Naughty Neighbors Pt. 03

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The reset.

I had just finished experiencing an intensely erotic experience with two hot older women, neighbors of mine. While my heart still raced and body shook I got a call from my wife. A text message followed. Here’s how part two ended:

I was pleased to see a message with attachment from my wife that simply read “I’m horny and can’t stop thinking about you and your cock.”

When I opened the attachment I was shocked and aroused. It was a zipped folder that contained about a dozen erotic photos of my wife. The first was her with her breasts out, pinching her nipples. The next few featured her in her work bathroom, pants down, touching her pussy. The second to last photo showed her leaned back, eyes closed, mouth open, legs spread – with two fingers buried in her vagina. The last one was the real surprise. It was a picture of her still on the toilet with her pants down, standing next to her was her sister. I couldn’t help but notice that her sister’s nipples were hard. She had a sexy smile on her face.

Minutes later I got another email from my wife. The subject read “My sister enjoyed taking the pictures for me.” The body of the message was even more interesting.

Here’s the complete text from my wife followed by what transpired shortly after getting the message:

“I know you’ve secretly had fantasies about my older sister. Do you remember the first time we went to camp and she joined us in the game room? Remember when we were walking there she said we should pretend her and I were twins and were both dating you? We all shrugged it off and you never brought it up, which is classy on your part. Well, her and I talked about that night and she confided in me that she had fantasized about you that night and on many other occasions. She told me how she had spied on us having sex in my room and would masturbate after. A few days ago she asked me if I remembered that time. She told me she still fantasized about you and regularly masturbated as she imagined having sex with you. She apologized and assured me she would never act on her desires. She told me that her sex life was less than stellar and as time had passed worried that she had become undesireable. She wondered if you found her attractive. I told her that she was still an attractive, sexy woman and that I was sure you would agree. Feeling frisky I confided in her that I had secretly fantasized about her and I having three way sex with you. I told her that it aroused me to think about you satisfying her sexually for some reason and suggested that she take a chance by flirting with you sometime. I told her she should wear a tight white shirt to expose her breasts and the tightest pants she owned. I even suggested that she get in front of you the next time you were together, to “accidentally” press her ass against your crotch. Anyway, I just wanted to share this info with you before she shows up to grab my stuff. She’s down in the dumps right now and I was hoping you might lift her spirits by paying special attention to her. Maybe even flirting a bit. I wouldn’t be upset if you took things even further. Just make sure you send me a few pics of your awesome cock no matter what so I have something to look at while sitting at camp. Love you.”

I was stunned and aroused. Was this a trick? Is this for real? My mind raced and my heart pounded as I read the message a few more times. I called my wife to confront her about it.

“I am looking forward to having phone sex with you later,” I said. “But, are you for real about your sister?”

“I love you and we have been together a long time,” she said. “I trust you and my sister. She is in a place right now and I just want her to feel better. She’s on her way over. Will you do me and her a favor please.”

“Okay?” I ask. “Anything you want baby.”

“Not sure what you are wearing right now,” she said, “but I want you to put on those Nike shorts I got you for Father’s Day. The ones I told you make your ass look hot. Don’t bother with underwear, and no shirt please.”

“Okay,” I say in a shaky questioning voice. “I can do that. But.”

She stops me.

“Excellent, just wear the shorts” she says. “My sister should be there in 20 minutes. I’ve got to head back to work. I will call you later so we can chat. Love you.”

Once I got off the phone I realized I needed to shower. I was covered in sex from earlier. I was aroused, but worried about my ability to perform if the opportunity presented itself. In the shower I began to fantasize about my wife’s sister. My cock started to swell making me feel confident. I exited the shower and toweled off. I anxiously searched through my dresser looking for the shorts. I found them and pulled them up over my semi hard cock. I took a peek in the mirror and adjusted myself trying to hide my swelling cock as best I could. I felt like I was looking good. I messed up my hair a bit and headed downstairs to wait.

A few minutes later I heard a voice call out. It was my wifes sister Lexi. She walked into the house calling my name.

“Hey lady”, I said to topkapı escort her. “Thanks for offering to watch our kids tonight. I’ve got to work on some engineering plans for my next job. Appreciate you stepping up.”

“No worries,” she said. “It’s my pleasure.”

She looked amazing. Her blonde hair glowed, her bright blue eyes shined and the smile on her face was infectious. She started walking towards the kitchen and brushed against me. Her hand landed on the middle of my back as she stopped. Her hand slid down to my lower back. then she slapped me on the ass.

“You are a bad, bad boy,” she said. “What are you doing wearing these shorts half naked without a shirt on? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Sorry,” I said as we turned to face each other. I placed my hands on her hips. “I’m just enjoying my day off. This is what I chose to wear. Besides, it’s so hot.”

I looked her in the eyes seductively as I slid my hands behind her over her ass. I pulled her closer to me and our bodies pressed against each other. My already swollen cock grew harder. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me even closer as she spread her legs a bit allowing my swelling cock to land between her legs. Without any underwear my cock got stuck in a bent position. I reached down to adjust myself then pushed forward. I could feel the heat from her pussy as my cock landed perfectly between her puffy pussy lips.

“Yes,” she says. “It’s super hot.”

She leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then pushed me away and headed to the kitchen. She was looking for my wife’s overnight bag which I totally forgot about. I needed to put her toy in it. I had also decided to put some of her sexy panties in there for good measure but forgot all about it until just then.

“Oh, crap,” I say. “I’ve got to go grab your sister’s overnight bag. I’ll be right back.”

“Let me give you a hand,” she says.

Once we got to the bedroom I pulled the bag from the closet and began by packing a bra, normal panties and sensible clothes for my wife to wear. I asked Lexi to grab some toiletries from our bathroom in an effort to sneak the toy and sexy panties into the bag without her noticing. I pulled the pocket rocket from our nightstand then paused. My mind started to race and I became even more aroused, I thought to myself “maybe I should let her see me put this toy in the bag, and the sexy panties. Maybe this will arouse her. Maybe…”

Lexi entered the bedroom carrying some trial sized toothpaste, soap and a toothbrush. She jokingly asked me if she should pack some tampons for my wife. “Is it that time of the month?” she asks with a smile.

“No,” I say. “I’m quite sure it’s not that time.”

I opened the travel bag and pulled out the toy, making it as obvious as possible as I placed it inside. I left the bag open on the bed as I headed to my wife’s dresser. Lexi placed the toiletries in the bag, noticing the toy. She blushed and slid one of her hands over her breasts quickly. Her other hand landed between her legs. I saw her rub her pussy for a few seconds before she pulled her hand away.

I pulled a few sexy panties from the dresser showing them to Lexi.

“Your opinion,” I said. “Which pair should I send along to my wife?”

She approached me and took both pairs of panties from my hands. I had chosen a pair of boy shorts style panties and a lace trimmed pair of cheeky panties. Lexi lifted them both up to inspect them. She placed them over her body as if to try them on over her pants.

“First question,” she said. “Why are you sending her sexy panties?”

“Well,” I say. “We planned on having phone sex tonight and I wanted to surprise her with these sexy panties. She promised to send pictures, so I figured sexy panties would be appropriate.”

“Okay,” she said. “Second question. Why do you want me to decide?”

“I figured you would have a pretty good idea what she would like,” I said. “I trust your judgement. Besides, and more truthfully – I wanted to know what you would more likely wear. So I can fantasize about that later.”

Lexi giggled and blushed, looking down to the floor.

“And,” I said. “I thought you might be willing to model them for me to help me decide.”

She looked up to me with her eyes wide. Her mouth was open and she muttered under her breath.

“I’m not sure I will make a good model,” she said. “I’m so out of shape. Besides, I don’t think my sister would approve.”

“First of all,” I said. “You would make the perfect model. You are so hot. I have always admired how sexy you are. I can only imagine how amazing you would look. Your sexy body will surely make these panties look amazing. Secondly, I am pretty sure your sister would have no problem with you modeling these for me. It can be our little secret if you still have reservations. No pressure, forget I mentioned it.”

“Do you really think I’m hot?” she asked. “Sexy, even?”

“Lexi,” I said. “I have fantasized about you for years. Nothing has changed. tuzla escort It would satisfy one of my greatest fantasies to see you modeling these panties.”

My cock was throbbing. I was so aroused. The thought of her modeling these panties for me was making me crazy. No matter what I would be thinking about her for the rest of the night, and it appeared she was at least somewhat interested.

No matter what, I had two hot older ladies next door that I was sure could help me get off. With nothing to lose I took a chance and made a bold move. I approached Lexi and wrapped my arms around her as I pulled her close. I leaned in and placed my lips on hers. She responded positively. We kissed passionately. Our hands roamed over each other’s bodies as we embraced. My hands eventually made their way to her belly, then to her waistband. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her zipper. I pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

“You okay with this?” I asked as I tugged on her pants to pull them down.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m more than okay. I’m tingling.”

I pulled her pants down to her ankles. She pulled her feet out and kicked them to the side. I slid her panties down next. I pulled her shirt over her head then removed her bra exposing her large firm breasts. She stood naked before me. We kissed again. She grabbed the lace panties and put them on for me. I turned her around and caressed her ass and crotch as I took a long look. She took them off and put the booty shorts on. I turned her around caressing her again. These panties looked incredible on her.

“Yep,” I said. “Those work. I have to snap a few pictures of this.”

I pulled out my phone and took a few quick photos before Lexi could react. She blushed, covered her face and turned away.

“What?” she exclaimed. “Don’t be putting those on the internet. Please.”

“No worries baby,” I said. “I just had to capture the moment. You look so amazing right now. These are for my private collection.”

She didn’t respond at all for a few seconds. She looked to the floor then raised her head and looked me in the eyes with a sexy smile. She grabbed my phone and pointed it towards me. She snapped a few photos then handed the phone back.

“As long as you share those pictures with me,” she said. “I’m okay.”

My cock was now rock hard. Lexi put her hands on my waist then pulled my shorts down exposing my swollen dick.

“Oh, my” she says with a smile.

Lexi was now on her knees in front of me. I watched as she wrapped her lips around my cock and started to give me head. Her soft wet lips slid down my shaft and the head of my cock pushed into her throat as she performed on me like a porn star. She grabbed my hands and placed them on the back of her head as she forced my dick as deep as it would go. I held her head and began fucking her mouth until I felt like I was going to cum. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it over her lips.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. “I want to make you cum in my mouth.”

Not wanting to disappoint, I slid my cock back into her hot mouth and let her finish me. I exploded in her throat. I pulled out enough to drop a few loads on her tongue, then pulled out all the way so I could shoot a few blasts onto her beautiful face. She took my cock back into her mouth as my orgasm subsided, swallowing every drop of my cum she could get.

I pulled the phone again and snapped a shot of her face. There was a bit of semen on her lips and chin and she looked sexy. She reached out and grabbed my shaft. She pulled my cock back over her lips as she looked up to me posing for the photos.

Once it was over, she quietly got up and changed back into her own clothes. Without saying a word she finished packing the travel bag. She put the booty shorts inside the bag. This was kind of hot because I could see a wet spot from her pussy juice on them. I imagined my wife putting them on. The thought of the sisters pussy juice meeting made me horny again.

“I’ve got to get this to my sister so she can head to camp” Lexi said. “But, I really want to get together with you again. Maybe later tonight?”

“It’s a date,” I say.

We headed downstairs and she started to head to the door. I ran to her and pulled her back before she could leave. I turned her to face me and kissed her on the lips as I pulled her pants down. I pushed her to the floor and got on my knees between her legs. I leaned in and began licking her hot wet pussy which made her almost instantly have an orgasm.

My wife had requested some photos. I had already taken a few but thought I should take a few more for good measure. Especially now. I pulled out my phone and pointed it towards Lexi who was naked on the floor. I snapped a few more photos then put the phone away.

I grabbed Lexi by the ankles and lifted her legs into the air. I placed my cock over her wet vagina and slid it over her wet pussy lips. After a few strokes I thrust it into her. Her pussy was so hot and tight. It felt so good. She moaned with pleasure pendik escort as I started pounding her pussy with my swollen cock. Knowing she had to leave I made it quick. We fucked like crazy until we both had an orgasm. I came in her pussy.

I got up and helped her to her feet. She gathered herself and placed her fingers between her legs. I looked down to see her collecting my semen from her vagina. Two fingers were covered in cum. She placed them in her mouth and sucked them clean with a moan. She put her pants back on and made her way out the door to her vehicle. Once seated behind the wheel she looked to me and rolled down the window. I approached her and we kissed.

“You make me so wet,” she said. “Thank you.”

“Maybe I’ll see you later?” I asked.

“For sure,” she said. “I can’t wait. I’m going to have to work things out with Holly, but I’m sure we will be seeing each other in a few hours. As long as you are okay with that.”

Lexi drove away and thoughts entered my mind. I thought about all the possibilities. I also thought about Holly, which brought back some erotic memories.

Holly was the youngest sister. She had watched my kids many times and was a great young lady. She was a little overweight, but had huge tits. She had a beautiful face like her older sisters, and the same blonde hair. I thought back to one time when she was watching my daughter and I went to pick her up. Holly must have been feeling frisky. She laid on the floor in front of me as I sat on her couch. She wore a white t-shirt and shorts. I could see her hard nipples poking through her shirt as she rolled around on the floor flirting with me, crossing her legs, giggling as she posed. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about sex with her so her actions and comments flew right over my head. It wasn’t until I saw her a few days later when she confided in me that she had been naughty.

“I feel a little embarrassed about how I acted the other day” she said to me. “I was feeling things I never felt before. I would never.”

Placing my hand over her mouth, I stopped her when I realized what she was saying. Thinking back to the other day I began to realize the situation. She was horny and trying to arouse me. It made me feel good about myself. I felt bad that I hadn’t realized, not wanting her to feel bad about herself. I also knew that there was no way we could take things further.

“You are a sexy young woman,” I said to her. “But, you know we couldn’t. Not that I wouldn’t. We just can’t. I respect you and your sister way too much to go there. I hope you understand.”

She smiled and gave me a big hug. “You really think I’m sexy?” she asked.

“Holly,” I said. “You are a beautiful, sexy young lady.”

“Thanks for that,” she said. “That’s all I need to know. Can we pretend this never happened?”

I smiled and nodded yes. Things between us changed a little. I felt good that she was attracted to me, and it felt nice to see the bounce in her step after we talked. I fantasized about those moments many times after. Something about her aroused me, and I felt like we became closer.

These thoughts raced through my head as I stood in my lakeside house after a day of erotic experiences I could have only imagined. Earlier I had insane sex with my two hot neighbors. My wife called and texted with erotic photos and message. Her sister and I enjoyed a sexual experience. It was early evening. I was looking forward to phone sex with my wife. Possible sex with her sister. For sure sex with the hot neighbor if I wanted, and maybe the other one too. Fortunately I was still young and my sexual appetite was above average. My cock was at attention.

On any other day I would have headed to the bathroom and masturbated. On this day I knew I wanted to save myself for what may come. Or cum. Excuse the pun. I chose to take a cold shower in an effort to revive myself. It worked. The cold water seemed to wake from the daze I was in. I exited the shower feeling energetic and exciting about taking on the rest of the day. It was still early. The clock on the bathroom wall read 6:05 PM. Thankfully I hadn’t had too much to drink, so I was alert and ready to party.

As I dried my body I made my way to the window. I looked down to my neighbor’s house, trying to see if she was watching me. I couldn’t see in her window. I chose to imagine she was watching me, so I deliberately posed and strutted around giving her a show. This aroused me and my cock started to grow. I imagined that Tammy and our other sexy neighbor were enjoying the show. I decided to get dressed and head down to visit them.

Once in my bedroom I changed into my boxer briefs and a pair of cargo shorts with a short sleeve dress shirt. I left the top several buttons open to expose my bare chest. Feeling my swelling cock constrained I decided to remove the briefs then put the shorts back on. Before exiting the bedroom I walked to the window. I looked to my neighbor’s deck and was delighted to see both Tammy and Julie with drinks in their hands sitting next to each other. They started smiling and giggling, lightly touching each other playfully. They both saw me watching. We made eye contact. Julie spread her legs and leaned her head back. Tammy lifted Julie’s sundress up exposing her naked pussy to me and began rubbing her. This was too hot to watch from afar.

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