My Sexual Awakening – Mom – Ch. 07

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My Sexual Awakening – Mom C — 8

I was able to get out of the house the next morning without seeing my mom and dad. I saw Burnie a couple of times in the hallway, he would just ‘grin’ at me and I waved a ‘Hi’ back at him. I tried not to make eye contact.

After school we walked to his house together. As soon as we got inside, without a word I followed him up to his bedroom.

“Undress.” He commanded.

I obeyed.

He sat on the bed watching me strip. I took my clothes off and was standing naked in front of him, “You need to shave every day. You have some stubble showing. I don’t like it.”

“Okay.” I said sheepishly. Looking down, holding my hands together over my small dick.

“On your knees.”

I knelt on the carpet.

He got up off the bed, kicked off his chucks, unbuckled his pants, pulling them down and off with his underwear. He pulled up his shirt over his stomach, leaving it on. He walked over to me.


I looked up at him glaring down at me. I took his soft, warm cock in my fingers and felt it twitch and grow with my touch. I opened my mouth and sucked the helmet of his cock into my mouth, concentrating on it. Sucking just the tip and licking his pee hole with my tongue. His pre-cum dripping from it as his dick stiffened in my mouth. I moaned around his cock as it got hard in my mouth from sucking it.

“Look at me, faggot.”

I looked up at him staring down at my face.

“I want to watch my cock go into your mouth, little sissy boy.”

His words didn’t hurt as before, for some reason it made me want to please him. I was his ‘bitch’ now.

“GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD.” With those words he took both his hands and firmly gripped my head, tangled his fingers in my long hair and started to pump my face with his cock. GAGGING ME! Not caring about how I felt, only about his own lust.

It didn’t take long for him to empty his load into my mouth, me gulping and swallowing it. Him moaning softly, holding my head in place as he emptied his balls. I sucked the cum out of his cock. His cock started to go limp and he pushed my head off his dick. I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. Burnie sat on the bed and looked at me.

“Did your mom suck you off last night?”

I looked away. Not wanting to admit to anything.

“I asked you a question, fag boy. Did your mom suck your cock again last night?”

I nodded with a quiet, “Yes”.

He chuckled, “OH MY GOD! SHE DID! Where was your dad? Does he watch?”

“No, he doesn’t watch. He doesn’t know.” I said defiantly. “He was passed out drunk.”

“DAMN, Jimmy. So, Mrs. Blake sucks her son’s dick. I never would of guessed that. Do you cum in her mouth?”


“Does she swallow it?”


“Did you fuck her too?”


With queenbet yeni giriş that he just looked at me. “You mother fucker. God, I loved to fuck my mom and have her suck my dick. YOU LUCKY LITTLE FAGGOT BASTARD! Is your dad always passed out when she does it with you?”

“No, he goes bowling on Thursday night, when we did it the last time.”

Burnie got this weird look on his face. Then his eyes got wide as if he had thought of something. He smiled.

“Get dressed. I’m done with you for today and don’t forget to start shaving everyday from now on. Understand me, Jimmy-boy.”

I nodded yes and reached for my clothes. I got dressed and left.

That night was uncomfortable for me eating dinner with my dad and mom. Mom was quiet as dad talked about how he bragged about winning the bet with the other guys at work. Before bed, I showered and shaved as Burnie had wanted. Mom didn’t come in my room to kiss me good night. I knew she was being fucked by dad when they closed their bedroom door and I heard him lock it. That was the sign, “Son, I’m fucking your mother, don’t bother us.”

I felt jealous of what dad was doing to mom and knowing that he was in charge of her and could probably make her do whatever he wanted. I was just her submissive little boy that she could manipulate and use the way she wanted. I wish I had that power over her too. I WISHED.

The next day after school, I went again over to Burnie’s. As the day before he told me to strip, but this time he went to Jenny’s room and picked out another sundress and had me put it on. He sprayed some of Jenny’s perfume on me and the dress. After, Burnie started to undress too. He was standing there naked, stroking his cock looking at me.

“Good, you shaved, now get on your knees Jenny. Suck my cock sis. Get me good and hard.”

I got on my knees and started to suck his cock.

After a few minutes, his cock was rock hard in my mouth. He told me to stand and put my hands on the wall. I obeyed. Standing with my back to him, I looked over my shoulder as he put some lotion in his hand and spread it over his stiff dick.

“Burnie, please don’t, it hurts.”

“Shut up Jenny, you know you like it.”

With that he walked over to me. “Spread your feet wider apart and point your ass at me.”

Then he lifted my dress over my ass. Spread some lotion up and down the crack of my ass, pushed his dick between my ass cheeks massaging himself between them for a second. He pressed himself against me. Kissing the back of my neck, smelling Jenny’s perfume on me. He moved away, positioned the tip of his engorged cock head at my asshole and pushed his cock into me. I GASPED OUT LOUD. “OOOOOOOOOOGOD!” With that sound, in one motion, he jammed his dick all the queenbet giriş way into me. A steady grunt coming from him.

I moved my feet wider apart to accommodate his thick cock in my ass. My hands and now my face pressed against the wall as my best friend violated my ass.

“OH GOD JENNY, YOUR PUSSY FEELS SO TIGHT! GOD JENNY!” He moaned as he started to fuck me. One hand pushing on my back between my shoulder blades the other grabbing my hair and forcing my head off the wall. He then started riding me, bucking his cock in and out of me. Losing himself in his fantasy of fucking his sister, NOT ME. He was in complete control. Hammering my ass with his rod. Tears forming in my eyes as the pain eased and I started to enjoy his invasion. He pulled my hair back harder, softly moaning “Jenny” over and over.

My mind spinning, thinking again and again, “Yes Burnie, fuck me, fuck your sister, fuck me Burnie, please.”

Suddenly, I whispered it out loud and Burnie hearing me, pushed his cock deep into me and held it there as it EXPLODED in my ass, coating it with his warm cum. I could feel it pulse in me, draining himself into my ass. Still pulling my hair to keep me in place. His bitch.

His now limp dick, finally slipped out of me.

“Take the dress off Jimmy, clean yourself up and go home to mommy. God you’re really pathetic, you know that?”

I just looked down at the floor and pulled Jenny’s dress off me. Went to the bathroom and wiped his cum that was leaking out of my ass. Went back to his room, dressed. He was already dressed and, on his laptop working on a homework assignment.

I said, “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

He looked up at me and smiled, “Maybe.”

I slinked out of the house, went home, did homework, ate dinner, showered, shaved, bed. Mom did come in and kissed me goodnight, but that was all.

Wednesday started out the same, except, this time at Burnie’s he told me not to undress, just suck him off. I did and it was really quick. After, he said, “Let’s go to your house before your mom gets home.”

I looked at him, “Why.”

“I have an idea. I’ll tell you later.”

He grabbed some stuff off his dresser, put it in his backpack, “Let’s go Jimmy-boy.”

My mind raced as we walked to my house. We went straight up to my room where Burnie started to pull some things out of his pack. I noticed one of the items was a cam. He looked around the room and then placed the cam on my dresser at the foot of the bed.

“Install my cam on your laptop.”

I looked at him. “You heard me, install my cam on your laptop. I want to test it out.”

I flipped my laptop open and installed the soft wear. My room came into view on both our computers. “WORKS!” Burnie said triumphantly. Then he adjusted the cam so queenbet güvenilirmi that it was facing the end of my bed.

“Get on the bed and look at the cam.”

As I did, I was looking at my laptop. I could see myself kneeling on the bed. He adjusted the cam a little more.

“PERFECT. Just like that.”

He then moved some things on my dresser around the cam, hiding it, but making sure the picture wasn’t affected.

“You turn this on whenever I tell you. Got that queer boy?”

I nodded.

“I’ll text you tonight to test it out. I want to check the light levels.”

“Why are you making me do this?”

He smiled, “I want to watch you and your mom tomorrow night when your dad goes bowling gay wad. I want to see Mrs. Kelly Blake sucking her little boys dick and getting fucked. Try to make it that she’s facing the cam, GOT IT JIMMY-BOY?”

I got defiant, “I won’t. No, it’s not right. You can’t make me do that!”

I started to move to the cam to take it off my dresser when Burnie laughed and said, “Look at this.” He hit a few keys on his computer and there on his monitor was a vid of me, you could see my face clearly. I was on my knees as I sucked his dick into my mouth. You couldn’t see his face, just mine.

“You want your dad to get a copy of this Jimmy boy?”

Still watching myself sucking his cock, I shook my head ‘no’.

“Good. We’ll test the cam out tonight. I want to get the right lighting. GOD I CAN’T WAIT!”

I felt trapped. My mind racing. No way out. No way out.

He put some stuff he didn’t need back into his back pack and said, “See you tonight, faggot.”

As he was leaving my mom was just coming in after work. She had on a light white cotton blouse, a skirt that came to the top of her knees, stocking and 3 inch heels.

“Well, hi Burnie, been a while since I’ve seen you. What you’ve been up too?”

“Nothing Mrs. Blake, just playing around with your boy. You look very pretty Mrs. Blake.”

He actually eyed my mom up and down. She got a smile on her face and she even blushed.

“Thank you Burnie, aren’t you sweet. Want to stay for dinner?”

“Thanks, but I can’t Mrs. Blake. I have tons of homework tonight and I have to test out some video equipment for a school project I’m working on. Maybe some other time, okay.”

“Okay, say “hi” to your mom for me.”

“Sure thing, bye.” Burnie turned and walked out the door with a grin on his face.

My mom turned to me and smiled. “He’s such a nice boy. I’m so glad you have a friend like him. Now I’m going to get out of these clothes, shower and get dinner ready.” She looked at me, “Are you okay sweetie?”

I nodded, “yes”.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek. The fragrance of her now stale perfume and her body over, made my cock respond in my pants. GOD, I WANTED HER SO BAD.

I watched her walk up the stairs, her skirt pushing back and forth on her ass as she moved away from me.

I sulked back into my room, saw the cam on the dresser and just collapsed on the bed thinking,

“I’m fucked.”

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