My Weekend Alone With Sis

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I hate English and I’m horny as fuck.

These are my thoughts as I sit at my dining room table working on my college English paper. For the life of me, I will never understand this shit.

“Hi, Chris.” Ashley walks in the back door. Ashley is my sister and even though she is younger than me, she still knows my about English than me.

“Ashley, I need some fucking help with this English shit.”


*Hours Later*

“There, done!” I shouted frustrated but happy I was done. I looked over at Ashley and she was sleeping with her head in her folded arms on the table. I took a look at her and realized, with the sister thing aside, she is actually very cute. I pushed her pigtail behind her ear and looked at her cute little face. I reached under the table and touched her leg. She had very long legs and they were smooth as silk. She squirmed a bit but didn’t wake up. I tried to get to her panties but I couldn’t reach, so I picked her up and took her to her bed.

I set her down and reached for the sheets to cover her but paused when I saw that her nipple was visible. I figured since she was sleeping I could catch a feel and she’d never know. So I leaned over and flicked her nipple with my tongue, he eyes popped open.

“What was that?” she asked. I didn’t know what to say so I apologized.

“No, do it again, that felt good.” So I did it again and she let out a nice whimper. I put the whole nipple in my mouth and sucked. She moaned out loud and I pulled back. She sat up and I sat down next to her. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips and she returned with a puzzled look. So I did it again. She followed suit and gave me two kisses of her own. I asked her to do it again with her mouth open this time. She responded with one of the best French bahçelievler escort kisses I’ve ever had. I continued kissing her in a trail down her chest that led me between her legs I pushed her back down on the bed and reached under her skirt for her panties. When I pulled her panties off, I got a whiff of the best smelling virgin pussy I had ever smelled.

This girl was ripe. Just the smell of Ashley’s virgin hole was enough to make any man cream his pants. I sat there getting high from the smell. I finally leaned in to take that first taste of her. I’m telling you if I had known she tasted that good I’d have done this long ago. I kept sucking more and more because Ashley was running like a waterfall down there. Her head was squirming and her hips where twitching like crazy as I dug through her. She lifted her ass high in the air and pushed her crotch into my face and her body went limp.

“Did you just cum?” I asked.

“I don’t know what I did,” she said, lying there lifelessly, “but it felt good.”

“You did.”

“Can you make me do that again, please?”

“Hey, what are big brothers for?”

She giggled as I moved into position between her legs. I told her to put her feet bottoms flat on the bed to make her ass and pussy tighter. I had her grab my dick and place it at the entrance of her hole. When it got there, I slammed forward and Ashley let out a terrible scream.

“Take it out! Take it out! Take it out!” she yelled. I just couldn’t move because the feel of her walls around my meat was heaven. She had tears rolling down her cheek when her yelling decreased.

“Oww that hurt really bad.” She said, crying. I felt bad but I continued to pump my dick in and out of her hole. She clenched on to bahçeşehir escort my back and tried taking the pain. Every time I would pick up the pace, she would cry a little louder, so I’d have to slow down.

I decided the best way to ease her pain was to give her a good jolt of it and then it would disappear; I had to pop the cherry. I put all my weight on Ashley and picked up my pumping rate. She screamed for me to get up and then it happened. She let out a blood-curdling scream and I jumped from her body. She grabbed her hole as blood dripped from it. I retrieved some towels and wiped her clean. She relaxed as the pain subsided. I wanted to continue so I had her get on her knees.

She straightened her skirt and buttoned up her shirt as she made her way to the floor in front of me. I sat on the edge of her bed and put my legs on either side of her. She took hold of my dick and awaited instructions.

After telling her the How To’s and Don’t Do’s of head giving, she licked her lips and concentrated on my meat. Her tongue rolled out like a warm red carpet welcoming my dick to the “Oscars” in her mouth. As her lips closed around my dick, I literally felt my body go limp. My dick passed through her lips very smoothly. She began using her tongue to tickle the veins on the bottom of my shaft. I fell back onto the bed as Ashley continued bobbing up and down on my meat whistle. I pulled myself back to the pillow on the bed and Ashley followed. She got between my legs, sat on her legs, and continued with my treat. Seeing her little head bouncing on my meat was heaven. I didn’t want this to end. Reluctantly I pulled my dick from my sister’s mouth because I wanted to get back to that pussy.

I moved off the bed and had Ashley bakırköy escort crawl to the top of the bed. I grabbed her hips and pulled myself up behind her. I pushed her back down and pointed her ass in my direction, preparing for a back door entrance to this delicious pussy. I pushed into her slowly and Ashley collapsed to the pillow. She grabbed on tight as I pushed in deeper and deeper. I got about ¾ the way in and pulled back. Then I began pumping her hole, gaining speed and power with each movement. Her walls were squeezing my cock like a rubber band. I leaned over her back to play with her tits. She turned her head around took look in my direction. She kissed me lightly on the lips and I returned the favor. My dick continued pumping for a few more minutes and we changed positions.

I threw her on the floor and jumped up on the bed pulled Ashley on top of me up she put her legs on either side of me and I pushed her down onto my dick. She bit her lip and threw her head back to suck in the pain. I took hold of her hips and bounced her like a ball on a basketball court. She grabbed her pigtails and pulled on them while moaning very loudly. Once I noticed her bouncing herself I took her hands and folded them in mine. She picked up speed herself. I pull her in to me and we had a nice kissing session. She got back up and bounced even faster. She suddenly stopped and began rubbing my dick around her walls. She came again. After she got her rocks of I pulled from her and told her to get back to her knees. I stood in front of her while she licked and jerked of my dick. When I felt like cumming, I took hold of it and let go. Stream after stream of hot sperm plastered my sister’s face. It got into her nose, eyes, hair, mouth and everywhere else you can think of. After I finished shooting, her face was covered and her mouth was full. She thought about it for a while and then closed her mouth. She opened it up again to show her mouth was empty. She licked off every hint of goop from my sensitive dick and smiled at me.

“Did I do good?” she asked. I just smiled at her. Good girl. My good little sister.

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