My Servants

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My name is Ash, or mistress as my servants call me.

I live in a large mansion, filled with servants. I have 42 in all, each one more beautiful than the last. Their all here of their own account, and their only job is to please me. I, in return, give them a place to stay.

My servants are treated well. They each get their own room in my enormous home. I love all my girls. We eat together in a dining room, as a family. A strange family, but a family nonetheless.

I returned home one night, it was a dark and wet night. My servant Rosie was waiting for me at the door. She wore no clothes. I never permitted any of my girls to wear clothes.

Rosie has short, choppy, brown hair, soft tan skin, and big green eyes. She has large breasts, and a nice, firm ass. She’s one of my favorite girls.

“Hello Rosie,” I said. She looked down. “Hello mistress. How may I service you,” she said quietly.

“Take poker oyna off my clothes,” I ordered, slapping her firm ass softly. She yelped, her eyes growing wide. She knew I meant business. She quickly began undressing me with expert hands. Rosie unbuttoned my coat, and let it fall to the ground. She untied my hair an made quick work of the rest of my clothes. I was soon naked.

“Shall we continue or do you wish to go someplace else?” Rosie stammered, and bit her bottom lip.

“Let’s go to my room. I’ll page a girl to pick up my clothes,” I said, and started towards my bedroom. She walked two paces behind me.

We encountered a few of my girls doing their duties. They each crawled towards me and licked my feet in greeting. I patted their heads and they went back to work.

We arrived at my room. I slammed Rosie down on my bed and grinned as she whimpered. I grabbed her canlı poker oyna left breast in my hand, working it with my fingers till her nipple perked up. I bent over and licked and bit her nipple, pinching the other.

Rosie moaned.

I traced a finger around her right breast and moved my other hand to her sopping wet pussy. “Your wet for me? You like that?” I teased. “Mmm yes mistress!” She moaned.

I ran my finger down her slit and pushed it in so that the tip of my finger was covered in her sweetness. She moaned loudly.

“Mistress.” Rosie moaned. “Oh, mistress, please!” she pushed herself against my finger and I felt her pussy tighten around my finger. “You like that huh? You like that you little slut.” She nodded,”Yes mistress!”

I curled my finger inside Rosie and she began to shake. I did it again and she moaned grabbing my wrist tightly.

“You like that?” I hissed, internet casino pinching her nipple hard. Her knees buckled and I wrapped my arm around her body to catch her. “Good little slut. You like that don’t you.” I pulled my finger out and pushed it in harshly again.

“You little slut.” I growled before nibbling on her clit. She moaned and leaned against my mouth bracing herself on either side of my head. I quickly stopped before she could cum. She moaned in agony. “Now eat me out whore,” I ordered.

Rosie moved between my legs so she could access my pussy. I sat on the bed and lay down. Rosie pushed thighs and pussy lips. I felt my hips shiver in anticipation. If anyone knew how to eat me out it was her.

“You little slut.” I growled. Rosie pulled one of my legs over her shoulder and sucked my clit into her mouth to roll her lips over my skin. Rosie pressed her teeth on the inside of her lips and bit down around my clit. I practically screamed in ecstasy.

I came. “You’re a good little slut,” I said, pulling her up by the nipple. “Thank you mistress,” she gasped.

“Now get up. It’s dinner time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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