockings, a black thong and a leather bra, ready to squeeze her hot body into a sexy leather outfit.

“Hey cuckold! Don’t you used to knock? Oh what a bad pet you are!”

I babble something, mesmerized by that sight.

“Yes mistress. I’m so sorry mistress.”

“Oh pet you are so cute!

You are drooling like mad! Do you like your sexy wife? Are you happy to live with your mistress but not be allowed to touch me and never get any pleasure from my hot body?”

“Yes mistress I’m so happy to be your little denied slave!”

I look full of lust at her sexy nylon clad legs, her round bum and her big boobs wrapped in that hot leather bra. I moan from the frustrated desire.

“Oh cuckold it’s so funny to watch you drool like that! But I’m so sorry pet you need to be punished for your unauthorized entry. Come here, we need the spiked cage. Maybe you will learn the proper behaviour in this way.”

I groan desperately. My poor peewee still hurts so much! My wife laughs seeing how purple and swollen it is.

“oh you poor boy! Your wife is wearing this sexy lingerie and you don’t get anything. Just drool and suffer! Oh pet you are so unlucky to have a tiny penis. If you were a real man, you would enjoy my sexy body, cum between my soft breasts but instead you have to enjoy the nasty spikes!”

“Yes I know mistress, my useless peewee only deserves to suffer meanwhile real cocks take all the pleasure from your sexy curves!”

“Well said cuckold, enjoy your tight spiked cage! Now go to find my riding boots. Meanwhile I’ll finish getting ready.”

I obey, take her boots and I come back. Now she is ready to go to the stables, so sexy. She has squeezed her busty body into hot shiny leather pants and a tight leather black basque that barely contains her huge boobs. I start to drool again looking at her then I kneel ready Bakırköy escort to put her boots on.

“What do you think pet? Do you like my outfit? How do my boobs look in this tight basque?” She says grabbing her soft boobs.

“Amazing mistress, you have such gorgeous breasts! They seem so perfect and fit in this sexy leather basque!” I reply dreaming to feel them just once. They look so good!

“Thank you honey but they are not for you poor boy. What do you think about my leather buttocks?” She asks rubbing her hands on them just few inches away from my drooling eyes.

“Oh mistress your bum looks so amazing! So lovely and sexy!”

“Yes honey, I know it’s one of your favourite fetish outfits and this is the reason I deny you it! No touching for my little pet! Do you think I’ll find some guys who want to feel it at the stables?”

I groan looking at her attractive leather-clad ass, my peewee throbs painful into the spiked cage for the harsh teasing.

“Yes mistress, plenty of guys will”

“I guess so pet! All the guys out of there can’t take their hands off my hot leather bum! I was thinking to finally let you feel it today, but because you entered in my room without my permission, I’ll let you beg other men to feel my sexy ass instead of you. Maybe this way you will learn the right behaviour!”

“I apologize mistress, please forgive me.” I groan continuing to stare and drool at her leather buttocks. My peewee aching and frustrated for the missed chance. I’m so unlucky!

“Don’t worry pet, I intend to make you pay for the privilege of seeing me in my sexy lingerie with a whole day of harsh torment. Now put my shiny boots on cuckold.”

I moan and plead, begging for mercy, saying how horny I am, how the nasty spikes hurt my little peewee, how frustrated I am of not be allowed to enjoy her sexy body, and just crying for the envy and jealousy, always teased and denied!

“Oh my poor boy, but you know you deserve to suffer for your beautiful boob mistress! Come on pet if you are a very good cuckold, maybe today I’ll let you lick my pretty nylon clad feet. Would you like it dear?”

Saying that she rubs one of her feet on my crotch. My penis twitches in response to stimulation, but the cruel spikes dig in painfully so I can’t feel any pleasure.

“Oh yes please mistress! Oh thank you mistress!”

She laughs seeing how weak and easy to control I am. I finish putting on her shiny leather boots and we move to the stables. When we arrives my wife says.

“OK dear I want you to serve me the whole day like a good cuckold so put this sign on. I want everybody at the stables to know you are at my service.”


“No please boob mistress, it’s so humiliating! Everybody will laugh at me.”

“I don’t care about it pet, your little penis deserves a harsh day of torment!”

I plead and moan but I wear the sign and I follow my wife like an obedient cuckold, hoping to not meet anyone I know. Meanwhile I drool looking at my wife’s tempting leather-clad ass, so desperate not being allowed to feel it. She enters the stables and we meet four black men. They immediately look at her sexy bouncing boobs and then at my ridiculous sign, starting to tease me about the meaning.

“I’m the slave of this sexy boob mistress. I so love her hot curves but I’m never allowed to enjoy them and she lets me beg other men to do it instead of me so I can watch all the pleasure reserved for real bulls and learn to appreciate the permanent denial I deserve.”

They laugh loudly at my words, and one of them asks.

“So you would beg us to enjoy your gorgeous wife? Oh she’s so sexy! Let’s see which part I’d like to feel. Obviously she has a great pair of boobs. Do you like it if we squeeze them cuckold slave?”

I start to blubbering knowing which kind of reply my lovely mistress wants to hear.

“Yes I so love it when other men fondle and suck my wife’s gorgeous soft boobs! Her breast is so big and soft, and other men get all the pleasure while I suffer dreaming to be allowed to do the same, but I can never have those big boobs because I’m a little useless cuckold!”

“Very good cuckold slave! But I think me and my friends we’ll start to fondle that sexy leather-clad ass. Would you like that boob slave?” I sob so frustrated because they want to feel one of my favourite fetish parts.

“Oh escort bayan yes I would love it. Please bulls touch my wife’s gorgeous leather-clad bum! I so like it. Show me how real men grab it while I’m denied.”

So I kneel down with my face just in front of my wife’s hot buttocks while the bulls start to fondle it. I groan full of jealousy, drooling meanwhile bulls’ hands grab and caress her sexy leather ass just a few inches away from my envious eyes, hearing all the comments about her bum and how good it feels in those hot leather pants. My wife laughs loudly seeing my frustrated expression.

“Oh my poor honey you are so unlucky! I know well your huge leather fetish and how much you love my buttocks, but it seems all the other guys love it! They can’t keep their hands off me! Oh cuckold just think that could have been you touching it if you were not a bad pet!”

I moan in reply full of envy dreaming to put my hands on her sexy leather-clad ass. My hard penis throbs painfully in the spiked cage, adding another torment.

“Oh boob slave your wife’s ass is so hot! I’d like to spent a whole day fondling it, but in my life I have rarely seen a pair of boobs so big, so I can’t wait to put my hands on them, and all my friends too! What do you think about it cuckold slave?”

With those words I feel so frustrated but I say.

“I will love it bull! I fell in love with my mistress for her massive breasts, but she has never let me touch them, so I go crazy for the jealousy when she allows other men to do that. My little peewee bursts in its tight cage when I see a bull take all the pleasure that is denied to me! The maximum pleasure a boobs slave like me can have is to watch the soft boobs of his mistress fondled and grabbed by a strong bull! So please guys enjoy my wife’s big breasts!”

I suffer so much saying those words knowing how much black men love big boobs. My wife smiling evilly and starts to jiggle her big breasts in front my desperate eyes enjoying my expression full of desire and frustration. I drool gawking at those fabulous breasts encased in that hot leather outfit. If only I could touch. Instead in a few seconds I see black hands all over them, grabbing and squeezing her softness. I whimper for the harsh torment.

“Oh cuckold slave those big boobs are so good! I’ve never touched a breast so soft! They feel so gorgeous in my hands!”

“Thank you strong bulls! Please continue to fondle my wife’s lovely breasts because I don’t deserve them! Please describe to me all the pleasure I’m missing while I watch full of jealousy!”

They laugh at me continuing to grab her boobs, adding other comments and details to make me envious. Meanwhile I stare drooling at my wife’s chest full of desperation. Her heavy boobs are jiggling just in front my eyes, bulls’ hands continue to squeeze and grab them. They seem so big and soft and taunt me so much. I die from desire to feel them and get all that pleasure. Instead I have to stay denied and beg other men to enjoy them!

Permanent big breast denial for the little useless cuckold! I suffer so much! I start to sob and whine while my mistress and the bulls continue to torment me mercilessly for all the fun I’m missing. Finally my suffering finishes, but before we go I thank profusely the bulls who have enjoyed my mistress’s lovely soft boobs. So humiliating! I continue to follow my wife through the stables when she looks at me and smiles.

“Are you OK cuckold? You seem so upset!”

“Please mistress my peewee is so swollen and aching for all that tease and denial of your big boobs! Please have some mercy!”

“Oh stop whining cuckold, we have just started! Your useless penis has to endure more torment and breast denial! We have a whole day of fun! Aren’t you happy to have the big boobs wife of your dreams, honey?”

“Yes mistress, I love you so much! I’m so happy to suffer for you and your big breasts!”

“Well said pet, you are so cute! Now let’s go riding. Maybe I’ll let you help me get on the horse.”

My peewee bulges painfully at her words. I know she doesn’t need any help but she usually asks guys to help her just to have an excuse to let them touch her gorgeous ass and make me jealous. But in this way I could finally have a quick feel of her hot leather-clad ass! Just the idea makes my peewee hard in the cage and I moan with the nasty spikes.

“Oh is someone getting escort rus excited? Oh my poor little pet!”

“Yes mistress, I can’t wait to help you!”

We arrive near the horses when my wife says.

“Oh look there dear, isn’t that your boss?”

I look terrified in that direction and yes it was him! Oh poor me I really don’t want to meet anybody I know in my condition! I became red for embarrassment. My wife laughs and says.

“Come on dear, let’s go say hello!”

“Oh please boob mistress not my boss! I so hate him! He will torment me endlessly if he saw me with this sign!”

“Oh cuckold you are so unlucky! Stop pleading now or I will put you on a leash like the cuckold you are! Follow me now!”

I groan full of shame following her. My boss is near the horse when he looks at me full of surprise.

“Hey what are you doing here? And what about that sign? Oh I immediately recognize your beautiful wife! She is so lovely in this outfit!”

“Hi boss. My wife is my sexy mistress. I am her boob slave. This is the meaning of the sign. I spend my time near her big breasts but I’m never allowed to touch them. She likes to let other men feel them and let me watch full of jealousy!”

“What? I can’t believe it! Oh you are such a loser! Oh man I confess to you I was so envious about your sexy wife. You know my wife is flat chested and every time I saw your wife I couldn’t stop looking at her massive chest thinking what a lucky bastard you are to have a such big boobs girl. But now! So what do you think if I spend some time with your lovely mistress?”

“Oh I will so happy boss! You deserve my wife and her lovely hot body more than me! It would be amazing to serve you while you enjoy my sexy wife!”

I feel so humiliated saying those words. I hate my boss so much and now is going to enjoy the hot body that is denied to me! it’s so unfair!!

“Oh well very good! So my sexy lady would you like to go riding? My horse is ready!”

“Oh yes with pleasure, thank you! I so love strong and powerful men like you. I just to need some help to get on the saddle.”

I notice how my boss looks at her leather-clad sexy ass, but my wife told me that I would been the one to help her and finally feel it after so much torment. I moan to call her attention.

“What cuckold? Oh you poor boy I almost forgot I promised you to let you help me. Don’t worry pet, I will need you both!”

I feel my peewee throbbing. In a few seconds I will grab her hot bum!

“OK pet put yourself on all fours, I’ll use you as a stool while your boss can push my bum to help me!”

She smiles looking at my frustrated expression. I groan pleading while I go on my fours on the dirty floor. Then I feel the weight of my wife on my back and she says.

“Are you OK down there cuckold? OK boss can you help me please? Take your time.”

“Oh yes what hot buttocks!! Oh so good! Hold on cuckold I need some time here!”

I whine helplessly. My boss is enjoying my wife’s super sexy leather-clad ass instead of me! I sob so frustrated. Another chance missed. Oh poor me! I feel the pre-cum dripping in my pants imagining all the pleasure my hated boss is having touching my mistress’s hot curves, while I’m used as a stool! Finally this torment finishes but another one is ready to start! When I am finally allowed to get up I see my boss and my wife over the horse. He embraces her, his hands so close to her massive boobs.

“Oh cuckold your wife’s bum is so sexy! What a pleasure it felt! Are you jealous? Well cuckold? And now you can see my hands so close to those big boobs. I really can’t wait to touch them but before I do I want you to beg me to enjoy them! Humiliate yourself slave!”

Oh what a suffering! I can’t endure this! I have to beg my boss to touch my wife’s soft breasts! I whimper and plead mercy but my mistress says.

“Stop whining bad cuckold! Oh strong boss don’t care about his protests. He stays with me because of my big boobs but he has never touched them. So he goes a bit mad when I let other men do that! Come on cuckold confess to your boss your breast denial condition. It is so funny, don’t you agree?”

I moan full of shame and desperation. Now my boss knows he will torment me everyday!

“Yes boss I never touch my wife’s big breasts. Oh they are so lovely and big and I dream about how they feel everyday but I can only stare and drool because they are reserved for real man like you. My peewee is so tiny and I can’t have big boobs so please strong boss touch my wife’s soft breasts and show what I can’t have!! Please describe to me all the softness I am denied! I beg you please!”

“Oh what a loser you are!”

To be continued…

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