Naughty Night Shift

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I usually try to take a nap on my night shifts. The unit is always busy and the management expects a lot from us nurses; it really helps to catch even a few minutes of sleep on your break, if you can.

It’s three a.m. and I’m exhausted. The machines around the unit beep quietly, and I can hear patients snoring. I’m trying to write my care notes, but my eyes keep drifting shut. If I can’t go for break soon I might fall asleep in the nurses’ station.

Cara, one of the new nurses on our team, sits beside me at the desk. I smile at her.

“Hey, ‘Liv,” she says with a smile. As she pulls a pen from her scrubs, her shoulder brushes along mine. A shiver runs along my body and the skin on my arm tingles.

She looks down at my arm and notices the small trail of goose flesh on my skin.

“Are you cold?” she asks, her deep brown eyes looking into mine.

I’m not cold, but I nod anyway. “Yeah,” I say. “The night shifts get a bit cold, don’t they.”

She smiles and gives me a short hug, running her hand along my shoulder, like she’s trying to warm me up.

Cara is absolutely gorgeous, even at this ungodly hour. Everyone else here looks tired, with puffy faces and bags under their eyes, but Cara has smooth skin and a bright smile. Her scrubs always fit her perfectly, tightly outlining the curves of her body.

If I’m being honest I’ve had a crush on Cara for a few months now, since she started working here. For a while I thought she might feel the same, but I think her flirty banter is just how she talks to everyone. I heard she has a boyfriend, too.

“How’s your shift going, Olivia?” she asks me, looking into my eyes. Fuck, her gaze is really distracting. I put down my pen and give up trying to write.

“It’s fine,” I say. “Honestly, I’m really tired. Hopefully I can go for break soon.”

“I’m supposed to go for break soon, too!” She smiles at me, touches my arm, and lowers her voice, conspiratorially. “Do you want me to take you to the best napping spot in the whole hospital?”

I nod, hoping I don’t look too eager. I’ve heard too much hospital gossip, and my mind wanders: everybody I know has a story about hooking up on night shift.

With perfect timing, our manager comes up behind escort kocaeli us. “Hey Cara, Olivia, you’re good to go for break. We’re overstaffed tonight so take two hours, okay?”

We both stand up and walk into the hall. I’m trying not to feel nervous but my heart is pounding expectantly. I hope Cara can’t hear it.

She’s walks just ahead of me, leading the way, and I try, unsuccessfully, not to check her out. Her long ponytail swishes down to the top of her perfect, curvy hips. We walk for a while until we reach a quiet hallway. We’re the only people around.

She opens a door and gestures for me to walk inside. It looks like an old examination room: there’s a stretcher and a couch, along with several blankets.

“I found this room while I was wandering around a few nights ago,” she explains. “I haven’t been sleeping very well since my boyfriend and I broke up.” She sits on the couch and looks up at me.

I sit beside her. The couch is small and our bodies press together. Suddenly I don’t feel quite so tired.

“I’m really sorry, Cara.” I say. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“You’re sweet, ‘Liv,” she says, giving my knee a squeeze. I feel another shiver run along my body. “Honestly, I think it’s for the best.”

“Yeah?” I ask, my heart pounding, and turn to look at her. “Why’s that?”

She hesitates and looks in my eyes, then down at my lips. She opens her mouth like she’s about to say something, but then leans in to kiss me.

Her lips push softly against mine. I slowly run my tongue along the opening of her mouth, and she sighs when her tongue meets mine.

After a minute she pulls away and says, “I’ve wanted to do that for a really long time.”

I kiss her again, more urgently this time, and she moans softly. I hesitantly place my hand on her chest; she moans louder and moves her body on top of mine.

She’s straddling me now, and I can feel myself growing wetter. I grind my hips into hers, completely out of control in my body, and can feel the warmth of her pussy on my thigh.

Slowly, she kisses her way down the side of my neck and licks small circles into my skin. My whole body tenses. I need her now.

“I want you,” I say.

She looks in my eyes and nods. gölcük escort I take off her shirt and bra and kiss my way down to her nipple. I take one breast in one hand and kiss the other, licking her in quick circles. Her hips grind into me and she arches her head back.

In one swift movement, I push her off of me and onto the couch. She undresses until she’s only wearing a thin pair of panties. Moisture glistens in her crotch.

“Take of your clothes, too” she says to me, her voice pleading.

I slowly remove my scrubs and shoes, standing in front of her in my bra and thong. Her hand reaches for mine and she pulls my arm, bringing me onto the couch with her.

We sit, facing each other, nearly naked. She reaches for my head and pulls me in, kissing me even harder. Her tongue pushes into my mouth and I can taste how badly she wants it.

I run the tip of my finger along her waistline, feeling her shudder at my touch, and push her panties aside. She is soaking wet. She kisses me harder and pushes the fabric of my bra aside to squeeze my nipple. My pussy clenches as she does, and I swear I could cum from this alone.

I slowly push my finger inside of her. She moans into my mouth as she kisses me, her nails digging sharply into my nipple as she writhes with pleasure.

“Fuck,” she whispers, her lips still on mine.

I rock my finger in and out of her wetness, feeling her squeeze around me as I enter her. Her hips push into my finger, and I rub her g-spot in circles as she gently spasms, her lips pulling away from mine.

“That feels so good,” she says, barely audible.

She leans back until she’s lying down, and I take the cue to straddle her, grinding my clit against her leg. I kiss her neck and pull my wet finger out of her depths, reaching for her clit to massage it in small circles.

She’s grinding me harder, now, her hips bucking up into my hand, like she doesn’t have control over what she’s doing. I feel her reach down for my clit, too, and we push into one another, hungry for touch. My chest pushes into hers, and the friction on my nipples is electrifying.

I’ve wanted this for so long, and the quick vibration of her fingers is pushing me over the edge. I izmit sınırsız escort feel my muscles growing weaker, then my whole body constricts, and I hear myself start to moan.

“Oh my god,” I say, “you’re going to make me cum.”

She moans quietly, rubbing me faster. “Fuck,” she says. “I want to feel you cum on my fingers.”

My orgasm pulses in deep waves from her hand, pleasure coursing through my whole body. The feeling of her wet clit on my hand, and the thought of making her feel this good, makes me cum even harder. I moan into her neck and she pulls my body into hers, using her free hand to push my hips and clit onto her fingers.

When my orgasm stops I kiss her mouth, softly, and then pull myself off of her to sit on the other end of the couch.

“Here,” I say. “Come sit on my lap.”

She crawls toward me and sits on my pelvis, spreading her legs. My chest pushes into her back and I can feel the soft skin of her ass on my swollen clit. When she sits her full weight onto me, a small aftershock of pleasure rushes through me.

I kiss the side of her neck, licking the saltiness of her skin, and reach for her nipple. She starts to shake, softly, yearning for me to touch her again.

I touch her stomach, her upper thighs, and slowly return to her clit. I rub her faster now, side-to-side, and her back arches again. She moans, louder this time, and I don’t care if anyone hears us.

“Tell me what feels good,” I whisper to her.

Her hips gyrate again, rubbing her ass against my clit. I push up into her. In this position, our hips aligned and grinding together like this, it feels like I’m touching both of us at the same time.

“Just like that,” she says, and moans again. “Fuck,” she said. “Fuck that feels so good.”

She starts to moan more quickly, small gasps of air escaping from her lungs.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moans. “Oh, I’m coming,” she says, and her whole body contracts.

I rub her clit faster, and her pussy squirts a warm rush of fluid onto my hand. The wetness drips down onto my clit and I push my pussy up against her even harder, feeling pangs of pleasure as she rocks against me with the waves of her orgasm.

When she finishes, she leans on me, breathing heavily. I kiss her neck and the side of her face.

She smiles and looks at me. “Sorry you didn’t get any sleep,” she says.

“It’s okay,” I say. “I’m not tired anymore.”

“You know,” she says, “I think we work together again tomorrow night…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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