Nanny to Teach Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

At ten-thirty that evening, Susan stopped by Laura’s bedroom. She tapped lightly on the door.

“Come in,” Russ Berry called out.

Susan opened the door and walked in. Russ was lying nude on the bed reading, his back propped up on some pillows. His prick had thick black hair and his chest was matted with black hair also.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Berry,” Susan apologized. “I just stopped by to see if Laura had any instructions for me for tomorrow.”

“That’s all right, Susan, and call me Russ, please. Laura is in taking a bath. She’ll be out in a few minutes. Come on over and sit here, on the bed.”

Susan was wearing a man-style shirt with nothing under it, and Russ watched her jiggling tits appreciatively and her white soft thighs as she sat near him.

“I wonder why a man’s shirt makes a woman look so sexy?” he said softly, putting his book down. “It really does something to me.”

Shaken at his sudden interest in her and wanting it to continue, she exclaimed, “Not like what you’re doing to me!” slowly she pulled the book off his lap, exposing his limp prick and the huge hanging balls beneath She gasped. It was truly a monumental cock. It began to harden as she stared at it. Eight inches long, curving upward, and thick in proportion. It was a dark wine-reddish color, deepening in hue toward the end and then flaring out into a flaming purplish-scarlet at the mighty cone-shaped cockhead. Though not entirely erect, his prick was jerking and twitching with open lust.

“Stand up and take off that shirt, Susan. Let’s have a look at you,” Russ said.

“What about Laura?” Susan asked.

“Don’t worry. She won’t mind.”

Susan stood and unbuttoned the shirt and slipped it off. It was Russ’ turn to gasp. “Laura said you were the most perfectly formed woman she’d ever seen. That was an understatement. God, Susan, you are magnificent! Truly!” He stared at her tits and thick blond bush.

Susan’s breathing became quicker as she got on her knees between his thighs and steered his massive prick toward her eager mouth. As Susan leaned forward to trap the cockhead in an incredibly erotic oral embrace, Laura walked naked from the bathroom, wiping herself with a towel.

She wondered if Susan would be able to handle all that cock. Russ lay back and sighed when the girl’s fervent lips circled his stiffening cock. His prick felt as big around as a tree trunk going into her mouth. His prick was throbbing with lust, and she was greedily plunging it into her mouth. Susan’s cheeks caved in and seemed to meet the sides of Russ’ cock as she sucked it in. He couldn’t remember ever having such utter pleasure. Susan’s tongue was working its erotic magic, urging his mighty prick to give up it glorious white jizz. The feeling was like fucking into a vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher rolled into one. Frantically, Russ fucked Susan’s face. She tried to draw back to keep from gagging, but his hands were locked in her blond hair, dragging her onto his impaling cock. Oh, how he longed to blow his wad into her mouth!

Laura watched the erotic cocksucking in breathless anticipation. Susan’s ass and hairy cunt were gaping open. Why not? In an instant, Laura got on her knees behind Susan and slowly licked the girl’s puckered asshole and wet, sopping pussy. She ground her face into the densely forested cunt. Laura’s hands massaged Susan’s hanging tits. God, Susan thought, they’re driving me insane!

The blond-headed nymphomaniac was going to suck Russ off. His cock was küçükçekmece escort buried in her throat. He yelled involuntarily and shot a foaming torrent of jism far into the deepest recesses of the girl’s throat. Hammer blows slammed into his crotch as his cock jerked and spat. His head reeled. He was getting punch-drunk. He was going mad. He was cuming! Susan never missed a stroke in her avid sucking and licking until the enormous prick had given one final, titanic throb and subsided. Susan then carefully cleaned the prick of every last droplet of its salty-sweet jizz. At last satisfied that, if not polished, her tongue had suitably laundered Russ’ penis, the girl lifted her radiant blond head; her eyes widened in amazement and a look of delight crossed her features. Russ’ cock wasn’t deflating! There it stood, stiff as a steel pole, looming over his hairy groin.

“Jesus!” the girl gasped reverently. “AHAHHH! MMMMMMM! Oh my fucking God, Laura! Sweet fucking Jesus! Mmmmmmm! OHHHHHH, you’re making me cum. Eat me! Eat my cunt! Oh ah, God! I’m coooooommmmmiiiiiinnnnggg!” With an uncontrollable scream, she came. She shuddered as climax after climax wracked her womanly frame.

“Now, little girl, you’re going to fuck me! Climb up on this pole of mine!” Russ commanded. Susan got up. She lifted her body to straddle the towering spire of cock. “Is this way okay?” he asked. “Be careful and don’t hurt yourself. It may split your cunt wide open!”

Susan nodded. “I know.” It took a bit of maneuvering for Susan to wedge the tip of Russ’ cock between the lips of her pussy. His prick felt absolutely enormous as it dipped into her tight cunt furrow. Susan bit her lip, closed her eyes, and descended. The great cock slid smoothly in until the huge cockhead was swallowed up.

“Oh God. It’s so big!” Susan gasped. Then the huge prick stopped and Susan winced.

“Maybe I’m too big for you Susan,” Russ gasped. “Here, let me pull it out. We can try another time.”

“Don’t you dare! I’ve got to have it! My cunt is on fire!”

“Okay, then. Just relax for a moment. Let my cock just sit and soak. You’ll open up. Ask Laura. She still has the same trouble once in a while, don’t you, hon?”

Laura smiled, “You big-peckered stud. You just wait. Susan will fuck your eyeballs out!”

Slowly Susan pushed down harder, forcing the monster prick deeper into her pussy. Susan gasped and clutched at Russ’ broad, hairy chest. Her cunt slid down to enfold his entire prick. Down she moved; pain shot through her body. But rather than snapping her out of her haze of lascivious excitement, it whipped her to a fever pitch of desire. Susan fucked herself furiously on Russ’ prick. His cock filled her up and threatened to rip her cunt apart – how could it be so big? The tip of Russ’ prick stabbed into her cervix. She now knew what it was like to be utterly filled with prick.

Russ was fighting off a premature orgasm. He had forgotten what a young pussy was like – but he was being reminded in the most delightful manner. It seemed that rather than her elastic cunt stretching to accommodate his cock, her impossibly tight pussy compressed his prick to fit. It wasn’t possible – but it was happening. Just then a strange forbidden thought crossed his mind – how would his young daughter’s cunt feel? Would it feel like Susan’s or be even tighter? He imagined he was fucking Karen. Perhaps …. Yeah. He was going to fuck Karen one of these fine days! The snugness kurtköy escort of Susan’s cunt was making Russ gnash his teeth and hold his breath with the effort it took to keep from blowing this lovely chick through the ceiling with his wad. The mighty orgasm of squirting his jism into her throat should have sapped his energy, but it hadn’t. He was as randy and ready as a twenty-year-old, and like a twenty-year-old, he was about to cum off after just getting into her cunt.

Laura was sitting on the bed, fingerfucking her cunt. Russ didn’t have to hold himself for long. Susan’s passion was building up. Her loins were ablaze with passion; the monumental cock within her churning cunt could only satisfy a passion she knew. All she wanted to do now was to cum. And after not more than two dozen strokes of Russ’ great cock, she got her fondest wish. She was humping Russ’s cock for all she was worth. Her breath was sobbing and ragged, her mouth was open in a long scream of passion. Her cheek pressed into Russ’ muscular furry chest. Then Susan’s cunt gave a warning twinge. That delicious log of a prick was driving Susan bonkers. She came and came. It was beautiful! It was all the pleasure a woman could experience. The climax roared out of her churning pussy. Light and color and sound exploded in her skull; she was aware of Russ moaning and twitching as he pumped his prick into her pussy, unable to restrain himself any longer. A cry ripped from her throat.

“AHHHHH! OHHHHHH, you fucking animal! Mmmmm!” Their mutual orgasm held them in an iron grip for several moments. The Susan and Russ clung to each other, exhausted, not daring to believe that more delicious fuck-fests awaited them. All summer long.

“My God, Laura!” Russ smiled. “This little gal is a fuck and a half. Susan, you are a tremendous piece of ass! As good as I’ve ever had. And with a lovely wife like Laura, that’s a compliment, believe you me!”

Susan smiled and lifted herself off his giant cock. Sperm dribbled from her well-fucked pussy. She lay back on the bed, smiling dreamily.

“Now husband, dear! I want some of that!” Laura exclaimed.

“If you can get it hard, you can have it!”

Laura took his cock, which was covered with cunt juice and sperm, in her hand and worked the huge foreskin back and forth. Russ started pushing his hips in and out, fucking her tightened hand that clung to his slowly stiffening cock. Laura smiled, “Yes! God, Russ! And now….” She lay back on the bed beside him, spreading her legs, taking her hand off his prick and opening her arms to him as he sat up. “Now fuck me!’ she whispered urgently. He smiled as Laura pulled him into her. With his hips in place between her thighs, and his fat, surprisingly long cock twitching an inch from her pussy, his head just came up between her tits. She cupped a tit; thrusting the nipple toward his mouth.

“Suck me while you fuck me, tiger,” Laura whispered, smiling. As soon as his lips were fastened on the pulsing tit-bud, she wedged a hand down between their bodies and grasped his familiar, always-beloved cock. She lifted her knees, then turned to watch the moment of contact reflected in the mirror above their bed. Susan leaning on her elbow on the other side of the bed, watched in fascination. Breathlessly, Laura both felt and saw the head of Russ’ cock touch her cuntlips. But then the picture blurred as her entire body convulsed in an involuntary grab for more. The surge of her hips almost bucked him off, but maltepe escort she grabbed his ass, pulling him down and forward, and when her hips spasmed again, his cock plunged halfway in. She was so fucking horny!

“Ohhhhhh, yes, Russ! That’s it! Push it in deep! Fuck my cunt off! C’mon Tiger, don’t hold back! Rape my fucking pussy! Make me cum! AHHHHH Yes! That’s it!” She was feeling his prick with every atom of her being and consciousness, swollen and surging there in the hugging, heated embrace of her cunt. At last, after finger-fucking herself, she now had hot hard cock inside her! Russ kept jerking forward, trying to drive his tingling prick deeper, pounding, stuffing, and probing, in and out, harder and harder.

“Fuck her, Russ1” Susan shouted. “Make her cum! Fuck the living shit out of her!”

Laura felt his hot breath on her tits, felt his suction and tongue pressure on the nipple, felt his thighs buffet her as he scrambled for leverage – most of all, she felt the twitching, turgid throb of his cock and the kneading response of her inner cunt tissues as they clutched and clung to his prick.

“OHHHHH! More! Oh my god! It’s going in so deep!”

With five battering thrusts, he’d driven his cock all the way in, slamming his pelvis into her and sending a new firestorm of orgasm through her devastated body. It was long seconds before she could focus her consciousness again on the depth that his penetrating prick had reached. By then he was jerking his cock out of her cunt a full seven inches, then fucking it in again deep and massive. It filled her to the hilt.

“Ball me, Russ! Fuck me harder! Harder you bastard! Faster! I’m going to ———–” she grunted, mumbling, as his piston-like strokes drove her to orgasm.

He was biting her nipple now, and the pain pushed Laura even farther toward orgasm.

“I hope you’re cuming, you horny little bitch!” he shouted and she felt a molten jet of cum hit her just at the moment that her orgasm peaked.

What a fucking stud her man was! Susan had sucked him off, fucked him, and he still gave her as fine a fucking as she’d ever had. All three lay back on the bed sexually satiated. In a few minutes Laura turned to Susan.

“Russ and I have to be gone for a couple of days. So the kids will be under your control.”

Russ smiled. “You’ll have to keep a tight rein on them, specially Gene, Susan. They may try your patience. But you’re the boss. Remember that.” Then he paused, not certain how Susan would react to his next question.

“We’re having friends over Saturday evening. Our handyman, Wayne, is going to put on a special ceremony for us. Some kind of ancient fertility rite that he believes in.”

“That sounds sexy!” Susan smiled. “What’s it all about?”

“I don’t really know. I’ve never seen one of these ceremonies before. Wayne told me he’d need a passionate young woman.”

“Think I’d fit the bill?” Susan asked provocatively, thrusting out her big-titted chest.

“I think you’d do just fine, don’t you, Laura?”

“She sure would. But you’d better tell her what you told me about Wayne. Maybe she won’t be so anxious!” Laura cocked an eyebrow.

“Wayne is hung like a stud horse, Susan. He’s got a cock that’s at least ten-inches long!”

“Oh, c’mon Russ. No man has a cock that big!” Susan answered.

“I’ve seen it. Wayne and I work out together sometimes. Does that change your mind?”

Susan seemed in deep thought, visualizing the effects in her mind, the brutal fucking effects of a ten-inch cock. “No. You can tell Wayne you’ve found the woman he wants.”

Then Laura rolled over and put her mouth onto Russ’ cock and started to suck. When Susan saw this, she leaned over and started to suck Russ’ cock with Laura too. “OHHHHH, NO MORE, GIVE ME A BREAK!” Russ begged.

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