My Rival / My Rival Ch. 04

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Chapter 4


Unfortunately, a couple of days went by since I saw Emily… my princess. I wasn’t the clingy type, but it was getting harder and harder not to see her every day. She had been on my mind, non-stop, especially after all the naughty things I did to her.

I still couldn’t believe I actually did that, but after seeing the way she reacted to me washing her in the shower, I couldn’t stop myself from pushing the boundaries even further. Giving her oral was something I always enjoyed doing. Who knew I would love sticking my tongue in her… other hole…

Only a few days had gone by, but I just had to talk to her again. My cute blonde could get so insecure after experiencing something new, so I needed to check up and remind her how special she was. She wasn’t just some sex-toy for me. I cared about her precious heart as well.

Luckily, I ran into her on campus one morning. I could tell she had just gotten out of bed because her hair was disheveled and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. With no one close by, I snuck up behind her and playfully slapped her little rump.

“Oh, McKayla!” she yelped, almost jumping out of her skin. I could see her facial expressions go from scared to relieved, before finally settling on excited.

“Good morning, Beautiful,” I responded, almost drooling for her after abstaining for just a couple days.

The little angel tried to cover her face, but I could see her blushing. “I didn’t have time to get ready… I overslept…” she explained.

“You’re always beautiful,” I assured nonchalantly. “Unlike me, you don’t need to plaster a bunch of makeup on your face to look good.”

Not that I was fishing for compliments or anything, but I loved the way she would get so offended when I put myself down. The tired look in her eyes disappeared and her entire body bounced as she shouted, “You look hot all the time!”

Her cute little antics left me chuckling to myself. But staring at her cute face, I could no longer suppress my desire for her. With a deep breath, I admitted, “I know it’s only been a couple days but… I missed you.”

Immediately, the offended look on her face disappeared and was replaced with an open-mouthed smile. “I missed you too!”

Our sexual relationship had already gone further than I ever imagined… I mean, I licked her ass for God’s sake. But after seeing that smile on her face, I realized there were other parts of our relationship that hadn’t progressed as much as I wanted.

Suddenly, an idea of popped into my head and I started talking before thinking it through. “Hey… you know how we agreed to see each other on Friday, after I hang out with my friends?”


“Well… you should just come and hang out with us.”

Emily let out a cute little gasp as her eyes popped wide open. “Hang out with… your friends?”

“Yeah, we’re going to the lake,” I explained. “I don’t normally enjoy that type of thing, but it’s a nice excuse to wear a bikini. Regardless… I just want to spend more time with you…”

The cute little blonde almost jumped from excitement. I could see the sparkle in her eyes, but I wasn’t sure if she was excited to hang out, or just eager to see me a bikini. Either way, I was happy to see entice her any way I could.

Luckily, she agreed and we said our goodbyes for the moment. However, before we left, I gave her a goodbye hug. It was nice to feel her body against mine, even if we were wearing clothes, but something stopped me from giving her a kiss…

I came to a complete stop right before getting to my class. The content feeling I had from seeing her disappeared as I was left wondering why I didn’t kiss her. I guess I’ve just never done that with her in public, I thought to myself, looking at the ground. Maybe I’m not as confident as I thought I was.

I quickly shook off that notion before entering my first class of the day. I never paid close attention to the professor anyway, but I found myself totally lost in my own thoughts. That can’t be it… I’m totally confident… I even announced our sex life to my friends… and the entire world, basically… Why was I nervous to give her a little kiss in public?

Growing frustrated with my sudden insecurities, I stumbled on a memory that gave me a little clarity. It was when I was at the mall, and one of my girlfriends said she thought I was just looking for attention by saying I was having sex with Emily. I guess in the back of my mind, I always knew that others may not believe me about our naughty get togethers.

With a subtle groan, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I was almost disgusted with myself for even thinking I was just using the sweet princess for attention. I can totally kiss her in public… I thought, trying to motivate myself. I’m going to do it at the lake…


Much to my delight, Emily showed up Friday to join us for some fun. I had already been at the lake for almost an hour, just drinking beers with my normal group, which included Brian and Tom.

The bahis siteleri cute blonde was so adorable, looking all prepared with a ponytail underneath her hat, and a big bag full of towels and sunscreen. “You look adorbs,” I said, greeting her when she finally reached the group.

She smiled, but I could tell she was nervous by the way she anxiously looked around at my friends. One by one, I introduced her to everyone, trying to make her as comfortable as possible. She took time out of her day to hang out with my friends, so it was the least I could do to accommodate her.

Suddenly, I could feel the awkward tension in the air as Brian and Tom approached. The boys acted nice to her, but I could sense her tensing up. It suddenly hit me that she had history with both of them.

I’m so stupid! I yelled silently as I watched the awkward interaction. I guess I was so excited to spend time with her; I didn’t consider how she might feel around her ex-boyfriend, and the guy who rejected her in front of everyone at the bar.

Surprisingly, the boys acted cool, and greeted her like they would any other guest to the group. At first, I found it a bit strange, but I could sense Emily’s relief when her shoulders loosened up. After all, Brian was sort of my ex, too. Maybe he was just good at being friends with girls he used to date.

After chit-chatting for a couple of minutes, my friends started to gather their things. The shy blonde suddenly looked at me and asked, “Where are we going?”

“The guys rented a boat,” I explained, noticing her locking up again. “That’s what we usually do when we come to the lake. Is that okay with you?”

Emily nodded her head yes, but I could tell something was off. She always avoided eye contact when she was nervous. I’ve known that about her since the first time I got my hands on her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, placing my hands on her shoulders and forcing her to look at me. “Are you afraid of being on a boat?”

“A little…” she answered, staring at me with her pretty blue eyes. “It’s just the open water… What if there’s like an alligator… or something even bigger?”

“We don’t have to get in the water,” I assured with a comforting smile. “You can just hang out on the boat with me while I work on my tan.”

Immediately, I noticed her trying to hide a slight smile. Realizing I had enticed her, I gave her exactly what she wanted. I took off my clothes, revealing a sexy little two-piece bikini. It was gray and white, and the bottoms were riding right up my butt. And of course, my big boobs almost popped right out of that little top.

The not so innocent angel stared at me, mesmerized, with her mouth wide open. As much as I tried to help her with her confidence, I was the one always getting an ego boost from the way she drooled over me.

Though Emily was still timid, she put a smile on as I grabbed her by the hand and led her onto the boat. As we took off, I could feel her shaking right next to me. I moved in close and tried to comfort her by rubbing her back.

When the boat came to a stop, the boys dropped the anchor and jumped into the water with the rest of my friends. They all had tubes to sit in and a floating cooler of beers. As fun as it looked, I was happy to stay in the boat with my special guest.

“How are you doing?” I asked, now that we were finally alone.

I could still feel her cringing as she looked around at the small waves rocking the boat. “I’m okay…”

“Maybe you’d feel better if you got down to your bikini?”

Emily looked at me and giggled. I guess she could tell how eager I was to see her body. “Okay, fine,” she responded, still smiling as she stripped herself down.

I watched as she took her shirt off and revealed a white bikini top. I was already licking my chops, but then, as she stood up to remove her shorts, my eyes became locked on her cute little rump. “Oh, my God…”

“It’s nothing special,” the blonde angel said to me, noticing my pervy eyes.

“Oh, it’s very special,” I responded, still staring at her ass. I know she was referring to her swimsuit, but I was focused on those cute cheeks of hers.

As she went to sit back down, I quickly slid my hand underneath her. When her butt landed on my palm, she jumped up and stared at me, red as a rose.

“McKayla!” she squealed, slowly bringing herself back down. Looking nervous, she frantically whispered, “We’re in public!”

With a chuckle, I replied, “Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.” I then looked around and realized my friends had drifted even further. “Nobody’s watching, so you don’t have to be nervous.”

As she began scouting the area, I scooted closer and kissed her on the neck. Goosebumps covered her skin, and she let out a subtle moan. “It’s just you and me,” I said in a low voice. “You don’t have to pretend you’re so innocent. I know all the naughty things you like.”

Emily looked at me like a child who got caught doing something wrong. She didn’t say the words but I knew exactly what was on her mind. She was canlı bahis siteleri thinking about all the kinky things I did to her the last time we got together.

Sensually, I let my fingernails graze her skin before resting my hand on her lap. With an evil grin, I asked, “What’s wrong, Baby?”

The precious woman looked at me with the most adorable face. “You know what’s wrong!” she said with a cute little attitude. “You’re turning me on!”

“You started it,” I responded, slowly crawling on top of her. I then gave her another kiss on the neck before whispering into her ear, “You should have never taken your clothes off if you didn’t want me to jump all over you.”

Just for a moment, as I was kissing on her neck, I could feel her letting go of her inhibitions. The shy girl let loose for a second, placing her hand on my lower back before sliding down to my ass. I rewarded her with a soft kiss on the lips, causing her to squeeze my bottom.

Unfortunately, I could hear splashes approaching the boat. Realizing my friends were about to rejoin us, I whispered into her ear, “To be continued.”

We both smiled at each other before I sat in my original position. After such a steamy little tease, we both needed a second to get ourselves together before being surrounded by people again.

When the others rejoined us, I noticed something strange. Brian sat between us and started talking to Emily. It’s not that I was jealous or possessive; I just found it a little weird that he turned his back towards me. It almost felt like he was trying to exclude me for some reason.

I could hear their conversation because… he was literally right next to me. Despite how weird it felt, I was just happy he was being so nice to Emily.

Brian asked Emily if she was feeling okay and having a good time. They then talked about how she was doing in school, and he even admitted he was happy I invited her.

For the first time, the shy woman didn’t seem so nervous around the others. I didn’t know if she was relaxed from the conversation with Brian, or the frisky little session we had earlier.

As I sat there, staring at my beautiful guest, I became startled by Tom, who suddenly took a seat to my other side. “Why didn’t you get in the water?” he asked.

Finally, I turned away from their conversation to have my own with Tom. “Emily didn’t want to get in the water so I stayed on the boat with her. Since I invited her, I wanted to accommodate her as much as possible.”

“I’ve always liked that about you,” my friend responded, staring at me with a weird smile. He then continued to chat with me the entire time until we got back to land. It wasn’t unlike him to talk to me, but I couldn’t shake off that odd feeling I had ever since Brian started talking to Emily.

Once we got off the boat, Emily let me know that she needed to leave. I agreed to walk her to her car, but before I could go, one of my girlfriends stopped me.

“Let me show you something real quick,” she said, waving me over. “It’ll only take a second.”

“What is it, Jill?”

“I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I caught a really cute photo of you and Emily on the boat.”

I did a double-take, confused about when she could have even taken it. Having no idea what she captured, I asked, “Can I see?”

She handed over her phone, but I almost dropped it when I saw what was on her screen. My heart raced as I looked at a picture of me climbing all over Emily. Even worse, I was kissing her on the neck, and you could tell she was about to grope my ass.

Filled with adrenaline, I quickly asked, “When did you take this?!”

“I drifted kind of close to the boat, so I wanted to see what you guys were up to,” she explained, giving me an innocent look. “I didn’t mean to invade your privacy, but I thought you two looked so cute together! I just had to get a picture.”

Staring at her for a moment, I almost felt relieved by the sweet look on her face. But for some reason, knowing someone possessed such a scandalous photo gave me way more anxiety than kissing Emily in public. We did look hot… but I wasn’t ready for people to see it.

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked, handing her phone back. “As cute as that photo is, do you mind deleting it?”

My sweet friend looked at me and chuckled, almost as if she was reading my mind. “No problem, Girl. I’ll send it to you, and then I’ll delete the one on my phone. I wouldn’t want our pervy boys to see you two getting so intimate.”

“Thanks!” I responded, laughing with my friend. I was relieved, but a pressing question popped into my mind. “Speaking of the boys… did you notice Brian talking to Emily for a long time… And then Tom talking to me?”

“I noticed that! It kind of felt like they were separating you two.”

“Right?! I’ve been trying to figure out why it made me feel so weird… I guess I’m just confused because I don’t understand what they were doing.”

“I’m not sure if they had anything planned,” she whispered, looking back at the guys in question. canlı bahis “I see them talking privately sometimes, but they haven’t said anything to me.”

After the quick conversation, I thanked my friend for the photo before running back to Emily. When I got to her, she was already standing by her car, just waiting to say goodbye.

“Sorry!” I yelled as I gave her a big hug. “Jill just had to show me something.”

“That’s okay! I just didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to you.”

After seeing the photo that had been taken of us, it wasn’t that big of a deal for me to give her a quick little kiss before breaking our embrace. Nobody was around to see it, so it almost felt like it didn’t even count.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she said as she opened her door.

“Thank you so much for coming. I know you don’t really like this type of thing, but I’m really glad you came out.”

Before she could get in, she stopped and turned her body towards me. Nodding her head, she replied, “Yeah… I’m afraid of the water… but I really enjoyed this.”

I could feel my heart warming up as I stared into her cute eyes. “You did?”

“I did… I mean, I know this isn’t exactly my comfort zone… but that’s why I like spending time with you so much. You encourage me to do things I’m normally too shy or nervous to do. And no matter how scared I get, I just know everything is going to be okay… as long as you’re with me.”

I clutched my hand against my chest as I felt my heart melting. In that perfect moment, everything about her had butterflies fluttering inside me. It wasn’t just the way she smiled and looked into my eyes; it was the confidence I saw growing inside her every time we were together. I could feel something in my heart, but I just couldn’t open my mouth.

One final time, she stopped before getting into the car. Looking at me with a cute smile, she pointed her finger at me and she asked, “You’re still coming over later, right?”

Still unable to speak, I nodded my head before watching her get in. As she drove off, I was left thinking about her, and every moment we spent together. I thought about the picture my friend took, and how many other perfect moments we probably had if only a camera had caught us.

Though I gave her that kiss, I was left with the same feeling from before, only a hundred times worse. As I realized why I was so unsatisfied, I admitted to myself, It wasn’t the kiss I wanted… I wanted to tell her I loved her…



I could feel butterflies in my stomach when I heard the knock on the door that night. It was just a simple knock, but I could tell it was McKayla by the cute pattern she did every time she came to my door.

As excited as I was to see her after hanging out earlier at the lake, I almost had to pause for a second when I noticed a strange expression on her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked, worried that something was going on with her.

The hot brunette shook off her blank stare and gave me one of her pretty smiles. “Oh, nothing!”

I knew something was up and she just didn’t want to tell me. I didn’t want to pry and make her uncomfortable, but I had to do something! After all, she was the one who always took care of me.

Despite only being close to her for a few months, I knew exactly how to put a smile on that pretty face of hers. McKayla loved it when I stepped out of my shell and tried to be brave. Luckily for her, I had a surprise up my sleeve.

Taking a step towards her, I grabbed her full attention as she looked up and made eye contact with me. Placing a hand on her shoulder, I said with soft voice… “I never really thanked you for buying me all those clothes.”

“Oh… don’t mention it,” she responded, chuckling at me for making a deal out of one of her many favors.

“I don’t think you understand what it meant to me. I’ve never felt that sexy before… I mean, you always make me feel sexy, but there was something about wearing that lingerie for you that made me feel… good enough… I know we’ve argued about this plenty of times, but it’s just so hard to describe that feeling when I spent so long thinking I wasn’t…”

“Emily… You’re more than good enough… You’re perfect…”

With a blush, I chuckled, thinking, She always knows exactly what to say to me. But as much as I had to say, there was something I needed to show her.

“McKayla… I want you to know that you didn’t just give me the confidence to wear something like that. You gave me the confidence to go out and buy it on my own.”

Her pretty brown eyes popped wide open, staring at me with a little smile. “I did?”

Nodding my head, I responded, “Let me show you…”

I left her speechless, with her eyes glued to me as I went to my room and shut the door. After changing into my sexy new outfit, I made my way back and found her with her jaw on the floor.

“You… bought that… yourself!?” she finally asked, smiling hard for the first time.

“I sure did,” I answered, standing in front of her in my pink bra and thong set with white fishnet stockings. “I loved the stuff you bought me and all, but I thought this fit my personality a little better. And I also thought you would appreciate me wearing this for you!”

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