Naughty Peeing at University Ch. 05

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I started to pee.

The feeling of euphoria as the pressure in my bladder began to ease was nothing compared to the thrill I received as a sudden nearby gasp revealed that those who had captured me had caught sight of my toilet.

A very wet splattering arose from two locations as my pussy shower completed its arching passage into the air before gravity pulled it downwards to impact firstly against whatever I was bound to, and then the distinctive wet splashing as my piss landed on what appeared to be a tiled floor.

‘Oh, you are a very naughty girl, Lesley,’ said the one voice. I imagined this being the third girl who had kissed me, there being a strength of leadership in her tone.

‘I really needed to go,’ I said in what I hoped sounded like a pleading voice. Instead of shy remorse at my actions, I was secretly elated at my daringness. I was sure that these girls who had captured me having a piss at the Kitty Litter with the wonderfully formed Mrs Murphy, would be as turned on by my blatant act as I was by doing it!

My hot piss was still spraying from my pussy and up into the air past my thighs. I could envisage the sight of my toilet shower squirting from my lower lips, recalling at the same time how orgasmic it had been to see Sandra having a wee at the end of my bed, and witnessing those other college girls peeing over the ground in the Kitty Litter.

Part of me wished I could pee forever just to spite those who thought that they could humble and tame me with their daring initiation. I had tasted their sweet lips and wanted more. I knew with utmost certainty that I would never look twice at any male whilst such sweet distractions as these university girls existed!

‘So deliciously warm!’ whispered girl number three, as she drew closer. There was a lot of giggling to accompany her words which were laced with an evocative temptation.

Oh my god, she had just put her fingers inside my piss!

There were so many things that I wanted to say. I wanted to tease her in a similar manner, or to invite her to sample my hot pee at first hand with a drink from my pussy hole. I held back, recalling the instruction to remain silent unless spoken to.

‘So you like to pee?’ I was asked. Meanwhile, the hot stream jetting from my pussy was beginning to wane as I exhausted my bladder’s supply of steaming hot piss.

‘Yes,’ it was my turn to giggle.

‘In that case, you might be the very girl we are looking for, but first, we need some more details.’ A warm hand gently cupped the fullness of my left tit, stroking my nipple with loving attention.

My beşevler escort god, I was so unbelievably horny!

My capturers gathered closer. Somebody bent their mouth down to my right nipple and caressed it with a warm, wet tongue. I felt on the verge of orgasm!

‘We need to know more about you, Lesley, especially with regards to the places you have peed. Tell us, when did you first have a wee without using a toilet?’

My mind raced back in time, clutching at memories of my past. Suddenly it came back to me.

‘When I was young I was scared of the dark so I wouldn’t go to the bathroom in the night,’ I offered, trying to keep my voice from wavering. My tits were still being caressed!

‘Go on,’ said the girl who had kissed me the third time around. She was playing with my left tit.

‘So I would get out of bed and just pee over the carpet. It would always have dried by the next morning.’

‘Why did you stop?’

‘One night when my mum was away I had been scared by a bad dream and had gone to share my dad’s bed. I woke with a need to pee and did what I usually did. The sound of my pee washing over the carpet woke him up and I got caught in the act!’

‘So, when did you next pee without a toilet?’ The girl who had been gently sucking and licking my right nipple paused long enough to ask her question.

‘At a friend’s house, when doing a sleepover. We were daring one another to do naughty things. Janice was her name and she dared me to have a wee in her kitchen sink whilst her family were in the front room watching television. I was so nervous but I did it anyway, peeing all over the dirty pots and pans that were still in the bowl leftover from dinner time.’

‘What a wonderfully naughty tale Lesley. More points to you. On a score of one to ten, I would say that you have reached a five. You now need to convince us to add some more points so that you can join our club and then you will really discover what it means to be a naughty girl!’

‘If you do Lesley then there is another treat in store for you,’ promised one of the other girls. After she had finished speaking, I could feel her hands pushing my legs apart. A moment later and a caressing tongue started to track its way up the groove between my fleshy love lips.

OMG – she was licking my pussy!

Never in a million years could have I imagined just how utterly erotic such an act could be. The boys I had fucked prior to attending university had been more focused on shoving their love-shaft inside me than with any regards to foreplay. I had licked büyükesat escort their cocks and tasted their manhood but they had never repaid the favour leaving me to wonder what I was missing. Now I knew!

More than anything, I wanted these four girls to take their turns at fucking me. I was so unbelievably wet downstairs, the soft ministrations being applied to my clit making it impossible to resist the urge to explode into orgasmic bliss. Struggling to focus I searched for more naughty antics from my past.

‘Janice then had a wee in her family washing basket whilst I watched,’ I managed to gasp out in-between deep gulping breaths for air, ‘and two days later she let me have a go as well. I pissed all over one of her mum’s jumpers and it was soaked by the time I had finished. Janice said it was fine as it was her turn to load the washing machine. Later on, she did just that but before she turned it on, we took it in turns to have a wee inside. It was a top loader so we simply stuck our bums into the hole and let go…’

‘There was a sudden break in the tender ministrations being applied to my body why the group of girls discussed my latest confession.

‘You are up to seven points, Lesley. Keep going,’ one of the girls said encouragingly.

My mind was racing. Naughty peeing had never really been my thing until now – and this was only my second day at university!

I was still struggling for another example when suddenly it came to me.

‘I was in a nightclub with my mates. We had just seen these two drunks moving up to the wall before getting out their cocks and starting to piss. They were in mid-flow when the bouncers saw them and grabbed them. We were all bursting for the loo and there was a massive queue. My mate Shannon suggested that those who were wearing skirts should remove their panties and then squat over the floor. That way we could pretend to be searching for something in our handbags when instead, we would actually be peeing over the carpet. Only three of us had skirts, and the other two had to wait until we got outside when they went for a piss together in a back alleyway.’

A new tongue had moved to lick and play around my clit. Whoever it was, they definitely knew what they were doing and I was so close to coming!

‘Oh, Lesley, I do believe that you are going to fit into our little group so very well. You are at nine points. We just need one last dirty little secret.’ As if to emphasise just how close I was to achieving the goal of this on-going initiation, the tongue licking my pussy was replaced by çankaya escort something very cold and metallic. Whoever was holding this mysterious object allowed it to slide along the groove of my pussy lips before pausing at the entrance to my warm and very wet love tunnel. I groaned with denied ecstasy, waiting for it to plunge inside me. There was a pause and it dawned on me that I would have to answer before my pleasures would continue.

I searched my memories thinking of the dirtiest, naughtiest thing I had ever done. Peeing in the Kitty Litter ranked at the top of my list, as did my pee over the carpet last night along with Sandra. My thoughts rushed to my naughty pee in the waste bin and then to my final disgustingly naughty deed…

‘I peed over my roommate’s bed this morning,’ I confessed between deep pants for breath. I was covered in sweat, the place between my legs wetter than it had ever been before. There came a sudden intake of breath from one of those around me. I realised then that one of my captors was no other than Sandra!

‘You dirty bitch!’ said a familiar voice and I could sense somebody moving around me to come to stand at the top of my head. There was a pause and then the cover over my head was whipped away. Before I could begin to take in my surroundings or look at those stood by me there erupted a hot wet gushing stream playing into my hair.

Sandra was having a wee over me in an act of revenge!

There was nothing I could do for I was still bound and besides, at that particular moment, the hard cold metallic object placed to the base of my muff was shoved deep into my wet pussy.

I came hard, my vision dimming as I climaxed. It was like exploding!

Sandra was still spraying her pee into my hair whilst two of the other girls licked and fingered my nipples whilst the forth played with the toy inserted into my vagina. I remained frozen in utter bliss for what seemed like a session in eternity before the feeling washed through me, leaving me adrift on ebbing waves of euphoria.

My post haze of sexual bliss began to diminish, the real world returning to my vision. Sandra had finished her piss over the top of my head and likewise, the remaining three individuals had taken a step back from where they had been pleasuring my naked body. They were all wearing big grins.

‘Congratulations Lesley, you are now a member of the ‘P’ Club,’ said the tallest girl who was obviously their leader. ‘A perfect 10 out of 10!’

This was to be just the beginning of my exploits during my time at university, events that would profoundly change my life and make me the dirty, disgusting bitch that I am today. Over the following days and weeks, I would go on to pee in many different places and fully explore the joys of golden showers with my ‘club’ friends. I might even be tempted to share a few of these stories with you…

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