My Sister’s Personal Cum Straw

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My Sister’s Personal Cum Straw

(Author’s note: this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual situations in this story are at least 18 years of age. This work is copyrighted and may not be distributed in any way by any person(s) without the express written consent of the author.)

“Okay, Kat, I’m back! Come and get it!” Jeff called out as he came into the kitchen through the back door, closing the door behind him with his foot. He had his hands full with bags of take-out burgers, fries and a tray with two milk shakes on it for himself and his sister, Katherine (or “Kat” for short) who was home from college for the summer. Jeff had just graduated high school himself and was due to go on active duty with the Air Force at the end of August, so he was intent on making his last summer as a civilian the best of his life. And since he got to spend it with his older sister, Kat, that made it even better.

Jeff and Kat had always been very close, closer than any other brother/sister duo he knew of, and if you asked him about it he’d say that Kat was his best friend. He was pretty sure she’d say the same thing about him as well; all he knew was that they had always been thick as thieves, enjoying each other’s company, and confiding things in each other that they never confided in anyone else.

But what Kat didn’t know was that as they both grew and matured, Jeff had developed a serious case of the ‘hots’ for his sister. She was only a little more than a year older than he was, and she was without a doubt the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful girl Jeff had ever known.

She was also the biggest girl Jeff had ever known in a lot of ways. Kat stood 5’10” tall in her bare feet which made her just as tall as he was, and she tipped the scales at around 165 pounds. She was stout and curvy in all the right places, with the thickest and most desirable pair of thighs that Jeff had ever seen. Her ass was round and full, matching her thighs in its size and shape, and the sight of it flexing as she walked was enough to give a dead man an erection. She had dark brown hair that came down to the middle of her chest, and most of the time Kat just wore it straight and unadorned.

She had an oval face with a pair of soft, full lips beneath a pert nose, and she had dimples that showed when she smiled. Her eyes were big and round, as brown as her hair, and the big, round lens glasses that she wore only accentuated them. When she smiled her smile was big and broad, and it lit up her whole face. She also had dimples when she smiled, and that made it even better.

And much to Jeff’s delight she had inherited her mother’s more than generous bustline. Her tits were big, really big, bigger than any other girl he knew. They were full and firm, longer than they were round, standing out proudly on her chest like twin torpedoes. Kat was prone to walking around the house without a bra, and every time she walked past him with her huge, heavy tits wobbling and swaying inside her shirt it always gave him a boner, especially if her nipples were hard – which they were most of the time. Jeff was curious a couple of months ago as to just how big his sister’s bust was, so when she was out of the house he snuck a look in her lingerie drawer at the tag on one of her bras. He was pleasantly surprised to see that the tag read “38DDD.”

This discovery only fueled his desire for her even more.

Jeff walked over to the kitchen table and put the bags and tray with the drinks in it on the table just as his sister walked in. She was stunning as usual, and from her attire it was obvious that she intended to spend the rest of the day out at the pool in the backyard. She was wearing an oversized white tank top over her bathing suit, a black bikini that Jeff thought looked absolutely fantastic on her, and a pair of flip-flops. It was a typical hot July day, so Jeff was dressed accordingly – he was wearing a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and a pair of well-worn Vans shoes without socks. And as he usually did during the hot summer months, he was going ‘commando’ beneath his shorts, his cock and smooth-shaven balls swinging free inside his shorts. Once he saw his sister in her bathing suit the idea came to him that spending the hot afternoon in the pool sounded like a good idea. Besides, he’d get to see his sexy sister running around in a barely-there bikini, so why not?

“Oooo, that smells good!” Kat said as she walked over to the table. She picked up a bag and opened it, taking the burgers and fries out and placing them on the table.

“And I got your chocolate milkshake, just as you ordered,” Jeff said, holding it up before putting it on the table in front of him.

“Thank you, little brother, you’re the best!” she said, looking up and smiling at him as she took the milkshake from him.

They sat down and ate lunch together, making the usual brother/sister kaçak iddaa small talk, although most of the talk was about Jeff going into the service at the end of the summer. He would be leaving a few days before she left to go back to college, and that day was rapidly approaching. It was already mid-July, so time was fleeting. As they talked Kat took a drink from her milkshake, and when Jeff saw the way her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked on the straw, pulling the thick liquid up and into her mouth, it stopped him dead in his tracks.

‘Holy shit!’ he thought to himself, ‘I wonder how that would feel if she did that to me?’

“Are you okay, little brother?” she asked, snapping him back to the present.

“Huh?” he said, flustered.

“I said, are you okay? You looked kinda lost there for a moment, like you were a thousand miles away,” she said, her blue eyes looking into his own.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said, taking another bite of his cheeseburger and trying to ignore the quickly growing erection in his shorts. Kat picked up where she left off in the conversation and Jeff followed along without any problems – until she took another pull from her milkshake. The sight of her soft lips wrapped around the straw and her cheeks hollowing in from the suction she was applying to it totally broke his train of thought, and he felt his cock stirring in his shorts again. He sat mesmerized as he watched her drinking from the straw, totally oblivious to anything else going on.

When he finally recovered his senses he looked up at her eyes and noticed that she was looking directly at him, a look of amusement on her face. She smiled around the straw between her lips, then grinned at him as she released the straw from her mouth.

“Do I even want to know what you’re thinking about right now, little brother?” she asked demurely, one side of her mouth turning up in a smile as she spoke. She was holding the straw between two fingers and her thumb, and as she looked at him she lowered her mouth down and sucked at the straw again briefly. Jeff felt his cock jump when she did, and she grinned at him again when he replied.

“Uh, well, I was…well, you know, I just…” he stammered, not knowing what to say.

“You were watching me sucking on this straw and thinking about how good it would feel if I was sucking on your cock instead of the straw, weren’t you?” she said, grinning.

“Well, uh…” Jeff stammered, not knowing what to say. He and Kat had always held uncensored, honest conversations about anything and everything which included sex, and while he’d heard her say the word ‘cock’ before he’d never heard her say it when referring to his cock – and that was all the difference in the world.

“C’mon, little brother, admit it!” she said, teasing him. “You were sitting there imagining how it would feel if I were sucking on your cock, weren’t you?” she asked, grinning from ear to ear. “C’mon, fess up! We’ve never kept any secrets from each other before, so don’t start now!” she said, grinning at him with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Well…yeah,” he finally admitted, nodding his head a little and dropping his eyes as he spoke. “Yeah, I was. I’m sorry, Kat!” he said, looking down at the table, completely embarrassed, his cock steadily growing in his shorts. He shifted in his chair to give it the room it needed.

“Hey, don’t apologize, Jeff,” she said, reaching out and lifting his face up with a finger under his chin. “It’s okay, really it is! You’re a guy, and that’s the way guys think, I get it!” she said, making him feel better.

“Thank you, Kat,” he said, his voice soft, a smile creeping onto his face.

“Can I ask you a question, though?” she said.

“Sure, Kat, you can ask me anything, you know that,” he replied. Kat leaned forward and put her forearms on the table in front of her, one on top of the other, then leaned over them as she spoke in a low voice. Jeff couldn’t help but notice how her big breasts were bulging out as they rested on the table behind her folded forearms.

“Are you hard right now? Be honest!” she said, looking into his eyes. Her eyes were big and wide, sparkling with an intensity that was almost scary. She had a grin on her face that made her dimples show, and Jeff found all of this extremely arousing.

Jeff looked into her eyes for a moment, his gaze going from one eye to the other, before finally speaking.

“Yeah, I am,” he said. “Almost, anyway,” he continued, which was the truth. He wasn’t completely hard yet but he wasn’t far from it, either. One more sip on that straw and he’d be rock-hard and throbbing, and then what?

“All because you watched me sucking on that straw?” she asked, sitting back a little, and he nodded in reply. She looked at him for a moment, then leaned forward over her arms again as she spoke once more, her breasts bulging out at him again.

“Do you want me to do that to your dick?” she asked, her voice a hushed whisper, a glint in her eyes kaçak bahis and a naughty half-smile on her face. Jeff looked at his sister in stunned surprise, unable to speak for several moments.

“Are you serious?” he asked when he finally found his voice.

“Hell yes, I’m serious!” she said, her voice still hushed. “I’m way overdue to suck a nice, hard cock as it is, and since you’re sitting there with this huge boner in your shorts and nothing to do with it, why not?” she said, a grin splitting her face.

“But I’m your brother!” he said, still not believing what he was hearing.

“Right now you’re a good-looking guy with a hard dick in his shorts that’s just aching to be sucked,” Kat said, never taking her eyes from his, “and I just can’t see letting it go to waste! Now do you want me to suck your cock or not, little brother?” she said, still grinning at him. He looked at her for a moment before replying.

“In the worst way!” he replied, returning her grin.

“Good!” Kat said, grinning broadly. “I was hoping you’d say that! So let’s get to it, shall we?” she said, getting up from the table and walking around it to where he sat, her big tits swaying under her shirt as she moved.

“You mean, right now? Right here in the kitchen?” he asked, surprised at how quickly this was moving along.

“Yes, I mean right now, right here in the kitchen,” she said, moving behind his chair and pulling it out from the table with him in it. She turned it sideways to give her room, then moved around in front of him and got down on her knees. She put a hand on each knee and spread his legs apart, then sat back on her haunches as she slid in between his legs, moving in right up to the edge of his chair within easy reach of his cock.

“But what about mom and dad?” he asked as she reached up and grabbed the zipper of his shorts, deftly pulling it down with an ease and expertise that bespoke of a great deal of experience.

“What about ’em?” she asked as she pulled open his fly, then reached inside his shorts to wrap her fingers around his now-completely hard shaft, gripping it tightly. “Wow, you really are hard!” she said, grinning up at him. “And I just knew you were going ‘commando!’ Anyway, they’re not going to be home for several hours, so don’t worry about it!” she said, pulling his cock out of his pants and seeing it for the first time. She smiled when she saw the bulbous head of his hard cock, and began pumping it slowly in her hand.

“Wow, that’s nice! You’ve got a great cock, Jeff!” Kat said, looking up at him and smiling. “Nice and hard, just the right size for sucking!” she said, pumping his hard shaft in her hand as she spoke.

“But what if they find out?” Jeff asked, loving how her hand felt gripping his cock despite his misgivings about it all. He wanted this more than anything, but he was still scared shitless at the possibility of discovery by their parents.

“Look, Jeff, the only way they’re gonna find out is if someone tells them,” she said with her hand still wrapped around his cock, pumping it slowly as she looked up at him. “And I’m certainly not going to tell them! Are you?”

“N-no, I’m not going to tell them,” he said, the last vestiges of his reluctance crumbling away beneath her grip on his shaft.

“Great! Now please shut up and let me do what I do best, okay?” she said, smiling up at him, her eyes sparkling.

“Okay, Kat!” he replied, smiling back at her.

Kat looked back down at his cock gripped in her hand, loving the way it felt. It was warm and hard, and she could feel the blood pulsing through it as she pumped it slowly. After a few moments she was rewarded with a big drop of precum that appeared at the tip, and without thinking she slid her thumb firmly over the tip of Jeff’s cock, spreading the slick fluid around and making Jeff jump.

“Whoa!” he gasped as Kat ran her thumb over the sensitive skin. She giggled at his response, grinning up at him.

“Sensitive, huh?” she said, still running her thumb over the head of his cock.

“Yes, it is!” Jeff gasped, gripping the sides of the chair and jumping again as she ran her thumb over the sensitive head again.

“Well, if you like that then you’re gonna love this!” she said. Then she lowered her mouth down to his cock and stuck out her tongue, running it over and around the sensitive head of his cock. Her tongue was just like the rest of her, thick and stout, and it was also incredibly soft and wet. Jeff gasped as she ran the flat of her tongue over and around the head of his cock again and again, covering it with his precum and her saliva. Then, without warning, she slipped her lips over the head and sucked it slowly into her mouth, still pumping it with her hand. Jeff watched as her mouth was stretched open by the big head of his thick cock, and he was amazed at how easily she took it into her wet mouth.

She stopped when she had just the head in her mouth, clamping her lips around the shaft just behind the flared illegal bahis ridge of his cockhead. She ran her soft, wet tongue over and around the head of his cock, sucking very gently, applying just enough suction to suck the first bit of precum out of him.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned softly, looking up at him as she sucked more precum out of him. She kept her eyes locked on his for a few moments as she sucked more of the salty fluid out of him, pumping his hard shaft in her hand, then slid her lips from the head of his cock and spoke, a smile on her face. She kept her hand on his cock, gripping it firmly and pumping it slowly as she spoke.

“Your precum tastes good, little brother!” she said, her eyes sparkling as she pumped his cock. “And if your precum tastes this good, I can’t wait to see what your cum tastes like!”

“You mean you want me to cum in your mouth?” Jeff asked, surprised. Kat giggled as she replied.

“Of course, silly! How else am I going to taste it if you don’t?” she said.

“Then you’re going to…” he said, letting his words trail off, hoping that he was right in what he was thinking.

“Yes, little brother, I’m going to swallow your cum, too!” Kat replied, grinning from ear to ear, still pumping his cock in her hand. A big drop of precum appeared at the tip, and she ducked her head down to lick it off and swallow it. Then she looked back up at him as she continued.

“Of course, I could always let you cum on my face, wipe it off with my fingers and suck the cum from them to taste it, but I think both of us would rather have you just cum in my mouth,” she said, her eyes sparkling and a smile on her face. “Right, little brother?” she asked, grinning demurely at him.

“Ri-uh, right, right!” Jeff stammered as he replied, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open with disbelief at what he was hearing. He always thought he knew everything about his older sister, but it was becoming very obvious that he didn’t know anywhere near as much as he thought he did. Kat laughed at the surprised and shocked look on his face, and she giggled as she spoke again.

“You had no idea your big sister was such a cum slut, did you, little brother?” she asked, bending down to suck on the head of his cock again for a moment before looking up at him again, grinning from ear to ear.

“N-no, Kat, I didn’t!” he replied.

“Well, now you know!” she said, still grinning at him and pumping his cock with her hand as she spoke. “There’s a lot more you don’t know about me in this respect, but I think that’s enough talk for now,” she said, looking down at his cock for a moment before looking up at him again. “Right now I think it’s time I got down to business!”

Without another word and before Jeff could reply she lowered her mouth down to his cock and wrapped her soft lips around the head, sliding them down over the smooth skin and engulfing it in her warm, wet mouth. She pumped his cock with her hand, squeezing harder on the upstroke to push his precum up the shaft and into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the head. She sucked just hard enough to pull the precum from him, and she moaned with delight as more of the slick, salty fluid hit her tongue. Jeff still couldn’t believe this was actually happening, and watched in stunned silence as his sister sucked his cock.

She worked on the head for a few delicious moments, then slid her mouth down to take more of his hard shaft into her mouth. By this time his cock was so hard it hurt, and Kat could feel it throbbing in her mouth. She took his rigid shaft into her mouth a little bit at a time, working her way down onto his cock, further and further, running her soft, wet tongue along the underside as she did. Bit by bit she took his thick cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, moving her hand out of the way as she slid her mouth further down until her nose was pressing against his abdomen. She looked up at him as she held his cock in her mouth and down her throat, and she would have grinned at him if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed with his dick.

“Holy shit, Kat!” Jeff said, looking down at her in amazement. He’d had several blowjobs before, but the girls were never able to take more than a few inches of his thick cock in their mouth before giving up. Kat, on the other hand, had no trouble taking his entire length into her mouth and down her throat.

Kat held his cock in her mouth for a few moments, then slowly slid her mouth back up the length of his shaft, sucking on it and running her tongue along the underside as she did. When she got to the head of his cock she stopped and paused for a moment before sliding her mouth back down onto his cock, again taking all of it in her mouth and down her throat. She did this several times, Jeff watching in amazement. His cock was slick and shiny with her spit, her lips glistening as well. After deep throating him several times she slid her mouth up his shaft and over the head, letting it slip from her mouth as she wrapped her hand around it. She gripped his cock hard as she sat back on her haunches, gasping for breath with her mouth hanging open. She looked up at him and grinned, pumping his cock as she spoke again.

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