Nancy and Laura Ch. 02: The Hotel

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This is part two of Nancy’s seduction of her boyfriend’s mother, Laura. I want to thank my readers for their feedback and their kind words and even some suggestions. I hope I wrote everyone back who said anything because I truly appreciate it.


It was Tuesday afternoon and Laura was nervous about her trip with Nancy. She always got along with the younger woman and was happy that they were friends instead of just being connected because Nancy was dating Laura’s son. But their friendship had taken a turn when Nancy insisted on helping Laura buy underwear on a shopping trip. And Laura had been embarrassed since a few nights before when Nancy started kissing her and touched her very intimately. The two women had not talked about it and Nancy acted as if nothing had ever happened.

But Nancy had been planning a night out at the ballet and a nice restaurant with Steve who hated the idea of going to the ballet. As a threat, she offered to take Laura instead and Steve acted like that was a solution.

“Laura, I don’t care. If he doesn’t want to go then who needs him. I’m serious. We’ll go and have a nice girls night out,” the younger woman had said a few nights ago.

Now it was Tuesday and Nancy was coming by to pick her up. And she was very nervous. She dressed elegantly in a black dress and made sure to wear the new underwear Nancy had bought for her, or helped her pick out. She felt strange because it didn’t really matter but for some reason she felt the need to wear it.

When Nancy arrived, she sneered at her boyfriend. “Last chance to join us or are you still scared?”

Stephen was in a good mood but just not interested. “Come on, baby, what straight guy has any interest in ballet? This is the best thing. You guys get a total chick night and I’m not bored to death.”

Nancy was okay about it too. “Yeah, whatever. Enjoy your video games while Laura and I enjoy culture. Come on Laura grab your bag and let’s go.”

Laura looked confused. “What bag? Aren’t we coming back?”

Nancy said, “We’re having dinner after the ballet which is pretty late and we’ll be in the city so we got a room overnight. That was your son’s idea when he hadn’t abandoned me yet. Just an overnight. We’re coming back first thing in the morning so don’t worry so hurry and grab something.”

Laura packed next to nothing. Just an overnight bag and they rushed off to drive into town.

Instead of going right to the theater, Nancy drove to a hotel. It wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst which was fine since they were just overnighting. They got a room right away because Nancy still had to change.

Laura felt a little silly because she was so nervous but Nancy seemed right at ease. She disappeared into the bathroom with her suitcase while Laura found a chair and waited. A little while later, Nancy came out and Laura just stopped and stared. She realized how lovely Nancy was.

While Laura was wearing a classic but elegant black dress, Nancy was wearing a simple red dress that somehow made her seem ten years older and classy. It highlighted her figure and took Laura’s breath away. And Nancy knew she looked good too.

“You like?” she asked Laura with a smile. “Good then let’s go so we aren’t late. But first, one more thing to check.”

Laura stopped and looked back at Nancy as she was halfway to the door.

“Laura, sweetie, I hope you are thoughtful enough to be wearing the undies I helped you pick out. Please lift your hem so I can see.”

It wasn’t a command and it wasn’t a question. It was a strange and unusual request to make but some part of Laura’s brain had expected it and knew. Without a word, she turned and lifted her hem slowly until her stockings and her red panties with the black lace trim came into view. It was an odd thing to do but she did it and then let her dress drop.

She smiled a little when Nancy said, “good girl. I knew you would.”

Then they hurried out and walked the two blocks to the theater.

Laura gradually was less and less nervous. She and Nancy really did get along and the ballet made her feel very cultured. It really wasn’t the kind of a thing a man would take her too. The music and the elegance of the dancers gradually made her forget herself.

She noticed that a few of the other ladies there glanced at Nancy jealously partly because there were very few women Nancy’s age there. Laura sometimes felt invisible next to her attractive friend but she didn’t mind. She could admit to herself that Nancy was beautiful. She even stole a few glances at the younger woman herself. But most of all she ataşehir ucuz escort just enjoyed herself.

When the ballet finally ended, Nancy reached over and grabbed Laura’s hand and squeezed. “Thank you so much for coming with me. That was wonderful and our night is just starting!”

Laura was so happy to be getting along so well with her son’s girlfriend. She felt like they were close friends and not just connected through Steve.

The theater neighborhood was not bad and not great, just like their hotel. But they decided to walk to the restaurant which was near the hotel but not too near. It formed a triangle with the hotel and theater, everything a few blocks apart.

They walked arm in arm and found their way to Chez Pierre. They each ordered a house special and let the waiter pick their wine for them. He chose an excellent bottle and they settled in for an elegant meal.

Laura was enjoying herself a lot. Over dessert she said, “Nancy, I’m so glad you talked me into coming. This has been such a special evening.”

Nancy smiled enthusiastically. “I’m so glad I gave you no choice. This will be our special night. Already I can’t imagine I ever considered spending it with anyone else.”

Soon they left to walk back to the hotel. They walked slower and less steadily after their wine but just as happy. There were few remainders of the theater crowd left on the streets but they weren’t deserted. Their path took them near a much less upscale bar. They didn’t pass directly by but they saw some of the remnants.

Drunk guys almost getting into a fight and a guy throwing up into the sewer added to the unusual atmosphere of the city as long as they didn’t get too close. After they passed a narrow side street, Nancy stopped and pulled Laura carefully backwards before leaning in to look carefully down the alley.

Nancy whispered in Laura’s ear as they looked, “look past the second car. Do you see them in the shadows?”

Laura could see two bodies next to each other. It was a couple locked in a passionate embrace. The woman had her back to them and the man’s hands were everywhere on her body. They were not directly lit but it wasn’t that dark. And they didn’t seem to care

Nancy whispered into Laura’s ear again, “Oh, I bet they met at the bar and look at her head going down. I think she’s sucking him right here. She doesn’t know we’re here or maybe doesn’t care who can see or maybe she wants to be seen.”

Laura felt herself trembling. She had seen people have sex before but to see it on the streets and have her wonderful young friend whispering about it to her made her shake a little and seemed so dirty.

They watched for a few minutes huddled together, Nancy’s lips next to her ear breathing hard but not talking. They were watching too far away to see but close to know exactly what was going on.

Finally, Nancy pulled them back and said “we better go back to the hotel or I might run down and join them.”

They walked a block in silence like they were catching their breath until Laura laughed and said “well we saw a show before and after dinner.”

They both laughed and reached their hotel without incident. It was after midnight by this time but they were both very awake and decided to have a quick drink in the hotel bar.

They sat at a table across from the door after getting a couple drinks from the bar. For the first few minutes they didn’t say much and sipped their drinks.

Laura looked at Nancy and said, “What a wonderful evening this has been, Nancy. I am just having the nicest time. Everything has been just great. The meal was absolutely fabulous and I don’t think I’ve seen a performance like that in forever!”

Nancy smiled and reached out and squeezed her older friend’s hand and said, “I agree so much. Everything has been perfect so far and the performance was fun. I liked the ballet too.” Then she laughed.

Laura laughed too, amazed at how good her young friend was at putting her at ease. She took a long drink and added, “Well I meant the ballet of course, you tease, but that was something else too. I don’t think I’ve seen that out in public in a long time.”

Nancy leaned in and said, “I agree. I haven’t watched in a while but it is possible I might have done that myself once and just not cared who saw. I could tell just how excited it made you, Laura. I felt like I had to pull you away or I might lose you to them. I think you were a little bit excited by them. In fact, I think you were very excited, weren’t you sweetie?”

Laura blushed terribly because ataşehir yabancı escort Nancy was right. Her new younger friend had such an ability to make her uncomfortable but in a nice way. Without thinking about it, she pressed her knees together and said, “Well, maybe I might have enjoyed watching a little tiny bit. I guess I have a little voyeur in me. But just a little I’m sure. I think it’s natural.”

Nancy tapped Laura’s knee and looked into her eyes and said softly, “I think it made you very wet. I think it made your panties wet watching that woman in the alley sucking a complete stranger or maybe it was her boyfriend. And there we were, two beautiful women huddled together staring at a sexual act in a dark, public alley. I think it made you wet. I think your new panties are wet right now aren’t they? There is a table between us and the bar so I want to see. Lift your hem again, just for a minute, and show me your wet panties, Laura.”

She said it so calmly and confidently but also so softly that it had to be done and the very fact of doing it seemed erotic to Laura. This beautiful young woman, her son’s girlfriend, telling her what to do and she had to obey. She stared for a few minutes and no one said anything.

Then without a word Laura moved her hands down and, lifting herself slightly, raised the hem of her dress. Her panties were bright red and black and obvious but no one could see except Nancy. Laura knew she was wet but wasn’t sure if Nancy could tell.

Nancy smiled and didn’t say a word. But she moved her hand and trailed it lightly over the front panel of the panties before pulling it away. As she pulled away, Laura fixed her skirt but didn’t say anything. Nancy brought her hand casually to her face, discreetly sniffed and smiled and then put her hand down and picked up a drink.

Nancy said no more about it. “Laura I’m so happy we were able to come to the ballet together. It feels so elegant and refined and I can’t think of anyone I would have had a better time with here. Thank you for joining me.”

Laura felt nice but lightheaded. Some of it was the multiple glasses of wine and the drink. But some of it was Nancy’s attitude. One second Nancy was talking about watching a blowjob in an alley and making Laura expose her panties. Then without commenting she changed gears and was talking about a refined and elegant evening. It was like a split personality and Laura’s emotions were going back and forth like a tennis ball.

She smiled at Nancy, happy and a little bit tipsy. “Nancy, I’m having a wonderful time and I’m so glad we did this.”

They were done with their drinks and left the bar and headed to their room. The hotel lobby wasn’t as deserted as some would be at that late hour. It was not the nicest hotel and not the worst. It was convenient for some people and even now a few people were checking in. Nancy and Laura didn’t talk a lot as they got in the elevator with two other couples. The two men got off on a lower floor and Nancy and Laura rode up standing behind a couple that didn’t seem to know each other well but was staying on the same as the two women.

As they turned in opposite directions, Nancy stopped and looked back, whispering to Laura, “I think he rented her for the night.”

The two women then giggled quietly and made it to their room.

When they walked into the room, Nancy came up next to Laura, slipped her arm around her waist, and put her head on her shoulder. The she pulled on Laura and turned them so they faced each other and hugged her very tightly.

While they embraced, Nancy whispered, “thank you again for such a wonderful time. This has been very nice, hasn’t it?”

Laura knew she’d had a lot to drink and felt very warm but she also felt very special being held tightly by the younger woman. It was a natural act of friendship but she felt warm and melted into Nancy’s embrace.

Laura said, “It has been very special and I’m actually happy we don’t have to drive back and stay the night here.”

Nancy pulled away, smiled, and said quietly, “yes, let’s get ready for bed.”

She walked behind Laura and started to help. She reached up and pulled down the zipper on Laura’s dress all the way down her back just past her waist. Laura felt a little funny but Nancy was just helping after all.

She didn’t say anything when Nancy got a hanger and stood there as Laura pushed the dress off and stepped out of it. She stood there as Nancy hung the dress on the hanger and then turned and stared at Laura, smiling.

Nancy said, “I loved that when we ataşehir escort bayan picked it out and it looks even nicer right now. Late at night. In a hotel room. And the stockings added to it were a nice touch. I don’t think I will let you change into a nightie. I need to look at you for a while.”

Laura blushed and wasn’t sure what to do. So many things this younger woman did made her confused and excited. she stood still a little nervous but also excited. She was very nervous at first when Nancy had her sit on the bed but relaxed a little when Nancy didn’t join her.

Nancy stood a few feet away and looked very intensely at Laura. Her dress zipped on the side and she undid it before sliding out of very slowly like a snake. She quickly kicked the dress aside and stood there looking intensely into Laura’s eyes.

Laura took in every single inch of Nancy. Nancy’s own underwear was black and elegant but very erotic. Her bra was very lacey and pulled her breasts tight together. The panties were a mix of silk and lace but sheer enough that Laura could tell Nancy was shaved. Nancy also wore stocking but where Laura had on stay-up thigh highs Nancy had a garter belt. It matched and slid under the panties.

Nancy spoke with a catch in her voice and her voice was lower and more husky, “I almost never wear garters, Laura. They’re very erotic but uncomfortable so I never wear them unless I expect to be seen. I wanted to show these off. I want them to be seen by someone tonight, Laura. I want someone to appreciate how I look and how wet I am.”

Nancy stopped talking and took her hands and ran them up and down her own body caressing softly every inch. One hand pushed against her panties for a few moments until the other joined and they worked together to lower the panties and step out of them, holding them on one finger after retrieving them. Nancy took three steps and stood next to Laura. She pushed a finger deep into herself and moaned quietly before pulling it out. She used the wet finger and painted both of Laura’s trembling lips before dropping the panties into Laura’s lap and taking three steps backwards.

Nancy stood there swaying on her heels starting to pinch her breasts. The older woman across from her, now painted with Nancy’s scent, trembled and felt like her body was on fire. The whole scene was like a dream, a wonderful erotic fantasy. Laura watched the younger woman masturbating for her and felt the heat inside her grow.

Nancy started the episode in control but was now lost to her own passion and moved her hands and started fingering herself. Then, with a finger inside herself, she walked back to Laura then walked past her and around to the bottom of the bed and then the other side.

Laura didn’t need to be told to watch. She turned, swung her legs onto the bed, turned over and laid on her side to stared hungrily at Nancy. Unbidden, Laura put her hand inside her own panties and began to masturbate. She could hear her own squishy sounds and in between the sloppy wet squishes of her young friend came through as well.

As Nancy kneeled nearby, Laura lay on her back and masturbated eagerly, her head to turned to watch her lusty friend.

Nancy stood on the bed and kicked off her heels. Then she stood above Laura and stared down at her, masturbating above her head. It was only a minute until she lowered her body and kneeled over her friend, pulling her stocking clad knees to the sides of Laura’s pretty face and bouncing up and down slowly to move her panties into very slight contact with the older woman’s nose.

It wasn’t long before Nancy bent forward to move her panties in better position. She didn’t need to tell Laura to lick her, she just did. Laura started licking the very wet panel of Nancy’s panties while the young woman propped herself on her elbows and looked back through the gap between their bodies and watched.

Two minutes later Nancy stood, removed one leg from her panties and let them dangle by her knee. She kneeled back and rubbed herself on Laura’s face, using the older woman to masturbate herself with. Soon she fell to her side and pulled Laura’s face close. The older woman was in a trance licking her new lover wanting to feel her orgasm, furiously teasing her in coordination with Nancy’s louder moaning. The whole time Laura’s hand never left her own panties.

Nancy put her hand on top of Laura’s with the panties in between so she could feel her friend masturbating herself. Soon Laura felt Nancy’s hand stop. She noticed Nancy’s body tense and the moans stop as tiny shudders tightened Nancy.

Then Nancy screamed, “Oh fuckkkkkkkk” and exploded, her body collapsing and seizing uncontrollably.

As she calmed down, Nancy buried her face in the side of Laura’s thigh, catching her breath. Soon she stood up, puled down the covers and pulled Laura over and under and the two of them went to sleep in each other’s arms without another word.

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